Government Shut Down ~ Signs Of The Times ~ What’s A Christian To Do?

One DestinyYesterday I wrote an article about the greed of a political few shutting down the government of the United States of America. But the signs of the times we are in do not only affect people in the U.S.A. Many good people worldwide seem to be trying to solve critical dilemmas in their homes, regions and countries by means of intelligent thought and common sense only. We seem to be forgetting that we are people with many capabilities including our full faculties mentally, physically, and oh yes, the forgotten dimension, spiritually.

Yes, I am my brother's keeper.

Yes, I am my brother’s keeper.

Spirituality, in some intellectual higher schools of thinking, is thought to be absurd, and is ridiculed. How could intelligent human beings, graduates of academia, stoop to such archaic thought? Don’t they watch the Discovery, History and Sci-Fi channels on television? Don’t they keep up with the international space programs and discoveries? We seem to vacillate from one incomplete thought to the other extreme, that of only living by a theocratic government which shuts down thoughts and abilities to get along, yes, even to love our neighbors. In extreme cases, like every government and those driven by religious fears in generations gone by, many of us otherwise loving human beings, have gone around killing people who do not believe as we do, all in the name of of creation

It appears to be a feast or famine thing; either some of us try to make decisions void of spirituality in our governance, while some others of us only include governmental decisions based only on spiritual beliefs. We see the proverbial separation of church and state versus theocracy in action. While the world offers vast different schools of thought, the all or nothing approach to living life, and to life itself, is incomplete.incridible clouds

No matter what spiritual belief system you have, we all find ourselves completely immersed in creation. Christians believe that the earth began with a beautiful garden of Eden, and will be restored to the original design garden of eternity at the end of time. In the middle of this timeline, our Creator himself, speaking prophecy after prophecy through the prophets, (prophecies which have all been fulfilled usually about 200 years or so after their prediction, as you know from reading the Hebrew Scriptures – Old Testament, and the Greek Scriptures – New Testament), has told us to look for the signs of the times to know just where we are in his timeline of creation.Tree of Lives

If you read the whole story of creation to its conclusion in the book of Revelation, we see God wins in the end. If there ever was a time to pay attention to the signs of the times, it is now. At this moment, people of conscience have the opportunity to make the world a better place to live. Here in the United States, we have the occasion to rise to the challenge of taking care of the less fortunate, the sick and those who have been without health insurance until now, and have been without work due to no fault of their own. Each government all over this beautiful world can choose to help those less fortunate in their lands.fix

It is a matter of practicing peaceful spirituality, taking care of our neighbors, not just our pocketbooks. Presently we are living in selfish times. Let us make our decisions with all our faculties operating at full capacity using our minds, our hearts, our voices and actions for the betterment of humanity and the world.God's Plan

In the end, this matters. God matters.Jesus in Light


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