Michael D. Higgins speaks on the tea party, the Republican Party and President Barrack Obama

Please, we have a right to be proud of our president. He is not the failure the ignorant political opposition say he is. They are lying to get votes.

He has succeeded in so many things they could not do and could never do, and he has pulled our country screaming and kicking away from using our military as the only answer to any foreign policy. He has stopped a Great Depression, ended two wars, and saved the auto industry, all in the midst of opposition saying he is doing nothing. Sadam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden are dead and a major crush has been delt to al quaida. I’d say President Barrack Obama has been busy indeed.

If you want to know what most people think of the tea party, the Republican party and President Barrack Obama, listen to the Celtic eloquence of Michael D. Higgins (Who was elected president of Ireland last year) when he was interviewed by tea party favorite Michael Graham on Irish radio.


Author: lindahourihan

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