Freedom: People Do Not Give You Freedom ~ God Gives You Freedom

In the purest sense and ideal definition of the word, freedom comes from our Creator, not other people.

Freedom Is A Divine Gift For Everyone Everywhere.

People do not own people.People are born as Divine Creations in full freedom in mind, body and spirit.

Some people misuse their God-given freedom to oppress, surpress, abuse, threaten, rob others of their freedom, incarcerate people unjustly,  in every way imaginable. Some people misuse their freedom and basically incarcerate themselves with addictions and poor life choices.

The balance and restoration of freedom comes in when those of us who can, bring freedom to individual people, families, neighborhoods, states, countries, and the world at large. We, as a people or as an individual, do not give freedom.  We restore freedom. When people, as individuals or as countries, cannot stand up for their God-given freedom themselves, we can stand up for them in integrity and justice, to restore their God-given freedom.

The point is, all people are born as free human beings in love as a Divine Creation, before they are taught to fear, accept oppression, accept bullying, surcumb to other’s rule over themselves, no matter where they live on this Earth. It is incumbent upon all human beings alive on this planet at this time to bring this Earth back into balance by the restoration and practice of freedom. It is a matter of realigning our thoughts, words and actions with the truest sense of the meaning of freedom.

Jesus taught freedom. The Buddha taught freedom.

It is in freedom that we choose our own religion, not the religion dictated to us by any person or group.

It is in freedom that we live as the free human beings as the Divine Creator intended, with dignity for all genders, all races, all ethnicities, all creeds, all peoples everywhere.

It is in freedom that we choose our political affiliation, without threat of voting rights and ramifications.

It is in freedom that we have a right to think they way we want to think, and live the way we live, and work, and play, and relax, and rejuvenate.

Freedom is freedom.

Any person, place, event, country or situation that does not exist in the full God-given freedom, is a challenge and opportunity for the rest of humanity to bring freedom to the forefront of life. The key to God-given freedom is operating in peace, love, understanding, forgiveness and empathy. This is the ideal, and an ideal that is not practiced in all countries. But it is a valid option. It all starts with a concept.

Practice freedom. Cherish freedom. Teach freedom, at home, in social/educational/civic and political circles. Love freedom.



Author: lindahourihan

My profile picture is a rose, symbolizing that we should all bloom where we are planted. I am planted in the garden of words of knowledge and inspiration, history and truth, quest and discovery. My latest book, MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS - CHRISTMAS UNLOCKED, has uncovered the deepest mysteries of modern time, mysteries that were planted at the start of time. The theme in this book is: There is one race, the human race. It unveils the secrets of Christmas, Santa Claus, the Magi, Jesus and how Noah's sons repopulate the world through the empires. In the process you meet Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Harriet Tubman, and learn that former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are eighth cousins, both with traces of English royalty through William the Conqueror and Charlemagne in their bloodlines. This book uses real history, ancient and pre-history in this dramatic, plausible fiction/fantasy novel. It took me over a year to research and a lifetime to experience.