Are You Ready For The Next Step? ~ 13D New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Class

Everyone is invited to attend a four-day intensive 13D New One DestinyParadigm Multidimensional Transformation Class (also known as 13D MDT, 13D Master). 13D MDT is an advanced Master energetic system that works by approaching a person in all of his and her dimensions. It is open to all those who are interested in working with the expanded consciousness, vibrational energies on the planet at this time. This class works with 13 dimensional reality, seen and unseen.

13D MDT is one of the eight workshops/classes offered through the School of Esoteric Sciences. Other workshops include:

  • Basic Master – 2 days/16 hours
  • Basic Master Teacher* – 3 days/24 hours – * Prerequisite: Basic OR 13D MDT
  • 13D Master (13D MDT) – at least 4 days/32 hours
  • 13D Master Teacher – at least 9 days/72 hours – only taught by John Armitage
  • 13D Master Teacher Upgrade – 2 days – taught by John Armitage
  • 13D Master Upgrade – 2 days – taught by your own 13D teacher who has taken it from John Armitage
  • Gem and Flower Remedies – 4 levels (each level 2 days) – taught by John Armitage
  • Esoteric Crystal Science – 5 days – taught by John Armitage

While the 13D MDT class taking place April 25-28, 2019 is open to all levels of Reiki practitioners including Reiki Master Teachers, and every other energy healing system currently being taught and practiced, it is open to anyone who feels drawn to take this class.

13D MDT is a personal transformation class that first works on a personal level, expanding consciousness and awareness. In the process of meditations, students will have the opportunity to release any and all the ties of dysfunctional energies that  hold them back; cut ties to fear, obligation, guilt, manipulation, negativity, self-sabotage, procrastination, karma and any other restrictive energy and/or limiting belief system they wish to release. Everyone who keeps repeating habitual loops they wish would stop would benefit from this class.

Also during this four-day energy intensive, students will receive improved breathing techniques, and realizations and activations of their own personal 13 dimensional realities streaming with the multi-colored rays of Love and Light.  13D MDT benefits individuals by freeing constrictive mind, body and spirit concepts, with no negative side effects. This is a self-empowerment class based in personal freedom and love without conditions. Reclaim your personal power. This class works with angels, Masters, Ascended Masters and each student’s I AM Presence. In order to integrate these New Paradigm Multidimension Transformational energies, students will hold practice sessions to ground these energies.

There is no prerequisite to take this 13D MDT curriculum course of the School of Esoteric Sciences. Upon completion of this certification program, students will be able to work with 13D MDT in their personal and professional lives. Students will also be able to practice 13D MDT anywhere in the world. Students who wish to advance to 13D Master Teacher may do so only after taking the 13D Master Teacher 9-day intensive workshop with John Armitage, who works with Germaine in bringing multidimensional transformation to Earth.

However, students taking this 13D MDT Class qualifies them to take the Basic Master Teacher Class on September 27-29, 2019. This allows these graduates to teach the two-day Basic Master Class internationally.

All students will also have the opportunity to join the NPMDT Association (worldwide), and/or the NPMDT Americas Association, if they choose to join.  The main focus of the associations is to create a protective shield around our practitioners and teachers. A second and important focus is to create a framework for keeping in contact with each other, passing on new information, organizing upgrades, and having an easy way to find lists of registered teachers and healers.

NPMDT has also been accepted by the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association) as an organization that they are willing to have as a member. The BCMA has a solid reputation and representation in the European parliament. In other words, no quacks and charlatans are accepted into the BCMA. As a member of the BCMA, it is easier to become insured with a professional agency. That we (13D MDT practitioners and teachers) meet their standards reflects back on us. BCMA accepts this 13D MDT class. We adhere to the BCMA code of practice. Anyone who has ever done a workshop/class recognized by the School of Esoteric Sciences given by a certified teacher, and who is also a member of the NPMDT Americas Association, can become a member of the BCMA. This is a professional organization for energy and light workers from the field of complementary medicine.

13D MDT is an intensive 32 hour, four-day class running from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Students provide their own morning and afternoon snacks, as well as their own lunches.

13D MDT will be working specifically with the 13 dimensional chakra system, including:

  •  multidimensional physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual auric systems
  • crystals, grids for individual’s home and the earth
  • sound vibrational energies
  • mindfulness awareness
  • respect for every member of the human race regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender identity, eye color, or any other category of human being that current 3D experiences at this moment
  • practice sessions
  • time to share their experiences with the class.

While Reiki is a wonderful energetic system using Love and Light from Source, Germaine is telling us that Dr. Usui only found part of a bigger whole, multidimensional transformational system of an expanded consciousness vibrational frequency. Germaine only allowed four of the original Atlantian symbols to be used to see how humans interacted with them. All of the other Reiki symbols are Kanji, Japanese/human symbols. These latter symbols currently work, but are limited in their vibrational scope, according to Germaine, and even the original four Reiki symbols through the years have been tainted in some cases. This is new information. We can now discover all of what Dr. Usui only found a part of on his life changing retreat in the 1800’s. With the advancement of electromagnetics in so many technologies, the time is right to advance our vibrational tools.

13D New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation is a break through in allowing the newer, more expanded conscious vibrational frequencies to flow in and through humankind, to the earth and beyond. Activations to these energetic codes, much like the Metatronic codes, are necessary for all of us to receive, adjust and use them. It can be compared to a house wired for 110 voltage, which is unable to process 220 voltage until it is upgraded. If tried without the upgrade, it will blow the circuits. 13D MDT is the upgrade needed for anyone wishing to use the more conscious vibrational frequencies. Healing naturally occurs in this personal transformation and greater awareness by raising consciousness.

Anyone ready for a positive shift to move forward in your personal and/or professional life using 13D MDT is asked to register with me at I am a certified 13D MDT teacher, having taken 13D Master Teacher classes from John Armitage. This class is $480, with an $80  non-refundable deposit due by March 31, 2019. Send check deposit to: Lin Hourihan, PO Box 75, Fiskdale, MA 01518. Credit card deposit and full payment may also be made through


Are You Crippled By Fear?

Does fear ever cripple your desire to move forward? It is amazing how

This image shows a small section of the Veil Nebula, as it was observed by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. This section of the outer shell of the famous supernova remnant is in a region known as NGC 6960

strong negative emotions can affect even the most positive among us. Fear can be insidious, arriving by the words of well-meaning friends and family, or by institutions of learning, religions or other groups who seek to usurp our own personal power. If we are not consciously aware of our thoughts, they can hijack our brains and manipulate our wills before we even realize what has happened.

We grant silent approval to others’ seemingly good intentions or ideas when we agree with things we really do not agree with, especially if what they tell us is based in fear. It is surprising how often we do this. This weak spot in our character can occur when we do not stand up for ourselves in our own thoughts, words or actions.

There are many good reasons we want to get along with our family, friends, or clubs of all sorts. It is healthy to recognize from the very beginning whether or not they are trying to make their point by using fear tactics. It is not always obvious.

One way to recognize the impetus of fear in the motivations of others is to listen to the consequence if you do not follow their advice. You and I have free will. It is a God-given gift to all human beings. Even the angels were given the gift of free will. There is no law, divine or otherwise, that can strip you of your free will. This is a God-given gift to each and every person on the planet, no matter where you live.

There are many schools of thought out there. Those that promote their agendas by the use of fear tactics ought to be avoided. We are all free to choose how we want to think, speak and act.

It is a step forward in our own personal character growth and development to begin more and more to stand in our own personal power. It is God given. No human can take away what God has given you. You can choose to give it away. You can choose to deny what God has given you. These are all choices you can make. But you do not have to hand your personal power and free will over to anyone.

Never give your personal power over to anyone or anything.

If you are interested in cutting ties to fear that seem to affect you in negative ways, shutting you down or putting blocks to your dreams, you can do this instantly by your thoughts. Yes, you can.

You may also decide to take the 13D New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Class, taking place April 25-28, 2019 from 10 am – 6 pm each day. It will take place in the Sturbridge, Massachusetts area. I am waiting to see how many students register to announce the venue. The cost is $480, of which $80 is required for a non-refundable deposit. This deposit includes an official numbered certificate and manual for the class. Payments may be made by check to: Lin Hourihan, PO Box 75, Fiskdale, MA 01518. Credit card deposit and full payment may also be made at

Everyone who feels called, all levels of Reiki practitioners including Reiki Master Teachers and all other modalities who are ready for the next positive shift to move forward in your personal and/or professional life using 13D MDT is asked to register at

I AM a 13D MDT Master Teacher of The School Of Esoteric Sciences, which is a worldwide, non-profit school, and aids in humanitarian projects around the world. I have completed 13D MDT teacher training with John Armitage. Anyone taking my class will be able to use 13D MDT as they see fit in their life. Only students who take the teacher training from John Armitage will be able to teach 13D MDT.




Now is the time to choose to see the pure Soul of every person we meet,

even when they may not see it themselves.


Now is the time to choose to honor the sovereign reality of all beings,

even though their words or actions may hurt you.


Now is the time to choose to transform through ecstasy and Grace,

even though drama and trauma may seem more natural to you.


Now is the time to choose to live in this miraculous Now moment,

even though nostalgia, regrets and fear may entice you not to be Present.


Now is the time to choose to be a blessing to the World and All Life,

even though circumstances may encourage you to harden your heart.


Now is the time to choose to love others,

even though it may seem naïve.


Now is the time to choose to love God with all your being,

and know that this is all that is really required.


Choose  to Live Heaven.


~ Aliyah Ziondra

What is Lightbody?



We are our brothers and sisters keepers. No man is an island. We are here on this planet

Brother's Keeper
I AM my brother’s and sister’s keeper. I AM not a Socialist. I am a mammal, just like you.

at this very point in time for a reason, a mission, our dharma. We do not carry on our lives in a vacuum. We need other people and other people need us.

Fear of scarcity of earthly resources and lack of homes, finances and a host of other things to fear is at the root of today’s social crisis. Greed seems to capture the attention of people in today’s national and global agendas. But the reason greed appears to be the problem of what is going on in the United States of America, as well as many other countries in the world, is that people beating the drum of greed are really saying that if we give and share more, there won’t be enough to go around. This is what fear looks like.

The earth, particularly the United States of America, certainly has enough room and resources to share with the immigrants of today, just as it took care of us, our parents and grandparents in generations before we were here. A recent trip from California to Massachusetts and the states in between demonstrated that to me first hand this spring. Fall foliage trips throughout the northeast USA also boasted of a plentiful land. There is more than enough room in this spacious country to host immigrants of other countries in need of food, shelter, clothing and safety.

Fear makes people look down a dark tunnel of non-reality. Take the subject of jobs for example. Rather than seeing that we are allowing in more doctors, nurses, scientists, and teachers, fear dehydrates the thought process to falsely believe they want our very own jobs. Opportunity and growth happens with more ideas and workforce, not less.



The human race on Earth is the only race there is

Whether we are discussing the differences in race, color, ethnicity, creed, gender, or political or financial status, we must realize that on this planet, there is only one race, the human race.


Sometimes we try to hide our prejudices behind other reasons, to justify the positions we take about gender, politics, social or financial status, the environment, religion, or any other way we human beings use to suppress the voice of others.

We are more alike than any difference we profess.

The root cause of prejudice is fear, not hatred. While certain groups may be extremely angry about an issue, the underlying cause of anger is fear.

Why are we so afraid of other people, their belief system, their culture, their gender?

Think of how we respond to someone expressing a different viewpoint, or addressing uncomfortable issues such as immigration, politics, homelessness and hungry children in our country and the world.

Fear promotes radical groups in any of the human categories mentioned. If we are truly serious about fixing our world, before we can build any bridges to repair the damage we have caused, we must eradicate the root cause of fear.

War, murder and killing are not communication skills.

Although we have made great progress in many countries in the world on various forms of prejudice in years gone by, we have greatly regressed these past few years.

Along with the vote giving voice to prejudice as a positive trait they think human beings ought to have, inciting actions that harm life among certain factions of human beings in the USA, it has also given voice to the extreme fascists living among us. To act to the detriment of people based on prejudices is not an opinion, it is a crime.

There is more to do, more to share, more to learn, more to understand, more to forgive, more to let go. It is not about being right, or wrong, or making others right or wrong. There is no way to make up for the loss of life through war, violence, bloodshed, or retaliation. Two wrongs do not make a right. We need to build bridges to and for all people everywhere.

Despite all our unique differences, we all share this one beautiful planet. We are all born in the same way, we all breathe air while we are here, and we all die. We are all having a shared human experience. Our life is in our blood, without which we would cease to be. No one soul is better than any other soul on this planet, no matter what our pride (insane ego) might be telling us.

It is the radical element in every type of human being that makes us less than human. To make this point better, here is a partial list of every type of human being: LGBT, straight, man, woman, black, white, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, the hundreds of various religions, atheist, agnostic, tall, short, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, amber eyes, disabled, healthy; and people from America including Puerto Rico and Guam of course, Cuba, Canada, Central America, Mexico, South America, Australia, England, Portugal, France, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Holland, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Belgium, Monaco, Spain, Greenland, Iceland,  Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, Syria, Israel, Jordan, China, Tibet, Saudi Arabia, EUA, Africa, Yemen, Oman, Mongolia, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, New Zealand, and the rest of the 193 countries in our beautiful world.

Not every person in every country is a criminal, nor a terrorist. It is time we focus on what brings us together, and heal what is broken with love, understanding, empathy, and stop vilifying every other person who is not like us, or believe exactly the way we do. We need to promote justice with fairness rather than bullying ego.

There is only one race on this planet.

It’s the human race.


Standing in your own personal power is not always easy in the face of others strong earth eyeopinions, expectations that do not feel like a choice to us and very often, emotional blackmail, the withholding of love or acceptance with a person or group unless we bend our will and personal power to that of others. Whether it is relationships, employment, politics or anything else, there seems to be a chink in our armor at times when it comes to us saying what we actually mean. If we are going to evolve into a more authentic version of our best selves, we need to continue to grow this character side of ourselves. What is the culprit that lies in wait for us in our weaker moments? The answer is FEAR.

By now everyone knows that “fear” stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” How do you like being duped? That is what fear does to us. It also robs us of our integrity.

It might seem that there are those of us who have absolutely no fear when it comes to saying exactly what they mean, or doing what needs to be done, in spite of the approval of others. But notice how they do this. It is often done in a revolutionary way, over dramatic, loud and over the top. There might even be some bullying involved and certainly no compassion. This is the response of a lesser human, a person not fully developed, one who is still on the road to achieving personal power. Such actions and reactions reveal holes in the personal development. They are not there yet.

How do the introverted, shy person and the loud, obnoxious one get to the same goal of mature personal development, strong in their own personal power effectively?

Effectively is the key word here. We can always remain hidden in our inner selves never allowing this part of us to show on the outside. Or, we can always remain in the loud with our over-bearing personality. But if we are to be effective and authentic to ourselves and others, we need to find a better way to communicate than what has not been working for us in the past.

If we were to reflect the inner integrity of our inner self upon the outer self that everyone sees and hears, how do we cross this personal bridge that has never or often been crossed?

There are some steps we can take to make progress in becoming a more authentic version of ourselves without engaging in obnoxious behaviors.

First, consciously drop the fear, all fear. The ego does not like this part. The insane ego likes the drama, the attention, the selfish notion that the ego needs fear to feed upon. This is exactly what fear does. It feeds the ego. Realize right now that we do not need to feed the wolf of your ego fear anymore. Recognize that from now on, we are going to feed our egos love, love without conditions. Once our egos feels the nourishment from love, the egos will relax and not feel like they went on a starvation diet. The ego is the ego, part of the fight or flight part of the body to keep us alive. But the ego does not need to only feed on fear. This part is a life long learning process, which sadly sometimes takes an entire lifetime to finally learn. Just know that it is possible to take a shortcut in this realization. It is conscious awareness in choosing LOVE over FEAR every time that accomplishes this task.

Second, we need to be ourselves. This might sound stupid. Aren’t we always being our selves? No, so very many times we are not. We don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, we don’t mind putting ourselves out while others do not (Oh, really?!), yes, we will work 80 hours a week and we will love it too, so thankful to have a job and all (Oh, really?!), and the list goes on. If we were to say what we really need to say, what would we say? We need to find the words that match what is on the inside of us with the outside of us. I truly believe this is part of the reason so many men (and women too!) are going bald these days. It is extremely stressful to keep stuffing our truth down our own throats.

Third, we need to stop beating ourselves up. Our history is our history and has brought us this far. Begin right here, right now. Drop attitudes. There is no benefit to being a doormat nor hateful. There is no need to justify ourselves. We are here. We count. We matter. We are worthy to be the best human we can be. We were born here on this planet like every other person born on this planet, no matter what country we live in, or family we were born into, rich or poor. We each matter, all of us are the same. There is no class distinction between human beings no matter what other humans fearful of losing their position try to tell us. The more we walk out of fear, the more we will begin to see how fear controls others.

Fourth, we need to accept ourselves inside and out, no matter what. Living a life to please other people is living a lie. Sooner or later our inner selves revolt. Why not start right now, or start again to LOVE ourselves right where we are, for better or worse. There is no human being alive who has not made mistakes. It is what we do. We are not perfect. Perfectionism is not something to try to attain. That is one of the chinks in the armor and sinks more than one of us along the road of life. Accepting flaws, then working on them when it occurs to us to do so can lead us to a life of more awareness and a life more fully lived.

The more we love ourselves and others, the more we allow more light and inspiration in. This is all part of love. It is hard to separate love and light. When we pray, we connect to the light and love of God. When we meditate, we connect to the light and love of the One Source of All. We become enlightened. Connect to this One Love.

We cannot be more authentic, speak our truth, or walk in integrity without matching our outside self with our inside self, and vice versa. When we do this, we will find peace, a balance in life that we have been searching for all our lives. It is freedom for the soul which has been trying to express itself. We can make this transformation with the grace and dignity with which all human beings are born.



When making decisions about next steps to take, there are many valid considerations toSee the source image ponder, but fear ought never be one of them. Fear should never tie us into knots. Whether it is in our personal lives, or civic, educational, financial, moral or even political futures to be weighed, decisions need to be made from a basis of intelligent information, goals to be attained, moving towards where we want to go. Decisions focusing on what we do not want, moving in a direction we do not want to go, or fear of something happening is the worst foundation of any decision.

Solid foundations to base any decision on include desires made from the highest goals with the most love of all people, support of life for all people, fairness and integrity of all people, for the up-building of all people.

See the source imageMaking decisions in life can seem so confusing, as if there are so many possible sides to consider. There is a way to streamline the thinking process and step off the merry-go-round of “spin.” Governments do this. People do this. Both usually have their own agendas. “Spin” does not help you. You know what your goal is. Focus on your goal.

First, stop thinking of all the fear-based thoughts surrounding the issue. Focusing on what you do not want keeps you focusing on what you don’t want.

Second, list all of the positive benefits leading to your end goal. Write down as many as come to your mind without dismissing any positive benefit.

Third, do not allow any influences to give you negative input in the guise of “looking at both side.” You can kindly inform them that they can make their decisions that way if they wish, but this is your decision. Do not listen to anyone who tries to instill fear.

Fourth, map out the steps you need to take to accomplish your goal unhindered by negative thoughts or negative people.

These steps might seem like common sense, but so often we give away our own personal power to someone or something else. All too often we cave in to fear, fear of this happening, fear of counter-attack, fear of loss of popularity, fear of judgment, fear of failure, or even fear of success, fear, fear, fear. The list goes on.

Imagine a country who only wanted the best for all people with no fear; to be a haven for war-torn countries with no fear; to have the means and opportunity to feed the poor and shelter the homeless with no fear; to build and repair roads and bridges with no fear; generate more technologies and innovation for the health of the future in all countries with no fear.

Imagine a person, who despite past failure, gets up and tries yet again to realize a dream fulfilled, based on their hopes and life-giving qualities, until their goal comes to a life of its own.

Imagine a world with a goal of peace, mutual cooperation with multiple benefits to all citizens in all countries.

We are living in a time where we have a host of positive plausible possibilities, in our personal lives, in our communities, in our states and in our countries. We need to tip the scales of thinking good, saying good, being good, and doing good.

Evil only takes root when enough good people do nothing.