Kindness Meditation For A World That Needs Kindness

Heavenly Father, remind me how much I am loved by you, personally, intimately. This world can be trying

Kindness is sparked by doing only that which is right, and letting go of the rest.
Kindness is sparked by doing only that which is right, and letting go of the rest.

with its vexing distractions, political turmoil, human cruelty and ego-driven pride, fueled by my and others anxiety and drama addictions. Remind me of a time when I was first created, when I was new and innocent, filled with inspirations of integrity, sparked by your very breath in me. What did you have in store for me when I first made my début in this world?

This fast-paced world screams so loud at times that it can be difficult to concentrate on the things that matter most, the loving whispers of your care for me, poured out in the depths of my heart. You do not capture me in the loudest moments of the day. It is in the quiet of the morning, the break in the day, or in the twilight of the evening that gets pulled up over me, blanketing me with your love. That I notice.

Struggles with finances, fame and glory are necessary to deal with in my existence, yet it is not all of my existence. It seems only when I have lost your peace in my life, feeling the void, that I remember it was not always this way. I know it is necessary to feed and clothe my family, but at times these thoughts are all that consume me. Not all of my human family can even relate to my situation. The divide between the rich and the poor is growing into such a chasm that I am not sure any bridge can span its sweep.

It is my thoughts I must bring back to you, Heavenly Father, so you can put them back in their proper order. My thoughts have been like run-away horses, galloping away with the chaos of life. It is only when I realize this, in those quiet moments, do I realize that it was me who dropped the reigns, not you. My first reclaiming thought is to remember your love for me is always there, waiting for me to look up, encouraging me, nurturing me, never abandoning me.

My heart, mind and soul knows you know me, and love me. When I stop the insane merry-go-round of life not meant to be lived at super-sonic speeds, not in how I think, nor talk, nor act, then I feel myself back in the palm of your hand, and know that you are closer to me than my next breath.

As always, I pray in Jesus name, for the wondrous gift of Holy Spirit to surround you and me with kindness, gentleness and peace, so we can begin again to make a better world, be better neighbors, have better relationships, and better communication with you and those we love, and especially with those we don’t.

Author: lindahourihan

My profile picture is a rose, symbolizing that we should all bloom where we are planted. I am planted in the garden of words of knowledge and inspiration, history and truth, quest and discovery. My latest book, MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS - CHRISTMAS UNLOCKED, has uncovered the deepest mysteries of modern time, mysteries that were planted at the start of time. The theme in this book is: There is one race, the human race. It unveils the secrets of Christmas, Santa Claus, the Magi, Jesus and how Noah's sons repopulate the world through the empires. In the process you meet Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Harriet Tubman, and learn that former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are eighth cousins, both with traces of English royalty through William the Conqueror and Charlemagne in their bloodlines. This book uses real history, ancient and pre-history in this dramatic, plausible fiction/fantasy novel. It took me over a year to research and a lifetime to experience.