Where Are You Going?

Is the path you are on taking you where you want to go?
Is the path you are on taking you where you want to go?
Do you know where you are going? Why are you here? Do you ever get frustrated because life sometimes gets twisted up in knots? Does it ever seem in your life that the bad out weights the good? Do you ever let your moods follow the anxieties of life? We get to have some choices in the matter, which can be very liberating. You and I get to decide how we are to live our lives, what we want to be important to us, who or what we want to believe in, and how to best plan for our future. Is the path you are on taking you where you want to go?

This is a modern day Psalms 37, which promises love, light and happiness to all who trust in God. This Psalms also tells of the future for us, in a beautiful paradise forever, here on earth. I cannot believe how many verses there are in the bible that refer to earth as the paradise reward. I was shocked. I have read the bible at least four times in my life, cover to cover, and somehow this point never struck me, probably because I was indoctrinated to believe what people TOLD me about heaven, hell and even purgatory and sometimes limbo. Now, I am investigating this for myself. Check out Psalms 37:22 “For those being blessed by him (God) will themselves possess the earth, but those upon whom evil is called by him will be cut off;” and Matthew 5:5 “Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth.” It is a bright spot of hope. I always thought the good guys got taken up to heaven and the bad guys had to stay on earth, or go to hell. But that is not what the bible says.

Do not let things bother you because evildoers trip you up; stop any and all anxiety over this. And do not be envious of those doing unrighteous things you know are not right. Avoid anger and rage. Those seeds plant death to you and your soul, even if you feel justified. Have patience just a little while longer, and you will see first hand these temptations cease. The wicked one will be no more.

As a child I believed there was a devil. Then in my adult wisdom influenced by New Age thinking, I was told there was no devil. That seemed so much nicer to believe. What wants to believe in a devil who can do such bad things to us, like tempt us away from God and goodness and lead us to choices that can kill our souls, FOREVER? It also sounds like a scary myth. Yet, if you humor me for just a moment, and consider the possibility that there is an evil influence in the world under the guise of the devil, or Satan, it might seem more plausible when we consider the plight of world conditions, starvation, wars, unrest, greed, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and the list goes on. Yes, we have had these things before, but the bible says we are in the end times. Numerous other prophesies have been made, and have been accurately completed, something to take note of.

God promises that (Psalms 37:3-4) all of us who believe in him, and put our trust in God and do good, will reside on the earth and deal with faithfulness. Doesn’t it feel good when people deal with us faithfully, fulfilling their promises to us? It also says we should take exquisite delight in God, and he will give us the delights of our heart. Part of trust is knowing that we can rely on God to fulfill his promises.

A promise that God makes for all evil doers, is that they will be cut off, but those hoping in God are the ones that will possess the earth. (Psalms 37:9) Read all of Psalms 37, it is very good for your heart.

If you happen to be one of the evil ones reading this, remember you always have choices. You can always choose good over bad, light over dark. It is never too late to open up your heart, seek forgiveness, forgive others, and have a new beginning before Jesus comes back again. No matter who you are, no matter what you have done, it is never too late to make amends, as long as it is before the Second Coming of Christ, according to the bible.



Author: lindahourihan

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