Saving Rain Forests And The Indigenous People Who Live There

Our rain forests are the lungs of the planet. Destroying rainforests for short-term profits depletes oxygen in our air, and contributes to global warming. What is equally alarming is the

“We thank you for the purchase of our coffee. The price you pay enables us to send our children to school.” – Mrs. Florence Namaja Wabire

displacement or genocide of the indigenous people who live in the rain forests. Before the rain forests can be harvested, the indigenous people must be removed. The National Academy of Sciences reports that over 50 million acres if rain forests are seriously degraded a year, which is 10 acres a minute. Unless this destruction stops, rain forests will disappear in the next century. The social, ecological, economic, and political remifications will irreversibly damage the health of the Earth and all its inhabitants. There are simple things you and I can do if this seems like an important issue to us, such as purchasing rain forest fair trade, shade grown coffees, and Rain Forest Crunch, which is a delicious peanut brittle. Markets are being created to sell rain forest products without destruction of the rain forests. Songbird Coffees from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company grow trees with dual purposes; to grow shade trees for the songbird above, while coffee beans are planted beneath them.

Life is busy and not everyone is aware of these startling statistics. Tropical rain forests are the Earth’s oldest, most productive, most diverse ecosystems. They cover less than 2 percent of the globe, yet support nearly half of all species, as many as 25 million kinds of plants and animals. Some 2,000 forest tribes and 200 million people live in the rain forests. Since 1900, one tribe has disappeared from Brazil each year and 90 out of 270 groups are gone.

The rate of cultural extinction is much greater than the rate of environmental degradation.

While we may not all be able to personally go to a rainforest and stop its demise, we can all personally and responsibly buy tropical rainforest, fair trade products that do not strip the land of the rain forests or its people. The Thanksgiving Coffee Company is an artisan roaster company in northern California. They buy from small rain forest farms and cooperatives they call partners, around the world. It is a family run company that is built upon sustainability.

Thanksgiving Coffee Company has just announced their new project supports climate change adaptation in Uganda.

Farmers Eias Hasalube and Hakin Aziz beneath the canopy of Mr. Aziz’s restored coffee farm.

They state on their blog, “We are happy to announce that our partners at the Peace Kawomera Cooperative have just received notice that their climate change adaptation has been approved by the Dutch NGO Progreso!”

Peace Kawomera is a coffee farmer cooperative grown on one of the slope of Mt. Elgon in eastern Urganda, near the city of Mbale. It started in 2004 selling mainly coffee to the USA Thanksgiving Company. Thanksgiving Coffee Company has won the 2012 Sustainability Award for the work in Rwanda, being recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

If saving rain forests seems like a good idea to you, and especially if you like to drink coffee, or eat Rain Forest Crunch, contact the Thanksgiving Coffee Company

Nathan Watadena points to land that is targeted for reforestation and restoration.

for mail order at 800-648-6491, or wholesale at 800-462-1999. Their address is 19100 South Harbor Drive, Fort Bragg, CA  95437. Their website is


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