Self-Improvement Character Development Meditation

From time to time it is good to assess how we are doing in the area of character development in order that we can improve our thoughts, words and

Are you stuck?
Are you stuck?
actions to better reflect where we are at this stage of the game. Are we maturing? As we all know, life is not stationary. Change is inevitable. Yet so often we can mentally, physically or spiritually get stuck. We even sometimes dig our heels in, because, after all, that’s just they way we are, right?

Well, yes, if you are a cement statue.

Has my mind expanded with new concepts since my last formal and formative educational experience?

Am I able to process complicated mental tasks, remaining focused, while keeping my cool?

Am I in control of my emotions or are they in control of me?

How is my ego?

How is my self esteem?

Am I puffed up with a false pride/ego to fill in any voids I may feel I have?

Do I realize that just because I feel insecure does not means that I do not possess the mental tools I need?

Do I see, think or feel that other people are better than me?

Do I see, think or feel that I am better than other people?

How do I process mental conflict within myself?

How do I make decisions?

Do I wait until other people make them for me?

How do I handle my emotional self?

Do I allow myself to be wrong sometimes?

Do I gloat if I am right?

Am I a perfectionist?

Am I hard on myself? Why?

Do I hold myself up to unrealistic expectations? Why?

Do I see, think or feel that showing emotion is a sign of weakness?

What does love mean to me?

How to I express love?

Am I fully able to receive love?

Am I able to give and receive compliments?

Am I always critical of others and situations?

Do I allow others to make mistakes while keeping dignity and grace both for myself and others?

Do I find myself stuck in bad moods?

Do I realize that my moods are the reflections of my thoughts?

Do I realize that I can change my thoughts at any given moment?

Am I in charge of my emotional well-being?

Have I given away my personal power for my emotional well being to others, like family/friends/counselors/doctors?

Do I understand that at any given moment I can reclaim responsibility for my emotional wellbeing (working WITH my doctor if medication is prescribed)?

Do I self-sabotage myself in work or in my personal life?

How are my relationships with others?

What kind of people to I attract in my life?

Do I have mentally healthy friends?

Do I fully comprehend that I can make any changes to better improve my relationships?

How do I handle change?

Do I see, think or feel that I am in an emotional rut?

Am I always late?

Am I always too early?

How do I use the gift of time?

Am I in control of my schedule?

Is my schedule in control of me?

What changes would I like to make with my schedule to make life run more smoothly?

Am I able to delay instant gratification of being lazy for a higher purpose of running on time, or any other positive character development goal?

How are my cleanliness habits?

Am I a clean freak?

Am I a slob freak?

Am I mentally organized?

Am I organized in care of my mind, words, actions and things?

Is not being organized, or tidy giving me grief?

Do I accumulate too many things?

Am I able to let go of things I do not need?

Do I own things or do things own me?

Am I willing to make the necessary changes in my life in order to have more of a positive effect in my life?

Am I accountable for my actions and my non-actions?

Do I see that the image I have of myself has been shaped by my growing up years, people and situations in my life?

Do I fully understand that someone else’s perception of myself is not the real picture of who I am?

Do I realize that I am continually adapting to people, places and things around me, consciously and unconsciously?

Do I realize that I control complete possession of myself in all situations, until I give my will and personal power away?

Do I know that I do not have to give my will, nor my personal power/ego, over to anyone else simply because they demand it?

Do I realize that I can tell people “No,” and retain my calm resolve and integrity?

Do I react to people, places or things?

Do I know that if I stop reacting to everything, my life will be more peaceful?

Do I know that I can decide ahead of time how I choose to present myself to my inner circle and outer circle of people in my life?

Do I know that I can change destructive behaviors by deciding ahead of time how I wish to think, speak and act?

This is just the mental meditation. Tomorrow and the next day we will meditate on our physical and spiritual selves.

God bless you all.



Author: lindahourihan

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