Today is the birthday of our Beloved Ascended Lady Master Kwan Yin, according to Solar calendar 21 March 2022. Many people in the outer world are celebrating today with the Blessed Bodhisattva (any person working toward Enlightenment, Christhood, Buddhahood), and for that reason, I am sharing some detailed information about this August Lady Master, and her various roles and activities in the Ascended Master Realm.


Beloved Kwan Yin’s service started millions of years ago, even before the “Fall of Man.” At that time, every individual was aware of his I AM Presence and the Ascended Host. The Masters were visible to the physical sight of all, and they walked freely among unascended mankind, as teachers. The people of China experienced a beautiful Golden Age, accompanied by peace, harmony, and great mastery of the energies.

During this glorious age, Kwan Yin and the twelve ladies of her court traveled, once a year, to the larger cities of China, giving audiences in one of the local temples. Here they assisted everyone in manifesting their divine plan. People from all over the world came to be revitalized and to bathe and absorb the radiation of mercy and compassion of the Temple of Mercy.

From time to time, beloved Kwan Yin and her court made pilgrimages to the farthest borders of her kingdom, so that the less privileged individuals, who could not make a visit to the temple, might have their children baptized, their own sins of omission and commission wiped away by Mercy’s Flame, and their homes re-consecrated by an actual, physical spark of the Mercy Flame. This spark had been taken reverently from the golden brazier of the Temple of Mercy. A chosen member of Kwan Yin’s court kept the flame alive with his or her own breath. Often Kwan Yin would baptize, with Violet Fire, the children who were brought to her for blessing, holding them, during that ceremony, in her own compassionate arms and, as much as the Cosmic Law would permit, she would mercifully transmute as much of their karma as she could, before it could externalize as distresses to soul, mind, body or affairs.

After the “Fall of Man,” beloved Kwan Yin continued her services from higher levels of consciousness. She always has been, and still is, particularly interested in helping children and parents redeem their respective and collective destructive karmas, so that they may more quickly out picture the perfection of their own I AM Presence.

In the Far East Kwan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy. Her particular God-Quality is Mercy. Thus, she directs the Flame of Mercy and Compassion. Mercy means more assistance is given, through love, than merit earned. Her services to mankind, mercy and healing really go together. She is one of those who are in charge of directing the healing activity to the mankind of Earth.

Kwan Yin received the crown of “Chohan of the Seventh Ray,” twelve thousand years ago. She remained as Chohan of the Seventh Ray until Saint Germain took over the Chohanship (Tibetan-Buddhist term meaning Master).

After a soul has passed through the change called “death,” beloved Kwan Yin again renders each one a specific service – helping to wash away many of the “scars” upon the etheric body, such as disappointment, feelings of apparent failure, remorse and the causes and cores of other distressing conditions which the Law will permit her to remove. This makes it much easier for the individual to stand before the Karmic Board, and it enables the Karmic Board to assign that soul to the highest possible sphere for instruction and help between embodiments.

Beloved Kwan Yin, her sisters, and brothers of Mercy, as well as her limitless Legions of the Angels of Mercy, are also dedicated to the complete removal, as quickly as possible, of the cause and core of the scorn which the so-called “Righteous” direct toward unwed mothers and their illegitimate children. WE CAN CALL ON HER TO REMOVE THE EFFECTS OF SUCH CAUSES AND CORES, AND ALL DISTRESS, BY DIRECTING THE FULLY GATHERED MOMENTUM OF THE FLAME OF MERCY INTO THE CONDITION THAT NEEDS ASSISTANCE. Beloved Kwan Yin asks the students to invite her and the Brothers and Sisters of Mercy into their homes, their hearts and their feelings.

One of her Legions is always a guarding presence over all homes and orphanages, and such Life Streams are given as much assistance as possible. Her Flame of Mercy and Compassion always surrounds the mothers and mothers-to-be, whether they are helped by their fellow man or not and, in many instances, abortions and suicides have been averted by the protecting, faith-sustaining power of the legions of Kwan Yin.

Students can call on beloved Kwan Yin for assistance in healing physical problems and in overcoming deep resentments. There are many individuals belonging to the Earth’s evolutions who cannot, or do not, desire to forgive injustice done to them. Even sincere chelas (a follower or student of a guru) sometimes harbor feelings of resentment and rebellion against other Life Streams, as well as against circumstances of an unhappy nature. These may apply to receive Kwan Yin’s own feelings of true mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. She will give to you the feeling of her full, gathered cosmic momentum of forgiveness and mercy, until you, too, find the joy that comes in generating that feeling for yourselves.

Kwan Yin has also been referred to as the same Energy as Mother Mary. All is One. The Diamond of God, as I have called it for over 50 years, reflects our myriad life experiences, which are not all the same, yet still valid for each one of us. Today is an opportunity to focus on extending mercy and compassion wherever we can.


Author: Linda Hourihan

Thank you for visiting my blog, which has 113,417 views worldwide including 203 countries, territories, and protectorates since 2012. I am a graduate of the American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness, and holistic health counselor and practitioner since 2005; teacher of New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation™ (NPMDT™) with the International School of Esoteric Sciences™; Universal Life Church ordained interfaith minister, blogger, and author. Jesus Christ told us in Luke 17:21 that the eternal Christ is WITHIN each and every one of us. This is the I AM Presence, our God Particle. We have free will to decide to wake up to this fact or remain in denial of who and what we truly are. Most religions teach about the 15 years of the life of Jesus. I also teach about those 18 lost years of Jesus while he was in India. I believe in science, which to me, includes truth hidden in the books of sacred scriptures found and preserved in the caves at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. 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As a life-long learner, I hold a Doctor of Spiritual Awareness, and Doctor of Universal Order from the ULC Seminary. Publications MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS VIRTUE OF VIRTUES I am a former reporter and feature writer for The Milford Daily News and Laconia Daily Sun, with features also published in The Connecticut Post Newspaper; and also published in the book, "More Weddings, Funerals And Rites of Passage," subtitled "More Sample Ceremonies for Celebrants, Officiate and Ministers" by Rev. Amy E. Long. I am among the contributing authors. Now my writing is published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. This blog addresses mental health, physical health and spiritual health. There are drugless therapies that work very well most of the time when applied, and have no chemical side effects, obviously, except when they are not followed. 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Holistic Alternative Psychology, with an emphasis on methods, individualized plans of action, fostering the ability of the individual to reach his or her highest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually; with advanced perspectives of positive personal growth, changing attitudes from negative to positive; enhancing intuition and self-discovery through creative endeavors, and improving health as impacted by psychological states. I work with M.I.N.D.S. Wellness & Body/Mind Consciousness, which features positive self-analysis/awareness, self-control development programs, conditioning the healing mind, controlling mood swings, anxiety, avoiding depression and raising self-esteem to its highest level. M.I.N.D.S. Meta-Psychology is person centered rather than technically oriented, and focuses on psychological health, consciousness, human possibilities, and challenges of body, mind and spiritual development. A person cannot heal in any program void of attention to their own spiritual development. As a matter of fact, many mental and physical ailments can be rooted when spiritual sickness is at the root of the problem. Memberships I am a former member of the Branford Hall Career Institute Advisory Board; and former owner of The Massage Clinic, LLC which had four offices in Connecticut. I am a member of the New Paradigm MDT Americas Association, and the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), which is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA). I am a 2001 graduate of the DoveStar Institute of Holistic Technology of New Hampshire. I am now retired from bodywork and energy work, focusing on my online outreach to the world through this blog, Enlightenment Mastery, and teaching the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation™ curriculum of the International School of Esoteric Sciences™. My legacy is my blog, and serving the world as a certified teacher of New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation™, a healing gift to the world in need of hope, kindness, empathy, compassion, encouragement, truth, forgiveness, faith, and love. The single most constant in my life is Universal the Eternal Energy, also known as Almighty God, Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You and I are part of this manifested glory, as taught by Jesus, who also gifts us all with His Holy Spirit. My motto in my high school yearbook was, "With God, all things are possible," which is still true to this day. I have had a close walk with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit since I was a very young child, over six decades ago. I have taught Bible studies for people of all ages, from children in every grade school level as well as adults for over 50 years. Jesus Christ spent his missing years, from 13-30 years old in India; and came to the people of Earth to free everyone from religious control-systems. I also teach what Jesus taught from The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, the Dead Sea Scrolls and all Sacred Scriptures found at Nag Hammadi, and the Books of Enoch, with specific emphasis on exactly what Jesus taught, which I share with all of you in this blog. Christianity knows 13 years of Jesus' life. I also shine a light on the remaining 18+ years of Jesus' life. Profound truths were omitted from today's Bible when it was censored in 364 A,D. at the Council of Laodicea. I include what the Church Fathers did not want you to know, and how they went against the teaching of Jesus as they threw out all women priests. Even Protestant religions operate under the banner of Rome since it was the fledgling Catholic Church that did not allow all of the writings about Jesus to be included in today's Bibles. This means that the sacred books allowed into the Protestant Bible also came from the political and religious Roman rulers. It was not "God" who chose what books to be included in today's Bible, but men with an agenda, which is not what you might think. Understanding all the facts, not just what certain powers want you to believe, is vital for a healthy spiritual life. God loves ALL hearts because all hearts are the heartbeat of the Divine, I Am Presence in the world, regardless of current conscious awareness. Unilluminated souls simply are void of the empathy, compassion, forgiveness, Love, and Light that transforms to life when they lift their minds from the drudgery and torments of mundane human life to the infinite Life-Giving Resource of Living Universal Eternal Energy. We are a reflection of God, the Spark of Love which is made “in his image.” You and I are the living waters spoken about in the Sethian scrolls. Regardless of our beliefs, our Soul is the heartbeat of God within us. God is closer to us than our next breath, again regardless of our religious and/or spiritual beliefs, or unbelief. We are an intricate part of this Universal Eternal Energy, which has no beginning nor ending, just like the first Law of Thermodynamics explains: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. Your soul is part of eternity. Jesus taught reincarnation, providing us the ability to perfect ourselves as our Heavenly Father is perfect, with complete understanding of who and what we truly are in the Ascension process. There is more for us all to know. Jesus tells us to seek, and we will find. God bless everyone everywhere. Namaste

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