Freedom OF, NOT Freedom FROM …

We seem to have a problem understanding prepositions in this country.

Freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

Specifically, we have a freedom OF religion, not a freedom FROM religion.

This occurs to me each time someone has a problem putting a manger scene, or a menorah display on public property, like at Town Hall,        God forbid!

Will our eyes burn out of our heads if we see something that is not our very own rock-hard faith, agnostic “faith,” or atheist “faith”? Will a senior graduating from college have his or her faith waivered to such a traumatic extent, that rather than hold a baccoloriate service for FREE held in a church which, God forbid, displays a cross on the wall (and even if it is covered), decide instead to pay huge amounts of money at a civic hall, because this soon to be college student and their adult families need to be shielded FROM the religious beliefs out there?

Have our minds become so small and one-sided that we will be offended if someone says something we do not personally believe in? Evidently so. Our skin has become so thin in this country that a simple statement of what someone believes, is often attacked because someone else is “offended.” People lose their jobs now over such things. It seems we must have the group all think alike, come to a consensus, no individuals, and definitely no individual thinking. God forbid!

Oh, the outrage!

Above all else, we must be politically correct, but notice how this changes from year to year.


Should we change the name of the Red Cross, like we do in parts of the world that are run by theocratic governments, so in this country should be change the name to the Red Crescent?

Obviously we do not understand what freedom OF religion is.

Freedom is freedom, not oppression. We live in a land where freedom of religion, as well as freedom of thinking outside of the box, is encouraged. The last time this country had a Catholic politician run for the office of the president of the United States, it was John F. Kennedy. But he was a Democrat, and Republicans did not like that part. It seems now a Catholic is running for president, and it is OK because he is a Republican. Interesting.

When John F. Kennedy was running for president, according to, he had to make a statement that basically said although he is a Catholic, he does not represent Catholics, or the Catholic Church. Perhaps Rick Santorum should be made to make a similar statement, and include that he will not represent the ultra Catholic Opus Dei special interest either. Women would not stand a chance in the political world, work force, or any other place.

In this country, we are founded on religious freedom, not a dogmatic rhetoric for a politician to use at his or her whim. When the founding fathers of this country separated themselves from England, one reason was they were separating from religious tyranny. If we really want to get to the bottom of what the founding fathers stood for religiously, perhaps we should promote the Masons, not the ultra Catholic – Christian right-wing of thought.

We all seem to enjoy the benefits of practicing our own religions in this country. It seems ironic to me, that this government in this country, stamps its feet down to the tune of separation of church and state when it doesn’t want to see Christian or Jewish symbols on government property, yet when it is time to choose a politician, they bring in a right-wing Christian focus. Is that what Jewish people want? Is that what Muslim people want?

Does anyone remember the Spanish Inquisition or the Crusades? Just wondering.

We want to live in a land of freedoms; freedom OF religion, freedom OF SPEECH (we need to get this one back), and FREEDOM FROM ALL RELIGIOUS TYRANNY.

It’s a sad day when we have to shield our eyes and ears so we don’t have to hear something we believe differently about. Rather than take offense at every difference, we should grow in heart and understanding and embrace our differences.

It is vital that everyone have the freedom to be able to worship the Divine Creator of All, or not at all, if that is their belief.

Perhaps our politicians ought to be people of integrity and honor and have a spiritual belief of their own, but not be priests and ministers with an agenda against other religions. And just maybe instead of calling each other “satan,” we can get on with fixing our country. That is simply the promologation of fear.

Everyone has to live by his or her conscience. My only point here is our interpretation of freedom OF religion to mean freedom FROM religion, which it is not.

By the way, I consider myself to be a Christian, a Catholic one at that. But I also believe Jesus came to teach us so much more than Rome allowed their flock to think some 2012 years ago, or so. It was very much a control thing then, and if we are not careful, it will be again.



Author: lindahourihan

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