Boost Your Immune System ~ You Can Feel Better

Are you constantly exhausted, overworked, and under energized? Are you catching colds more easily than usual? And still, do you find yourself running around on the merry-go-round of

Boost your Lymphatic System by taking Healthy Steps Classes and getting a Lymphatic Massage by a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Lymphatic Massage.
life with no relief in sight? Then it is time to simplify, and take charge to get your immune system back in control of you.

Sometimes we over-react with the first remedy of getting back in the driver’s seat of our life. This does not need to be a revolutionary process. It is possible to get back in control of our mind, body, spirit, and immune system with balance, harmony, and integrity. It feels good to begin to listen to the subtle cues our body prompts us with, and then to act on them, as if we were just as important as everyone else, and all those other things we try to cram into our already over-filled days.


Obviously, we are as important as everyone else in the world, and much more important than any other job we need to accomplish. It’s just that at times, we can emotionally fall into the trap of playing the role of the “victim” or the “martyr.” Then, it is easy to fall into the trap of having circumstance back up to circumstance, and exception upon exception, until our life becomes a constant exception of over working. That is the beginning of breaking down the immune system.


How often do we find ourselves ignoring the mental, emotional and physical signals we get telling us to take a break, only to find by doing so, we crash? Our ego can trip us up, making us think we are the only one on earth who can possibly do what needs to be done. But that’s just the ego tripping. This will be your cue the next time you try to ignore your exhausted self and work yourself into the ground.


Next, recognize your stressors and your patterns. Avoid pushing against exhaustion. If you are feeling exhausted, your liver, spleen, thymus, bone marrow and lymphatic system are being over worked. The more these organs are physically being demanded to over work, the more they will revolt. All is one.

Here are some things that can build you back up. My suggestion is to avoid soy products because they slow down thyroid function.

Get in on the next Healthy Steps exercise class you can find. They are in every state. In all my experience in working with people with lymphodema and compromised lymphatic systems, there is no better program than Healthy Steps, formerly called The Lebed Method (developed by Sherry Lebed Davis). Lymph moves by inertia. Nothing moves lymph unless you move it.  If your lymph backs up, you get very  tired. Getting the lymph moving again energizes you. Go to: to find the class nearest you. It is a fun class to take, with music and laughter, which is also good holistic medicine. This exercise program may also be purchased in a video for home use. Even just 15 minutes a day can make a dramatic improvement in your life.

Not all exercises nor massages move lymph. As a matter of fact, most massages shut off lymph flow in the body because firm pressure closes the way lymph flows in the body.

GET A LYMPHATIC MASSAGE. This is not just any massage. It will be the lightest massage, almost tickling you, but it will have a most energizing effect. Make sure you get this massage from a licensed massage therapist trained in lymphatic massage.

Your lymph system is your toxic waste system in your body. Doctors do not know quite what to do with it when it breaks down, because there is no known remedy, no surgery, no proceedure (outside of lymphatic massage and Healthy Step exercises), and no drug that is effective at moving lymph. When your lymph system shuts down, as in the case of compromised immune systems, the toxins in your body back up. You might get swollen lymph nodes at your neck, throat, under your arms, around your groin, and behind your knees and ankles.

Some illnesses we get stay with us. But we can improve the quality of life and help ourselves feel better by doing the simple things we can, like stop pushing against feeling tired. If you feel tired, rest whenever humanly possible. Stop setting unreasonable goals for yourself. Stop sacrificing yourself for everyone and everything. You count too. You are no good for anyone if you are shut down.

What will help build the immune system, is to take Airborne, which is now available in chewable tablets, GET MORE SLEEP, get as must rest as possible. Resting is not sitting on a couch or at a table with a computer or piles of paperwork to go through. Resting is sitting on the couch doing nothing but resting, feet up and possibly with eyes closed. I speak as a former “Tigger” personality who was addicted to activity. Stop making excuses. Get some rest.

Carve out time to do the Healthy Steps exercises 5-15 minutes a day. Get a lymphatic massage, which in this case, is not a “fluff and buff” body treatment, but an essential self help tool if we a really serious about wanting to feel better.

You deserve to feel better.


Author: lindahourihan

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