“Him I Have So Long Desired” – Sunday Meditation

This beautiful prayer makes a meditative pause in the breath of this Sunday. Find a few quiet moments outJesus Light of the busy day to rejuvenate your mind, soul and spirit. Drink from the well that never will run dry.

This prayer was first published as “Ad Quem diu Suspiravi,” from the Latin of Alexander LeopoldFranz Emmerich, Prince of Hohenlohe, Bishop of Sardica. It was translated by the Rev. John F. Duston, S.J.


“He for Whom my heart was sighing

       Jesus, now at last is mine.

I possess him and embrace Him

        Sharing in His life divine.


So, my soul, with all thy powers,

        Let thy hymn of triumph ring

And with holy exultation,

        Greet the coming of thy King.


Sad was I. distressed and lonely;

        Joyless was the path I trod;

He, above all else the dearest,

        Was not near me – He, my God.


Ah! but then  He came and entered

        In the dwelling of my soul

And the deepest consolation

        Held me in its sweet control.


Strong the sun, dispersing shadows

        Lowering over the darkened earth;

Gently strong, the falling raindrops

        Bringing wilted flowers rebirth.


Stronger still, the Master Lover

        Dissipates my human fears;

Gone all sorrows; gone all anguish;

        And the light of hope appears.


Now, the day in beauty dawning,

        Now each hour till night from morn,

Breathes its happy benediction,

        Jesus in my heart is born.


He who has Thee wants for nothing;

        Thy possession, joy supreme,

Font of life with all its riches,

        Happiness and peace serene.


Shall I not then, sing Thy praises,

         King of kings and Lord of Lords,

If within my heart, I ponder

        All the gifts Thy love accords?


As I hasten to unfold Thee

        In my arms – myself alone –

Thou art rushing, gently, loving,

To enfold me in Thine own.


Let me count Thy gifts, dear Jesus:

        Out from dark eternity,

Thou hast fashioned me from nothing –

        Nothing and obscurity.


Thou hast given of Thy nature –

        Human me, a thing divine!

Sharing, through Thy loving kindness,

        Treasures that are truly Thine.


On a wind-swept hill, deserted,

        In a stable, Thou were born.

And Thy death – ah, what a contrast!

        Love divine, and human scorn!


These were gifts, but all above them.

        Every day, You come to me,

All forgiven; all forgotten,

        Smiling, gracious, lovingly.


O the rapture, dearest Jesus,

        That Thy thrilling presence brings!

Take me in complete possession,

        Son of God and King of kings.


Love of self – the weed most killing –

        Root it out and in its place,

Plant Thy Love; make me adore Thee;

        Make me love Thee by Thy grace.


Take whatever in me hurts Thee,

        So that You and I may be

Joined in everlasting friendship

        Now and in eternity


When the sun in glory rises,

        When at night, it sinks to rest,

Stay with me, my dearest Jesus,

        Loved, by Thou my loving Guest.


Let not life with all its falseness,

        Let not Death’s relentless power,

Let no force, however potent,

        Break the union of this hour.


Till my dying breath I’ll love Thee;

        In my heart, I’ll praise Thy name

Till my human voice in heaven,

        Joins angelic hosts’ acclaim.


Then, I’ll gaze on Thee in rapture;

        See Thee as Thou truly art;

I shall love Thee – love Thee Always –

        Soul to soul and Heart to heart.



Bible Study ~ Our God Particle

This study focuses on Creation and our part in it. The first word of advice here is not to get caught up inPhotos from the Hubble Space Telescope | Stingray semantics. It is not our beliefs, one way or the other, that makes history, history. This applies to the Creation of the world, universe, galaxies and beyond. We do not need to prove our existence by debate of Creation versus Big Bang Theory, nor religion versus science. It is enough that we are here. The planets and other creation are “out there.” The matter of fact is, in a word, matter. Our Grand Creator can animate it, motivate it, synthesize it, orchestrate it, re-create it and abolish it at Will, however it technically first came to be, however long that reality is.

  1. God is bigger than his creation.
  2. God is not at the mercy of his creation.
  3. All Creation is a reflection of God.
  4. We are made in the image and likeness of God.
  5. We are animated by God.

In the first Creation account in the Book of Genesis, written by Moses in the wilderness in the year 1513 BCE (which covers “In the beginning” 1657-1513 BCE), Genesis 1:1,2 it says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters.”

Notice this is when we started marking time, not when human beings first appeared on the planet. This also does not mean there was no time, space or Creation prior to 1657 BCE. Creation took billions of years to get to that point, maybe more, void of human eyes to see, ears to hear, or brains to comprehend. We have an amazing Generator of Life, who can create from nothing, making something out of nothing. We are magnificent creatures made by God, but even with all our brilliance, inspiration and crutch of technology, we cannot even come close to creating something from nothing, try though we might.

Psalm 33:6 echoes this, “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all their host by the breath of his mouth. The host of angels, spirit creatures, became animated by the breath of God. This is their God particle; without it, their spirits are lifeless. The original Creator creates by the active and creative force of his Spirit, and by his breath.

John 4:24 says, God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” It is God, Spirit, which is breathed life into the angels. This is no mindless happenstance, a fluke of the perfection of order of the universe, the tides of the oceans, nor the miracle of our very next breath. This is a spiritual thing, not a reasoning of the mind, nor a physical reality. It is a spiritual one.

Genesis 2:7 says, ” –  then the Lord God formed man out of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being.” Did you get that last part? We become animated, brought to life, by the very breath of God. Yes, that was to our first parent, but follow the DNA, and you get to us. We were created from the dust of the earth. Picture this, there we were, a lump of dust on a planet of dust. How are we made in the image and likeness of God? The next thing we know, God himself breathes his own breath/spirit/life into us, our very own God particle. Does the Bible say this? Yes it does, in Genesis 2:7.

All living things on the earth, and the sun, moon, stars, waters, plants, trees, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, everything in nature large and small, is created by the Author and Spirit of Love, our God, in a process termed to be six days. From that day forward, all Creation has been living in the seventh day. It is God’s Creation, with an Alpha and an Omega. To put us back on track after the Fall of Man in Paradise Garden, dealing with the fallen angels transgressing with humans, as our Bible Study next Wednesday will address in Genesis 6, Our loving Father sent us his only begotten, not made, Son, Jesus, the Christ, to be our Savior. There was no other way, left to our own devises, after the angels messed with our DNA. We needed spiritual help for a spiritual problem. We still do.

Do we live forever by our own power, ego or desire? In this present system of things, no we do not. Our very breath returns to the one who loaned it to us in the first place. Our God particle, is just that, God’s. What we choose to do with our breath, how we choose to life in thoughts, words and actions, is up to us, by means of God’s gift of free will.  How are we choosing to use our very own God particle?

Further study: Read Psalm 19

Heavenly Father, I pray with an earnest heart, full of Love for you, that your Holy Spirit continue to move the hearts, minds and voices of all who visit Enlightenment Ministry, to make us all more compassionate and empathetic to the needs of others, and increase the awareness of our own God particle, your breath which inspired our very life. I pray all this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Kindness Meditation For A World That Needs Kindness

Heavenly Father, remind me how much I am loved by you, personally, intimately. This world can be trying

Kindness is sparked by doing only that which is right, and letting go of the rest.
Kindness is sparked by doing only that which is right, and letting go of the rest.

with its vexing distractions, political turmoil, human cruelty and ego-driven pride, fueled by my and others anxiety and drama addictions. Remind me of a time when I was first created, when I was new and innocent, filled with inspirations of integrity, sparked by your very breath in me. What did you have in store for me when I first made my début in this world?

This fast-paced world screams so loud at times that it can be difficult to concentrate on the things that matter most, the loving whispers of your care for me, poured out in the depths of my heart. You do not capture me in the loudest moments of the day. It is in the quiet of the morning, the break in the day, or in the twilight of the evening that gets pulled up over me, blanketing me with your love. That I notice.

Struggles with finances, fame and glory are necessary to deal with in my existence, yet it is not all of my existence. It seems only when I have lost your peace in my life, feeling the void, that I remember it was not always this way. I know it is necessary to feed and clothe my family, but at times these thoughts are all that consume me. Not all of my human family can even relate to my situation. The divide between the rich and the poor is growing into such a chasm that I am not sure any bridge can span its sweep.

It is my thoughts I must bring back to you, Heavenly Father, so you can put them back in their proper order. My thoughts have been like run-away horses, galloping away with the chaos of life. It is only when I realize this, in those quiet moments, do I realize that it was me who dropped the reigns, not you. My first reclaiming thought is to remember your love for me is always there, waiting for me to look up, encouraging me, nurturing me, never abandoning me.

My heart, mind and soul knows you know me, and love me. When I stop the insane merry-go-round of life not meant to be lived at super-sonic speeds, not in how I think, nor talk, nor act, then I feel myself back in the palm of your hand, and know that you are closer to me than my next breath.

As always, I pray in Jesus name, for the wondrous gift of Holy Spirit to surround you and me with kindness, gentleness and peace, so we can begin again to make a better world, be better neighbors, have better relationships, and better communication with you and those we love, and especially with those we don’t.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) ~ Stress And Panic Attacks

Stress? What stress?

Imagine you are here ~ no worries ~ nothing to do ~ RELAX

We need to take care of our mental health, in addition to our physical health. Our mental health is important. We need to take better care of it. With physical health issues, we tend to take care of the things we need to take care of. If we ignore the first symptoms of a problem, the pain associated with the physical problem usually sends us to the doctor, even if it is inconvienient.


But those with mental health issues often have another hurdle to jump. Our pride, which is fed by our insane ego, suggests to us that if we were mentally strong enough, then we could simply wish our problems away, or worse yet, our insane ego might suggest that you are feeling so good, you should get off your medications because you do not need them anymore.


The following considerations work both for people currently on medications, and for those who are not on medications.

Let’s go back. Twice now I’ve referred to the ego as the insane ego. The ego very much wants to have a loud voice, no matter how shy you might be, in order to keep you alive. It does not like to have its voice squelshed. However, our ego can make its presence known so loudly that we trip over it time after time. So I will be refering to our unbridaled ego as the insane ego.

Our insane ego can rear up when we first become aware that we might be mentally unbalanced, overly frightened or overwhelmed, by suggesting that this problem “is all in your mind,” and that “It will go away.” Guess what? Problems, mental or otherwise do not go away when we do not deal with them.

It is important for good mental health, to acknowledge our feelings. Feelings are not right or wrong. They simply are. Unpleasant feelings like guilt, unworthiness, grief, and depression do not magically transform themselves by stuffing them deep, down inside you, or denying them. First we need to acknowledge them. Sometimes these feelings are so strong they create a physical pain, but that’s just the symptom of the emotional pain. Know this, once you identify the source of the problem and deal with it, the pain begins to lessen, while your personal power grows stronger.

Whatever you focus on grows. The more you focus on the anxiety, the more the anxiety grows. The good news is, the more you focus on relaxation, and doing the things that bring on the relaxation response, the more you will unwind and heal.

While it is not healthy to pretend we do not have anxiety, it is healthy to have a conscious plan.

For panic attacks, remember to breathe. Nowadays we do not breathe right. When we do breathe, we do not get the same amount of oxygen as we did a century ago due to so much pollution in the air. Plus we are cutting down the rainforests in the world, which are the lungs of the planet. So, remember to take slow, deep breaths. After taking 15 slow, deep breaths, your blood pressure usually returns to normal.

You need to know, if this hasn’t occurred to you already, that you are not going to “feel” like doing any of this. Once the negative habit of anxiety has rooted in you, a little voice inside of you will start by telling you, “This is stupid,” or “It won’t work,” or “I don’t feel like it.” It’s like you have the negative you on one side, and the positive at-least-wants-to-try-to-be-positive you on the other side. Realize this before hand so you expect it, then consciously take the steps to get better anyway.

Yes, you can get better.

To reduce stress, make sure each day includes stretching, and exercise like walking or swimming. Remember to move your body in five different directions. For example, you could do a forward bend, arch your back backwards, lean from the waist to one side sliding your hand down your outer calf or whereever you can reach, then do the same thing on the other side. Lastly, do some sort of twist, gently. None of these moves need to be extreme. They just need to be done. This helps you by releasing those feel-good endorphins.Listen to happy music you like. Relaxing music helps a lot.

Know too that the world is not going to come to an end if you do not get everything on your to-do list done. Your head already knows this, yet somehow we place enormous burdens on ourselves, out of a mis-guided goal of perfection. Accept yourself right where you are, right now, with all limitations you see.  It is not that you are having a good day if or when you get 900 things done in a day. Give yourself permission to be you and enjoy the wonder.

Meditation And Prayer Reduce Crime In Inner Cities ~ District of Columbia Reduces Crime By 48 Percent

Does prayer and meditation reduce crime in inner cities? Yes, according to the 1993 controlledgirl-praying[1] study done in Washington, reducing the crime rate in the District of Columbia by 48 percent. This study has been written about many times before, but given what is happening in the inner cities of the United States, as well as cities all over the world, now is a good time to remember this study, and how prayer and meditation can benefit us, and the cities we live in.

Effects of Group Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington, DC: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June-July 1993
John S. Hagelin, Maxwell V. Rainforth, David W. Orme-Johnson, Kenneth L. Cavanaugh, Charles N. Alexander, Susan F. Shatkin, John L. Davies, Anne O. Hughes, and Emanuel Ross

This study presents the final results of a two-month prospective experiment to reduce violent crime in Washington, DC. On the basis of previous research it was hypothesized that the level of violent crime in the District of Columbia would drop significantly with the creation of a large group of participants in the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® programs to increase coherence and reduce stress in the District.

This National Demonstration Project to Reduce Violent Crime and Improve Governmental Effectiveness brought approximately 4,000 participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs to the United States national capital from June 7 to July 30, 1993. A 27-member independent Project Review Board consisting of sociologists and criminologists from leading universities, representatives from the police department and government of the District of Columbia, and civic leaders approved in advance the research protocol for the project and monitored its progress.

The dependent variable in the research was weekly violent crime, as measured by the Uniform Crime Report program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; violent crimes include homicide, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. This data was obtained from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department for 1993 as well as for the preceding five years (1988-1992). Additional data used for control purposes included weather variables (temperature, precipitation, humidity), daylight hours, changes in police and community anti-crime activities, prior crime trends in the District of Columbia, and concurrent crime trends in neighboring cities. Average weekly temperature was significantly correlated with homicides, rapes and assaults (HRA crimes), as has also been found in previous research; therefore temperature was used as a control variable in the main analysis of HRA crimes. Using time series analysis, violent crimes were analyzed separately in terms of HRA crimes (crimes against the person) and robbery (monetary crimes), as well as together.

The following is a graph pictured:

Analysis of 1993 data, controlling for temperature, revealed that there was a highly significant decrease in HRA crimes associated with increases in the size of the group during the Demonstration Project. The maximum decrease was 23.3% when the size of the group was largest during the final week of the project. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002). When a longer baseline is used (1988-1993 data), the maximum decrease was 24.6% during this period (p < .00003). When analyzed as a separate variable, robberies did not decrease significantly, but a joint analysis of both HRA crimes and robberies indicated that violent crimes as a whole decreased significantly to a maximum amount of 15.6% during the final week of the project (p = .0008). Analysis of 1993 data, controlling for temperature, revealed that there was a highly significant decrease in HRA crimes associated with increases in the size of the group during the Demonstration Project.

Several additional analyses were performed on HRA crimes to further assess the strength of the main findings. These indicated that the reduction of HRA crimes associated with the group of participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs could not be attributed to changes in police staffing. These secondary analyses also found that the reduction of HRA crimes was highly robust to alternative specifications of the statistical model-that is, the effect is independent of the isolated details of the models used to assess seasonal cycles and trends. No significant decrease was found in any of the prior five years during this period of time, indicating that this effect was not due to the specific time of year. Furthermore, the intervention parameters for the group size revealed that the effect of the group was not only cumulative with the increase in group size, but also continued for some time after the end of the project.

Based on the results of the study, the steady state gain (long-term effect) associated with a permanent group of 4,000 participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs was calculated as a 48% reduction in HRA crimes in the District of Columbia.

Given the strength of these results, their consistency with the positive results of previous research, the grave human and financial costs of violent crime, and the lack of other effective and scientific methods to reduce crime, policy makers are urged to apply this approach on a large scale for the benefit of society.

Reference: Hagelin, J.S., Rainforth, M.V., Orme-Johnson, D.W., Cavanaugh, K. L., Alexander, C.N., Shatkin, S.F., Davies, J.L, Hughes, A.O, and Ross, E. 1999. Effects of group practice of the Transcendental Meditation program on preventing violent crime in Washington D.C.: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June-July, 1993. Social Indicators Research, 47(2): 153-201.

Healing Stress And Anxiety ~ It’s Not What You Are Eating, It’s What’s Eating You?

In today’s world, employers are running over-worked employees like over-worked machines, and the machines are breaking - so are the people.
In today’s world, employers are running over-worked employees like over-worked machines, and the machines are breaking – so are the people.
How is your stress and anxiety level? In today’s world, employers are running over-worked employees like over-worked machines, and the machines are breaking. I wonder if insurance companies, in trying to keep costs down, will take into consideration the insane pace of people lives, will place more emphasis on meditation, prayer, yoga, and holistic health services.

Over the past eight years, I’ve had countless clients come to me for stress related physical pains, stress related depression, and stress related holistic counseling sessions. We live in a world that has increased its vibration. Technological advancements forge ahead with blazing speed. As soon as one cell phone comes out with the newest technology, it is already obsolete. Scientific advancements, putting space rovers on the planets and moons boggle the mind. Parents and students communicate with teachers via the internet, email, Facebook, twitter, and other technologies I don’t even know about. Where is the down time? When do we rejuvenate? Western medicine offers remedies for the symptoms, physical ailments like colitis and migraines, but isn’t it better to work on the root cause of the problem?

I’ve told God on more than one occasion that I need a better instruction manual. But I guess there is something to learning this process of living yourself. The lessons stick better. There are some helpful hints that can make this learning how to remain calm in a world of chaos. First, become the observer of your life. Notice what hits your “hot” button. What puts you on the defense? What triggers you from peace to fear?

This blog began by looking at our spiritual journey. But we can never compartmentalize our life. For example, we take care of God things on Sunday, shopping on Wednesday, and out with friends on Friday and Saturday. As we grow in spiritual maturity, the inspiration of Divine Love and Light seeps in and makes itself known. It’s as if a light bulb turns on and we become aware, more conscious, more fully integrated. So we look at this mental lapse of conscious living, stress and anxiety, so we can begin to heal.

Have you ever had the same types of problems over and over in your life, relationships, career, balancing the checkbook? Any problems you have had three times or more in your life, has something to do with you not learning some lesson about it. If it’s relationships, do you always get hurt in the same way? What is your pattern? It helps here to take personal responsibility for your actions, not the other persons. Take a good look at what makes you tick; the same with personal finances. Calmly get to know yourself better so you can take better care of yourself. As you get to know yourself better, you will come to realize what a wonderful gift you are, to yourself and others.

One of the best things you can do for yourself to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety, is to try not to react to anything, anymore. Decide ahead of time how you want to proceed in any given matter. The people we live with know how to push our buttons. We know how to push others peoples button also. Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped reacting to things. That takes so much stress away. Integrity comes back to you because not reacting puts you back in control of your life. No matter what happens, you can handle it.

Decide ahead of time the things that are important to you, how you feel about them, and how you will portray yourself in the world around you. Once you stop reacting to people, places and things, no one will be able to pull your puppet strings. You will not be able to be manipulated anymore. You will calmly take care of the things and people you need to without trying to turn yourself into a pretzel.

When you try on new behaviors, it will feel odd, as if you are wearing two left shoes. Deciding to not react to anything ever again will bring more peace than you can imagine. Some people love the drama, and can’t imagine not reacting to any and everything. Allow others the right to their feelings. It is interesting to watch people, when you step out of the character trait they are used to, like reacting to their stimulus, they do not know what to do. You also do not need to explain your life away to others. These are just a few tips that can help break stress and anxiety cycles.

I welcome your comments. Please know I am here for you.