Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Being a human being is a real trip, isn’t it?

Where did the instruction manual go?

Obsessive~ Compulsive ~ who, me?

If we ever find  we have recurrent obsessions, like persistant ideas, thoughts, or impluses which are intrusive to our life and cause us marked anxiety and distress, we might have obsessions.

If we find ourselves habitually expressing repetitive behaviors, like checking ourdoors or under the bed, or mentally repreatedly praying or counting, without being able to stop without experiencing hightened stress and anxiety, we might have compulsions.

If our thoughts and actions take us over with a life of their own, then we might have obsessive~compulsive disorder.

Do we bear a wearying consciousness of ourselves and our stresses everywhere we go?

There are two points to share here. One is to know that there are some self-help tools we can all do that are extremely effective. The other point to remember is that while we can do many things to help ourselves, there are times when we cannot simply “decide” not to have a chemical imbalance or other physical and/or mental condition which requires a medical physician or psychiatrist. While our insane ego might like not to require prescription drugs, it is sometimes exactly what is needed.

A human body or mind is no less a body or mind if it is in need of assistance in balancing us.

First, let’s take a look at self-help tools that work. Be honest with yourself. No one can lie to ourselves like we can when we do not want to address an issue we do not want to deal with. Rule number one is to drop the negative self judgement. Realizing who you are and what makes you tick is truly a wonder-filled thing. When we stop denying things about us that are there, we can make great strides in any direction we choose.

That’s right. We get to choose.

Rationally we may understand that our obsessions and compulsions are not necessary, while at the same time, we may not be able to stop them. Telling ourselves that we do have a choice is huge, because up until now, we may have understood ourselves to be at the mercy of the situation. Rule number two is to reprogram our mind. We need to reprogram the victim mentality, to a self-empowering mentality.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as “programmed.” But that is what has happened to us if we find ourselves with dysfunctional habits. We have been “programmed” by our families, our environments and life situations, and by what we take in, like television shows, commercials, movies, not to mention fear-based religious institutions.

How free are we, really?

To get in control of us and become self-empowered, we need to choose a mantra, an I AM statement as if we are already recovered from this problem. For example if we want to stop the addictive compulsion to always check under the bed, we can think, “I am relaxed and confident and no longer need to look under the bed,” or whatever the compulsion is. Does this work the first time we think it? No, it does not. It is in repeating this new mantra, even if it is the opposite of how you are feeling at this moment, and repeating this new behavior that re-trains the mind to think and the body to do something differently.

It takes 21 days to change a habit, any habit. New statements we think, and new behaviors we do will feel like we have two left feet at first. Expect that. It is part of the healing to step outside of our comfort zone. We need to remind ourselves that this new, odd feeling is OK. We will get past it.

Mantras work by changing the vibrational message in the mind. Mantras need to be repreated often, like at least 3-10 times each hour, or as often as you remember to say them. Sticky notes everywhere you look are also a help, like on mirrors, walls, doors, tables, our cars, everywhere.

We need to go easy with ourself. Any progress we make is good progress to build upon. No beating ourselves up. Be very loving and gentle.

We can stop fear and anxiety, worry and uneasiness from lurking around every corner. You are not alone. Know that everyone has something, some issue to work on. No one is perfect, so join the club. What we think about, we bring about. Everytime a dark or negative thought comes in, like,”This is stupid,” or “This won’t work,” tell yourself, “Yes, this DOES work,” which it absolutely does.

All of these self-help suggestions also work in tandem with doctor’s helps as well. We can make our life anything we want, so let’s make it beautiful.


Author: lindahourihan

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