Emotional Stability ~ Decision Is The Answer

Decision making is the stable anchor to the emotional storms that brew on the popular tides of drama and outrage that carry us out to turbulent seas. Making firm decisions, and sticking

Balanced Stress Stops Panic Attacks
Balanced Stress Stops Panic Attacks

to them in times of emotional upset is like the eye of the storm around us. It is possible for us to have chaos all around, yet remain calm and in control, as long as we realize that we are in control of ourselves, and no one else. We are not puppets, unless we choose to be.

How many times do we find ourselves playing the victim to life’s drama, or the martyr? Sometimes we are in the midst of chaotic situations, and conflicting options by ever changing life situations; while other times we can find ourselves playing out our part in our own or someone else’s drama. Do we realize how much we are drawn into someone else’s drama by our own choices? Do we see patterns of habitually being drawn into others drama, or do we find ourselves in the all too familiar role of self-inflicted drama ourselves?

Let someone else dare to have a different opinion that we have, and there lies the negative seeds of conflict. Water these with our thoughts, and there we go, off again to our next dramatic event, triggering our own self-sabotage emotional wound. Poor us.

It does not have to be this way. You and I are not victims to life. On one hand we know this. We jump on the band wagon of the power of the positive thinking train, and can quote with the best of them, all the modern day guru ideologies. But our train can get derailed, and sometimes can get totally off the track, if we do not take better care of our own emotional health. How can we do this?

Helpful tips for stronger emotional health:

*Just because someone else is mad, sad or any other negative emotion, does not mean that you have to be too. This is not compassion, nor empathy

* Now is not forever

* In overwhelming situations, the thing to remember is, “People before things”

* Moods follow thoughts, ALWAYS. If you don’t like how you are feeling, change how you are thinking

* Jump off the merry-go-round of dysfunction, drama, and anything we do not want in our life

* Decide from now on, exactly what and who we want in our lives

* Life is too short to be manipulated or abused by others

* We are in control of our own life, not other people

* Stop being a people pleaser. It is not our job to sacrifice our own happiness in order to make other people happy

The bottom line is, it all starts with making a decision of what we want in our life, and sticking to it.


Author: lindahourihan

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