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Maundy Thursday Is New Commandment Day For The New Age ~ “I give you a new commandment: Love one another as I have loved you.”

Jesus says, "I give you a new commandment. Love everyone as I have loved you. Within this new covenant are all the laws of the old covenant." This changes Passover to the new celebration of the Last Supper Meal. "Celebrate this holy meal in place of Passover," says Jesus.

Jesus says, “I give you a new commandment. Love everyone as I have loved you. Within this new covenant are all the laws of the old covenant.” This changes Passover to the new celebration of the Last Supper Meal. “Celebrate this holy meal in place of Passover,” says Jesus.

Maundy Thursday is a synopsis of the Ten Commandments, compressing them into One: “Love one another as I have Loved you,” for if we Love one another as Jesus Loved us, we validate, honor and respect the previous laws. The Love of Jesus is cauterizing and aligns us, bringing us into balance. When we are in balance healing naturally happens, in mind, body and spirit. It almost seems “too easy” to follow such a simple and singular commandment. So we humans, in our attempts to understand and “get it right,” often complicate, and in some cases, revert back to those addictions, traditions and judgments that consume our hearts where Divine Grace, Peace and Love beyond all measure should dwell in this New Age.

Sometimes it appears we human begins continue to be stuck in the idols of our literal and often erroneous interpretations with the scriptures, all with our hearts in the “right” places, and in our efforts to do the “right” thing. We go in “God said” circles. Like screwing a lid on a jar, we bear down on our comprehension, thinking that if a little is good, then a lot is better. For example, beginning to eat better can turn into a very strict diet; or lending a helping hand to family or friend can turn into a total oblation. Strict adherence to the letter of the law obsecures the new law: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Whether you believe in Jesus as prophet or savior of the world, Jesus came to lift the veil of the past, and give us all a new commandment, “Love one another as I have loved you,” individually and collectively. Jesus came to tell us there is no more sacrifice, yet we have not unlearned that sacrifice is not needed in all of the countries in our global home; what is needed is love without conditions. Each of us has our own personal experiences which color the lens of the glasses with which we see the world. Likewise, we each hear and understand what people tell us, and what we read, internalizing what we “think” is meant by what is presented to us.

What is Maundy Thursday? It is the day the Last Supper of Jesus and his apostles took place, is named that after the Latin word for ‘commandment’, which is ‘maunde’ or ‘mandatum’. During the Last Supper, Jesus supposedly spoke the words ‘Mandatum novum do vobis’ (A new commandment I give unto you). These are often the opening words of the church service for this day.

Jesus came to show us a new way.” Take a look at what John 13:15 says, “For I set the pattern for you, that just as I do to you, you should do also.” What did Jesus do?

Jesus takes his last Passover, the festival of the Jews, and changes the celebration to the yearly Last Supper meal, teaching his apostles to do the celebration as he celebrated it. At this memorial meal, in John 13:34 Jesus says, “I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

Within this is new commandment, all the laws of the Jewish Law are fulfilled. It is the solution to all of the trials and tribulations of today. Living our life in this way of love without conditions places us on God’s side; not the world’s side with all its temptations to illusory, false promises not made by God.

Jesus is asking us to love and drop the man made rules; love every class of humanity drop the judgments, and allow Jesus to be the judge (not ourselves); and manifest that spark of Love in our souls that is our very own God particle, as we are made in the image and likeness of God.


Jesus Passes Seven Tests In Egypt Before His Last Earthly Mission And Passion At Passover, Death And Resurrection In Jerusalem ~ During The Lost Years Of Jesus 13-30 ~ Receiving The Highest Degree, THE CHRIST

Read of Jesus experiences in Egypt just before his public ministry when he was 30-33 years old.

Read of Jesus experiences in Egypt just before his public ministry when he was 30-33 years old.

Immediately prior to Jesus arriving back in the region of Cana, Galilee and Jerusalem at the start of his public ministry when he is 30 years old, completing his circuit of the Far East, Middle East and Near East; Jesus makes his way down to Eqypt for his final round of aquiring the earthly knowledge that had been saved for the learned masters. In the process, Jesus not only passes all seven strenuous tests, but also receives the role of THE CHRIST. “A pure, white dove descended from above and sat on Jesus head. And then a voice that shook the very temple said, ‘THIS IS THE CHRIST;’ and every living creature said, ‘AMEN.’* ” But let’s back up to the first test.

Jesus again meets Elihu and Salome, teachers in Zoan in Egypt who had also taught Jesus’ mother Mary and baby Jesus at the time, when Mary was last in Egypt nearly 30 years eariler. Jesus shared with Elihu and Salome, all of his journeys and his studies of his recent travels. After hearing all of the wonders told by Jesus, they took him to see the hierophant, the head of the temple of the sacred brotherhood. Jesus receive the first degree of SINCERITY, which he does by standing up aganist the extreme temtations of the temple priests, who try to subvert him to do evil. This was the trial chamber of hypocricy.

Jesus received the second degree of JUSTICE, recognizing traitors for what they are, since “Jesus was the master of the phantom forms of prejudice and of treachery.*”

Jesus passes the third brotherhood test, and receives the third degree, FAITH, fightening against AMBITION in this test, not an easy test for the ego. Again, this is a forty day test, like so many of Jesus’ tests.

PHILANTHROPHY is the fourth brotherhood test that Jesus passes. And in the process, Jesus says, “How could I seek pleasure for myself while others are in want? How can you think that while the children cry for bread, while those in haunts of sin call out for sympathy and love that I can fill myself to full with the good things of life? I tell you nay; we are all kin, each one a part of the great human heart. I cannot see myself apart from that poor man that you so scorned, and crowded to the wall; nor from the one in female garb who came up from the haunts of vice to ask for sympathy and love, who was by you so ruthlessly pushed back into her den of sin; nor from that little child that you drove from your midst to suffer in the cold, bleak winds of night. I tell you, men, what you have done to these, my kindred, you have done to me. You have insulted me in your own home; I cannot stay. I will go forth and find that child, that woman and that man, and give them help until my life’s blood all has ebbed away. I call it pleasure when I help the helpless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and speak good words of cheer to those unloved, discouraged and depressed,*” earning his victory over selfishness.

Jesus spends forth days in the temple groves, while still in Egypt, passing his fifth brotherhood test, where he receives the fifth degree of HEROISM. Jesus is bound in chains to face fierce animals, birds and creeping things. Jesus said, “I tell you, none has power to bind a human soul. Of what are fetters made?” Jesus arose, laughed, and said, “The chains that bind men to the carcasses of earth are forged in fancy’s shop; are made of air, and welded in illusions fires. If man will stand erect, and use the power of will, his chains will fall, like worthless rags; for will and faith are stronger than the stoutest chains that men have ever made … And Jesus stood erect among the hungry beasts, and birds, and said, ‘What is this darkness that envelopes me? Tis but the absence of light. And what is light? Tis but the breath of God vibrating in the rythm of rapid thought …And then he said, ‘Let there be light; and with a mighty will he stirred the ethers up, and their vibrations reached the plane of light; and there was light. The darkness of that den at night became the brightness of a newborn day… And then he looked to the beasts, the birds, and creeping things; lo they were not. And Jesus said, ‘Of what are souls afraid? Fear is the chariot in which man rides to death; and when he finds himself within the chamber of the dead, he learns that he has been deceived; his chariot was a myth, and death a fancy child.*”

LOVE DIVINE is the sixth brootherhood test Jesus passes. When Jesus gained victory over fear, he was allow into the Hall of Mysteries. It has been said that few students had ever reached these rooms, which were guarded by the priests in awe. It is in this place, the Hall of Harmony, where Jesus conquers carnal love with DIVINE LOVE.

Jesus is taught all the mysteries of Egypt by the hierophant himself in this senior course of study, passing his seventh test as he worked in the Chamber of the Dead. Jesus comforts a mother whose son has just died. Jesus said, “You weep because your som is dead. Death is a cruel word; your son can never die. He had a task assigned to his garb of flesh; he came; he did his work; and then he laid the flesh aside; he did not need it more. Beyond your human sight he has another work to do, and he will do it well, and then pass on to other tasks, and by and by, he will attain the crown of the perfect life. And what your son has done’ and what he must do’ we all must do… Go bury deep your woes, and smile at grief, and lose yourself in helping others dry their tears. With duty comes happiness and joy; and gladness cheers the hearts of those who have passed on.*”

For successfully completing all seven brotherhood tests, Jesus receives the highest degree, THE CHRIST. “Upon your brow I place this diadem, and in the Great Lodge of the heavens and earth you are THE CHRIST. This is your great Passover rite. You are a neophyte no more; but now a master mind. Now, man can do no more; but God himself will speak, and will confirm your title and degree. Go on your way, for you must preach the gospel of good will to men and peace on earth; must open up the prison doors and set the captives free. And while the hierophant yet spoke the temple bells rang out; a pure white dove descended from above and sat on Jesus’ head. And then a voice that shook the very temple said, THIS IS THE CHRIST; and every living creature said, AMEN.*”

*taken from the “Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ,” by Levi Dowling.


It is also extremely interesting to note that the same teachings of Jesus in the Nag Hammadi writings AND the lost years of Jesus, have the SAME TEACHINGS OF JESUS.

Originally posted on Enlightenment Ministries Worldwide Witness:

On one hand, wouldn’t it be nice to have the lost years of Jesus ages 13-30 all filled in with his travels and experiences for us to study and learn from? On the other hand, Divine

Inspiration hid these years. My study and this presentation of findings in this blog are not only for enlightenment for the Earth, but at this moment in time and space, it allows me to document my life-long exegesis of these lost years of Jesus. Please know that there is much controversy about the missing years of Jesus. This article takes a look at one plausible explanation for the silence between these years. Some beliefs explain that Jesus remained at home, as a Jewish son taking the patriarchical family role of Joseph, who passed away during these years. Jesus followed the Jewish law of his day until his public ministry, so this explanation would make…

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Just because someone else is having a bad day does not mean you have to have a bad day.

Originally posted on Enlightenment Ministries Worldwide Witness:

Assess your stress. Stress is a matter of perspective. Some stress is even healthy for us. Eliminating all stress in your life is not the goal for a healthy life, nor is coping with unhealthy

levels of stress. The key to a healthy and productive life, is finding the balance between stressors that motivate, inspire and drive us forward in a positive direction in our life, as opposed to stressors that immobilize, sabotage and deflate us emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.What is the perspective of the stress in your life, a challenging opportunity to grow and learn from, or a debilitating dread that you somehow must endure? Assess your stress objectively. Are you going through a stressful means to a positive end? Is there an end in sight? Is there any positive or helpful result that makes your current stress more tolerable? Are you avoiding changes you need to make in…

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In Greece, Jesus said, “Spirit Consciousness Sleeps In Every Soul And Cannot Be Awakened Till The Holy Breath Becomes A Welcome Guest.”

The Areopagus Amphitheater in Greece as viewed from the Acropolis.

The Areopagus Amphitheater in Greece as viewed from the Acropolis.

After Jesus traveled through India, Tibet, Western India, Persia and Assyria, he went to Greece to learn for himself the pungent truths of Greek philosophy with the masters in the schools in Greece. Apollo was among the masters, was called Defender of the Oracle, and was recognized in many lands as a Grecian sage. Apollo shared all the knowledge of Grecian lore with Jesus, and in Areopagus, Jesus heard the wisest masters speak. However, Jesus brought them far greater wisdom than what they had, so Jesus began to teach in the amphitheater. This is the same amphitheater where the Apostle Paul, following in Jesus footsteps a handful of years later, also preached that the God of All could not be housed in stone structures. In classical times, the Areopagus functioned as the high Court of Appeal for criminal and civil cases. Ares was supposed to have been tried here by the gods for the murder of Poseidon’s son Alirrothios (a typical example of an aetiological myth). Before the 5th century BC, the Areopagus was the council of elders of the city, similar to the Roman Senate. Like the Senate, its membership was restricted to those who had held high public office, in this case that of Archon.

It is fascinating that every culture tries its best to understand the Infinite Creator of All, Jehovah God, then almost immediately seeks to put God either in a physical box, or amphitheater, or a mental box within the understanding of our mind.

Jesus informs the people of his day in Greece, according to the “Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ*.”

“Full well you know that there are parts of earth where its great beating heart throws heavenward etheric waves that meet the ethers from above; where spirit-light and understanding, like the stars of night, shine forth *…

“But I would tell you of a life beyond, within; a real life that can not pass away. In science and philosophy there is no power strong enough to fit a soul to recognize itself, or to commune with God. I would not stay the flow of your great streams of thought; but I would turn them to the channels of the soul.*

“Unaided by the Spirit-breath, the work of the intellection tends to solve the problems of the things we see, and nothing more. The senses were ordained to bring into the mind mere pictures of the things that pass away; they do not comprehend eternal law.*

“But man has something in his soul, a something that will tear the veil apart that he may see the world of real things.*

“We call this something, spirit consciousness; it sleeps in every soul, and cannot be awakened till the Holy Breath becomes a welcome guest.*

“This Holy Breath knocks at the door of every soul, but cannot enter in until the will of man throws wide the door.*

“There is no power in intellect to turn the key; philosophy and science both have toiled to get a glimpse behind the veil; but have failed.*

“The secret spring that throws ajar the door of soul is touched by nothing else than purity in life, by prayer and holy thought.*

“Return, O mystic stream of Grecian thought, and mingle your clear waters with the flood of Spirit-life; and then the spirit consciousness will sleep no more, and man will know, and God will bless.*

“When Jesus had thus said he stepped aside. The Grecian masters were astonished at the wisdom of his words; they answered not.*”

“The Areopagus, like most city-state institutions, continued to function in Roman times, and it was from this location, drawing from the potential significance of the Athenian altar to the Unknown God, that the Apostle Paul is said to have delivered the famous speech, “Now what you worship as something unknown I am going to proclaim to you. The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands.” ( Acts 17:24)” taken from Wikipedia.

For more incredible and plausable explainations of Jesus journey between his ages 13-30, visit:


Jesus Teaches Faith Healing in Persia

These are the lands Jesus traveled during his missing years between his ages of 13-30.

These are the lands Jesus traveled during his missing years between his ages of 13-30.

During those missing years of Jesus, when his young adult ministry brought him through India, Tibet, Western India, Persia, Assyria, Greece, and Egypt, it was in Persia that Jesus came to the Healing Font near Persepolis, and corrected the peoples misunderstanding of how healing mind, body and soul works. Jesus began teaching faith healing at this site. It is documented in “The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus, The Christ*.” Those countries are now named India, China (Tibet), Persia (Iran), Assyria (Today that ancient territory of Assyria is part of several nations; the north of Iraq, part of southeast Turkey and northeast Syria. They are indigenous to, and have traditionally lived all over what is now Iraq, northeast Syria, northwest Iran, and southeastern Turkey.), Greece and Egypt.

At that time, it was the custom and belief of the people that at a certain time of the year, certain water sites had healing properties only when the water was stirred, and that the first one into the water after it was stirred got the healing. This left little chance of the lame and the blind making it to the water before any of the hundreds of people gathered got there.

Jesus found himself at the flowing spring called the Healing Font, near Persepolis. Many sick people had gathered, hoping to be the first to plunge into the waters and be healed. But Jesus told them that is not how healing works.

“Behold the spring of life! These waters that will fail are honored as the special blessings of your God. From whence so healing virtues come? Why is your God so partial with his gifts? Why does he bless this spring today, and then tomorrow take his blessings away? A deity of power could fill these waters full of healing virtue everyday. Hear me, you sick, disconsolate: The virtue of this font is not a special gift of God. Faith is the healing power of every drop of all the waters of this spring. He who believes with all his heart that he will be made whole by washing in this font will be made whole when he has washed; and he may wash at any time,*” Jesus exclaimed while standing in their midst.

With that numerous people flocked into the water and were healed. Jesus observed that a little child was weak, faint and helpless, and asked her why she was not coming forward to the water. She answered, “I need not haste; the blessings of my Father in the sky are measured not in tiny cups; they never fail; their virtues are forevermore. When these whose faith is weak must haste to wash for fear their faith will fail, have all been cured, these waters will be just as powerful for me. Then I can go and stay a long, long time within the blessed waters of the spring.*”

Jesus said, “Behold a master soul! She came to earth to teach men the power of faith*.”

In passing through modern day Iran, Jesus taught us all that faith healing is not on the fringe, nor in any offends the God who made us. Rather, Jesus is promoting faith healing past our own limited beliefs.