War Is An Immature Response To Social Character Development ~ The Best Way For Bombs To Stop Killing Children Is For Adults To Stop Acting Like Children

War is an immature response to social character development. War is a short-circuit in the character building of society. Simply put, war is a the-kundalini-of-the-earth-has-moved-from-atlantis-to-tibet-and-now-to-chiliperu-in-the-andes-mountainsrefusal to evolve. The best way for bombs to stop killing children is for adults to stop acting like children.

No one is going to like this answer. Rather than look inward to see if there are any grains of truth to these statements, some will point accusing fingers (both sides mind you), at lack of understanding, lack of knowing history, lack of religion; or too much understanding (on one side or the other), knowing too much history (or favoritism), and oddly enough, too much religion.

This post includes all war torn parts of our Earth, not just in Gaza, Palestine and Israel. A Malaysia airliner was shot down by a surface to air missile, killing all 298 passengers from the Netherlands, over Ukraine.

Murder is not a communication skill.

People will not support a cause because people get killed.

War atrocities that hit home, where ever home is, not only hit closest to our hearts, but also everyone with a conscience. War causes pain, clouds the thinking, generates debilitating fear, and finds demons behind every bomb, no matter what side of the issue we find ourselves on. The considerations in this post is out of genuine love for all people of earth, not just for some cultures, races and religions, and not an affront to other cultures, races and religions. There is only one world we presently all live on. Unless NASA informs us that other planets in our galaxy can support human life, this is it folks.

We humans will do just about anything “not to be wrong,” even go to war, which inevitably kills our own children. We get a kind of selective amnesia, one that defies all common sense. We think that we can do one way killing/murder, which is OK in a warped mind, because we think we have a valid point, and “that” will teach “them” a lesson. Every war has these thoughts in the mix.

Then there is retaliation. I have seen sports games where the first foul was not called, only the second, retaliatory action is penalized. But if the second foul gets a penalty, shouldn’t the first? And then, there is retaliation for retaliation, which of course, spirals into an endless war, which we blame “the other guy” for. So, let’s kill “them” first? Does that make any sense at all? What kind of people have we reduced ourselves to? This is caveman mentality, and every country at one time or another has fallen victim to it. Look at the track record. War kills people. War kills men/fathers. War kills women/mothers. War kills children. War kills life. Is this what we really want for our children, our families, our future?

Let’s grow up. As a society of intelligent human beings, our society is suffering from a short-circuit in social character development. We are stuck at two years old, with temper tantrums and all, only these are not just sick, they are deadly. And we have adult addictions to war, to the drama, to the need to be right at all costs – even death, and perhaps the most common of all addictions, the addiction to the adrenalin rush. All addictions can be healed, but we must address them.

There is another way. Peaceful conflict resolution is possible. Peace talks do not always have to crumble into, “OK, then let’s go to war.” My first suggestion, is that those who declare war, first of all, need to be the first to go. This is not a game. Even if someone did not come from a religious standpoint, stopping war on all sides would stop killing children on all sides, right?

Everyone involved in every war in the world today, and everyone involved in every war that has ever been, everyone who has ever been born, and everyone who ever will be born, we all come from the same origin.

Our society will benefit from more decisions based on peace, love and forgiveness, than it ever will on decisions based on hate, fear, war and retaliation.


Author: lindahourihan

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