front-coverThe eBook version of MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS is nowback-cover-copy available for $3.99.

This is a fascinating mystery, accurate history, and dramatic time travel adventure with a 13 year old, female heroine. The worlds needs a vibrate, strong, young female protagonist to be a role model today. Through the experience of history, Brie learns that there is only one race, the human race. She and her family also learn about immigration and slavery.

Time travel adventures bring Brie to babysit Jesus, from his birth until he is two years old, while other family members find out the secrets of Santa’s birth, and their connection to Abraham Lincoln.

I am Linda Hourihan, an international holistic health counselor/practitioner, former feature writer for Theuntitled-5 Milford Daily News, Laconia Daily Sun, and Connecticut Post newspapers; and author of Mystery of the Sturbridge Keys, and The Virtue of Virtues.

The revision of MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS, is now complete. I hope everyone enjoys learning pre-history, antedeluvian, ancient, Bible, and recent history as much as I enjoyed researching it.

The book combines the non-fiction of my love for the town of Mendon, Massachusetts where I grew up on the shore of Lake Nipmuc, and at my French maternal grandparent’s former Vermont cottage which backed up to the Wardsboro Brook in Vermont.

This book is inspired by a set of large keys handed down to me from my grandfather, F. Louis Tetreault. I am sure these keys went to the farm on Blackstone Street, Mendon, Massachusetts, either to the barn, locked chests, equipment, or to the house both he and my grandmother, Maria (Beniot) Tetreault. My mother was number 13 of 14 children. I loved them all, and so glad my Canadian French grandparents had so many children, or else I would not be here.

Or the keys might have belonged to the Vermont cottage at the bottom of Stratton Mountain. When I was young, I would often spend weeks and months living with them in their home away from home, while my mother, as a single parent, worked full time painting radon on watch hands so they would glow in the dark. Both my beloved grandparents have since passed away, and were very dear to me. I treasured them and everything about them, even these keys.

Now that I am a grandmother myself, I find myself on the flip side of life, now enjoying my grandchildren, taking them to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, sharing rides with the in the Worcester–Providence Stage Coach, or the horse drawn trolley, which is really drawn by the Belgian horse team of Jim and Jerry. The animals at Old Sturbridge Village are the only names I retained for this work of fiction. All other fictional character names have been changed.

The book’s timely publication covers the April 20, 2016 announcement by the United States Treasury planning to put Harriet Tubman’s picture on the front of the $20 bill, moving President Andrew Jackson to the back in the year 2020. Fascinating information between President Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin is also included in this work of fiction.

The names of Old Sturbridge Village including all of the buildings at this location, and the Christmas By Candlelight celebration are real. However, I have never attended the Christmas By Candlelight celebration, and the adventures in this book are pure exciting fiction.

Also real names in this area are: Thai Place, Annie’s Country Kitchen, The Bird Store and More, Brimfield Antique Center, Southwick’s Zoo, McLean Hospital, Harrington Hospital, B.T.’s Smokehouse, and the Sturbridge Tourist Center.

In this book, Grammy Rose takes her grandchildren Brie and Greg, and the twins Abe and Abby, her two daughters Cher and Sarah who live on the shores of Lake Nipmuc in Mendon, Massachusetts, to Old Sturbridge Village for a first-hand experience of life in the 1830s – 1840s. The event they attend is the Christmas by Candlelight celebration which is adding extra programs and workshops to this year because it is the 70th Anniversary of the opening of Old Sturbridge Village. While it is truly the 70th Anniversary of Old Sturbridge Village, and Southwick’s Zoo is a major tourist attraction in Mendon, the cultural exchange program between Old Sturbridge Village and Southwick’s Zoo mentioned in the context of this book is fictional.

Adventures take them from Village house to farm to businesses, while the keys transport them to days gone by, poignant points in recent and ancient history, and even to pre-history, weaving an interesting tale of possibility and shedding new light on old subjects. Victorian Christmas carolers, a Bactrian camel, and lived experiences in ancient and pre-history make knowledge come alive.

This book covers:

  • 70th Anniversary of Old Sturbridge Village
  • Harriet Tubman on the new $20 bill
  • Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin tales
  • Noah’s Repopulation through the empires
  • Who are the Egyptian slaves?
  • Old Sturbridge Village discovers the secret of Christmas

Front Cover Quote: “This poignant book weaves an interesting tale of possibility, shedding new light on old subjects.” ~ John T. Hourihan, Jr., author of Play Fair And Win; Beyond The Fence Converging Memoirs, co-authored with Amanda Eppley; and The Mustard Seed 2095.

MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS is dedicated to my grandchildren, Kevo and Liam Kearsley, Chris and Alex Eppley; and Rory and River Bibeau. They are the impetus for this book. This book is also dedicated to my children; Keith Kearsley, Marie (and Anthony) Paturzo, Kevin (and Nikki) Kearsley, and Katie (and Steven) Bibeau; and my grown step-children, Mandy (and John) Eppley; and Mike and Chrysanthi Hourihan.

I hope you enjoy this book, which took me over a year to research and a lifetime to experience. Everyone can take from that what they will.