Finding Peace

Here are some tips on finding peace within ourselves, and in our lives. It is easier than we think. Peace is not something to be grasped at. Byego the mere act of grasping, we push it away, whatever “it” is. It is something that IS. The more you look for it, the more it hides in plain sight. It has been there all the time.

We are born into this life amide many distractions: hot and cold, noise and quiet, simplicity and complexity, confusion and peace. We learn our way to adulthood. Some lessons we learn the hard way, but we do learn. What have we learned about peace?

Peace comes from within ourselves. If we want peace, we can find it amid the turmoil of life. It is always there. It is just that the noise of the other distractions in life, some painful and harsh, are so eye catching, we forget that our perspective of peace comes to the forefront of our consciousness with our very next thought.

We get confused by the many erroneous promises of things, or the accumulation of things, that claim to give us peace, as if peace is something outside of ourselves. This is a trap of the ego, which always wants more, more, more; but most of all, never wants to be wrong. The turmoil we most often feel is an inner turmoil. Rarely to we have to go out to slay the dragons out there in the wide, wide world.

No, our inner most quandaries lie within our heart, mind and voice. Let us reflect for a moment on our own inner peace.

Our inner peace comes from accepting things the way they are at this very moment.
We may not like the way things are at this very moment. They things are the way they are. There is more here than the power of positive thinking, or refusing to look at the seemingly negative aspects of our life. Each life has in it some good, and some aspects we do not like, which we call bad. However, unless we accept things for exactly what they are at this moment, we remain stuck there, refusing to even admit that things are the way they are. Once we accept the realities of our life, we can then decide if we want to make changes, or improve our life in some way.

Notice the things that push our buttons. The more we feel “outraged” about an issue, and feel compelled to take immediate steps to stop some injustice, like write that ridiculously long letter, or create out of control drama in our lives, the more we should do absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, that very feeling of needing to take immediate action is the red flag to alert us that we have spun out of control. No, we are not a victim of our circumstances. By stopping our internal run-away emotional freight train, we get back in control of ourselves, take a perspective step back, along with a very deep breath. We will find peace slowly begin to make its way into our much more level thought process. We should only take action after we come from this place of peace, dignity and self control.

We may be too addicted to drama and chaos, as if life alone is not filled with enough stimulus, to think the above suggestions work. The good news is that our inner peace is always there. It only goes into hiding when we consciously decide by our own thoughts, words and actions to over-react to every person, place or thing. Again, this is a trip of the ego.

Once we find out still point, our personal point of peace, we will be able to manifest greater peace in our every day. We do not have to jump on every emotional band wagon that rolls our way. We can choose peace. It takes practice, but inner peace is possible.


Author: lindahourihan

My profile picture is a rose, symbolizing that we should all bloom where we are planted. I am planted in the garden of words of knowledge and inspiration, history and truth, quest and discovery. My latest book, MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS - CHRISTMAS UNLOCKED, has uncovered the deepest mysteries of modern time, mysteries that were planted at the start of time. The theme in this book is: There is one race, the human race. It unveils the secrets of Christmas, Santa Claus, the Magi, Jesus and how Noah's sons repopulate the world through the empires. In the process you meet Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Harriet Tubman, and learn that former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are eighth cousins, both with traces of English royalty through William the Conqueror and Charlemagne in their bloodlines. This book uses real history, ancient and pre-history in this dramatic, plausible fiction/fantasy novel. It took me over a year to research and a lifetime to experience.