Living In The Moment Is Infinity ~ No Stress Meditation

Join me in praise and thanksgiving, happy to be alive, and glad you are here too. This is the present, the moment that time stands still. In this still moment is infinity. There is nothing

The key to peace is praise.

else, and everything else.

In the stillness, there is soft breath, yet conscious awareness of our deeper spirit. Feel the essence of you, the essence of your spirit, the essence of your being. Let yourself integrate more and more in this present moment. Integrate the many amazing aspects of your personality, without judging it good or bad. Integrate, integrate, integrate.

Allow your awareness to become very acute, as your mind relaxes more and more. Feel the peace abiding in every cell and fiber of your being. Concentrate on peace flooding your thoughts. No matter what you think of, peace washes over all. You are breathing in deep and tranquil peace, Divine Peace that only the Spirit of God can give. You did nothing to earn this peace. It is a free gift to you, a present for you for enjoying the present. Peace  eases the past into its proper place. Peace transforms anxiety, worries and stress into empathy and understanding, and for forgiveness for all involved, yourself included. Peace overtakes the present moment, filling you up with serenity.

In this present moment there is no struggle. It is a moment of praise and thanksgiving for all of the good things in your life. That you even have a life is the first thanksgiving. Thank God for you, for the wonderful people in your life, for the precious moments in life, for the sunrise, and the sunset, for the nature sanctuary in the world, for everything you can think of.

Peacefulness and appreciation grow inside you at the wonder of the moment, when you realize that you did not have to be born at this time, yet here we are, sharing in a profound peace meditation that is being experienced today in over 40 countries across the world, at this single point in time. Bring your attention to the next single point in time, your next breath, and realize that in this brief moment, is the totality of Infinity. In this very moment, peace is spanning the globe, in this moment of Infinity. Join us all in raising your thoughts to world peace everyday at noon. In that way, there will be a constant prayer vibration for peace across the world non-stop. Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Peace heals all. Nothing can stand against it. Nothing.

The peace is spreading from breath to breath, as you become more fully aware that your soul breathes with Divine Breath, and in Divine Breath, is Infinity, because with God, there is no time. God, Divine Source is Infinite, throughout this One and Many Universe. The peace is everywhere. It cannot help but be. God is everywhere. God’s Eye sees all, and in this moment, joining with the growing momentum of the wave of peace stretching across the universes at this precious, single moment, the Now. See this beautiful ribbon of peace cocooning you, allowing you to go within the Void, to nourish you completely, your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul.

Your cocoon of peace is your Divine gift today. It is with you as long as you want or need it. Each moment is part of the moments of Infinity, of which we are all a conscious or unconscious part, because neither you nor I nor any other part of creation ia separate from our Divine Source. You can choose to transform out of your cocoon of peace, and as you do, you transform all your situations into peaceful solutions. No one can steal your peace. It is a natural by-product from your Father when you express your praise and appreciation. It goes along with the Law of Attraction.

The key to peace is praise. Praise and appreciation is the very first step to all prayer, to all meditation, if you are not sure how to begin connecting to Divine Source, to God. Keep finding things to be thankful for, keep praising God for this earth, your world, your life, your position in this life, appreciate everything. Peace will follow.



Author: lindahourihan

My profile picture is a rose, symbolizing that we should all bloom where we are planted. I am planted in the garden of words of knowledge and inspiration, history and truth, quest and discovery. My latest book, MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS - CHRISTMAS UNLOCKED, has uncovered the deepest mysteries of modern time, mysteries that were planted at the start of time. The theme in this book is: There is one race, the human race. It unveils the secrets of Christmas, Santa Claus, the Magi, Jesus and how Noah's sons repopulate the world through the empires. In the process you meet Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Harriet Tubman, and learn that former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are eighth cousins, both with traces of English royalty through William the Conqueror and Charlemagne in their bloodlines. This book uses real history, ancient and pre-history in this dramatic, plausible fiction/fantasy novel. It took me over a year to research and a lifetime to experience.