Wednesday Bible Study ~ John 8:42-59

Have you ever made a puzzle with some of the pieces missing? Have you ever been in a group of family orbible sun scene friends, and only get half of the story? Or have you ever tried listening to any group of people with an agenda, to listen for the truth, but you find you are getting a one-sided, twisted version, with key pieces missing? That is what it is like to read today’s version of the Bible.

Beware of anything that is one-sided. Seek always for more information, not less. Investigate for yourself both sides of everything, especially the more important things of God, as opposed to only one point of view handed to you from youth. Do not take anyone or any other institution’s belief on this, New Age or otherwise.  Give yourself permission to read, study, explore and learn more. Key books explaining what really happened at the beginning of Creation, more experiences of Jesus, and what to expect for our spiritual futures is explained in the Secret Book of John, for example.

Have you read this?

It is one of the Nag Hammadi scriptures which used to be considered sacred until the Council of Constantinople in July of the year 381 AD. Meditating and praying about this might shed some light on why the Roman Empire, through Constantine and the early Church Fathers of that time did not want you to know what it said, as a way of dumbing down the masses to further a particular political agenda with little religious  personal benefit, other than to motivate through fear and intimidation.

John, the beloved apostle, left us three books telling us about Jesus. However, all of humanity, for 1,635 years, has not been allowed to read one of them. John wrote the Gospel of John, and the final book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation. The Christian community loves to read and interpret the Book of Revelation, because many believe this book to tell us about the end times, like the Book of Daniel. Revelation is loved because it is a personal revelation by Jesus to John after the resurrection of Jesus. So is the Secret Book of John.

“For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44  New Living Translation of today’s Bible

The translation of John 8:42-47 in The Bible In Living English reads, “Jesus said to them “If God were your father you would love me, for I went out from God and come from him; for I have not come of myself either, but he sent me. Why do you not get the meaning of my talk? because you cannot hear my words.  You come of your father the Devil, and it is your father’s desires that you want to act out. He was a man-killer from the first, and did not keep his stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks falsehood he speaks a thing of his own, because he is a liar and father of it. And because I tell the truth you do not believe me.  Which of you convicts me of a sin? If I tell truth, why do you not believe me? He who is from God hears God’s words; consequently it is because you are not from God that you do not hear.”

Who is Jesus talking about in the traditional Bible of today, being the father of lies?

First, I ask and pray that everyone reading this stop for a moment to say a prayer. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, in the name of Jesus. Always start every Bible Study  like this. There are many spirits out there, and obviously one of them has not only been giving Jesus trouble. Really, take a moment to stop and pray.

Let’s continue. There is more to know. The Secret Book of John fills in the gaps, explaining things we have never been allowed to hear and understand before, making more sense in the bigger picture of Creation. First, we need to allow our minds to consider the possibility of new information which we have never heard before, without the pre-judgment of thinking that every new thing we are about to hear is ridiculous or stupid simply because “that’s not the way we learned it.”

Revealed in the Secret Book of John is a new start to life. It says that, yes, Jesus is the  eternal Son of God the Father/Mother (John wrote that God is Spirit, not male nor female like humans); so far so good. Now for the new information: Jesus (LOVE) was not the only first new creation by God. Sophia (WISDOM) was also created at this time. The “We” referred to in today’s Bible of any and all versions, was meant that God, Jesus, and Sophia (We) created everything else in Creation.

But Sophia, being as full of the Holy Spirit and perfection of God as Jesus is, decided to begin Creation without including Jesus in the process. Here we have WISDOM creating without LOVE. This is known in this Nag Hammadi scripture as the Fall of Sophia. Her creation did not resemble her, and was misshapen.

“When Sophia saw what her desire had produced, it changed into the figure of a snake with the face of a lion. Its eyes were like flashing bolts of lightning. She cast it away from her, outside that realm so that none of the immortals would see it. She produced it ignorantly. She surrounded it with a bright cloud and put a throne in the middle of the cloud so that no one would see it except the holy spirit, who is called the Mother of the living. She named her offspring Yaldabaoth.” Taken from the Secret Book of John, Fall of Sophia (9,25-10,19)

Does the snake with the face of a lion sound familiar?

Yaldabaoth’s World Order (10, 19- 13, 13) next says that Yaldabaoth, the first ruler (not God the Father of Jesus), the archon took great power from his mother. He moves away from that realm and creates other AEONS and angels with luminous fire, which still exist. He creates more. But keep in mind that here is WISDOM creating void of LOVE, much of what is going on in the world today.

When we ask, “Whose world is this?” that is a really good question.

Whose world is this really?

Why is Jesus, in today’s current Bible, saying that some of the people of earth have a different Father? Every human being in every faith denomination has interpreted these very words in one way or another. What if Jesus really meant what he said?

We will investigate this further at next week’s Bible Study next Wednesday.

God Bless



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