We Are Losing Our Social Graces ~ Digital Dependence Addiction ~ Repost


We are losing the ability to talk with one another when we are with each other. This break down in communication occurs not only with strangers we come in contact with each day, but also in closer relationships between people.

It is sad to see couples out on a date with each other these days. Instead of gazing into each others eyes, their eyes are downward toward their electronic gizmo.

There is an addiction taking place right before our eyes. Many reasons are given for there incessant “need” to be plugged in. Not all of these reasons are bad. It is not a matter of the importance that technology affords us. The point is, we are losing our social graces.

Part of the reason for people young and not so young struggling with this anti-social behavior is lack of vocal communication skills. They seem to be adept at texting, but holding single task conversations, where they are free from the plug in of any electronic device for diversion, is minimal.

Have you also noticed the lightning speed at which plugged in people now speak? A sonic jet would have to slow down to catch up to them.

Stress? What stress?

Gone are the days of getting to know the person next to you by simple conversation. There has never been more people on the planet to choose from for mates these days, yet there have never been more dating services trying to put people together.

Next time you go to the shopping mall, try smiling and saying “Hi” to the young people you walk by. Most often you get a look back which might as well be say, “You talking to me?” that is if they hear you at all, since ear phones are now plugged into all vacant ears.

Where is the silence?

Where is the time for creative imagination?

Where is the time for meditation and contemplation?

Where is the time to get to meet people and hold conversations?

Social media is no substitute for face to face communication. Not even Skype is the same, though it helps when people are miles apart. But this article is about honest to goodness, heart to heart, voice to voice, and eye to eye human conversation.

It is almost as if we need practice conversation sessions in order to get back to the old art of human interaction. What we have now is technology interaction. But no matter how many benefits technology has, it lacks heart. The programmed voices of our cars and mobile phones can never take the place of real people to people skills.

We have tried to fill the void of natural human to human communication by developing speaking to our technological gadgets, either by orders of command, or by questions. The point here is not how fast one can get a correct answer. The point is to practice and improve on our communication skills in conversations with those we know and those we don’t know.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots,” said Albert Einstein.

On one hand, there are bad people out there who do bad things. But what we have now are a generation of people who are afraid of everything, including their own shadow. How many people on the bus, train, plane do we speak with? We could have past by hundreds of people on any given day, and literally have spoken to no one.

It can be a very lonely experience for our young people, and ourselves, to limit human conversation to short and incomplete sentences.

The art of conversation, person to person, heart to heart can help us all to be better people, and less self centered.

Author: lindahourihan

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