Moral Delimmas ~ Integrity To Do The Job In The Face Of Peer Pressure Over Self Serving Gain ~ Are You Getting Paid To Do A Job?

Moral dilemmas occur in every facet of life. One of our life lessons is to balance our needs with the needs of everyone and everything else. When do we take care of our self, our needs, our

Greed over humanity has reached critical mass in many lands in our world. We need to shift and include integrity in our humanity.
Greed over humanity has reached critical mass in many lands in our world. We need to shift and include integrity in our humanity.

wants, our desires?







When do we go beyond ourselves to include taking care of others, others’ needs, others’ wants, others’ desires? It is important that we take care of ourselves. Self preservation mandates we take care of ourself first in order to have the stamina to take care of others, such as putting on an oxygen mask on an airplane before putting on your children’s oxygen mask.

But what is the boundary that marks the saturation point of critical mass of care of the self to excessive selfish, only self serving agendas at the expense of harming others?

At what point do we shift into the numbing state of egocentric blindness that appears to fall on our personal and collective moral conscience?

At what point do we stop listening to others’ points of view on any subject, and only listen to our own loud opinions?

Are we getting paid to do a job?

Are we students?

Are we in administration?

Are we appointed to the job?

Do we listen to the loudest voice screaming in our head?

What is it that grabs our attention, and is important to us?

Are we swayed by peer pressure, popular opinion, political correctness, financial or social gain?

Is it important that we win at all costs, or that we do the right thing under our watch at this time?

Is it important to eliminate all others points of view, vision and agendas in order that our own is the only light that shines, at the tremendous expence of human, social and financial sacrifice, as long as we win, worldwide?

Everything going on in every country is seen by every other country. We no longer live in Neanderthal ignorance, behind high walls, void of technology, science and education.

Are we truly living our conscience, our moral conviction in the face of all truths, not just the “truths” we want to see?

Do we make decisions based on integrity and honor, or based on personal, social, financial or political gain?

Does someone else, or something else own your soul, your voice, your mind?

Do we include Jehovah God as our foundation?

Recognize that it is not socialism or any other kind of “ism,” to play your part in the betterment of humankind. Name calling another’s point of view is a deflection technique, rather than dealing with the issue at hand.

It is possible to sabotage all other attempts at the remedy if it is not our idea, our agenda, our platform. It is possible to sink an agenda, and a country, and the world if we choose not to be responsible. It is time to get out of the sandbox.

It is not possible to build something up at the same moment you are tearing it down.

What is needed at this point in time is to do the job in a cooperative effort, making just decisions in the face of threats by bullies of every kind.

We teach our children to stand up to bullies, but it seems when it comes to healing us grownups, we adults have the backbone of a grape.

We teach our children to stand up to bullies, but it appears that political blackmail is tolerable to the paid off politician.

We need to grow up, abandon peer pressure, and do the job we are paid for, volunteered to do, or are appointed to do.

We need to be strong, courageous and valiant in the face of difficult and unpopular opinions of our time in every situation.

Now is the time for our leaders to be leaders.

Our decisions need to be balanced or they will topple in time. The more out of balance the decision, the harder and faster the topple.

Now is the time for our leaders all over this world to build up, not tear down.

Now is the time to let the breath of education, wisdom, light, and healing to sweep through our lands, like a refreshing rain renews what was once barren, fallen, deprieved, and destitute.


Author: lindahourihan

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