I Have A Dream ~ Are You A Modern Day Slave?

Martin Luther King, Jr's Speech in Washington in 1963. Photo courtesy of the Navy.
Martin Luther King, Jr’s Speech in Washington in 1963. Photo courtesy of the Navy.
President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 1863
President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 1863
USA Today technology photo.
USA Today technology photo.
Recon Jet Google Glasses(Expected to cost $400 to $600)
Recon Jet Google Glasses(Expected to cost $400 to $600)

Today marks 50 years since Martin Luther King. Jr’s “I Have A Dream,” speech in 1963 in Washington, which at that time marked the 100 year mark of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation executive order in 1863. Both speeches addressed vicious racism that plagued the land. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech was punctuated with numerous, “Let freedom ring” sprinkled throughout it. There are so many things that make us slaves today, most of which are things that we enslave ourselves with.

How many of us feel free?

Are we truly free, or does today’s technology enslave us?

Do we know the freedom that being completely unplugged from todays latest gadgets makes us feel?

Do we recognize the enslavement that takes place when we give up our freedom?

Is an educational system demanding we participate in their programs by use of 24/7 availability of your time?

Do our family and friends, email, Facebook, My Space, electronic everything insist that we be plugged in 24/7 so you can answer their call?

Does our employment require that we be in constant contact at all moments of the day or night, during work hours, and private family time?

This post is not saying that any or all of today’s modern technologies are only bad. It is saying there has to be a time in every day where human beings can unplug, to personally recharge, listen to the birds, take a walk in nature.

Human beings are forgetting how to be fully human. Human beings are forgetting how to be free. Human beings are being blinded by the shiny new toys of the day.

Does this post create a sense of panic in us?

Does the idea of unplugging from these technologies make you feel abandoned?

Breathe, relax and heal from technology addiction.


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