Assess Your Stress: Stress Is A Matter Of Perspective

Assess your stress. Stress is a matter of perspective. Some stress is even healthy for us. Eliminating all stress in your life is not the goal for a healthy life, nor is coping with unhealthy

Stress sparks change for new opportunities.

levels of stress. The key to a healthy and productive life, is finding the balance between stressors that motivate, inspire and drive us forward in a positive direction in our life, as opposed to stressors that immobilize, sabotage and deflate us emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.What is the perspective of the stress in your life, a challenging opportunity to grow and learn from, or a debilitating dread that you somehow must endure? Assess your stress objectively. Are you going through a stressful means to a positive end? Is there an end in sight? Is there any positive or helpful result that makes your current stress more tolerable? Are you avoiding changes you need to make in your life? Do you live in constant fear, anger, or any other dysfunctional emotion due to a particular stress? Are you giving your personal power away to family members or to those in your work environment?

We need to change the stressors that we can if we feel they are shortening our life span. You count. You matter. You are important. There is only one you. Change may be painful, but not to change when change is what is needed is self sabotage. No church, religion, country or family is in charge of you, that is, if you are over 18 years of age. Only you are in charge of you. That thought alone might take some time to get used to. If you can change a situation, but choose not to, then this stress is what you are freely choosing to be in your life. The temptation then is to play the role of the martyr. This gets old fast, both for you, and for those around you.

Changing destructive stressors in your life can bring short term uncomfortable stresses into your life. But not changing destructive stressors can harm your health and shorten your life altogether. You need to assess exactly what your priorities are, what limits you are going to accept and not accept on the things in your life. Make a conscious choice about this. Only you are in charge of you, no one else. Trying to control others to avoid making the changes you need to make is manipulation, and brings with it more stress than changing what you need to change brings. Going through an uncomfortable change stops when you feel the relief of being free from the original stressor. Relief comes when you are back in control of your emotions, feelings and actions. You control you. Just realizing this can be very liberating.

Many times we find ourselves in situations not of our own making, and our choices are limited. If we still see positive outcomes from our staying in the stressful environment or stressful relationship, then changing how we view the situation and how we deal with the situation, can be liberating. A new, positive viewpoint puts us back in control of our moods, thoughts and actions. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We may not be able to control outer circumstances immediately, but we have 100 percent control of how we think and how we deal with the stressful problems in our life. We can choose to add meditation, prayer, yoga or time alone for yourself by walking in nature to realign our energy. What we focus on grows.

If you are in a situation where it is impossible to change your stressful situation, you still are in control of how you think. No one controls your mind but you. Be like teflon by letting stresses not fester in your mind or anywhere in your energy field. Let it go. Just because someone else is having a bad day does not mean you have to have a bad day. You can only do your best. Be proud of that. Remember the “Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz, don’t take things personally; don’t make assumptions; be impeccable with your word; always do you best.

Remember you are never alone. Lift your thoughts to your higher I Am Presence, your Divine Connection to Love and Light. Breath in Divine peace into the core of your being. The Divine is closer to you than your next breath.



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