Stop Feeding The Fear ~ Group Meditation Drops Crime Rates by 48 Percent in 1993 in the District Of Columbia

Whether we’re discussing personal stress, anxiety and panic attacks, or whether we’re discussing nation against nation, cause against cause, or all crimes in general, it is illogical to think

Meditation and prayer for peace has a rippling effect.

we can have peace by feeding the fear that robs people and governments of the goal of peace. The fact is, what we focus on grows. If we keep the focus on stress, what we will get is more stress. If we keep the focus on anxiety, we will get more anxiety. If we keep the focus on panic attacks, we will get more panic attacks. If we keep the focus on war, we get more war. If we put our focus on peace, we will get more peace. This is a scientifically proven fact.From June 7 to July 31, 1993, there was a documented study called the National Demonstration Project, which showed the dramatic effects of meditation on preventing violent crime in Washington, D.C. It was run by the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy from Marharishi University Management, of Fairfield, Iowa, USA. A 27 member, independent review board encompassing sociologist and criminologists from leading universities, representatives from the police department and governement from the District of Columbia, and civic leaders, oversaw and monitored its progress.

“Based on the results of the study, the steady gain (long term effect) associated with the a permanent of 4,000 members, in the Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi programs (meditation groups), was calculated as a 48 percent reduction in HRA (homicide, rape and assault) crimes in the District of Columbia.

Given the strength of these results, their consistancy of the positive results of previous research, the grave human and financial costs of violent crime, and the lack of other effective and scientific methods to reduce crime, policy makers are urged to apply this approach on a large scale for the benefit of society.” Taken from the Results of the National Demonstration Project To Reduce Violent Crime and Improve Governmental Effectiveness in Washington, D.C. Social Indicators Research, 47, 153-201.

People are not cured and relieved from the terror of their fears, by concentrating on their fears.

People are not cured from the ramifications of stress, by focusing all their time and attention on their stressors.

People with panic attacks are not freed from these physical assaults, by focusing on them.

War will not go away by planning the next war.

There are 7.028 billion people in the world today, according to the US and World Population Clocks. Imagine if we all start, right where we are, meditating and praying each day for world peace. The positive ripples of peace will flow out to all areas in great need of peace. It all starts with a concept. It all starts with you and with me.