The dignity of the human race is universal. It knows no boundary to any country, or ocean, north pole or south pole, or equator. The human race in every country has equal amounts of dignity. The northern countries do not have more dignity than the countries south of the equator. There is not more dignity for the human race in the countries east of the prime meredian, than for the human race who happened to settle in the countries to the west of the prime meridian. There are no borders on dignity.

The dignity of the human race encompasses all nationalities, and favors none of them. All nationalities have the same measure of dignity, and no nationality is excluded from the human race allottment of it. Dignity of the human race circles tall human beings, short human beings; human beings with red, brown, black, blonde, grey, white and blue or streaked hair; human beings with freckles, moles, dimples, bumps and bruises, or any other stereotype human beings are catergorized in.

The dignity of the human race is blind to economic, or any other kind of status. Financially poor human beings of planet Earth have the exact same amount of dignity as human beings who find themselves richer in terms of financial wealth. Human beings who have more buttons, or beads, or animals, or cars, or flowers, or boxes, or shoes, or clothes, or vacations, or food, or houses, or boats, or motorcycles, or anything else they can think of, have just as much dignity as those who do not.

The dignity of the human race crosses gender. The entire human race, which includes all human beings, not just some human beings, have equal amounts of dignity, regardless of being male or female, or any kind of division they can imagine.

Dignity of human beings everywhere does not come from other human beings. There is nothing a human being can do to earn dignity, nor pretend not to have it. Dignity for all human beings is a Divine gift, freely given, without conditions or reservations, and above all, is beyond human judgement. Human beings are not in charge of who gets dignity and who does not. Human beings are not in control of the Divine Creator, who created all human beings, with dignity in equal measure.

Over the centuries, some human beings have fortified, bolstered, promoted, and taught the dignity of human beings across the entire planet; while other human beings have misused their egos, their insane egos, to attempt to squash, step on, undermine, eliminate, mask or rob the dignity of all human beings given them by their Creator.

The dignity of the human being is not in the hands of the human beings with the most power or fear tactics over certain groups of human beings, for example at work, socially, civically, environmentally, politically, or even in their own families. The dignity of the human being is in the hand of each individual human being. It is God given.



Universal Law of Gender

In my Master of Chaplaincy Program covering 66 universal laws, law 32 is on Law of Gender. I thought this

Our Soul clothes our Spirit, our God particle, which is eternal.
Our Soul clothes our Spirit, our God particle, which is eternal.

insightful law might be helpful in this world and the next.

The Universal Law of Gender has three main points. The first is that everything living in creation has gender, an ebb and flow, a yin/yang effect working together. The second interesting point is that each gender reflects both genders within itself. The third most fascinating point of all, is that all planes of existence including mental, physical and spiritual reflect both male and female aspects.

What this universal law is saying is that one must consider all three aspects of ourselves in finding balance in this world. We are not only physical beings. We are not only mental or emotional beings. We are not only spiritual beings. We are not only spiritual beings walking around in a physical body. That is not entirely accurate. Why?

We now have duality within our brains. We are at the mercy of our left brain, right brain dance of reasoning. Sometimes the male dominated right brain, the yang side wins out, while later in that same day our female left side of our brains reasons back with more artistic and sympathetic responses.

Within our physical bodies we see our genders reflected. But we are not only one dimension; we are three. Technically, some systems say there are 12, 32, 64, or all the 365 “layers” back to God (some say “Source”). To simplify, I am saying our spiritual bodies extend all the way (dimensionally speaking) back to God, which technically, it does.

Our spiritual selves matter just as much as our mental and physical selves, or else we are living a crippled life. Even within our spiritual bodies, which surround us like a heavenly hug about 12-18 inches around us, are part of our human make up. Have you ever wondered why someone standing too close to you out in public makes you feel uncomfortable?

This spiritual aspect of ourselves not only reflects us, it reflects the Creator. This is the part of us that is made in the image and likeness of God. This spirituality has both Mother/Father aspects, nurturing and healing, and creative life generator. We did not come alive until God breathed life into us, animating us with his life-giving force.

People in Jesus’ day wondered about this, asking him in the resurrection, which wife would she be, who had seven husbands in life. The answer Jesus gave in Matthew 22:30: “in the resurrection, neither do men marry, nor are women given in marriage, but they are as angels in heaven … He is the God, not of the dead, but of the living.”

We are to be as angels, no gender, living with God.