How To Become A Reformed People Pleaser

When did we have to explain our every thought, word or deed to everyone? We can say “no” lovingly, state our mind with integrity, drop the fear and the anger.


Do we say yes when we mean yes, and no when we mean no? Do we habitually place other people’s needs before our own? Do you count?

This is often the way we give away our personal power.This can be ingrained in us from our youth, depending on the motivational techniques used by our parents. Or perhaps our parents were absent, worked a lot, or for other reasons were not there to support us. This can make us look to others for the affirmation, rather than draw from our own self-esteem.

This may be a habit we do not even know we have until we feel used by people. Are we the one everyone else always comes to when extra chores need to be done at the clubs we belong to, at work or with friends?

It is one thing to offer our help from time to time. Doing service…

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Author: lindahourihan

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