Anxiety and Panic ~ Part 2

Let’s delve a little deeper into the self help tools that are available to us when we get caught in the trap of anxiety and panic attacks.

We can use laughter and humor to move us out of anxiety and panic in almost all situations.

It helps to understand the deeper levels of us. By getting a better handle of how we lose control, we can see our patterns that throw us on the runaway merry-go-round anxiety trip. First of all, breathe. Take a deep, real deep breath right now. Take as many breaths as you need and focus on the fact that you can feel better by the end of this article.

Understand that no one wakes up in the morning and says, “I think I am going to make the worst decisions I can today. No matter what happens, I am going to shoot myself in the foot, and purposely mess up all of my plans and everyone’s else’s plans. On purpose, I am going to lie, cheat, steal, and be the worst possible person I can be.”

That is not the way things usually work. See if any of the following scenarios fit you, then try their remedies. You will feel better.

I will first caution you of the almost immediate voice answering you back in your head, you know, that self-sabotaging voice that says, “Oh, this is stupid. This won’t work.” Or for those of us who have spent years studying depression, anxiety and panic attacks, our often over-educated ego dogmatically rears up and dictates, “That is not the way I was trained. These recommendations do not follow the protocol I was taught. There cannot be any other way to treat these symptoms other than the one way I know.”

Surprize, oh yes there is.

We may be in the trap of giving away our personal power. Anxiety and panic issues have everything to do with giving away our our power.

Are you still breathing? Oh yes, breathing. Let your shoulders detatch from your ear lobes. Allow yourself to smile about this. It’s OK.

Smile and relax as you understand that you really do have a choice. It has everything to do with the decisions you make. Until now, you may not have realized that you have a choice in deciding which thoughts you want to keep, and which thoughts are hurting you and you want to let go of. Until now you may have felt like a victim to your thoughts.

Your thoughts do not think you. You think your thoughts. If you do not like how the way you are thinking is making you feel, CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. DECIDE TO THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE. You CAN do this. You have within yourself the ability to decide not to let any person, place or thing intefere with your desires, hopes, dreams and reality.

How can we do this? Think of the next possible step, the next lighter thought. See yourself on the road to recovery. No matter how many times you have tried this before, think of these attempts to get back in control of your life as training for this time, when you firmly set your sights on your recovery. YOU CAN DO THIS.

No one has control over you and your thoughts. Even if you are confined and in prison with real brick walls, you still have control of how you think, and how you are going to conduct yourself from now on. That is a dramatic example. I use it because each of us thinks our situation is so unique, so much more difficult than anyone else’s. This is not the case. These recommendations work 100 percent of the time. The only time they do not work is when we stop doing them.

You might feel more comfortable taking baby steps. Or perhaps you have had enough of living like this, and decide to take huge leaps out of the habit of anxiety and panic. How fast you get out of the dysfunctional habit of anxiety and panic largely depends on how much we can take trying on new behaviors. It will feel strange at first to allow yourself to think in new ways. It will feel odd to laugh at yourself, to lighten up, to tell yourself things that used to bother you don’t bother you anymore.

Even if it is not the case immediately, see yourself as whole, happy, in control of your life, in control of your thoughts. Refuse to be a puppet for others anymore. Refuse to be a puppet of the negativity in your mind. Do the things, that if you were in control of your life that you would do. Bring in flowers, music, better lighting, good aromas. Even if you are telling yourself this is the opposite of how you are feeling, you CAN change how you feel by staying with it. Keep with it, like flipping a switch, you are in charge of you. Be stubborn and dig your heels in and refuse to follow that old familiar path of negativity that leads you directly where you do not want to go. If there are people, places or things that are adversly affecting your mood, avoid them if at all humanly possible. This is a new beginning.

When your mind finds itself thinking of the worry or the problem, be gentle. Tell yourself you will worry later. For right now, DECIDE you will only think of positive, loving, healing solutions for yourself. You can do this.



Author: lindahourihan

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