Denial Backfires ~ Poverty Mentality 1

If someone is happy being miserable, let them go for it. Nothing we say can change that anyway. We can only change ourselves, and only they can change themselves. We need to decide what kind of energies we will allow into us. Once we decide not to let someone else’s mood, judgements or opinions affect us, their thoughts, words, opinions and actions slide off our aura like teflon.


Have you ever found yourself in the game of denial, on either side of it?

Staying forever lost within someone else’s expectations is a high price to pay for false security.

No man is an island. We live in a world with other people. This is wonderful when everyone around us is mentally healthy, stable and productive. But these qualities are not always a goal for those around us, either for themselves or for us. Sometimes they, or we, aren’t even aware of the negative ramifications of their, or our own, words and actions. We go sailing on through life, often assuming others understand us, know us, and want the best things for us.

But we are human beings, after all. Life is not played out so perfectly. We forget another side of our human nature is selfish, greedy, lazy, and other less than admirable traits. What people around us living…

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Author: lindahourihan

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