The Energy Of Freedom : “Of” Versus “From”

If you are a human being, you are born into freedom; not only political freedom, not only religious freedom, not only economic freedom, or any other particular kind of freedom. Human beings are born into freedom on planet Earth. Life situations might temporarily manifest some limitation on freedom, but only until full freedom is realized for everyone on the face of the Earth. Every human being, every man, woman and child can call on the realization of the energy of Freedom. Freedom knows no borders. Freedom is void of constraint. Freedom is fearless. Freedom is free.

Freedom of religion is not the same thing as freedom from religion. Here in the United States of America, we need to recognize that our founding fathers thought freedom of religion was so important that freedom of religion is included in our Bill of Rights. Please note the words say, freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. No one will turn into a purple pumpkin if we hear or see the beliefs of others that are not our own. Our eyes will not burn out of our head at the sight of someone else’s idols, or if the sight of a minorah comes into view, even if our religion is not the Jewish belief system. Likewise, our eyes will not suddenly spin in circles at the sight of the Christian idol of the cross, even if we are not a Christian. People have the right to chose to be an athiest if that is what they desire, but they will not drop dead at the sight of either a minorah, nor a Christian cross. We have this freedom by law, and it is foolish to think that an athiest needs protection from the sight of such things. We, as a human race, need to grow up.

In the USA today, the pendulum has swung so far the other way, that if someone has a different opinion, or God-forbid happens to be outraged, or has hurt feelings (which by the way is their own fault if they have chosen to have hurt feelings, and yes, even be outraged), then the offensive object is removed by the thought police, or the viewing police, or the religious police, or the non-freedom police. Get it?

Worse yet, if we chose by our own undeveloped character, to be insulted, as if we ourselves are the thought police, we maliciously go after people’s jobs and livelihoods. How dare anyone in the general public say ideas and concepts against the public norm and popular opinion? This is succumbing to peer pressure, which is something we tell our children not to do. This is the basis of today’s false outrage.

Outrage is not fun, as people have suggested to me. It is dangerous. It is the basis of all wars. Rather than trying to find common ground, personally, socially, politically, and globally; being outraged is the beginning of division, not unity. Being outraged is not the way to mend fences.

These days people even fire other people for what they independently think if it goes against the grain of popular opinion. There is no voting on this matter, or any semblance of mock justice. No, people are fired from their livelihoods for stating unpopular opinions, even from within the walls of their own homes, and even if the information is obtained by illegal means.

This is a matter that won’t stay out of balance for too long, because all people, places and things flourish best in a healthy point of homeostasis.

God created each and every one of us with free will. All freedom, in the purest sense of the word, comes from God: freedom from fear, freedom from self doubt, freedom from oppression, freedom from other’s opinions, freedom from failure, freedom from negativity, freedom from people pleasing, freedom from addiction, freedom from man made rules, freedom from materialism and every other kind of “ism,” freedom from oppression, freedom from tyranny, freedom from bondage, freedom from bullying, freedom from conformity, freedom from boredom, freedom from all forms of slavery, freedom from injustice, freedom from inequality, freedom from any and everything that is not full fledged freedom.

The freedom of God is full of joy, abundance of all good things, Love without conditions, Divine Healing Light, peace, kindness, humanitarian efforts, laughter ~ much laughter, union with God, our Creator and Father, in full awareness and consciousness, creation and re-creation, and limitless freedom.

We have the ability to clear our minds, detoxify our bodies, become aware of our habits, foster happiness and healing, grow in love, forgiveness and faith; and live our lives in freedom. It starts with intention. It all begins with a concept. Water the concept of freedom, in all it entails, until you are totally free, free of guilt, free of all negative associations. You are no longer a victim to others ideas about you. You are in control. You are freedom blossoming in your person and in your world.

2 thoughts on “The Energy Of Freedom : “Of” Versus “From”

  1. Thank you for your comment Leonard. The more we live in the total freedom we are meant to embody, the more we will heal our minds, our hearts, our will, our spirits and the world. Thanks again, Lin

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