Jesus Was Born In September – October

No one knows the real birthday of Jesus. But one thing is for sure. It is not on December 25. Several facts Image result for pictures of birth of jesuspoint to the actual birth of Jesus taking place in September or October.

Let us look at the facts. At the time of the birth of Jesus, when that big new star was shining in the night sky, shepherds were out in the fields, watching their flocks by night. Shepherds were able to keep their flocks of sheep out in the fields day and night during the summer and into the early fall months, until the rainy season began. They went by the Jewish months in the Torah. The rainy season was called Heshvan, in what is now fall. When the winter months arrived, it was too cold with frost and snow to keep the sheep out in the fields. Shepherds were not out in the fields during the winter.

Remember that the reason for Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem was to register for the census. It was the first registration of people of the earth of its kind. Caesar Augustus sent out a decree for all the inhabited earth to be registered. Even the Syrian Governor Quirinius was interested in the outcome. Everyone belonging to the house of David had to register in Bethlehem. This census would not have taken place in the winter when the roads would have been treacherous with ice and snow.

So why was the celebration of the birth of Jesus moved to December 25?

At the time of the decision to put the birth of Jesus on December 25, (the Iranian god Mithras’s (their sun god) birthday was on December 25, established by none other than Nimrod of Babylonian fame); the Roman Empire was in charge. Nimrod and Ishtar, who self-dubbed herself as “Semiramis, Goddess of the Moon.” They created popular new customs that became instantly popular, like cutting down evergreen trees and decorating them with silver and gold ornaments, putting up wreaths and mistletoe, and Yule logs.

People did not want to give up these popular customs, which also included celebrating the god of sowing and harvest, Saturn, which was celebrated on December 17 (in today’s calendar). Nimrod expanded the celebrating time between December 17-25 as a time of unbridled revelry, anything goes, wild parties, drunken orgies, and decadent food.

The celebration of the birth of Jesus was then put on Mithras’s feast day, December 25, as a way to entice new Christians to switch over to belief in Jesus, instead of celebrating Mithras as the “Sun god.” They thought they could trade the “Sun god,” for the “Son God.” However, all of the customs and traditions that celebrate the false, man-made god Mithras (man-made by Nimrod and Ishtar), remain to this day.

Many Christians today are taking a closer look at Christmas as the “reason” to celebrate the birth of Jesus. If Christians truly believe that Jesus is the “reason for the season,” then we ought to be celebrating the birth of Jesus when he was actually born, in September or October, not on a false, pagan god, complete with all of the false God’s customs and traditions, on December 25.


Author: lindahourihan

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