If You Do Not Like How You Are Feeling, Change How You Are Thinking

Moods follow thoughts, always. It is never the other way around. It always works this way. The only time this does not work, is if someone refusespma to change what they are thinking about. Changing what you are thinking about is easy, unless you are addicted to negativity, or playing the victim, or the martyr, or you are just plain stuck.

Sometimes we wake up wondering if we will have a good day today, or what will our mood be, as if we have no idea the actual power we really do possess. Some of us have a good day until the wind blows in another direction we weren’t expecting, then go downhill from there as if we have to stay with the descending thought, or energy pattern.

Taking control of your thoughts works both if you are taking prescription medications or not. As a holistic counselor treating people with drugless therapies, please know that this always works, if it is practiced. The trouble is that we can get stuck in a rut of our own dysfunction. Consciously or subconsciously, we can revolt to hearing the idea that we can change what we are thinking. Wouldn’t we get out of a bad mood if we could? You can. It is a choice you make to stay with the thoughts you are thinking, or to change how you are thinking. Yes, you can.

Our ego can sometimes like to think that we are a victim or a martyr, so we can keep feeding the ego, not always a great thing to feed. The ego likes to be right, and cries for attention, puffing up our pride to such a height that the fall to reality can be startling. Take control of your thoughts anyway. Even your ego will thank you in the end.

Start by thinking the next lightest thought, the thought with the possibility of a positive solution. It is important that it be a positive thought, especially if you are stuck in negative thinking. Changing how you are thinking, if you are in a habit of negative thinking, is like wearing two left shoes. Changing any habit will feel odd. Another good thing to know is that it takes 21 days to change a habit. Day 22 of any life change will begin to feel more normal the more you continue to practice it. You have to start somewhere, so start today.

If you are depressed, have low self esteem, or experience moods you would rather not, try changing your thinking to the next most life giving, affirming thoughts. Begin by the improving the messages you tell yourself on a regular basis. You are a worthwhile, important, and beautiful person. There is nothing you cannot do if you set your mind to it.


Author: lindahourihan

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