Chakra ~ Crystal Balancing Meditation

Re-member who you are.

Many of you may be quite adept at meditation, and may even teach meditation. I will give you the same suggestion I gave to the Northampton Expo when I was a guest speaker 10 years ago, speaking mostly to the experts who had set up the mind, body, spirit exposition booths. Though you may be very familiar with this meditation, imagine that you are not. Allow yourself to experience this meditation as if for the first time, with curiosity and wonder. This will enable you to experience new insights and awakenings without the worn out sense that you have done this before. Breathe in the Living Love and Living Light of new possibilities.

Plan on carving out about 60 minutes for this meditation. It is not meant to be read straight through. You might also like to do this meditation before retiring from the evening so that you can go right off to sleep after it. Go slow and pause when something occurs to you. Prepare your space for your meditation. Soft, soothing, background music helps to set the atmosphere of the room and increase the vibrations. Light a candle or incense, use crystals if you like, and continue raising the vibrations of the room with flower essence sprays or gem elixirs.

I used to give guided meditations free to the public, once a month for eight years as owner of The Massage Clinic in Connecticut. This Chakra Balancing Meditation was one that was most popular. It is helpful to do when you are stressed or out of balance, don’t feel very grounded, going through emotional crisis or physical pain, having relationship conflict, feel lack of money or resources at your disposal, don’t feel a strong connection to God/Source; or feel immobilized by fear, guilt, manipulation or obligation.

The Chakra Balancing Meditation is very centering. Allow your intention to cut the ties that bind the chakras simply by reading the meditation. Imagine that as you read these words, they come to life, as if the match is struck and the flame comes to life to power your light and understanding. There is power in your thoughts to make this a reality. No problem or circumstance controls you. Remember, you control your thoughts and how your thoughts affect your life. By energizing these words with Love from your heart, and the Light of inspiration from your God-given Spirit, you can reclaim your own personal power and in the process, put things in their proper perspective.

This meditation helps us go through life with a lighter spirit and more insight than the days we go through the same things, but focused on drudgery, pain, anger and all of the lower emotions that can make us feel even worse. Amazing things begin to happen when we realize more fully how we can improve and create greater joy and balance in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual lives.

Let the words sink in deep, relax and enjoy!


Find  yourself comfortably seated, sitting straight up with the soles of your feet flat on the floor. (You may also choose to do this meditation lying down, if necessary and you are unable to sit straight up with your feet on the floor.) As you breathe, imagine drawing in breaths of colored light directly from Source/Mother-Father God/ Spirit Creator of All. This meditation might suggest the colors of each chakra, but use your intuition. You may require a different color vibration in any particular chakra. You might begin with the breathing in the colors suggested, then ask yourself if any other color vibration is needed in your particular chakra. A chakra is a spinning vortex of energy. Here in this meditation, you will focus on the seven major chakras of the body. But also know you have minor chakras at every joint in your body, as well as at the end of each finger and toe, as well as above and below you.

When you are ready to begin, draw in three deep breaths of rainbow-colored Living Love and Living Light and exhale just as deeply each time, then allow your breath to become normal. You may wish to put your tongue gently behind the top row of your front two teeth, for meridian energy flow purposes. Inhale and exhale gently now. Pay attention to your breath, flowing in and out like the waves at the beach. They do not rush. Breathe in to each chakra in your chakra column, and find this gentle breath calms you. You are in full control of your mind and your body. You are fully aware of your surroundings. You are consciously connected to the Author of All Creation large and small.

Bring your attention now to your feet. Imagine if you will, that you have large, strong roots extending down into the earth to stabilize you. You become aware of your Earth Star, which you may or may not have know was there, about a foot beneath the ground. Take a moment to focus on your breath and breathe Life, Love and Light into your feet and down around your own personal Earth Star, your personal connection to Mother Earth. Take another moment of appreciation here, for by design, you are made of the stuff of the Earth. This is no accident or random occurrence.

You know that when you are feeling off in your daily life, very often it is because you forgot to take vitamins, made from the Earth itself. You are so connected to the Earth and cannot live long without replenishing yourself with vital vitamins, nutrients and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, byron, lutein, glucosamine, chondroitin, and fish oils, and more. Even the foods you eat for your life-sustaining fuel come from the Earth, so again, breathe in another moment of gratitude for all that keeps you alive and well.

Continue working with your breath and focus on these roots beneath your feet, and see these roots extending deep down into the Earth, deeper and deeper, through all the thick layers, and see these roots take a strong hold onto a huge boulder. Feel that you are firmly grounded. It is a safe feeling. For this moment, nothing can sway you. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light of Source/Mother-Father God/Spirit of All here, in any color you choose.


When you are ready, bring your attention and breath up your root system to your feet and up your legs, until you get to your First Chakra, your Base Chakra, located below the base of the spinal column. Pause for a moment to breath in the Red Ray of Living Love and Living Light here. Immerse this chakra in a beautiful, simmering sea of red, like liquid Ruby or Garnet. Feel the energies of the healing Red Ray penetrate through your pores to the very core of you. The energy of Ruby is known for nobility and  protection, safeguarding your consciousness from psychic attack, and helps you to rise from a sense of fear-based, disconnected thoughts of being separate from your All Loving Creator/Source, and martyrdom with the ability to recognize that other options exist without the need for anguish, distress, and/or suffering. Ruby is a “star of purity” and the “star fire”, initiating action and assisting the Earth in receiving the full spectrum of light required for the progression of humanity toward enlightenment. It is time to wake up and reconnect. Meanwhile, Garnet is a stone for health, and protection. Garnet extracts negative energy from your chakras, and transmutes energy to a beneficial state for you. It also stimulates and balances your Kundalini from both your Base and Crown Chakra to provide for the free flow of movement, via your spinal column and your inner pathway of Light. This helps you to distribute the appropriate amount of energy to each portion of your body. Garnet provides for a stable connection between your physical and ethereal nervous systems, energizing your total system to vitality. Breathe in the energies of Garnet to help you to amplify your emotional and intellectual regeneration for integration of your experiences and acceptance of emotions, and renew your self-discovery.**

Your Base Chakra is the place of your fight or flight response. Anytime your personal safety is threatened, this base chakra closes as if to protect you. It is here where you sense panic. If you have ever been in a war, lost your family or home or were abused physically, mentally/emotionally, and even spiritually, your base chakra responds. After the crisis is averted, you may doubt whether or not you can ever trust a person, place, thing or situation again. Breathe in the Red Ray of Living Love and Living Light more and more. If you feel anger, resentment or any of the lower emotions, you can validate your feelings. Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are. Acknowledge your feelings without any justifications. You no longer need to justify your feelings. You realize peaceful resolution works best with this Red Ray of Living Love and Living Light.  Allow your breath to relax you. You have survived. You are a survivor. Your breath carries Living Love and Living Light to each and every cell within you, and every situation regarding your well-being. Now carry the stabilizing Earth energy with you in your breath. Each breath you take has the calming effect of Mother Earth through Mother-Father God/Creator of All, just as your vitamins and minerals replenish your body. You are energized.

AFFIRMATION: I breathe the Red Ray of Living Love and Living Light into my Base Chakra. I acknowledge and accept my past. When I am ready, if I am ready, I forgive all those who have wronged me, and for the times I have hurt myself in the process. I truly acknowledge and forgive myself for all I have done wrong. I know that non-forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I breathe this freeing Red Ray of Living Love and Living Light in my past, present and future.



Now bring your attention up to your Second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, located just below the navel. Slowly breathe in the brilliant Orange Ray of Living Love and Living Light here. Immerse yourself in the healing orange waters of Carnelian and Orange Calcite. Bathe in the liquid Carnelian whose energies protect you against envy, fear, and rage. The healing energies of Carnelian shower over you, washing away sorrow from your emotional structure. The message of Carnelian is that you ARE Love. As you realize this, you can dispel apathy, indolence and passivity from your being. Soak Carnelian energy into your Sacral Chakra to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion. Next, slowly breathe in the beautiful orange color and energy of Orange Calcite which will help you remember your state of perfection during disease in order to return to the natural state of flawlessness. Calcite is also a highly energizing stone and can cleanse, balance and amplify all your chakra and energy field.

Your Sacral Chakra deals with your sexuality and sensuality. It is here where you may have blockages if you have had physical abuse, lost your personal power, misused your sexual power or had traumatic experiences with your gender or gender identity. Your Sacral Chakra automatically closes when your trust with others has been violated in some way through mental, verbal, physical or spiritual attacks. Don’t forget to breathe. Notice how even recall of your life situations can cause you to stop breathing, slow your breath, or re-anger you to the point where your breath is constricted through your physical body. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe in the transformative Orange Light of Living Love and Living Light. You are doing this meditation. You can heal if you want to. This is important to know. You will never heal if you do not want to. Your physical body follows your thoughts ALWAYS, never the other way around. Allow your breath to drop victimhood from your consciousness. You are not a victim anymore. Forgive yourself for your part in past mistakes. We all make poor choices from time to time. You are in charge of your healing. You are n charge of your thoughts. Focus on the Orange Living Love and Living Light that comes directly from Source/Mother-Father God. Realize you are a perfect Creation born on this planet at this exact moment for a positive influence on the world, right where you live. Allow your breath to drop judgment against yourself and against others. You have the freedom to do that. Breathe in the Orange Living Love and Living Light and rest.


I breathe in the healing and transformative Orange Living Love and Living Light into my Sacral Chakra. I bask in the rays of this a Living Love and Living Light of Source, my Origin. I Love myself with the same Living Love Source/Mother-Father God Loves me, with no end. I realize by holding onto negative energies that I am only hurting myself. I now free myself from the stifling grip of un-forgiveness towards myself and others, and from internalizing these issues as being my fault often when they were not.



This is your personal power center, the place where you make a mistake when you say “Yes” when you mean “No,” or “No” when you mean “Yes.” Your will-power and self-confidence reside here. Breathe. Breathe in deeply and exhale deeply. Drop your ears away from your shoulders.  Now deeply breathe, floating effortlessly in a sea of the dynamic energy of the Yellow Ray of liquid Citrine and liquid Sunstone, as you allow this energy to seep into your Solar Plexus Chakra, energizing every cell and fiber of your being, via your personal power, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness. Breathe the energy of Citrine into the core of your being, stimulating both mental focus and endurance. Since Citrine never holds nor accumulates negative energy, it never needs cleansing or clearing. Citrine has the vibrant energy of the sun, and is able to dissipate and transmute negative energy, working out problems both on the physical and subtle levels. Breathe these expansive Yellow Rays that balance your Yin/Yang energies while aligning all your Solar Plexus Chakra with the etheric plane. Another gift of the Yellow Ray through the use of Citrine is that it emits an elevated energy which provides yoiu with supplemental initiative couple with emotional balance. Citrine further promotes a radiance from within yourself, culminating in a constant happy disposition, enabling you to laugh without restraint. Next, breathe in the cleansing Yellow Ray energies of Sunstone for that squeaky clean feeling in your energy system. These energizing energies of the Yellow Ray via Sunstone work wonders to remove any “hooks” you may have acquired through your life thus far. These “hooks” are the strings that people around you know how to pull in their efforts to manipulate you into action. These “hooks” may have infiltrated your energy centers. You can return them to their original source, after surrounding them with both Love and positive energy. Breathe in the Living Loving Light of Sunstone, which is fantastic for dissipating fearfulness from your Solar Plexus, and alleviating stress while increasing vitality. Particularly helpful to your Solar Plexus, Sunstone can be used to reduce stomach tension and to relieve ulcers.

As you continue with gentle breathing these healing, vibrant Yellow Ray energies, become aware of your confidence level, and realize you are more than that. You can get stronger in your will-power the more you use it. It is possible to make your will-power stronger when it is aligned with your Source, for the benefit of good health and positive outcome. Breathe in calming Living Love and Living Light. Feel it fill your entire stomach area. Here is where your body tells on you. You can try to deny what is going on, but that pit in your stomach, that sick stomach feeling is just the alert you need to recognize something must change before it gets worse. It will get worse without the proper remedy. Disease always starts in the human energy field, the mental and emotional self, before it finally manifests in a physical dis-order. Decide to take back your personal power. Keep breathing gently. Realizing you have given your personal power away yet again can be an infuriating realization. So keep breathing gently, allowing all negativity in this area of your body to leave you with each exhale. Breathe in the Living Love and the Living Light and fill your entire Solder Plexus with energizing resolve. Know that when you take charge of your own situation, others around you often do not like it because you are changing the status quo. This affects the lives of others. But in order to live with honesty and integrity and mean what you say, you cannot simultaneously live in denial. Words matter. Truth maters. You matter. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light and bask in the healing vibrations.


I affirm that I am in complete control of my thoughts, my mind, my emotional self, my physical body, my spirituality and/or my belief system; and all of the choices that I make I now make without fear, self-judgment and self-recrimination. I breathe in Living Love and Living Light of Mother-Father God/Source into my Solar Plexus, illuminating my full consciousness and decision-making faculties.



Love and Kindness are the hallmarks of the Heart Chakra. Your life journey leaves indelible marks on your heart. When your heart is full of Love it seems nothing can go wrong. When you are heart-broken, not even time will heal it. The loving gift of the Green Ray through the Peridot and Malachite crystals are waiting for you to assist you with all your heart, along with the loving gift of Rose Quartz. Feel yourself gently submerge into this liquid green Peridot pool to access this genuine heart cleanse as well as stimulate the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. Peridot brings to you openness and acceptance in the matters of Love and relationships and balances all life’s cycles. Since Peridot also provides a protective shield around the body, it should be removed prior to balancing and aligning your physical body and removed prior to cleansing the chakra (other than those related to its color – like Malachite). Upon completion of balancing, aligning and chakra cleansing, you may wear or carry Peridot to prevent outside influences from affecting your aligned, balanced, and energetically cleansed self. Soak in Peridot’s healing vibrations which can assist you in lessening anger or jealousy, and inspire you with happiness with yourself and delight in the nature of yourself. See yourself now float from the Peridot pool into the deeper transformation pool of liquid Malachite. Soak up the stimulating Green Ray heart chakra vibrations of life-giving Malachite energy. You find you have gratitude for Malachite as it clarifies your emotions and allows you the opportunity to recognize and release negative experiences you have previously had. You also appreciate Malachite as you become aware of it creating an unobstructed path, leading to your desired goal. Malachite is an adventurous stone, which encourages risk-taking and change. Malachite is merciless at showing you what is blocking your spiritual growth. You also remember that it is recommended that ONLY the polished form of Malachite be used in jewelry or crystals you touch. Before you leave, you notice another pool of soft pink Rose Quartz Crystal. You are so drawn to the loving energies of Rose Quartz that it draws your heart in. You find the beautiful pink pool calming and cooling which works not only on your heart, but extends to all your chakra system. All negativity you have ever felt is rising in vibration to all of the aspects of love, empathy and understanding. You also find you are receptive to the beauty of art, music, and the written word, enlivening imagination, that feels like a young, warm love.

Breath in the Living Love and Living Light of the healing Green and Pink Rays into your being. The Infinite Heart of Mother-Father God (since God is Spirit) heals with an Infinite Solution, all encompassing, all consuming Love. You are Love. Only the Infinite, Eternal, Living, Loving, Light Source can heal your broken heart with your help. Don’t forget to breathe here. The term “broken heart” is a misnomer. Unless you went into heart surgery, and even then, the heart is not broken until it stops beating. But the emotional feeling you are left with at those times feels like you cannot take even one more breath. There are broken relationships, mothers and daughters not speaking because one of them has shut the door, for example. Heart aches will never be solved by closed doors, closed communication, or closed hearts. Only open hearts have any hope of healing. It is important to be honest with your heart. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light to your physical and emotional heart. Relax. Breathe in the Living Love and Living Light of the Creator of All. Love knows the answer. Pay attention to where Living Love and Living Light is leading you. Remain true to your heart.


I fill my heart with the Living Love and Living Light from my Divine Source/Creator of All. I am filled with the Loving care provided me from Mother Earth, in keeping me healthy and providing me with the necessary nutrition for life. I am filled with Living Love and Living Light as I appreciate the warmth of the sun for my work in the day and the moon for my rest at night. I send this Living Love and Living Light to all the places in my heart in need of empathy and understand, both for myself and others.



Breathe in the radiant Blue Ray through the Chrysocolla and Larimer Stone crystals. Larimar is a form of Pectolite. These blue crystals beam a radiance of calm knowledge that can have an immediate effect on your thoughts, your words, and your actions. Dive deep into the sea of tranquility of liquid Chryscolla and liquid Larimer, letting the wave of blue hues swirl all around you, supporting you to new dimensions, stimulating both your evolution and the evolution of the Earth. Enjoy this deeply meditative state you are now experiencing. You find yourself naturally rising in consciousness, harmonizing the newer vibrations of body and soul. You look down over the Dominican Republic, presently the only place on Planet Earth where Larimer is mined. Still you are immersed in the peaceful pleasure of the total bliss invoked by the Living Love and Living Light of the Blue Ray. With Larimer’s assistance, you can now see and comprehend the chains which you have imposed upon yourself, stimulating you to release the self-constraints in order to facilitate freedom from the bondage of the materialistic world, and those who would seek to stifle your God-given Spirit. It was the Breath of Mother-Father God/Spirit who breathed life into your being, not humankind or human made religions or other belief control systems. Soaking in the energies of Larimer’s freedom assists you in precision and forthrightness in your activities, and stimulates a deeper understanding of being in this world. You also now recognize, by the call of the Blue Ray through the Larimer crystal, that this is a stone for Earth healing as well, facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestations. Larimer is a perfect stone for grinding your home and property, which brings serenity to your and all environments. Also riding on the Blue Ray is Chryscolla, assisting the Throat Chakra in giving strength and balance in communication and with the spiritual forces of the Earth in order that it may heal itself. You are thankful that Chryscolla also assists you by helping you to refrain from talking when silence would be more beneficial to all concerned, yet encouraging you to speak when it would be beneficial for the highest good of all. Chrysocolla can calm and sustain these energies via the Blue Ray. Chryscolla produces great inner strength in you, helping to sustain you during stressful and/or long-enduring situations. You appreciate Chrysocolla’s assistance promoting and enhancing physical vitality. But perhaps you feel even more gratitude for the harmony Chryscolla offers by helping you to release the distress culminating from negative emotions such as animosity, indignation, and remorse. Like Larimer, Chryscolla helps you to recognize that there is more to life than that which is evidenced in materiality.

How do many times do you find yourself in difficult situations because of the words you have said, or not said? Do you ever regret the words you said, perhaps not the words spoken, but how it came out? Do you really say what you mean? Do you say more than you mean to say, as if a dam unleashed making it hard to stop the water from ruining everything? How about the times you keep silent when you really think you should speak up? Are you able to speak truth to power? It is so easy to make mistakes on both ends of this scale. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light to your Throat Chakra. Feel the Living Love and the Living Light of Divine Presence swirl around your throat, relaxing the muscles, your jaw, your tongue. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light and allow it to relax your mind at the same time, working together with your throat on how to best express yourself. Breathe in the balance of Living Love and Living Light, saying only what you mean to say. Recognize the signals of Living Love and Living Light that suggest to you that certain words might be better heard at another time. Breathe in the gifts of Living Love and Living Light that include self-confidence, will-power, all grounded through your feet into the Earth through those strong roots attached to the huge boulder in the Earth you already established with these realizations. This Living Love and Living Light can remind your Throat Chakra to access these free gifts to you at any moment of any day.


My words are a reflection of my being. I breathe in Living Love and Living Light to all of my words, spoken and unspoken, with the full knowledge that I can connect to inspiration by remembering to call on Living Love and Living Light at any moment.



Your Third Eye Chakra is the first glimpse into your intuition, your sixth sense of how you perceive reality. Breathe in the transmuting energy of the Purple Ray into the very essence of your being. Become aware of the electric-magnetic vibrations of the Purple Ray through your Earth gifts of Amethyst and Sugilite as you swim in the purple sea of sparking liquid Amethyst and liquid Sugilite. You are carried amid a wide array of purple variations swirling around you like a slow dance. You are carried away with your greater awareness of your spirituality and immense contentment. All of your once fears and trepidations are now transmuted to the Living Love and Living Light energies via Amethyst and Sugalite swirls. All your lower vibrations can be and are being brought into the higher, greater frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels for a complete metamorphosis. You recognize that you can do this meditation again anytime should more issues arise. Amethyst balances the energies of your intellectual, emotional and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earth plane and the other worlds. It clears your aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energy located in your body. At the same time, Amethyst also bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace; the peace being perfect peace which was present prior to your birth. Amethyst also guards you against psychic attack. You are also grateful for the Purple Ray that comes through Sugilite with the ability to bring about the realization of the connection between the well-being of the body and the well-being of the mind. Sugilite has been used in the treatment of all forms of dis-ease, and attracts healing power. Breathe in the realization that Sugilite has now surfaced to bring special healing powers to humanity. Sugilite is a love stone for this age, representing the perfection of the spiritual Love of All That Is, and facilitating the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane.

Have you ever denied your intuition? Is your intuition strong? Does your religion or belief system tell you that using your intuition is a bad thing to do? Your intuition is closely related to your free-will, which is God-given. Not listening to your intuition is what gets you into trouble most of the time. Hindsight is great on this part. Listening to your intuition can help you. It is your inner guidance system. The more you use it the stronger you become with this gift. You will know instantly, through hindsight, when you failed to follow your intuition, foresight. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light to wherever you are in this process, and it will repair itself. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light to your intention as it gets stronger and stronger. Pay attention to the signals you get from people and situations around you, and from feelings you get about being in certain places. This is how Divine Source speaks to you. How else does Divine Living Love and Living Light make its presence known, except through prayer and meditation using intuition? Relax. Breathe in Living Love and Living Light to your Third Eye Chakra. It is called the Third Eye since you can see with your mind’s eye as well as you can with your physical eyes.


I affirm my Third Eye is working as it should in guiding me when I call in Living Love and Living Light to this very real part of myself. I breathe in the Living Loving confidence, and Living Light of knowing in my internal guidance system. I trust that my Living Loving Light Source wants only what is good for me, and that I will get even stronger the more I use this gift.



Ah, your Home Connection. The ecstasy of the Crown Chakra blossoms in all its glory in your connection with Divine Source/Mother-Father God with its tell-tale White Light pouring through Clear Quartz Crystal and Diamond energies, straight to you. Breathe in and bask in the irridescent Whits Rays of Clear Quartz and Diamond frequencies, elevating your awareness and consciousness, feeding your soul and coming in to the fuller realization of who you really are. Breathe in the ease with which you can now sense and feel the amplification of the energy growing in your body, and especially the vastness of your thoughts. Your thoughts are now assisting you with greater power, while providing clarity of your thoughts. With each breath you feel the energy of the stars in your soul. You feel vast and One with the All.  The White Ray through the clear quartz magnifies and harmonizes and purifies your human energies, your thoughts, your emotions with those of the universe. It produces a naturally balanced, solid-state energy field, modifying the energy available in accordance with your understanding. You realize your interconnectedness with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms now, as part of your All Is One Awareness. You clearly see with the White Ray through the Clear Quartz Crystal that it is a healer of negative energies associated with your perspectives and judgments, transmutting them into positive thoughts and feelings. You can now communicate with these as well as with intelligent forces outside of the physical dimension. Breathe in the Living Loving Life Force of Diamonds which mirrors the pure White Ray of your Crown Chakra, bringing you into a cohesive whole being. Diamonds also amplify energy, never need to be recharged, and enhance power when used with other crystals together. Diamonds are crystal gems of human Love, instilling fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. Diamonds can also assit you with mental clarity and enlightenment. As with all other crystals, Clear Quartz Crystals and Diamonds, as you know, must always be used for the greater good of all. The lessons of Lemuria and Atlantis teach this life-changing and tragic lesson.

Your Crown Chakra is where you reach for the stars, since you are made of the stuff of the stars, as expressed in the First Chakra Meditation. However, the words “reaching for the stars” gives the impression that you are not already there. You are. Breathe in this Love and Light of your Divine Source. It is only your awareness than may or may not be enlightened to this point. You are much more connected than you realize, even if you are absolutely sure of this beautiful Divine Connection. You are Loved much more than words can express. Breathe in the Living Love and Living Light from your Divine Source. Take another breath and exhale deeply, then let your breath return gently. Realize it is the same breath your Divine Creator of All first breathed into you at birth, and the very first human of Earth many thousands of years ago. It is by the Divine breath that you became animated. Without this Divine breath you no longer exist. As long as you have this breath, you are the living hands, mind and embodiment of the Divine Spirit/Breath here on Earth. Even the Earth breathes the Divine Breath by the four winds of the entire planet, solar system, galaxy, cosmos and beyond. Here your human mind might have a hard time grappling with the concept of such an expansive Creation by your Loving Source Creator. Just know that the perfect symmetry of electromagnetic – gravity – centripetal and centrifugal forces (known as the Four Forces), the sacred geometries which are the building blocks of all Creation, are within the universes as well as your body were not generated by some mindless, non-loving Big Bang. You are here for a purpose, to realize exactly who you are, what you are made of, why you are here, where you came from, and how you are going to go about the full realization of your mission in this lifetime. This is part of your Free Will, the greatest gift of the Divine Presence in your life. This is how you are One with Source. You are co-creating today and everyday you still have breath through your thoughts, words and actions. How are you going to best use your next breath? Do you have unfinished projects of Love and Light you want to complete? Do not let any lower vibration stop you from completing your Loving Light mission. Jesus told us this Loving Light is within us ( Luke 17:21*THE HOLY BIBLE FROM THE ANCIENT EASTERN TEXT – George M. Lamsa’s Translation from the Aramaic of the P E S H I T T A – from the language Jesus spoke. Jesus said this Loving Light is within you, not just among you). Be the Light Worker that you are in your corner of the world. Rise up with genuine Love for all people, living beings in the plant, animal and mineral worlds, and places all over the Earth. All is One in Love and Light. All is One.


I breathe in Living Love and Living Light without conditions, Peace and Peaceful Solutions, Joy, Love, Serenity, Wholeness and all good things.  I breathe in the Living Love and Living Light of Source/Mother-Father God. I am One with you. I am an instrument of your will.

Take a moment, as long as you need, to balance this meditation with your life. Integrate, integrate, integrate what you think is important to include in your life, your perspective, your words, your actions. Take a moment to formulate your positive plan for increasing Love and Light in your area of the world. Take your time.

Now take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Bring your attention to your physical body.

What do you hear?

Are birds singing outside?

What do you smell?

Is someone baking something?

Feel yourself on your chair.

Feel your feet on the floor and wiggle your toes.

Take another deep breathe and circle your shoulders.

Raise your arms up over your hear and arch your back.

Next take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Take another deep breath and exhale fully.

Nice to have you back.

Have a beautiful day!

** Crystal explanations in this meditation are from LOVE IS THE EARTH by MEOLDY with permission via the brief references.




You Are A Being Of Light And A Flame Of Divine Love

Waking up to the active force of Divine Love and Light within each one of us sometimes


grows slowly, at other times we make leaps and bounds of realizations of that fact, while others of us are simply born with this amazing knowledge. Still some of us rather live in denial that we are living, breathing aspects of the Light and Love of Mother-Father God, the Source of All.

The words “active force” are synonymous with “Holy Spirit,” the living, creative energy of Source. God cannot be dissected. This is the very force that animates us. The Bible tells us that we came to life when God breathed life into us. When this animation leaves us, our spirits leave us, we cease to be in bodily form. This much we know.

Even those of us who know we have the spark of God alive and well inside of us, sometimes get a bit of amnesia, and seek for some guru, some religion or church, or some teacher of spirituality outside of our very selves.

Think of the word “guru.” Spell it out slowly; “Gee You Are You.” Surprise!

Notice the words that are a subtitle to this blog, “STEP INTO YOUR POWER. STEP INTO YOU MASTERY.”

The answers we seek are not outside of ourselves. We know the truth when we hear it. Those of us who have tried finding the truth outside of us know this to be true. Reading earlier posts in this blog will explain how we were not created in sin, nor was the stain of original sin ours. That was the sin of the angels. We were created perfect, infused with the Light and Love of Mother-Father God, our very own God particle.

We all have the God-given gift of free will, no matter what country we live in. Some of us live in countries that do not promote free will. It does not mean that God did not give everyone the gift of free will just because someone, religion or some country robs them of it.

We can use our free will to become aware of the Light and Love of God that is planted, as a seed of life within us at our birth, by means of prayer and meditation. We pray, not as a needy beggar, nor meditate as a spiritually blocked or fearful individual. It begins by making a decision to change our approach.

Rather, we use our God-given free will to unite with our Source in quiet reflection. What are we reflecting? We are reflecting the Light and Love of our God. We can’t help but notice that with this reflection, this prayer, this meditation, that the Flame of Love grows to such a degree that the Light within us equally grows. We can shine so brightly that others can see the transformation that takes place in our hearts and minds, demonstrated in our attitudes, thoughts, words and actions. There is a lightness to Light and Love that permeates our entire four-body system: our mind, body, spirit and aura that reaches all the way back to Source. We are not separate. We are One with each other. We are One with Source. We are One.

We begin to radiate with the Light and Love of which we are made of.



Waking up to the active force of Divine Love and Light within each one of us sometimes


grows slowly, at other times we make leaps and bounds of realizations of that fact, while others of us are simply born with this amazing knowledge. Still some of us rather live in denial that we are living, breathing aspects of the Light and Love of Mother-Father God, the Source of All.

The words “active force” are synonymous with “Holy Spirit,” the living, creative energy of Source. God cannot be dissected. This is the very force that animates us. The Bible tells us that we came to life when God breathed life into us. When this animation leaves us, our spirits leave us, we cease to be in bodily form. This much we know.

Even those of us who know we have the spark of God alive and well inside of us, sometimes get a bit of amnesia, and seek for some guru, some religion or church, or some teacher of spirituality outside of our very selves.

Think of the word “guru.” Spell it out slowly; “Gee You Are You.” Surprise!

Notice the words that are a subtitle to this blog, “STEP INTO YOUR POWER. STEP INTO YOU MASTERY.”

The answers we seek are not outside of ourselves. We know the truth when we hear it. Those of us who have tried finding the truth outside of us know this to be true. Reading earlier posts in this blog will explain how we were not created in sin, nor was the stain of original sin ours. That was the sin of the angels. We were created perfect, infused with the Light and Love of Mother-Father God, our very own God particle.

We all have the God-given gift of free will, no matter what country we live in. Some of us live in countries that do not promote free will. It does not mean that God did not give everyone the gift of free will just because someone or some country robs them of it.

We can use our free will to become aware of the Light and Love of God that is planted, as a seed of life within us at our birth, by means of prayer and meditation. We pray, not as a needy beggar, nor meditate as a spiritually blocked or fearful individual. It begins by making a decision to change our approach.

Rather, we use our God-given free will to unite with our Source in quiet reflection. What are we reflecting? We are reflecting the Light and Love of our God. We can’t help but notice that with this reflection, this prayer, this meditation, that the Flame of Love grows to such a degree that the Light within us equally grows. We can shine so brightly that others can see the transformation that takes place in our hearts and minds, demonstrated in our attitudes, thoughts, words and actions. There is a lightness to Light and Love that permeates our entire four-body system: our mind, body, spirit and aura that reaches all the way back to Source. We are not separate. We are One with each other. We are One with Source. We are One.

We begin to radiate with the Light and Love of which we are made of.



Is the kingdom of God inside you or outside of you? It is not only Christian beliefs thatstar-gazing[1] look closely at this point. If all people knew the original writings in many religions on this very point, there would be no self-esteem issues, nor depression, panic, anxiety, or stress in the minds of many. This is a crucial point to understand for mental, emotional and spiritual health.

It is understandable how well-meaning Bible students arrive at the understandings they do, given what their particular Bible translation informs them on belief changing verses. Take Luke 17:20-22 for example. Some versions of Catholic and other Bibles say that the kingdom of God is “among” us, assuming that Jesus, who said this, means he is among us.

However, that is not what the original scrolls of the Bible, translated directly from the original Aramaic say, nor is it what the Interlinear Bible in Hebrew, Greek and English says. These original sources say: “When some of the Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom of God would come, he answered, saying to them, The kingdom of God does not come by observation. Neither will they say, Behold, it is here! Or, behold, it is there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Holy Bible from the Ancient Eastern Text, George M. Lamsa’s Translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta

That is what the Christian original Bible says. What do other faiths have to say about this? It is not the differences that must be noticed here, but the similarities in varying beliefs that are the same that jump out at us. Here is a list of other belief systems and what they have to say on this matter:

Baha’i Faith: “O SON OF SPIRIT! I created thee rich, why dost  thou bring thyself down to poverty? Noble I made thee, wherewith thou abase thyself? Out of the essence of knowledge I gave thee being, why seekest thou enlightenment from anyone besides Me? Out of the clay of love I molded thee, how dost thou busy thyself with another? Turn thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest find Me standing within thee, mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.” Baha’u liah, The Hidden Words, Arabic #13

Buddhism: “If you think the law is outside yourself, you are embracing not the absolute Law but some inferior teaching.” Maja writings of Nichinen Daishonion Volk. 1, pg 3-5

Christianity: “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation; neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20-22 King James Version

Confucianism: “The Superior Man seeks within himself. The inferior man seeks within others.” Analects 15:20

Hinduism: “Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the heart. Everything that moves, breathes, opens, and closes Lives in the Self. He is the source of love and may be known through love, but not through thought. He is the goal of life.  Attain this goal! The shining Self dwells hidden in the heart. Everything in the cosmos, great and small, Lives in the Self. He is the source of life. Attain this goal!” Mundaka Upanishad 2.2.1-2

Shintoism:  “The deity is immanent in man and man is inherent in the deity; there is neither the divine nor the human; there is no difference in essence at all between them.”

Sikhism: “This is a wonderful, unique discourse: The living self is the image of the Supreme Being. It is neither old or a child; Neither it suffers pain, nor in death’s snare is caught; It is not shattered nor dies; In all time it is pervasive. It feels not heat nor cold; Neither has it friend nor foe; It feels not joy nor sorrow; All is its own; it belongs to all might. It has neither father nor mother; Beyond the limits of matter has it ever existed. Of sin and goodness it feels not the touch– Within the heart of each being it is ever awake.” Adi Granth, Gaunt, M.5, p. 868

There is a lot of food for thought, prayer and meditation here. Enjoy!


Stress? What stress?

Imagine you are here ~ no worries ~ nothing to do ~ RELAX

We need to take care of our mental health, in addition to our physical health. Our mental health is important. We need to take better care of it. With physical health issues, we tend to take care of the things we need to take care of. If we ignore the first symptoms of a problem, the pain associated with the physical problem usually sends us to the doctor, even if it is inconvienient.

But those with mental health issues often have another hurdle to jump. Our pride, which is fed by our insane ego, suggests to us that if we were mentally strong enough, then we could simply wish our problems away, or worse yet, our insane ego might suggest that you are feeling so good, you should get off your medications because you do not need them anymore.


The following considerations work both for people currently on medications, and for those who are not on medications.

Let’s go back. Twice now I’ve referred to the ego as the insane ego. The ego very much wants to have a loud voice, no matter how shy you might be, in order to keep you alive. It does not like to have its voice squelshed. However, our ego can make its presence known so loudly that we trip over it time after time. So I will be refering to our unbridaled ego as the insane ego.

Our insane ego can rear up when we first become aware that we might be mentally unbalanced, overly frightened or overwhelmed, by suggesting that this problem “is all in your mind,” and that “It will go away.” Guess what? Problems, mental or otherwise do not go away when we do not deal with them.

It is important for good mental health, to acknowledge our feelings. Feelings are not right or wrong. They simply are. Unpleasant feelings like guilt, unworthiness, grief, and depression do not magically transform themselves by stuffing them deep, down inside you, or denying them. First we need to acknowledge them. Sometimes these feelings are so strong they create a physical pain, but that’s just the symptom of the emotional pain. Know this, once you identify the source of the problem and deal with it, the pain begins to lessen, while your personal power grows stronger.

Whatever you focus on grows. The more you focus on the anxiety, the more the anxiety grows. The good news is, the more you focus on relaxation, and doing the things that bring on the relaxation response, the more you will unwind and heal.

While it is not healthy to pretend we do not have anxiety, it is healthy to have a conscious plan.

For panic attacks, remember to breathe. Nowadays we do not breathe right. When we do breathe, we do not get the same amount of oxygen as we did a century ago due to so much pollution in the air. Plus we are cutting down the rainforests in the world, which are the lungs of the planet. So, remember to take slow, deep breaths. After taking 15 slow, deep breaths, your blood pressure usually returns to normal.

You need to know, if this hasn’t occurred to you already, that you are not going to “feel” like doing any of this. Once the negative habit of anxiety has rooted in you, a little voice inside of you will start by telling you, “This is stupid,” or “It won’t work,” or “I don’t feel like it.” It’s like you have the negative you on one side, and the positive at-least-wants-to-try-to-be-positive you on the other side. Realize this before hand so you expect it, then consciously take the steps to get better anyway.

Yes, you can get better.

To reduce stress, make sure each day includes stretching, and exercise like walking or swimming. Remember to move your body in five different directions. For example, you could do a forward bend, arch your back backwards, lean from the waist to one side sliding your hand down your outer calf or whereever you can reach, then do the same thing on the other side. Lastly, do some sort of twist, gently. None of these moves need to be extreme. They just need to be done. This helps you by releasing those feel-good endorphins.Listen to happy music you like. Relaxing music helps a lot.

Know too that the world is not going to come to an end if you do not get everything on your to-do list done. Your head already knows this, yet somehow we place enormous burdens on ourselves, out of a mis-guided goal of perfection. Accept yourself right where you are, right now, with all limitations you see.  It is not that you are having a good day if or when you get 900 things done in a day. Give yourself permission to be you and enjoy the wonder.

“Him I Have So Long Desired” – Sunday Meditation

This beautiful prayer makes a meditative pause in the breath of this Sunday. Find a few quiet moments outJesus Light of the busy day to rejuvenate your mind, soul and spirit. Drink from the well that never will run dry.

This prayer was first published as “Ad Quem diu Suspiravi,” from the Latin of Alexander LeopoldFranz Emmerich, Prince of Hohenlohe, Bishop of Sardica. It was translated by the Rev. John F. Duston, S.J.


“He for Whom my heart was sighing

       Jesus, now at last is mine.

I possess him and embrace Him

        Sharing in His life divine.


So, my soul, with all thy powers,

        Let thy hymn of triumph ring

And with holy exultation,

        Greet the coming of thy King.


Sad was I. distressed and lonely;

        Joyless was the path I trod;

He, above all else the dearest,

        Was not near me – He, my God.


Ah! but then  He came and entered

        In the dwelling of my soul

And the deepest consolation

        Held me in its sweet control.


Strong the sun, dispersing shadows

        Lowering over the darkened earth;

Gently strong, the falling raindrops

        Bringing wilted flowers rebirth.


Stronger still, the Master Lover

        Dissipates my human fears;

Gone all sorrows; gone all anguish;

        And the light of hope appears.


Now, the day in beauty dawning,

        Now each hour till night from morn,

Breathes its happy benediction,

        Jesus in my heart is born.


He who has Thee wants for nothing;

        Thy possession, joy supreme,

Font of life with all its riches,

        Happiness and peace serene.


Shall I not then, sing Thy praises,

         King of kings and Lord of Lords,

If within my heart, I ponder

        All the gifts Thy love accords?


As I hasten to unfold Thee

        In my arms – myself alone –

Thou art rushing, gently, loving,

To enfold me in Thine own.


Let me count Thy gifts, dear Jesus:

        Out from dark eternity,

Thou hast fashioned me from nothing –

        Nothing and obscurity.


Thou hast given of Thy nature –

        Human me, a thing divine!

Sharing, through Thy loving kindness,

        Treasures that are truly Thine.


On a wind-swept hill, deserted,

        In a stable, Thou were born.

And Thy death – ah, what a contrast!

        Love divine, and human scorn!


These were gifts, but all above them.

        Every day, You come to me,

All forgiven; all forgotten,

        Smiling, gracious, lovingly.


O the rapture, dearest Jesus,

        That Thy thrilling presence brings!

Take me in complete possession,

        Son of God and King of kings.


Love of self – the weed most killing –

        Root it out and in its place,

Plant Thy Love; make me adore Thee;

        Make me love Thee by Thy grace.


Take whatever in me hurts Thee,

        So that You and I may be

Joined in everlasting friendship

        Now and in eternity


When the sun in glory rises,

        When at night, it sinks to rest,

Stay with me, my dearest Jesus,

        Loved, by Thou my loving Guest.


Let not life with all its falseness,

        Let not Death’s relentless power,

Let no force, however potent,

        Break the union of this hour.


Till my dying breath I’ll love Thee;

        In my heart, I’ll praise Thy name

Till my human voice in heaven,

        Joins angelic hosts’ acclaim.


Then, I’ll gaze on Thee in rapture;

        See Thee as Thou truly art;

I shall love Thee – love Thee Always –

        Soul to soul and Heart to heart.


Bible Study ~ Our God Particle

This study focuses on Creation and our part in it. The first word of advice here is not to get caught up inPhotos from the Hubble Space Telescope | Stingray semantics. It is not our beliefs, one way or the other, that makes history, history. This applies to the Creation of the world, universe, galaxies and beyond. We do not need to prove our existence by debate of Creation versus Big Bang Theory, nor religion versus science. It is enough that we are here. The planets and other creation are “out there.” The matter of fact is, in a word, matter. Our Grand Creator can animate it, motivate it, synthesize it, orchestrate it, re-create it and abolish it at Will, however it technically first came to be, however long that reality is.

  1. God is bigger than his creation.
  2. God is not at the mercy of his creation.
  3. All Creation is a reflection of God.
  4. We are made in the image and likeness of God.
  5. We are animated by God.

In the first Creation account in the Book of Genesis, written by Moses in the wilderness in the year 1513 BCE (which covers “In the beginning” 1657-1513 BCE), Genesis 1:1,2 it says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters.”

Notice this is when we started marking time, not when human beings first appeared on the planet. This also does not mean there was no time, space or Creation prior to 1657 BCE. Creation took billions of years to get to that point, maybe more, void of human eyes to see, ears to hear, or brains to comprehend. We have an amazing Generator of Life, who can create from nothing, making something out of nothing. We are magnificent creatures made by God, but even with all our brilliance, inspiration and crutch of technology, we cannot even come close to creating something from nothing, try though we might.

Psalm 33:6 echoes this, “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all their host by the breath of his mouth. The host of angels, spirit creatures, became animated by the breath of God. This is their God particle; without it, their spirits are lifeless. The original Creator creates by the active and creative force of his Spirit, and by his breath.

John 4:24 says, God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” It is God, Spirit, which is breathed life into the angels. This is no mindless happenstance, a fluke of the perfection of order of the universe, the tides of the oceans, nor the miracle of our very next breath. This is a spiritual thing, not a reasoning of the mind, nor a physical reality. It is a spiritual one.

Genesis 2:7 says, ” –  then the Lord God formed man out of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being.” Did you get that last part? We become animated, brought to life, by the very breath of God. Yes, that was to our first parent, but follow the DNA, and you get to us. We were created from the dust of the earth. Picture this, there we were, a lump of dust on a planet of dust. How are we made in the image and likeness of God? The next thing we know, God himself breathes his own breath/spirit/life into us, our very own God particle. Does the Bible say this? Yes it does, in Genesis 2:7.

All living things on the earth, and the sun, moon, stars, waters, plants, trees, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, everything in nature large and small, is created by the Author and Spirit of Love, our God, in a process termed to be six days. From that day forward, all Creation has been living in the seventh day. It is God’s Creation, with an Alpha and an Omega. To put us back on track after the Fall of Man in Paradise Garden, dealing with the fallen angels transgressing with humans, as our Bible Study next Wednesday will address in Genesis 6, Our loving Father sent us his only begotten, not made, Son, Jesus, the Christ, to be our Savior. There was no other way, left to our own devises, after the angels messed with our DNA. We needed spiritual help for a spiritual problem. We still do.

Do we live forever by our own power, ego or desire? In this present system of things, no we do not. Our very breath returns to the one who loaned it to us in the first place. Our God particle, is just that, God’s. What we choose to do with our breath, how we choose to life in thoughts, words and actions, is up to us, by means of God’s gift of free will.  How are we choosing to use our very own God particle?

Further study: Read Psalm 19

Heavenly Father, I pray with an earnest heart, full of Love for you, that your Holy Spirit continue to move the hearts, minds and voices of all who visit Enlightenment Ministry, to make us all more compassionate and empathetic to the needs of others, and increase the awareness of our own God particle, your breath which inspired our very life. I pray all this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.