Discover The Dorset Inn

The Dorset Inn in Dorset, Vermont ~ A Great Getaway Destination

The Dorset Inn in Dorset, Vermont ~ A Great Getaway Destination

dining room

Dining Room








There are times when a getaway is needed to envigorate the body, mind and spirit, with a large warm hearth and crackling fire, a day spa, and an amazing dining experience where chefs cater to outrageous food allergies and considerately offer organic vegan meals, with advance notice of course. The Dorset Inn is a perfect blend of quaint and unassuming country charm, modern HD televisionsĀ in every room, and wifi access. The area is known for it’s shopping featuring local artisans, museums, horse drawn sleigh rides, winter skiing and snowboarding on a variety of closeby mountains, and nearby old-fashioned country stores with everything from soup to nuts, which also surprizingly also feature organic and vegan/vegetarian dishes.

But a bungalow like this is a feature itself. The healing comes with a gracious and curtious staff taking wonderful care of stoking the large fireplace, while visitors curl up in overstuffed chairs with good books in a large living room not pictured. Or perhaps relaxing with a fantastic massage will balance the chi.



One night while enjoying a sumptuous meal in the Dorset Inn Tavern, my husband and I noticed we were supping with Actor Treat Williams, who most recently plays the part of Sam, Neal’s father in the television show, “White Collar.” Among his prolific acting career in movies and Broadway, Williams is well-known for his part in the 1979 musical “Hair.” It is also interesting to note that Williams is a descendent of Declaration of Independence signer Robert Treat Paine.





TheĀ Dorset Inn was chartered in August 20, 1761. Benning Wentworth, Governor of New Hampshire, granted charters for the nine towns from Sunderland north to Danby in 1761, including Dorset, which is favorably situated, its 46 square miles anchored by mountains – on the southwest by Mother Myrick, on the northwest by the Scallop, and on the eastern border by the Green Mountain front. The country’s first marble quarry was opened in South Dorset. The Inn boasts of marble hearth fireplaces and lintels. Many other US buildings have used Dorset marble, including the New York Public Library, the library of Brown University, and Memorial Continental Hall of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, D.C. Several mansions on the New York City’s 5th Avenue were built of Dorset marble, and many bank buildings across the land were graced by interiors lined with polished Dorset marble, some of which was attractively streaked or tinted with green or bluish colors.

In 1796, the Dorset Inn welcomed its first guests – travelers en route to the major markets in Boston, Albany/Troy, and Montreal. After tethering their horses at the Inn’s front door, they would eat a hearty supper, pass an evening before the fire, and retire to one of the four-poster beds upstairs. The Dorset Inn is Vermont’s oldest continuously operating country inn, overlooking the the still-bustling town green of a picturesque and vital New England hamlet.

Enjoy your life. Share your life. Love your life. This life goes by very quickly. Life is what you make it, so make it beautiful.


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