Paying For Sex ~ Bartering Sex For Payment ~ Human Trafficking ~ Men,Women And Children Are Not Barganing Chips

jars of human_trafficking

Paying for sex,  bartering sex for payment, and human trafficking on a larger scale is beneath the human dignity that Godpie of human-trafficking-statistics created us for. In every culture, in every country, regardless of race, color, creed, and gender; reducing men, women and children to a means of making other people money, or paying debts, or payment for food or material goods, or even as means of payment for sex for human pleasure, is a misunderstanding of the full potential and gift that every human being is. There is a reason every person is born on this earth. It is not for other people’s financial gain, or the misuse of sex.

Each and every person has the God-given right to the privacy of their own body, and to live their own life, without threat, harm, manipulation, bribery, or any other means of usurping their own personal power.

Map of trafficking of females globally.
Map of trafficking of females globally.

human trafficking 2People do not own people. People are not for sale, not even for five minutes. Any and all practices of buying and selling people in any form goes against the Creator God himself.Polaris-Project-Human-Trafficking-Statistics[1]

Human trafficking statistics by country.
Human trafficking statistics by country.

Some cultures practice various forms of caste systems, in order to keep certain people down, while elevating others. However, this practice goes against the God-given human dignity of all people, in every country, in every situation and circumstance. We even see financial forms of caste systems in all countries. How does your country take care of its poor?

Sometimes people like to say one thing, but do another. In some shady practices, someone might say they want to go and get a massage. Therapeutic massage is extremely beneficial for healing stress, and for the recovery of sore muscles. But in less than reputable parlors, “happy endings,” those sexual favors that do come with a price, take place worldwide. What is the problem?


Human dignity that each and every human being is born with, which comes directly from God, and no other human being, cannot honorably be taken away by any other human being, without being in direct violation of the Creator himself. Some may attempt to justify their actions by erroneously thinking that it is a “win-win” for all involved, someone gets paid for a service, and someone gets that service. However, people are not things to be used, nor to be bought and sold. The conscience knows.

Author: Linda Hourihan

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I am now retired from bodywork and energy work, focusing on my online outreach to the world through this blog, Enlightenment Ministry. This blog is my legacy, a healing gift to the world in need of hope, kindness, empathy, compassion, encouragement, truth, forgiveness, faith, and love. The single most constant in my life is Almighty God. All glory, praise and honor to God, the Father of All Creation, of which we are all a vital part, as taught by Jesus, who also gifts us all with His Holy Spirit. My motto in my high school yearbook was, "With God, all things are possible." I have had a close walk with God since I was a very young child, over six decades ago. I have taught Bible studies for people of all ages, from children in every grade school level as well as adults for over 50 years. I continue in my study of Christianity, including discovering Jesus Christ spent his missing years, from 13-30 years old in India; and all Sacred Scriptures found at Nag Hammadi, the Books of Enoch, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, with specific emphasis on exactly what Jesus taught, which I share with all of you in this blog. Profound truths were omitted from today's Bible when it was censored in 364 AD at the Council of Laodicea. I include what the Church Fathers did not want you to know. Even Protestant religions operate under the banner of Rome, since it was the fledgling Catholic Church that did not allow all of the writings about Jesus to be included in today's Bibles. God loves all hearts. Regardless of our beliefs, our Soul is the heartbeat of God within us. God is closer to us than our next breath, again regardless of our religious and/or spiritual beliefs, or unbelief. Jesus taught reincarnation, providing us the ability to perfect ourselves as our Heavenly Father is perfect, with complete understanding of who and what we truly are. There is more for us all to know. Jesus tells us to seek and we will find. God bless everyone everywhere. Have a beautiful day!

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