Critical Mass Switches “Trickle Down” To “Trickle Up” Economics ~ originally posted September 16, 2012

When critical mass in any energy form is reached, the ebb and flow of what had been working switches to the other side. It is a natural occurrence when too much energy pushes from the

Critical mass switches “Trickle Down Economics” to “Trickle Up Economics.”

impetus that has been building. This is happening particularly in USA economics, and the world economic stage as well. Trickle down economics is supposed to work because if the wealthy of the land get wealthier, it is assumed that they will share the benefit based on this premise. In this country, what has been happening is that the middle class has been bailing out the higher class of the wealthy with no reciprocation, except for their outstretched wealthy hand begging for more, more, more. This is Trickle Up Economics. It is an automatic response.


This is because the basic principle of trickle down economics is based on inequity. It does not work. It works in theory, but it has never worked in the history of this country. Now we are past the point of critical mass. The poor and those people barely getting by in the middle class have lost faith with the high class wealthiest among us, because they have had their faith broken by the extreme inequity, with no return for their dollars.

The infinity loop is pictured as a figure 8 lying on its side. You might think of this as the CC Loop, centrifugal forces on one side and centripetal forces on the other, or the yin/yang principle, a child’s see saw, or any energy balancing system based on give and take, ebb and flow, where there is a natural rhythm. When the pressure of either side is too great, there is an automatic switch to the other side. This is where we are now in the economy.

The switch to Trickle Up Economics began with the bail outs for the rich and wealthy. This article is not saying the bail outs should not have happened. I believe it was crucial to bail out the auto industry, for example. What I am saying here, energetically speaking, is that we are past the point of balance and equity on many levels. Corporations are making record profits, yet are laying off their workers and making the workers who are left to do two, three, four or more times the jobs. Quality suffers in the process, just look at the newspaper industry. It became more expedient to put a product out first despite errors, even online.

We are now operating on the basis of Trickle Up Economics. How is it working for you? Evidently the wealthiest rich apparently have no problem duping the poor among us into thinking that giving tax breaks to the wealthy corporations will somehow magically help them, when it has never helped them before.

Based on the concept that trickle down economics works, which it has never worked, we will begin to see, as we are seeing now where the low and middle classes bail out the rich. This is truly an unjust state of affairs.

Trickle Up Economics works best when there are inequitable tax rates, off shore bank accounts so the rich do not have to pay taxes at all, and little attention paid to bolstering the middle class.

We need to integrate our humanity with our emotional and spiritual selves, which includes living fully in the present moment, with its economic concerns.



Author: lindahourihan

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