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This is my final essay for the  Doctor of Spiritual Awareness course in the Universal Life Church Seminary

Re-member who you are.
Re-member who you are.

for the Chaplaincy program I am in. There are six more courses, and 12 more service hours ministering at the local hospital to go. It is amazing the need all human beings have when we are hurt, scared, or are facing the end of our lives, for interactions with others who can offer peace, comfort, an inspirational word, scripture or a prayer. Chaplains are also used in colleges, police and fire departments. Enlightenment Ministries of the ULC is my online ministry. Visiting the sick is one of the things that Jesus told us to do, and helps me to minister to people here in my community.

I AM shocked at the most beautiful, amazing spiritual gift this study, especially this last chapter is for me. First, I lit a white candle in the newly set up alter in my home. This became an intense interaction with these Ascended Masters. I have worked with them before, and taught about them before. But this was different.

Previously, I went back, so to speak, to study fundamental Christianity and the Bible for three years, so as not to miss a single thing. But in the process of experiencing that, I discovered you cannot simultaneously experience two opposites, fear and freedom; lie and truth; self-inflicted bondage and God-given freedom.

This final lesson serves me as a re-awakening, a “re-membering,” reconnecting me once again to all God’s gifts, including the Ascended Masters, here to guide us along the way, if only we would make ourselves available to them. Then again, some of don’t need to do that. They are already there.

But for those like me, who apparently enjoy a scenic detour now and then, this last lesson, done in prayer, realigned me with my I AM Presence, activated so many years before. My divine channel, my antahkarana channel, connected me from my Christed self, my twelfth chakra, to the divine Christ.

I think of the rainbow, the promise of God, and these Ascended Masters who use the energies of the particular colors, while, to my mind’s eye, also take on the shimmering, iridescent qualities of the christed golden – white light of each of our Christ selves. Some of us are activated, some are not. But for those of us who are, this christed connection with Love and Light interconnects us too, a beautiful thought.

This is what I appreciated from each of these beautiful Ascended Masters:

El Morya – works with the blue ray – He had a strong devotion to God, while he was on earth and taught this, synthesizing the ancient spiritual truths of the East with the traditions of the West. He continues to teach anyone who has an open heart and who is willing to connect. El Morya’s most important message is about the use of our free will, and align it with God’s will. This divine will is a powerful stream of love. He reminds us that God’s only desire for us is that we reunite with the essence of who we really are.

Lanto – works with the yellow ray – Lanto helps us to create abundance in all areas of our life, fine-tune our ability to manifest, speak eloquently, release beliefs that no longer serve us, and deepen our understanding of our true nature. Lanto teaches wisdom, understanding, and not just judgment, but the drawbacks of judgment. I especially like that Lanto assists us in attaining enlightenment, and how to connect to Holy Spirit’s gifts of wisdom and knowledge, tapping into discernment so we can make choices that are beneficial to all who are involved. The knowledge he shares can open us to our basic self-worth, and innate wisdom. He reminds us that this process is not a contest. Moment to moment, we have the opportunity to practice the loving presence of spirit, or fall deeper into the illusion of separation. Lanto helps us to see that we are human beings as gods who are re-membering our divinity, all the while emphasizing love, joy and laughter.

Paul the Venetian – works with the pink ray – I really appreciated remembering him, since my book is now at the publishers, and my paintings decorate my house, knowing he helps to enhance creativity, in connecting to divine love and true compassion. Art is his medium. H promotes beauty as a powerful agent of change in a person’s life. In his life he taught how divine love is really love in action.

Serapis Bey – works with the white (some say golden or yellow glow) to bring balance and harmony into our lives. His assistance helps to make tasks east, overcome procrastination, and heighten creativity. Because he works with the kundalini energy stored at the base of our spine3s, he is also known to enhance our sex lives. Because awakening the kundalini is not always an easy process, Serapis Bey can help with balancing and harmonizing these energies. Some of his gifts to share with us are discipline, purity, joy, hope, excellence which help to train us to work miracles.

Hilarion – works with the green ray. The green ray is a ray of truth, science, vision, healing and prosperity. I hear he is also great for helping with computer troubles, writing music, and connecting with our inner truths, as well as teaching spiritual truths. It is said he was a priest at the Temple of Truth in Atlantis, and also worked with the Oracle of Delphi. He helps us with discerning between truth and illusion. Hilarion assists us to prepare to fully receive the Holy Spirit and to manifest our God-given gifts of healing. His greatest gift is to help us open our heart while quieting our doubt-filled minds.

Lady Nada – works with the purple/gold ray – some use a deep red ray – or a rose scented candle – Rose is the symbol of enlightenment. I find it interesting that she presides over the etheric plane temple at Lake Titicaca, Peru. The earth is changing, as we are. She assists us to integrate these male and female energies. She is known to help us develop our true mastery, protects children, and brings justice into life’s more challenging events, like the earth changes mention above. Her message is one of peace, brotherhood, devotion, humility, selfless service, and wisdom, born of love. She reminds us that we are all a ray of pure, unconditional love. We are not purely our personality, nor only our body. We are that AND also a spiritual entity, a spark of divine love. She will help us to see truth, and reconnect us with the essence of who we really are. She teaches that separateness is not reality; it is the illusion created by our beliefs. I can benefit by working with her more.

Germain – works with the violet ray of transmutation – Germain helps us to expand our ability to experience unconditional love, use the gift of prophecy, make freedom a reality in our life, and deepen our connection to our divinity. He is the sponsor of the United States of America, and he hierarch of the Age of Aquarius. This speaks to me, as an Aquarius (I know, ego). He bears the violet flame of transmutation for world change, also for changing negative into positive, which I think is so important for earth ascension also.

Maha Chohan – (some say Maha Cohan) – the head, or hierarch of all the chochans of the seven rays – representative of the Holy Spirit – often works with crystals – known to be the Keeper of the Flame – when we call upon Maha Chochan we can imagine ourselves being enfolded by the wings of a great, white dove, as in Holy Spirit. Opening our heart, deepening the connection to our inner selves and our spirit, resolve childhood issues, and find a career that will make our heart sing. Maha Chohan is the Spirit that gives life to everything. He is with us at the beginning of our life, and is with us at the end of our life. He works closely with the angelic realms, bringing comfort and strength. When we open our heart to him, we can feel the pulsating presence of spirit, and begin to align with the heart of God.

There is a lot of food for prayer and meditation here. I know there is One God, for our one world. There are not many worlds for our many differing beliefs. We get so caught up with semantics sometimes. To me, this is another way to look at how the many aspects of God manifest. Is it better to say “Holy Spirit,” or “Maha Chochan?” or “God,” or “Maha Chochan?” Good lesson here.


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