Human Nature Is Like A Spirited Horse

Human nature is like a spirited horse. We have unbridled hopes and dreams, emotions and desires. Left to Image result for pictures wild horsestheir own devices, they go where they will. Should a pack of wild horses come running by, we join the pack in a flurry of enthusiasm, running faster and faster not always in the right direction.

We need to be careful at this time, in these very important days, to assess where we are and who we are. We tend to get caught up in the moment, like a runaway horse. We have friends and family whose opinions we value, or whose points we ponder. There are facts to consider and decisions to be made.

Who are we as we go through this process? Do we like who we have become in this race? I have made mistakes myself in this area. No one is immune. In our zest and enthusiasm, we can alienate others unintentionally. The desire to win at all costs does not bring out the best in horses, nor people.

Are we kind?

Are we understanding?

Are we empathetic?

Do we stand for truth with dignity?

Do we respond with integrity?

Do we use tact so others can be better able to hear what we are saying to them?

In hostile situations, people do not react with their highest motives in mind. This is a good time to remember not to react to hostile stimulus at all. When we begin reacting to events and situations, even words and challenges, we are not acting out of forethought, We do not make the best decisions this way.

Instead, it is better to take time to meditate on exactly how we want to proceed, and how we want to raise the tone. We matter. The things we have to share with others matter. But no one will hear us if they tune us out.

In the course of our living, let us remember that in addition to our physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, educational, scientific selves, we also have our spiritual aspects. We are not alone. Let us allow the breath of God in, to soften the edges of our opinions and our hearts, so that when all is said and done, we can pick up the pieces of our lives and make the best choices possible with the information we have, without tearing down others at the same time.

This is a great time to practice the Golden Rule in everything we think, say and do. Treat others as we want to be treated.



Author: lindahourihan

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