Promoting Human Rights Worldwide

Mali, Africa is in great need of meditation and prayers at this time. Photo by BBC News Africa.

Since the beginning of recorded time, discord in families, civic and social relationships, national and international conflicts and wars have been part of human history; but so has human strength, integrity, human rights promotion, conflict and peaceful resolutions, to better the world in which we live. We all have the responsibility as citizens of today’s world, with today’s strife and struggle for basic needs of food, shelter and clothing, to use the gifts we have to help those in need. Human being’s needs include mind, body and spirit; mental, physical and spiritual health.

When this post was first written, we saw the violation of human rights in Timbuktu a city in western Mali, the Middle East, numerous countries combating human, drug and gun trafficing, and the seemingly endless war on terror.

What can we do to help our brothers and sisters when we are only one person, isolated and buffered from the hot spots in the world?

We have a choice. A decision needs to be made, not only by our armed forces and political leaders to whom the job of coming to the rescue usually falls, but personally by you and by me. Each individual has a way to better the world in which we live. The adage, “No man is an island,” is approprioate here. There is nothing you can do that is so small, that it cannot have a ripple effect, and a positive effect on the world, any place in the world, today.

We do have a powerful effect on those in our lives mentally, physically and spirituality; just as we have the same effect on ourselves when we address our own character development. If any one of the legs of this tripod is missing, we get a malformed human being. It is also interesting to know, that the strongest of the three is spiritual. Think of this for a moment. At the end of our lives, it is not our mind, intellect or emotion, nor our body that keeps us living. It is our spirit, our soul departing us that determines the end of our life.

Therefore, in dealing with promoting human rights in the world, we need to address the spiritual solution to this problem.

We need to bloom right where we are, using our ordinary human gifts of understanding, empathy, love without conditions, peaceful conflict resolution, humor bringing light and positive energy to all situations that touch our life.

It all starts with us.

Outrageous affronts to humanity also begin with us. Are you harboring a grudge or grievance against anyone? Why? Has a judgement been made here? You might be right. There might be a need to stand your ground. But at a closer look, and with time, might it be possible to make amends and heal some relationship?

Imagine that every thought and word you and I have ever had, continues emitting it’s energetic frequency, after it has left our mind and our lips. Minutes after saying hurtful words, we can apologize and make up with someone, but those original thoughts and words are still “out there” attracting like frequencies. It is beneficial to be mindful of this.

If our thoughts and words have frequencies that affect the world, then meditation and prayer are real remedies. Connecting with God, our heavenly Father is the beginning of our spiritual resolution. Begin meditation and prayer with a specific intention of placing ourselves in God’s presence. It is like the electric switch on the wall. The electricity is always there, but we need to flip the switch to turn it on in order for there electricity to flow. With our mind connected to the Source of all creation, and your physical  self engaged in prayer, next we talk to God as we would with a dear friend, and sent it out to a particular region, or people, or situation in need.  Your meditation matters and is effective. Your prayer matters and is effective.

The Light is stronger than the dark. God is stronger than Satan. The dark areas of the world are dark because they are not living in the Light, because they do not see the Light. Many things bring the Light, including education, aligning with God through prayer, and human relief efforts through organizations like the Red Cross (Red Crescent) and Doctors Without Borders. You and I bring the Light with every understanding we make, with every problem we solve, by taking very good care of ourselves, so we can help others


Author: lindahourihan

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