Food Healing 1 ~ Lowering Blood Pressure and Increasing Heart Health Naturally

Where do our medicines come from? They are mimics of the properties of real foods.

Natural, organic foods heal. Chemical medicines mimic the benefits real foods provide.

Consult your doctors before changing any diets. Never get off any medications unless you consult with your physician first. Here are a few things to consider if you would like to use food-based healing. When possible, buy organic to avoid pesticide residue. Increase oxygen in your heart and in your body, do Qigong, move, walk, do breathing exercises.Did you know if you eat six stalks of celery a day, you can lower your own blood pressure? And there are no side effects to eating celery. Yes, celery is high in organic sodium, but it would take more than 30 stalks of celery a day to get more than is recommended. Lowering blood pressure also has to do with dilating arteries.  The beta glucans found in several mushrooms, including Wood Ear (black fungus mushrooms) at only about $3 per bag at Oriental grocery stores. They are clinically proven to inhibit cancer cell growth, dilate arteries which lowers blood pressure, removes plaque from the walls of blood vessels. There are also Reishi mushrooms, which are known as a medicinal mushroom rather than one you cook with, because it is known to lower bad cholesterol, reduce hardening of the arteries, and reduces angina and shortness of breath associates with coronary heart disease. But the Reishi mushroom needs to be boiled overnight and drinking the tea is the best way to ingest this tea. Boil six cups of water, one handful of Goji berries, and one handful of dried black fungus mushrooms, then simmer for six hours or overnight. (The mushrooms get very large.) Strain the tea, cool and enjoy the benefits. It is recommended to drink this tea for 14 days. Most people do not have an adverse reaction. This tea is rich in Vitamin D, B1, B2, has three times as much Iron as liver, and twice as much calcium as milk.

Did you know heart disease can be reversible with food? There are some foods that remove arterial plaque, like oatmeal (use the old-fashioned kind, not the minute kind), which draws out the fats from your arteries. Avocado is critical for heart health and healing. It’s a good living fat, and contains beta-sitosterol, which has a greater impact on blood cholesterol than either olive or almond oil. Okra and eggplant are two other powerful artery scrubbers.

Did you know you can reverse diabetes with food? This will be covered in the next article.

These food protocols come from “The Ultimate High-Phytochemical Food Healing System,” by Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack. I am a certified Qigong instructor, and Jeff was my teacher.


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