Oldest Known Map Of The World


Imagine the known world map according to the knowledge of Nimrod, back in the days of the Babylonia

Empire, the first empire to rise after the global Flood. While the Akkadian and Ur Empires preceeded the Babylonian Empire, most all traces of them have been washed away. Therefore most history books credit the Babylonian Empire as the first empire of the world. The Babylonian Map to the right is the oldest map of the known world. It is known as the Imago Mundi. This map dates back to 500 BCE. It was found in southern Iraq in a city called Sipper, and was formed out of a clay tablet found north of the ancient city of Babylon, on the fertile east bank of the Euphrates River.

Civilization begins again with the Babylonian Empire. This map depicts what later civilizations did, like the cities of Athens, Jerusalem and others, putting themselves as the center of the world. This is all they know. This is their reality.

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“To  be ignorant of the lives of the most celebrated men of antiquity is to continue in a state of childhood all our days.” Plutarch

MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS – CHRISTMAS UNLOCKED, shows that Noah and his sons used such a map, with Shem, Ham and Japheth exploring and settling the different regions of the world. It is their lineage who seed the empires as we know them today.

“Surrounding the city of Babylon on the map lies seven cities and seven islands, surrounded by two circles that represent bodies of water possibly located near to Babylon at the time. The cuneiform writing at the top of the tablet labels each location; the water parameters on the map are labeled as a salt sea and a river of bitter water.

“The locations on the map are mountains, a swamp, a canal, three unnamed cities, the cities of Urartu, Assyria, Der, Elam, Bit Yakin, Habban, Babylon, and an unknown location. Parallel lines below the marked city of Babylon are thought to represent the southern marshes of present day Iraq and another curved line, the Zagros Mountains which would have been visible close to the city.

“Another feature of the map visible in the cuneiform inscription is that it is actually a copy of an even older map of the region, one which has been lost to time and memory. The unique perspective of the map, even as a copy of an older creation, shows not only how Babylonians saw the world around them, but the mythical heavenly realm as well. The islands surrounding Babylon and the known regions around it don’t exist in the physical realm; they are thought to be a mythical representation of the connection between the earth and the heavens. The reverse side of the tablet shows a depiction of the stars with recognizable constellations corresponding to our modern understanding of the zodiac.

“This fusion of the heavens and the earth, the realities of life around them and the accurate charting of the universe above them caused the Babylonians to create the world’s oldest existing map still in existence today.” Taken from the references listed below.


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