Adolf Hitler Also Led A Failed Coup

This meme needs to say FORMER President of the United States. The coup of January 6 to overthrow Democracy are not heroes of Democracy. Murdering people, assault and battery are not part of peaceful protest, for which Democracy stands. The actions of January 6, 2021 are the works of other sinister forces influencing humankind to this very day.

Do Christians believe what they say they believe? Do Christians actually believe what the Bible says? The fallen angels still hold influence over the minds of many human beings, duping them into doing their works of dark energies, sinister agendas which tickle the fancy of those who claim to be Christian.

However, these dark energies are very much alive, blinding otherwise good people into repulsive actions aimed at destroying the very thing they mistakenly think they are saving, DEMOCRACY, on September 18, 2021, the day chosen to praise their criminal followers with parades and fanfare.

Do not be influenced by anyone whose motive is not Love Without Conditions, and Non-judgment. While ramifications of the fallen angels abound, there is a Power, Wisdom, and Love that knows no bounds which is more powerful.

Remember, the Dragon, that devil called Satan, has already been defeated and cast down to Earth, never to be allowed to return to the refreshment of Living, Loving, Light, also known as God, or Universal Eternal Energy. Have you ever wondered why evil and dark energy exists all over the world? No human being is ever without temptations to think, say, and do unconscionable things for a seemingly greater good, which actually results in greater harm. This dark manipulating energy is the master at deception.

Since deception worked during the last election, duping millions of voters into excusing making fun of disabled people, tearing nursing babies from their mother’s arms, taking children of all ages away from their mothers and fathers, separating wives from their husbands, and separating men from women, putting them all in metal cages, selling off some babies through the adoption agencies since there was money to be made; these ones saw that deception and lies worked to confuse their blind followers into believing they were on the side of good. Actually, fear and fear-based thinking was the foundation of all the lies and deception. No, the Latino population is not going to take over the United States of America, nor is the non-white population, nor the Muslim population from Afghanistan these days. The USA is the melting pot of the world, or have some forgotten their extended family roots?

I thank the good God of all that intelligence, empathy and compassion for refugees has risen above ignorant arrogance, political hijacking, and blatant racism. Standing on the eggshell foundation of, “That’s just my opinion,” and “I have a right to my opinion,” will not stand against the tide of popular opinion of the Democratic United States of America.

I encourage all energy workers to send positive, loving, healing energy to every area capturing your attention in these coming days. Whatever we focus on grows. Let us spend more time focusing on what builds us up as a nation, so we can truly be that beacon of light on the hill, for which the Statue of Liberty stands.

“Then there was a war in heaven; Michael and the other angels under his command fought the Dragon and his hosts of fallen angels. And the Dragon lost the battle and was forced from heaven. This great Dragon – the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world – was thrown down onto the earth with all his army.” Revelation 12:7-9

Let us pay closer attention to what is going on by not praising criminal behavior as if it is the same thing as good behavior. Some misguided and misinformed people are following the Dragon right into his lair of racism, white supremacy and those who prize money and power over people.


Strong Women

The extremists are afraid of books and pens. The power of education frightens them. ~ Malala Yousafzai waving behind Hilary Clinton

Has anyone ever told you that you need to be controlled, put in your place, conform to religious standards, or told others to attempt to do these thing in order to get you in line to their way of thinking? Those are the voices of the weak and fearful, afraid of their own shadows. These are also dominant, over-bearing, and egotistical individuals who, rather than focus on their own character and personal development, seek to usurp your personal power. It’s a power game. It is as if by robbing you of your personal power, they win. If only that were true.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Those are the voices of abused and manipulated individuals, having been burdened by obligation and guilt, perhaps used as a parenting technique for order in the home. Not knowing the proper way to motivate others, what they have learned is how to step on others in an attempt to diminish them, while self-aggrandizing themselves in order to make themselves feel better.

They are also those who are afraid of the light you shine through the chaos, drama, and minutia of daily life. In their eyes, everything you do is wrong, stupid, or incorrect in some way.

Your sense of self-esteem has nothing to do with the erroneous concepts others have about themselves, nor project onto others, including you. It is a learning curve on both sides of this issue. How you respond to others trying to dominate you is key.

Decide what is important to you, what you will allow in your life, and the paradigm you want your life to model. Decide not to react to things. Simply, peacefully leave the conversation or the area. There is no need to match the dysfunction of control freaks.

Why do I mention this? It is because these control freaks have learned how to intimidate, insult, ridicule, and gossip, possibly about you within your family, extended family, neighborhood, and/or work situations. Threatening you and the others around you is their MO, also known as Modus Operandi. Sadly they have sunken to the lowest common denominator in this case, since this phrase, MO or Modus Operandi, is most often used for the working patterns of criminals.

Threatening takes the form of ultimatums such as, “Do not ever mention “So-And-So” to me ever again or I will not speak to you either. The family member who decides to go along with that energizes the bully control freak, feeling they have won. The truth is, the only thing they have done is to cripple their own character development and maturity. These are also the marks of dysfunctional school yard bullies.

Individuals will take abuse from those closest to them, when they would not tolerate the same behavior from others outside of their circle. But dysfunction is dysfunction. Is it time for you to stand up to the bully control freaks in your world.

Again, I stress that this can be done peacefully and with integrity. No one has the rights to your life, and how you live your life but you. If it is time to move on, you can keep open doors to communication if you choose, just simply move on. Your personal, mental and emotional development needs you to be healthy and happy.

FORBES Magazine put together a list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, their country, and the reason for including them at

They are an inspiration to all women, especially New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who vanquished the first and second wave of COVID-19 by implementing strict lockdown and quarantine procedures; and Taiwan’s President Tsai-Ing-wen who implemented a rigorous contact tracing program in January 2021; as a result, to date, the island of 23 million people has only lost seven people to the virus.

Let’s not forget influential women such as Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, as well as Angela Merkel, Kamala Harris, Melinda French Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Malala Yousafzai, Ellen Degeneres, Queen Elizabeth II, Stacey Cunningham, and Stacey Abrams among the countless other women who have risen to the top and who have had, and those still among the living still have, a positive influence not only in their personal lives, but also with the ability to lift people to higher visions of possibility.

Women do not exist for others to control them, put them in their place, insult and demean them. Never give your personal power away to any person or circumstance. You are greater than you know.


Manifesting ~ Lose The Plausible Opposite Mentality Shutting Everything Down

Spirals Are Forever series. Arrangement of vortex fractal on the subject of science technology and design

Manifesting begins with focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want. How many times have you started out by trying to manifest something in your life, only to have the current of the plausible opposite thought about what you do not want monopolizing your mind, or jeopardizing someone else’s plan? Take peace on Earth, for example.

If you spend more time thinking about peace positively, planning for peace, and having conversations about peace, you will find it more productive than putting focusing on how to stop arguments, negativity, and war. What you focus on grows.

This works in families, friendships, and the future of all life. No one can move forward while focusing on self-sabotaging, or sabotaging others. Sabotage is the result of always considering “all” options, worrying about what can happen “if,” and spinning webs of confusion to muddy the minds of many on purpose.

While this might seem obvious, how many times do you circumvent your goals by looking back, remembering failures, or wasting energy thinking about the worst case scenario?

Failure of past futile attempts is no reason to give up hope. Change is a constant and often unpleasant reality of life. Yet, past failures do not dictate future outcomes.

Begin again to only take in the knowledge, insight, and ability to move forward in your hopes and dreams transforming them into reality. Concentrate on what your future goal looks like when it plays out positively in your mind.

Considering the plausible opposite is what kills hopes and dreams, stalemates political aspirations, and suppresses the voice of solutions waiting to manifest.

Dream big, plan for peace, harmony, and unity.


War by Edwin Starr ~ What Is It Good For ~ Golden Rule Is The Peaceful Solution

Countries in the one world we all live on that could benefit from this message are: Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Yemen, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa, Somalia, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Pakistan, Ethiopia, in addition to the Mexican Drug War, as of June 2, 2019 according to an article by Oishimaya Sen Nag in World Facts,,4%20Mexico.%20…%205%20Central%20African%20Republic.%20.


The Triangle of Energy ~ Power ~ Light

Splitting hairs over using different terminology totally misses the point of conscious awareness. Semantics is the word for using different words to explain the same thing. Below you will find five triangles which represent the Trinity within Universal Eternal Energy, with different names at each corner, yet all triangles demonstrate the same Universal Eternal Energy.


                                                LIGHT                                          POWER

Each triangle is a human attempt to describe unseen Universal Eternal Energy. Here on Earth, we can see the tell-tale signs of energy by measuring output, sparks of color, and physical zaps to fingers. But how do we define and experience higher frequencies of Universal Eternal Energy?


                                                WISDOM                                    POWER

Let’s lay all the triangles one on top of the other. This would make the top point of the triangle:  ENERGY, LOVE, FATHER, and SOURCE, using the qualities and titles given by human beings to define the first aspect of Universal Eternal Energy.

Stack up the bottom left of each triangle using the qualities and titles given by human beings to define a second aspect of Universal Eternal Energy: LIGHT, WISDOM, FAITH, HOLY SPIRIT, MAHA COHEN.

Lastly, stack up the bottom right of each triangle using the qualities and titles given by human beings to define a second aspect of Universal Eternal Energy: POWER, HOPE, CHRIST CONSCOUSNESS, MAITREYA.

I am using the words Universal Eternal Energy to capture the anatomy of the Trinity, rather than the word God, because there are atheists and agnostics among us. However, their belief systems, just like that of Christians or any other religious denomination, do not negate the reality of the science of how energy works. Remember that the first Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. Therefore, using the term Universal Eternal Energy can be related to by all humanity of any or no belief system, because the Law of Thermodynamics is a Universal Law which always works. It is universal.

The common denominator of Universal Eternal Energy through its varied descriptions is LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS and NON-JUDGMENT; in combination with LIGHT, WISDOM, FAITH, HOLY SPIRIT, and MAHA COHEN; in equal measures of POWER, HOPE, CHRIST/MAITREYA ENERGY. Universal Eternal Energy, ORIGINATOR of the generation of all that is, also known as Pure, Unadulterated Love, and SOURCE, all refer to the Infinite Battery of Cosmic Energy sparking everything else in the material universes, galaxies, all with a wide variety of consciousness and experience.


                                           HOLY SPIRIT                CHRIST/SON/DAUGHTER

Many people also call Father, Mother/Father God, in their understanding of the word Father. In the Bible, in John 4:24, it is written that God is Spirit, which has no gender. All is One.

The third aspect of this Trinity is Christ Consciousness, as Jesus manifested in his being as Jesus Christ. It is the energy of Christ inside Jesus. Jesus taught all the souls of the generation of humankind about this same Christ Consciousness when he taught about the I AM Presence within all human beings. This was such a revolutionary thought that the humanity of his day could scarcely take it in. Remember what he taught in 1 John 4:4, when he said, “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Jesus also said, in Luke 17:21, “nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” The original Sanskrit and Aramaic word “within” was changed to “among” by biblical scribes centuries ago to better align with the doctrine they wish to spread to their flocks. Back in the Roman Empire in the 300-400 A.D. when the early Councils of Nicaea, Laodicea, Trent, and Constantinople were taking place, there was a conscious effort to strip personal Christ Consciousness away from individuals, particularly women, and place any achievement of spiritual growth outside of the person.

It was bought hook, line, and sinker. However, many of today’s Bibles are putting back the original word “within,” replacing the word “among,” which the scribes had changed it to, either consciously or not. Even The New King James version is replace this back to the original wording.

Humanity to this day seems to have a hard time grasping the reality of what Jesus taught, preferring instead to change his words into the belief systems more palatable to the various control systems of thought.

All energy used on Earth and by the Earth, as in solar, wind, electromagnetics, and thermodynamics, demonstrated by Earth’s iron core and its magnetic poles, however tilted they are, are a result of the Big Bang of LIGHT, ENERGY, and POWER in action. Every other reality is the continued generation of life in every mineral, plant, and animal form, including human beings, among others.


                                                FAITH                                            HOPE

Simply put, “Let there be LIGHT,” says it all. Humanity has tangible manifestation of the time/space continuum drop into time, in countless universes, galaxies, planets coexisting within infinity. This is not a religious thing limited by jargon. Not one group of humans, religious, scientific, or any other “ology” group has the last say on how Universal Eternal Energy works. It is eternal, some prefer the word “infinite.”


                                             MAHA COHEN                           MAITREYA

I received my doctorate in Universal Order, June 25, 2021. I have studied Universal Order and Universal Life extensively for the past ten years.

The moment of “Let there be LIGHT,” millions of Sparks of Self-Generated Light shot out as souls of Eternal Life experiencing Itself within Its creation. This is what is meant by “The Big Bang.” Those millions of souls, in part, would be your and my souls.

Science tries to replicate this occurrence in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the world’s largest and highest-energy particle collider. It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and hundreds of universities and laboratories, as well as more than 100 countries. It lies in a tunnel 17 miles in circumference and as deep as 574 feet beneath the France–Switzerland border near Geneva.

Large Hadron Collider near Geneva still attempting to create something from nothing. But whatever they attempt to collide still is “something,” not nothing.

This is not about being “right” and “wrong,” or killing the lives of others because they do not believe as we do. Some do follow the wrong God home, as in the song, Learn To Be Still, by The Eagles.

It is about allowing a broader understanding and grasping the reality of who and what we truly are.


The Dehydration of Our Souls ~ The Confusion About Ourselves ~ The Big Bang ~ And The Giant Crystal Cave

Humanity forgets exactly who each individual is as well as the Universe. We are part of a much bigger whole. Here in this picture, according to Wikipedia, Cave of the Crystals or Giant Crystal Cave (Spanish: Cueva de los cristales) is a cave connected to the NAICA Mine at a depth of 980 feet, in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. It takes the form of a chamber within the limestone host rock of the mine, and is about 358 feet long with a volume of 180,000 to 210,000 cubic feet The chamber contains giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found. The largest is 37.4 feet, with a volume of about 180 cubic feet, and an estimated mass of 12 tons. When it was accessible, the cave was extremely hot, with air temperatures reaching up to 136 °F with 90 to 99 percent humidity. The cave is relatively unexplored because of these factors. Without proper protection, people can only endure approximately ten minutes of exposure at a time. The cave was discovered in April 2000 by brothers Juan and Pedro Sanchez while drilling in the mine. As of October 2015, the mine had reflooded and the cavern filled once more with the water rich in minerals required for the crystals to grow. A group of scientists in the Naica Project have been studying these caverns. THIS PICTURE IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.

Leave it to human beings to complicate things. Millions of years ago through the eons of time, we all knew who we were and why we are here. There was not a division in understanding that we are spiritual beings since we could go back and forth into the womb of eternity to rest and rejuvenate. There was no separation nor competition between souls in this knowledge, for it was the common experience of all souls to return to rest in the bosom of its generation.

As our curiosity grew we spent more and more time away from our homeland of eternity, drawn in by the drama of creation playing out before our eyes. How the Earth formed with vast oceans and dry land, majestic trees towering, fragrant beautiful flowers blooming, and discovering myriad crystals growing within the Earth, is what consumed our interest and attention. We returned less frequently to the original Source of all life until we stopped for the lifesaving refueling of our souls.

The dehydration of our souls through concentration on mesmerizing details in the denser matter of matter, stifled our soul memories of those days of the Land of Mu, also known as Lemuria in the area of the South Pacific Ocean (to which the islands of Hawaii, Samoa, and Tahiti were once connected), as well as Atlantis, once located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the eastern coast of the United States of America, extending to the Mediterranean Sea. Our souls were and still are ethereal when our material bodies became denser in more physical form with the passing of time yet like how memories fade over time and non-communication, we began to forget our spiritual Source, of which we are all intricate Sparks of LOVE, WISDOM, and LIGHT as our POWER.

Don’t forget, the first manifestation was “Let there be LIGHT,” the origin of the Big Bang.

In place of returning to the heart of hearts of Source for that spiritual retreat, our souls began to replace the Almighty Universal Eternal Energy with maligned, human-inspired imitation ritual, dogmas, and belief systems as if they were the same. This also placed the limited view of Almighty Source outside of ourselves, as if the LOVE, WISDOM, and LIGHT/POWER of Almighty Source of All were not also within our souls.

To make matters worse, claiming to have the LOVE, WISDOM, and LIGHT/POWER of the Source of Universal Eternal Energy within each human soul eventually became such a taboo that soon our dulled spiritual senses falsely determined that it was to be a sin to think, say, or act in the truth of our souls. We placed authority outside of ourselves, even limiting the sexes into which we had divided and labeled ourselves, as to who could teach and preach, and who could not by penalty of excommunication and death. We have experienced numerous crusades, genocides, and holocausts over humanly contrived belief systems, spawned by unholy human agendas. The first holocaust occurred in the wiping out of the Canaanites.

Misuse of Earth’s crystal energy ultimately rocked the world in the cataclysmic flood written about in every corner of the world. The problem our souls did not fully realize was that crystal energy is living and intricately incorporated in the Universal Eternal Energy of Almighty Source. This generating Source of ALL life includes all beings in creation, not merely human beings. These beings can seem inanimate, yet ALL life, including life that seems to only exist as single-cell organisms, carries within its DNA structure that Spark of Universal Eternal Energy, even if it appears inanimate. It is a Universal Law, otherwise, it would not exist.

Humanity’s resilience reverted to even denser experiences. We manifested physical bodies encasing and nearly suffocating our individual beautiful I AM Presence of Source, the Spark of our individual Universal Eternal Energy, which animates our physical bodies. Myriad religions popped up in every area of the Earth, each with its own faux authority, rules, and ultimatums outside of the Self. We forgot who we were and how we got here. We forgot that we are made in the image and likeness of Universal Eternal Energy by the thread of each soul, the Silver Cord of Ecclesiastes 12:6-7. We handed over our free will to the controllers of the day. We stayed suppressed like a beach ball held under water, popping up frustrated and unfulfilled. Rather than faithfulness to LOVE, WISDOM, and LIGHT/POWER, we turned to FEAR.

We feared others not exactly like us. We feared the death of our eternal souls. We feared the loss of our autonomy in our countries. We feared those who spoke foreign languages. We feared so much we created huge systems of war machines because fear became the driving force of every thought, word, and action, metastasizing until it was out of control.

After every generation of control-freak religious and political models became outdated, we cautiously felt our own oats, cast aside the obvious fake belief systems, and continued searching for the road back to FREEDOM, LOVE, WISDOM, and LIGHT/POWER from which we came.

Today, in this precious moment in Universal Eternal Energy’s drop into time, is the day of awakening to the conscious reality that enlightenment is possible. Perfecting and correcting our lives is possible. Suddenly many are now coming to grips with the knowledge that past lives are the reincarnation of our individual souls still learning exactly who we are, our mission, our dharma, in this lifetime, and our ultimate journey back into Universal Eternal Energy after perfecting ourselves lifetime after lifetime.

Not all past lifetimes were experienced in a human body, nor only lived on our beloved Mother Earth. Manmade creation stories became popular in the dulled minds of humanity. While our current human bodies were made of the stuff of the Earth, foreshadowed by all the Earth’s minerals neatly combined in our daily vitamins, our souls are and always were Sparks of Universal Eternal Energy of LOVE, WISDOM, AND LIGHT/POWER. Since our souls are made in the image and likeness of Universal Eternal Energy, our souls have no beginning nor end. When we finally perfect our lives, regardless of how many lifetimes needed to accomplish this Divine mission, we continue in the Universal Eternal Essence of pure LOVE, Wisdom, and LIGHT/POWER, reuniting individual soul Sparks with our Grander Self. Nothing is ever reversed, because self-generating Creation continues in Its generation. Even the Galaxies and Universes continue to manifest life in this way.

Why do human beings require vitamins, minerals and plant-based Amino Acids in our vitamins for optimal health, such as: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, as well as plant-based Amino Acids, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin K2, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Vitamin B12, Lutein, Zeaxanthin D-Beta Tocopherols, D-Gamma Tocopherols, D-Delta Tocopherols, D- Alpha Tocopherol, Vitamin D3, Grape Seed and Skin Extract, Green Tea Extract, Proteases (Bromelain), Papain, Quercetin Powder, Bilberry Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Devil’s Claw Root Extract (plant extract), Ginger Root Extract, Chokeberry (fruit) Extract, Angelica Gigas Root Extract, Turmeric Root Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Tocotrienol Complex, Fish Oil, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Methylsulfonylmethane, Folic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI, Bacopa Monnieri, Curcumin, Huperzine A, Rosemary Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid, Soy Lecithin, and last but not least the Proprietary Blends of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium, Bifidobacterium, Bifidobacterium, and Fructooligosaccharides?

All these vitamins, minerals, acids, and plant-based nutrition, are part of the living Earth, just as are crystals growing in the ground when combined with the right amount of water, sunlight, heat and/or cold. Crystals continue to grow, expanding in other manifestations such as quartz crystals transforming into amethysts, rose quartz, citrine, or a host of every other mineral when these transformations meet with conditions perfect for their growth.

Although it may take millions of years for crystals to grow, they are still evolving if they remain connected to the Earth. Other worldly crystals, like Moldavite, which arrived on the Earth from other meteoritic sources, could no longer continue to grow after being strewn in a field once found in Czechoslovakia, which since January 1993 was split into two sovereign states of Czechia and Slovakia. Similarly, Labradorite is a crystal broken off from its other-worldly base, not of the Earth, which will also not continue to grow.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. The same holds true for the energy of our souls. They cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. Why? Because the energy of our souls is the shared energy of the largest battery of all, Universal Eternal Energy, which has no end. It is eternal. We have the only hands and minds with which Universal Eternal Energy has to experience Its Self-Generated reality.

Once we understand this better, we will be of better use for all humanity, the Earth, and the entire Universe.


How To Treat Others

When humanity does not treat others they way we want to be treated, cruel atrocities happen.

The solution is simple. But it is the most simple solutions that seem to be the most difficult to implement, such as, simply stop drink, drug, food, and gambling addictions; as well as stop harming others over differing ideologies. All humanity needs your peaceful, positive help. Enough of only looking at the differences between people. No two of us are the same. We are all different, unique, and special, regardless of the corner of the world from which we hail. There is only one race, the human race.

Now is the time to come together for peaceful solutions that build up humanity, all humanity of every variety of human beings , not just the white, straight, English speaking, Anglo-Saxons, and particularly Americans who have only been in the United States of America for three or four generations, making everyone descendants of immigrants. The greatest testimony of your life is not only what happens to you and yours.

If you are a human being on planet Earth at this time, you have a critical influence in your circle of friends and family, to defuse arguments in an effort to find common ground for the common good of all. Now is the time to rise up from the lowest common denominator of labeling people and only seeing the differences among humanity, elevating thoughts and conversations to what builds up people rather than separating and tearing each other apart. There is a lot each individual can do to lessen the stress and strain within all relationships and with conversations with others.

It is helpful to drop the me versus them mentality, which is the scarcity mentality. In this kind of thinking, people think if others get any kind of benefit, then there won’t be enough left for them. Things simply do not work this way.

An example of this negative thinking is if individuals assume it is impossible to help the Afghan people, in their plight for their lives, especially those who helped not only American soldiers, but also more than 100 other countries, 51 NATO partners, according the the US State Department.

With the abundance mentality, not only do you get everything you need, you draw to you only the things which are best for your health, employment, and finances, etc. Opportunity and creativity abounds. Anyone who has not experienced this abundance has stopped thinking in this way and shifted to the lower vibration thoughts which is why they manifest the lower vibration reality.

The tried and true guideline is to follow the Golden Rule: treat others they way you wish to be treated. There is no judgment in this thinking, only treating others with respect, love without conditions, and genuine empathy and compassion in the way you would wish to be understood and treated.

Now is the time to broaden our mental and emotional horizons in every country in the world able to reach out for the good of humankind.



Spirals Are Forever series. Arrangement of vortex fractal on the subject of science technology and design. Notice the triangle building blocks of life: Love, Wisdom, Power, without which nothing exists.

Notice the numerous triangles above in this presentation of the building block energies of life. There is always the foundation of the triangle, the tripod, the pyramid of life. It is one of the sacred shapes in all creation. Under a microscope you will see triangle shapes in our blood and skin. The Universal Laws of Life are also built upon the rule of three, as in the Trinity, among other numerous examples.

The Universal Law of Life is based upon the pyramid of LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER. One aspect of this trio minus one or two of the others throws the pyramid into imbalance. Whatever is built upon a crippled pyramid will topple over. At first, this might seem obvious. Yet how many individuals, groups, and governments worldwide attempt to do just that; rule with power void of love and/or wisdom?

For perfect health and harmony of individuals, civic and social groups, as well as states and countries worldwide, the balance of LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER must be considered and implemented in order that the generation of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is possible for all citizens of every country, not just for the United States of America.

Without LOVE, POWER and WISDOM becomes maligned against Universal Order and Universal Law, resulting in a disfigured, fear-based society, as the days of Hitler’s Germany, little children pulling the wings off flies, or having no problem pulling nursing babies away from their mothers, separating families and inhumanly putting men, women, and children in cages void of adequate mental, physical, and spiritual care.

Without WISDOM, LOVE transforms into the Woodstock free-love expressions void of consequences and responsibilities. Without WISDOM, individuals, groups, and society worldwide regress into animalistic thoughts, words, and behaviors. Nothing ever stays the same. Humanity either moves forward or backward in relation to the paradigm used. Humanity can mature or revert further back into the animal kingdom from which humanity came. There comes a time in every age for a metanoia experience, a complete change for the betterment of humanity by reinstituting WISDOM, otherwise the society, group, or individual falls.

Without POWER, LOVE and WISDOM ponder the beauties of life without the plan and purpose POWER provides. Without POWER, individuals, groups, and governments operate like a rudderless ship sailing on turbulent seas. Endless variety of options may be considered but no decisions can be made without the use of POWER. Without POWER, individuals, groups, and governments sail along wherever the tide takes them. Often individuals, groups and governments will point fingers at what others have done to them, when the reality is that they did not use the POWER within their ability. Without POWER, individuals, groups, and governments make themselves victims, not that they are victims unless they choose to be.

The wake-up call in all these scenarios is to reintroduce the missing and necessary component of LOVE, WISDOM, and/or POWER. Like with all relationships, change need not be revolutionary. Changes can be made with the human traits of empathy, compassion, and intelligent and accurate education which opens the doors to diplomacy, possibility thinking, and peaceful negotiation as the initial options. There are many ways of problem solving that do not include sinking to the lowest common denominator. When the betterment of humankind is considered, humanity in every society as well as the Earth benefits.

The Earth is included in all the above scenarios mentioned above. The human ego might be focused on material wealth and gain at any cost, but when the Earth stops providing oxygen because humanity decided to misuse their LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER by cutting down all the rainforests, which are the lungs of the planet, or pollute the seas killing off the food supply, or heat up the Earth by blindly not caring enough about greenhouse gas emissions, then the Earth will die along with the individuals, groups, and governments that once called Earth home.

All life is built upon the dynamic energy of LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER throughout the Universe. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed from one form to another. Therefore, what began from the womb of eternity will continue to eternity, with no beginning nor end. Each individual who makes up the various groups of people and governments discussed here is a vital part of the Universal Eternal Energy life stream. Each human person is the expression and experience of the manifestation of Universal Eternal Energy currently existing on Earth.

Since eternity has no beginning nor end, humanity, as living, breathing, feeling, energetic life signatures, has the opportunity to perfect itself and the Earth in the process. Life teaches that what is sown is also reaped. Let all humanity in every country in this precious living, vibrant Earth, mature into the Loving, Wise, and Powerful individuals of every gender, ideology, race, creed, belief system, color, ethnicity, height, weight, eye-color, and every other difference the human race has shortsightedly separated themselves into.

There is more to life than one way to think. Education is key. Peace is paramount and possible. What we focus on grows. Let us focus on sending healing, loving, wise, and powerful prayers and healing energies to all corners of this beautiful Earth and all the individuals, groups, and governments existing upon it.

If we decide to use our LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER for selfish, material, or political gain, we will reap the seeds sown. If we manage to kill the Earth and ourselves in the process, it is good to remember that energy cannot be destroyed, only changed, meaning life will continue on other worlds and us in other forms of life. That is what infinity is all about. But why not try to learn life-affirming problem solving here and now?

Universal Eternal Energy is experiencing in and through us.

All is ONE.


John Armitage and Sarani Anisoara Cismasu Interview


I’s Like To Teach The World To Sing by The Hillside Singers


If I Had A Hammer by Peter, Paul and Mary


Psychic ~ Spiritualistic ~ Astrology ~ Numerology ~ Theology All Breed And Breathe Limitations Into Your World

You are not limited by your sun sign, your moon sign, retrograde planets, your palm reading, any Tarot card, your cult or religion, nor any other limiting belief system. You are born with free will, your personality, your interests and the ability to learn, mature, and discover new things about yourself everyday.

While humanity takes pleasure and makes careers in astrology, numerology, religion, cults, psychic abilities, personality types, and every other means by which we call ourselves individuals, the key everyone would benefit from remembering is: YOU HAVE FREE WILL AND ARE NOT LIMITED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM BY ANY KIND OF READING SOMEONE ELSE GIVES YOU.

The three Sources of Universal Eternal Energy are LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER. The experience of psychic, spiritualistic, astrology, numerology, theology and such “ologies” fall into the area known as the sinister force, dealing with the limitations, boundaries, categories, types, and divisions of the system being discussed here. Each of these categories describe limitations, rules that appear to prohibit individuals from exploring their lives outside of themselves.

It is important for humanity to know this code is WITHIN ourselves, not OUTSIDE of ourselves. You know what is right for you, how you “tick.” You know when it is time to learn something new, or when some other situation no longer works for you.

Do not accept any limitation others in any realm attempt to place upon you. Cults and religions all want you to bow down and conform. Psychic, astrology, numerology readings may be able to reveal your past and your tendencies, and may even predict the future, to a point. But all of these gurus do not own the rights to your personal free will.

People have a tendency to fulfill what they have been told, as if the medium or spiritualistic person knew all. Humans are like that, at least, some humans are. Others have such strong minds, will, and hearts that absolutely nothing will deter them from their quest in life.

Some of the readings people pay for are right on, and are 100 percent accurate, for the moment. But this is the same situation people find themselves in when they finally figure out whose fault something is. After finding out who did the bad happening, humanity still gets to the point of what to do next, and how to move on. It is not about punishing the one at fault. At some point, it is time to move on the solve the problem.

The problem in this case is taking back our personal power away from the gurus of psychic, spiritualistic, astrology, numerology, theology, and any other system devised to tell you how to think, speak, and act. Even with this blog, I will point out all the things I have learned over 60 plus years. No one has to do anything I suggest, nor follow any path I shine a light on. Everyone has their own free will. Neither I, nor anyone else usurps that from you. Others do not steal your free will. You give it to them, freely. Don’t do that.

I continue learning from others all the time. I take what contributes to holistic health and well-being, and leave the rest. We are all in the same boat. I say, “Whatever floats your boat.” Your boat, which is your life in this analogy, is directed by your free will, to float anyway you choose.

We all know, without looking at any metaphysical calendar, exactly when the planet Mercury goes retrograde. Schedules go kerflooky, attitudes get attitude, material things break or go missing. It is how we deal with these days that makes all the difference in the world. Do we think, “Oh, Mercury is retrograde, so I will sit down down now, check out of the day, sit on the couch eating bon-bons, and watch TV?” I recommend not doing that because even the TV might get weird. No, we use our free will to manifest the best we can out of each and every day, unless we have adopted the “poor me syndrome,” a maligned product of free will in which we gave our free will away to the occurrences of the day. Don’t do that either.

As soon as you decide to break free from all restrictions placed upon you by the “ology” of others, the sooner you will be able to advance in the activation and use of your own free will. Everyone in every place on this Earth is born with free will. It is in the acceptance of the restrictions others place upon you that appears to usurp your free will. No matter where we live, you have the use of free will in your mind and how you choose to use it.

Twice I have suggested, “Don’t do that,” and “Don’t do that either.” You have free will to advance in your own personal power or to give it away. The choice is yours. No one has to do as I say. If you want to give your free will away to others, that is your free choice, and my love goes with you still. My Light shines on what helps every individual in the world, regardless of who you are, or where you live, to advance in conscious awareness and enlightenment aiming towards the eventual Ascension of each one. It is your responsibility for your own life whether or not you choose to Ascend in this lifetime, or hundreds or thousands of lifetimes later. The karma you have is yours, accumulated by you, lifetime after lifetime, accumulated by your one and only soul, and can be released by you, and no one else. Balancing your life is key. Find the most Love, Wisdom, Light Power to address all life issues, and you will have success.

I am a Source of Love and Light fueled by my I AM Presence, my Spark of Universal Eternal Energy, as is each and everyone on Earth. It is only a matter of time before humanity wakes up, realizing their own Source of Love, Wisdom, and Power held within the human vessel of their minds and hearts.


September 11-12, 2021 New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Basic Master Workshop Completely Filled ~ Basic Master Teacher Workshop October 9-11, 2021 ~ 13D November 13-14 AND 20-21, 2021

September 11-12, 2021 NPMDT Basic Master Workshop Completely Filled. Next NPMDT Basic Master Workshop is scheduled for April 9-10, 2022. Early registration suggested.

New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (NPMDT) is a conscious raising awareness currently available to all humanity. It is refreshing to learn there is more to energy work and transformational Universal Eternal Energy, which is love without conditions, restrictions, and judgments. The September 11-12, 2021 NPMDT Basic Master Workshop filled up fast. The next NPMDT Basic Master Workshop will be April 9-10, 2022. Check out the website of the International School of Esoteric Sciences at

PREREQUISITE for this Basic Master Teacher Workshop is the Basic Master Workshop and/or the New Paradigm 13 Dimensional Master Workshop. Students will need to provide proof of the certificate number on the Basic Master or 13D class/workshop they have previously taken, along with the name of the teacher, and location of the class/workshop. Class size is 4 students.

The Basic Master Teacher is a three-day workshop which also takes advantage of the Monday, Columbus Day holiday. Students will learn how to teach:

  • The Philosophy of New Paradigm MDT
  • Theory of Disease and the Emotional Body
  • Theory of Channeling Energy
  • How to Facilitate Energy Sessions
  • Grounding After Energy Work
  • How to Treat Yourself
  • How to Treat Others
  • Brain Balancing
  • Brain Balancing Exercises
  • Antahkarana Activation
  • Hands On Practice
  • Information on Chakras


  • What Self-Mastery Means to You as an Individual
  • The Responsibilities of Mastery
  • Responsibility to Students of a Master Teacher
  • How to Activate Others
  • How to Clear Energy Blockages from the Bodies
  • Hands On and Activation Practice
  • How to Facilitate a Workshop
  • Staying in Touch and the Foundation
  • On Freedom and Boundaries

People are invited to register and pay for this workshop by September 25, 2021 in order that registration to the International School of Esoteric Sciences can take place, and the manual, which is copyrighted and trademarked, can be produced and received in time for the workshop. Cost for this workshop is $379. Payment may be made by credit card at:; or by check mailed to: Lin Hourihan, PO Box 75, Fiskdale, MA 01518.

Please email to register at:, or call 413-245-0129. This workshop takes place at 3 Lake Drive, Holland, MA 01521.

Upon completion of this workshop, students will be able to teach the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (NPMDT) Basic Master Workshop. John Armitage, co-founder of the NPMDT Workshops, along with Germain, teaches the 13D Master Teacher nine-day workshop.


13D MDT Workshop is a four day workshop which will take lace on 2 consecutive weekends: November 13-14 AND November 20-21, 2021.

This 13D MDT four-day Workshop will take place over the course of two back-to-back weekends, for your convenience, November 13-14, 202 1 AND November 20-21, 2021. This is a 32-hour certified curriculum course of the School of Esoteric Sciences. As the year winds down, it is a good time to go within and receive 13 meditations and activations. These are not one-size-fits-all-activations, allowing for individual energetic, personal growth, development and awareness to bloom. Class size is 4 students.

This 13D MDT Workshop includes activations of the most expansive and most recent evolutionary energies available to humanity on this planet. Also included are clearings, code activations, and personal activations including 12 dimensions of these personal transformation energies, plus the 13th activation which opens you to further ones as they become available to humanity and as you are ready.

If students travel from far away, there are many hotels and restaurants in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Students are responsible to bring their own snacks and lunches.

This 13D MDT Workshop is a prerequisite in order to take the Basic Master Teacher Workshop May 13-15, 2022. It is also a prerequisite in order to take the nine-day 13D Master Teacher Workshop, which is only taught by John Armitage.

This workshop will be taught in the English language with no translator. To register, email, or call 413-245-0129. It is suggested to register and pay for this workshop by October 30, 2021, in order that registration in the International School of Esoteric Sciences can take place, and the certificate, and manual (which is both copyrighted and trademarked), will be received in time for this workshop. This workshop takes place at 3 Lake Drive, Holland, MA 01521. Cost for this workshop is $486. Credit card payments made at: Checks may be mailed to: Lin Hourihan, PO Box 75, Fiskdale, MA 01518.

The world is in need of solutions for unity, harmony, peace, empathy, compassion, cooperation for the common good of all. Now is the time to expand our horizons, grow our hearts and minds, so that our souls reflect our dharma and mission in this lifetime.


A Time To Build Up ~ A Time For Peace ~ I Swear It’s Not Too Late

Turn, Turn, Turn by Roger McGuinn, formerly of The Byrds. at The Marty Stuart Show

Pete Seeger’s original song, “Turn, Turn, Turn” written in the 1950s and first recorded in 1959, took a page out of the book of Ecclesiastes, specifically the first eight verses of the third chapter. It was originally released in 1962 under the title, “To Everything There Is a Season” on the folk group, the Limelighters’ album, Folk Matinee, and then some months later on Seeger’s album, The Bitter and the Sweet.

The folk rock group, theByrds, turned into an international hit in late 1965. The single entered the U.S. chart at number 80 on October 23, 1965, before reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on December 4, 1965. In Canada, it reached number 3 on November 29, 1965, and also peaked at number 26 on the UK Singles Chart.

It is just as relevant today as it was the day it was written, in approximately 1,000 BC.



“Blowin’ In The Wind” by Chad Mitchell Trio


The Discord In Your Life Keeps Repeating Lifetime After Lifetime Until You Address It

The accumulation of discord and life issues you have experienced in every incarnation back into a physical human body repeats, since you are the one who created and repeated the patterns sparking each following reincarnation. The second we mature, own our own creations, and learn how to properly treat ourselves and each other, the sooner we perfect ourselves and make our Ascension.

Discord is not something that happens to us, nor simply happens on the world stage. Discord is something we create and sustain by our focus upon it. Discord has our own human signature. This happens in world issues as well as personal issues. Notice that when we decide any issue of the day is not important enough to care about, they tend to disappear and lose importance. Or when we treat problems of the day with levity or good humor, those discord moments also tend to disappear.

We manifest what we focus upon. This is not to say that a discordant situation of someone else’s design does not affect you. But how you deal with it is your contribution to either fueling the fire, putting out the fire, or letting the fire burn out of its own accord without any contribution from you. Gossip circles and character assassinations are such fires that would soon stop if we all changed the subject to something more productive.

Each human being is a Spark of Universal Eternal Energy experiencing through this lived experience. Life is a school of learning offering us many opportunities to solve complicated life issues. When handled with empathy, compassion and love, we grow in character development and perfect ourselves. When we harden our hearts and decide to work with coldness, rude, arrogant and egotistical behaviors, all we are doing is assigning future lifetimes to more of the same struggle until we “get it,” that these life issues will keep repeating until we finally learn that there is more to this life than we first thought.

The reason humanity will keep repeating life issues of the failed past is because we are the ones who created these issues. These issues are our stuff. We will reap what we sow, always.

Remember your soul Source, Universal Eternal Energy, which has no beginning or ending. This Source of all life everywhere is eternal. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. Your soul is part of this amazing, beautiful dynamic energy. Perfecting ourselves through the trials and tribulations of life proves our mettle.

The animating dynamic of your soul is its I AM Presence, which is the life of Universal Eternal Energy giving you life. When you pray, meditate and contemplate, it is this Source that responds to you. You are the Spark of Divine Love, Light, and Life existing on the Earth for the purpose of Universal Eternal Energy experiencing all of life through you.

You have freedom. You have free will. You do not have to do anything, be manipulated or guilted into doing anything. You can choose to do evil thoughts, words, and actions, or you can choose to do good thoughts, words, and actions. Human beings make mistakes. Expect to do that. But also forgive yourself and others, because, after all, you are still just a human being; a marvelous human being, but until you perfect yourself, well, here you are.

Enjoy the wonder, the awe present in every day life. Solve what you can for your own peace of mind. You are amazing and have a heart, mind, and soul to guide you.

Have a beautiful day!


14 Tell-Tale Markers Present In All Cults ~ How To Tell If You Have Fallen Into A Political Or Religious Cult ~ Mental Health

God gave you free will. Listen to your gut instinct. Do not give away your personal power, especially to any group telling you to give up your God-given rights to your mind, body, and spirit. Cult Antidote: Never hand over your personal power or relinquish your free will to any person, place or thing at any time for any reason, ever.

Beware of modern day cults, especially those that tell you they are not a cult, political or otherwise.

I am writing this for the many people in these modern times, who were looking for religious and/or political answers for that something more in life, and got caught up in a contagious web of diversion and dark human inspiration, a cult.

Getting drawn into the cult mindset usually happens slowly and insidiously. It begins with well-meaning reasoning to better yourself or humanity, and looking outside of yourself for the answers, as if some other person or group possesses that which you do not think that you have.

A trip many good people fall on is the concept, “It’s just my opinion. I have a right to my own opinion.” While it is true that everyone has a right to his or her own opinion, rabid cult followers are not free to think anything other than what the religious and/or political cult leader tells them to think. This gets permeated throughout the entire group culture like the leaven in the dough.

All cults have tell-tale markers. Once these are recognized, it becomes easier to separate our beliefs in politics, or anything else, from the mind-controlling guru at the top who has spread the common cult-misinformation lie, that only he is the answer to the current situation in the country, or church, or any other group. They are all the same in this trait. The guru touts that only he or she, no one else and no other thing could possibly resolve today’s proposed crisis in faith, health, wealth, justice, and law and order.

What religious and political cult leaders do know is how to exert concerted effort to influence, bully, control, manipulate, exploit, and in the worst cases to abuse your body, mind and spirit in their unholy aim.

This is abuse.

This is mental abuse.

This is physical abuse.

This is spiritual abuse.


There is more than one cult present in the world today. All of them deny that they are a cult. There are 14 tell-tale marks present in all cults. The following post points out these life-altering pitfalls to watch out for.

All cults have similar characteristics. Here is a list of 14 characteristics that help to define a cult:

“1. • The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader, and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law.

2. • Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

3. • Mind-altering practices (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, or debilitating work routines) are used in excess and serve to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s).

4. • The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel (e.g., members must get permission to date, change jobs, or marry or leaders prescribe what to wear, where to live, whether to have children, how to discipline children, and so forth).

5. • The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s), and its members (e.g., the leader is considered the Messiah, a special being, an avatar or the group and/or the leader is on a special mission to save humanity).

6. • The group has a polarized, us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society.

7. • The leader is not accountable to any authorities (unlike, for example, teachers, military commanders, or ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream religious denominations).

8. • The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (e.g., lying to family or friends, or collecting money for bogus charities).

9. • The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt in order to influence and control members. Often this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.

10. • Subservience to the leader or group requires members to cut ties with family and friends, and radically alter the personal goals and activities they had before joining the group.

11. • The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

12. • The group is preoccupied with making money. The group will disagree with this statement, but will be interested in you handing over your home and possessions at the end of your life.

13. • Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group and group-related activities.

14. • Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members.” Taken from the online article Characteristics of Cults,” by Janna Lalich and Michael Pantone.

Political cult leaders usually have a militant mindset, baiting their conversations to the general public with salted words inciting their cult followers to do illegal, underhanded and/or conniving actions, while stoking violence towards those they wish to suppress.

Suppression is the tool political cult leaders use for organizing people into certain groups or sections of cities under their control, such as red-lining districts, rigging the mail system, and suppressing free and fair elections. If political elections were actually held freely and fairly they could possibly lose, so manipulation, coercion, extortion become acceptable tactics to the political cult leaders. Once judges, juries and courts have been bought and compromised, it becomes harder for free and fair elections to take place.

A political cult leader, like every other religious cult leader, beats the drum of fear. The lowest common denominator that motivates followers of any kind is anger. Fear is the only fuel that stokes the constant rage; fear of losing power, fear of losing wealth, fear of the fake kingdom they have carved out for themselves at the extreme expense of the duped followers who chant his praises and pour their hard earned money into the political cult leader’s pockets.

It is not only the duped followers who follow political cult leaders. It is also the greedy corporations, acting as if they were people rather than huge conglomerates of wealth and power which seek to promote the political cult leader in order to maintain or grow in more wealth and power, without any boundaries, regardless of ethics, morals or any negative effect on the citizens of the country.


“The most loyal members (the “true believers”) feel there can be no life outside the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be, and often fear reprisals to themselves or others if they leave — or even consider leaving — the group,” say Janja Lalich and Michael Langone in their online article Characteristics of Cults.

Excerpts are from the book, Take Back Your Life: Recovering From Cults and Abusive Relationships by Janja Lalich and Madeline Tobias at Bay Tree Publishing.

Political cult followers who are unaware that they have fallen into the cult mentality, can find themselves carrying the cult flag, following the political leader as if this one person is the only person to lead the country, as if he or she were a god. This political type of cult leader is transformed by his “followers” into a god-like leader, when in fact, he is merely just another human being. Any rebuttal is met by his faithful, political cult followers, no matter how much truth there is in the facts, with the cult-like wave of resistance. They support the political cult leader, no matter what truth and facts point out.

A tell-tale tip of the political cult mindset is that it is closed system. No outside information nor influence is regarded as truth. Only the political cult leader proclaims “truth.” A political cult leader proclaims anything other than the lies he is spewing is “fake news.” There is no comparing both sides of any issue. The very idea of considering any other political viewpoint is considered as traitorous, when it is actually the political cult leader who has hijacked his base, who is the traitor. In this case, political cult followers’ minds have been sufficiently and successfully conditioned. These minds are no longer free to think what they want to think. It is George Orwell’s 1984 all over again. It is worth reading again.

People’s Magazine sponsored a television show in 2019 on the cult, Word of Faith Fellowship, (under the disguise of religion) which oddly enough is attracting modern day men, women and children into its criminally abusive practices, in my opinion, since I believe whacking any man, woman or child for 14 hours straight with an 18 inch wooden mallet without reprieve while simultaneously screaming at them, and/or withholding food from the apparent victim is criminal. This cult is one of many popping up these days. While this show revealed the aspects of cults to watch out for, the guidelines to follow in order to get out of any cult are the same for political cult followers as it is for religious cult followers. Both are unhealthy.

Whether you have been involved with this or any other cult-like religious or political group, reclaim your mental, physical and spiritual self as soon as possible. Fear of being abused in any or all of these forms is not the path to the loving God, nor a democratic government. Fear of being abused is a faulty human-manipulation-tactic used as political-social-structural, social-psychological, inter-behavior patterns to get you to submit your will to the misguided will of the cult group, in this case, the political cult group.

Fear is the ultimate weapon cults use.

You were never intended to become a slave to someone else’s idea of how to know and/or follow a religious and/or political leader. A political cult leader, nor any religious cult minister, is not more worthy of being human than you. They do not know more than you about the noble qualities you want instilled in your political leaders despite what their forceful words erroneously imply. One day in the presence of political or religious cult leaders of any title they use to inflate their own self-worth, is enough to shine a light on the soon to erupt volcano of emotional, physical and spiritual harm they eventually unleash.

Physical abuses can be seen. But the seemingly invisible mental abuses political and religious cult leaders inflict on their unsuspecting subjects is not God-inspired nor politically productive for a democratic nation, nor any healthy congregation of believers. Political and religious cult leaders cling to an un-holy god of deception, by the use of manipulation, fear, obligation and guilt.

Listen to that inner voice inside yourself, your conscience, and realize you are right to escape the cult. Political and religious cults are evil personified, no matter what they say to the opposite. Cults are heavy into guilt motivation, but that does not make them right.

You already know this, but it is worth repeating:

What political and religious cult leaders do know is how to exert concerted effort to influence, bully, control, manipulate, exploit, and in the worst cases to abuse your body, mind and spirit in their unholy aim. This is abuse. This is mental abuse. This is physical abuse. This is spiritual abuse.


Abuse in all these forms is criminal and must not be tolerated by any human being on earth.

Stand up for your God-given gift of free will. Use your free will to get out. Use your free will to vote. No one owns the rights to your mind, your voice or your life. Your life, body, mind and soul belong to you.

This life is a school of learning how to recognize that the breath of Eternal Energy is within you, enlightening you. But it takes your conscious awareness to understand that you are in full control of your mind, body, and spirit. If this is not the case for you in the present moment, make this your goal to be the free and loving soul you were meant to be.

God loves you. God forgives you. God dwells within your sacred heart. You are a child of God here on earth. God experiences life in and through you. Only you can live your life. Only you can vote your conscience. If you have given over the rights to your mind, body or spirit to other religious or political groups, or any other group claiming rights over you, use your free will to walk away. Those are not your friends. Neither your political affiliation nor your friends can usurp your God-given rights.

Cult Antidote: Never hand over your personal power or relinquish your free will to any person, place or thing at any time for any reason, ever.

You can do this.


Mental Health ~ Go For The Next Highest Best Thought ~ Raise Your Vibration

Mental health is just as important for total health and well-being as physical and spiritual health is. It is part of the tripod that holds healthy humans up. Ignoring mental health issues can be just as devastating as ignoring appendicitis issues. Today we are well past the stigma of mental health labels.

Remember that help is always available. Always seek a mental health counselor if you feel you need someone to talk things over and work things out.

Still, there are self-help things that can help to calm and relax the mind. Do you feel immobilized by indecision?

Take a moment to think about and write down the issue. Next, write down all the positive possibilities, without restrictions, reasons, or excuses. Brainstorming allows us to think outside the box. A new perspective can bring in fresh ideas. There are always new ideas to be had.

Scent is a strong mental helper. Essential oils can invigorate or calm down, like lavender or citrus. Lighting scented candles can also help.

It is said that music soothes the savage breast. Are you upset? Switch on calming or upbeat music immediately changes the vibrational frequency in the room. For point of information, there are two variations of this phrase, music calms the savage beast and music tames the savage beast.  This idiom is actually a misquote of a line from the play The Mourning Bride from the year 1697. The British poet William Congreve wrote this originally as music hath charms to sooth a savagebreast.

Does any of this change the situation you might be struggling with? No. But in the process of doing something different, other that repeating negative stories or life situations with a friend, you are changing the vibrational frequency from low to higher. When you do this, more possibilities arrive to the mind that otherwise first thought. New suggestions can arise when not suppressed by the ego, which sometimes wants to keep the status quo.

Do the next best thing you can do. Go for a walk. Stop the confusion. Make a decision for good health. Smile at others and watch them smile back. Do something out of the ordinary. It is possible to feel better.

Have a beautiful day!


The Bondage of Ignorance

Ignorance deforms the mind, body, and spirit, crippling personal, character, and social development. Humanity has free will, to learn or not learn, to grow out of ignorance, or to wallow in it. Ignorance has no redeeming value except to give a clue that there is so much more to know.

There are times humanity wants to be right more than it desires accurate knowledge, about life and many other things. Perhaps the most self-sabotaging thing we can do is to dig our heels in on subjects we have not fully investigated.

How many of us did the research necessary to choose a particular belief system, investigating all the many religions and ideologies, before settling in on the only way to believe the way our parents and grandparents did?

Many of these belief systems say their salvation is outside of the human body. Fear is the tactic used over the centuries which had proved most beneficial to keep the throngs of its followers in line. It seems if people are scared enough, subjugated enough, and threatened enough, then the masses will tow the line and obey.

Handing over your personal power to other people, places, and things, is never a good idea; not even to Saints, Angels, Archangels, Masters, nor Ascended Masters. No one of these identities needs nor benefits from our total oblation of ourselves.

Jesus the Christ told us that the kingdom of God is within us. Bibles over the years have adulterated this message, saying that the kingdom of God is “among” us, which is taken to mean Jesus is “among,” us, outside of us, but that is not what ancient Hebrew says in the Interlinear Bible in Hebrew, Greek, and English says. Each one of us has our own Christ self. Are we aware of this?

We are now at a moment in history when it has come to light, that humanity has reached a more expanded vibrational frequency within their understanding, that Jesus actually meant what he said. Again, other factions may still be stuck in the archaic control systems in thinking in which they might have been indoctrinated.

How do you break free, when the heart knows there is more to understand?

More education is most always the answer. One way to loosen the ties that bind the mind tight with fear, is to take a two-day Basic Master Workshop in New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (NPMDT). These classes and workshops open the door to freedom which humanity has had all along.

Clearing the clutter of the mind, like clearing the clutter of the closets in our homes, brings clarity and freshness. It is necessary to clear away what no longer serves us to make room for the more important things, like expanded knowledge into ideas and concepts we dared not think or understand before.

Fear is not what ought to be motivating us. In place of fear, love is a far more motivating and sustainable force. But it is hard to fill up with love when fear insidiously lurks beneath the surface of our emotional selves.

The next NPMDT Basic Master Workshop I am offering takes place September 11-12, 2021, from 10 am – 6 pm. It is an opportunity to refresh your energy in freedom and love without conditions. There will be clearance meditations that will focus on releasing what no longer serves you, and awakening this dynamic, living light and love that motivates the heart, mind, and soul.

For those coming from a distance, there are hotels and restaurants in the neighboring town of Sturbridge, MA.

This Basic Master Workshop is a certified course curriculum of the International School of Esoteric Sciences. I am a certified teacher in this school. Germain is offering these workshops to the world now ready for the next level of energy that transforms fear into love, and oppression into freedom.

Anyone who feels called may take this workshop. More details are listed to the right of this blog, or for more details on the International School of Esoteric Sciences, go to I am listed under the “Courses” tab, and “Teacher” tab. Click on my picture to find my 2021-2022 courses, descriptions, and details.

Students will experience guided meditations, and hands on practice. All levels energy workers are welcome, as well as those new in energy work. There are breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions, as well as a lunch break, in the old forest setting, at 3 Lake Drive, Holland, MA 01521. Students are advised to bring snacks, drinks, and a bag lunch.

The Cost for this workshop is $265, which is due 9/4/21 for registration in the International School of Esoteric Sciences to take place and for textbooks to be published and mailed in time for the workshop. Credit cards may be processed at Checks may be mailed to: Lin Hourihan, PO Box 75, Fiskdale, MA 01518. To register, email me at


Power ~ Love Without Conditions ~ Wisdom ~ The Tripod of Manifestation

The Seed of Life is the glue that holds all life together in the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.

What is this I AM Presence all about? Is it just a theory or gimmick, or is there something more here?

By now, everyone knows what we will and will not allow in our lives. Whether or not we are conscious of it or not, we are tapping into our individual I AM Presence when this happens. If we give up on what we will or will not allow in our lives, we can get carried away by the tide of popular opinion, will of others, and/or the complete shut down of our dharma in this life.

It is not just a thing of the mind. It is not enough to say, “I AM Presence,” find me a new job, or healthcare, or anything else, without the power of the feeling and the intentional wisdom called forth, which fuels it into being. Words are just words until they affect our hearts, voices, and actions.

This is how to manifest everything, a peaceful, loving, compassionate self, family, neighborhood, town or city, state and country. It starts with a powerful intention, with the wise drive to make it happen. Wisdom is key. It manifests through the Laws of Life, the Laws of Karma, which is the law we see play out every day with cause and effect.

An interesting thing happens when twisted, maligned, dark energies attempt to use Universal Laws of Life for their unholy agendas. Universal Laws demonstrate that seeds sown are the results they reap; meaning, seeds sown to destroy, thwart, and subvert the good being done, ultimately results in the destruction of their own efforts. It is because of the seeds they have sown, no matter how much power or effort they apply. It is a Universal Law. It works every time, like a boomerang thrown out to hurt, returns to harm its sender.

The tripod of power, love without conditions, and wisdom are the powerful building blocks in all of life, which first began with thought before the density of matter. Put living matter under a microscope and you will discover the seven geometric shapes. The first building block is the tripod.

Power also manifests as light, for example, as inspiration, enlightenment, drive, and gumption. Often like lightening, power can be seen as brilliant, white light.

Look at the strength of the pyramids, all based on the tripod. Numerous classes have been taught on the power of this shape. Once a person decides with determined intention and focus, drawing on love without conditions, life begins to manifest in beauty, peace, and joy. Humanity benefits.

Pay no attention to negative occurences, trips and/or hiccups, and/or diversions. Remember, what you focus on grows. Instead, focus on on the good, the healing, the remedy at hand, the next best thing you can do, in non-judgment.

We have all learned to judge everything, everybody, and every situation. There are times when personal safety is at risk and judging how thick the ice is, if this food is good to eat, or common sense situations demands when making a good judgment can save your life. But when it comes to passing judgments on others, even Jesus said in Matthew 7:1, “Stop judging!”

However, passing harsh judgments on limiting love as opposed to loving everyone for the good of humankind is a harmful practice to take on. Do we love only those who look like us, speak our language, and share our faith, or do we actually live by all the words of the Golden Rule; treat others the way you want to be treated?

When we start dissecting love, our attention, and our focus, we are building on sandy ground, unable to sustain anything else we build on that soil. Relationships crumble.

It is the combination of power of intention, love without conditions, and the wisdom to know how to best build your life going forward that is the time-tested way to build. That is the only direction we can go. Retreating to the past keeps the dysfunction of the past alive. That is what keeps people stuck. Life is always forward motion.

Anytime is a good time to begin, or begin again on building a better life for the future.


What Attitudes ~ Emotions ~ Feelings Are You Putting Out There That Others Feed On?

Do others pull your strings, or are you in charge of you?

Everyone is in charge of their own energy system. Attitudes, emotions, and feelings have a dramatic life of their own. Others can use what you are putting out there by feeding off your emotions, such as fear, worry, anxiety, panic, scarcity thinking, lack of self-esteem, and thinking that you are not worthy. Advertisers know this. Your friends and family know this. You can stop being a puppet for others by monitoring the energy you are putting out into the universe, as well as the energy in your home, and yourself.

Have you ever noticed others have their “hooks” in you, getting you to do a wide variety of things?

When was the last time you took an energy class?

Sometimes life wears us out. We can feel like we are in a bit of a rut, or perhaps we have been giving too much of ourselves away. This is not always about finding invigorating courses for the first time. Refresher courses are a blessing. Amazing things happen when like-minded people join together for the good of all.

Recognizing if self-sabotaging bad habits have snuck into your being unawares. This is a wonderful first step. Acknowledge how others may be using you for their own benefit in personally and socially within your circles of life. You are in charge of you, not them. You know this, but somehow we get lax and lazy.

There are things that can help you on the road to wholeness, improved self-esteem, and abundant thinking. Yes, it is the power of positive thinking, but it is also more than that. Dysfunctional habits can seem to bind some of us so tight that it might appear impossible to change. Know that change is possible. While we do know this, it can still show up after strenuous weeks and months of COVID protocols and stoppages, affecting our business and our lives.

Changing habits is usually not comfortable. We know our habits that have become familiar to us. Change introduces the unknown. It can feel uncomfortable at first, even when we know a change must take place in order that we mature and become the person we were meant to be in this life. In some cases we already had this, and yet life happens to derail us sometimes unawares. We can grow weary.

Our lives are not only here on Earth so other people can use us in their agendas. What is your agenda for yourself? What are your goals? Have you set any new goals? No matter how young or old you are, it is healthy to make new goals, both short and long term goals.

Gaining control of your emotional self is a major accomplishment. Some of us are very self-aware, others, not so much. We all know what our own personal weaknesses are. When these rise to the surface and catch your attention, that is the time to address how you will deal with them before others do.

Even drama queens get tired of the merry-go-round of emotional frenzy, gossip, renegade feelings, and out of control attitudes. A breath of fresh air comes in the second we decide to switch the conversation, or leave the room, for a self-affirming, and positive attitude adjustment.

Meditation and contemplation, yoga, and exercise help with mental clarity. Music also soothes the savage beast within. Get out in nature. Take a break. There is more to do to help the world be a better place for humanity to live. If you are still here on Earth, your work is not yet done, regardless of how young or old you are.

Change is invigorating. If you feel that a realignment is needed, consider taking the next New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (NPMDT) Workshop. I have included my class schedule to the right of this blog. This is one sure fire way to shed what no longer serves you, allowing you to have a fresh start in life. It is a new beginning, a new awareness, a new conscious level that allows you to have more energy.

There are many NPMDT classes and workshops of the International School of Esoteric Sciences across the globe. Find the one nearest to you. I am a qualified teacher of the International School of Esoteric Sciences. Please do make sure you are getting the authentic energy courses currently being taught through Germain and John Armitage. Not all energy courses are the same, and do carry lower vibrational energies. I am a member of the NPMDT Americas Association.

Go to the International School of Esoteric Sciences’ website: New Paradigm – Multi-Dimensional Transformation ( Then click on “Courses,” then click on “Teachers,” then click on my picture (Lin Hourihan), and you will see my 2021-2022 schedule and details, if you are interested.

Living Love and Light to all, because you deserve to feel better.


Olympics Demonstrate Focus On World Peace ~ Harmony ~ Unity

Last night’s Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Olympics in Japan, taking place in 2021 due to COVID-19 last year, is a perfect example of working for the common good of the entire world. While there are many differences between individual nations, when the focus is on the good countries can do in the world, as opposed to picking apart the differences and dysfunction between them, a beautiful life tapestry begins to unfold. Each person, town, city, state, country, territory, and protectorate in the world ought to pay close attention on how to make this world a better place for all the world’s citizens.

This is perfect example of how to build up and move forward with a positive agenda. Focusing on the differences, dysfunctions, and negative problems to overcome only serves to spin more differences, dysfunctions, and negative problems to overcome. What is focused on grows, always. It is a Universal Law.

Every country in the world benefits from the example shown in the lived expression of unity and harmony at the Olympics, focusing on a common goal in the vast arena of humanity coming together. The sport of competition unites rather than divides, while simultaneously boosting recognition and achievement of each individual and country.

Success is the goal. No one needs to die and violence and bloodshed are unnecessary for success. Why? Because the focus is on peace, harmony, brotherhood and sisterhood, and a deeper understanding of the precious gifts this life give us.

People who do not look like us, speak like us, live where we live, nor believe like us, are not our enemies. When the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the foundation for humanity to excel at being “Swifter, Higher, Stronger,” without harm to everyone else, then it is possible to build on what works, as opposed to tearing down what doesn’t work.

This concept is so simple that it has astounded the world from its inception to our current day. Every country in the world that puts the focus on what is not working in order to make things work better, deludes themselves.

What does work, is putting the focus on what does work. Concentrating on positive solutions not only works for the Olympics but all life in every country.

“The ancient Olympic Games  were a series of athletic competitions among representatives of city-states and one of the Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece. They were held in honor of Zeus, and the Greeks gave them a mythological origin. The first Olympic Games are traditionally dated to 776 BC. The games were held every four years, or Olympiad, which became a unit of time in historical chronologies. They continued to be celebrated when Greece came under Roman rule, 2nd century BC. Their last recorded celebration was in AD 393, under the emperor Theodosius I, but archeological evidence indicates that some games were still held after this date. The games likely came to an end under Theodosius II, possibly in connection with a fire that burned down the temple of the Olympian Zeus during his reign.

“During the celebration of the games, an Olympic Truce was enacted so that athletes could travel from their cities to the games in safety. The prizes for the victors were olive leaf wreaths or crowns. The games became a political tool used by city-states to assert dominance over their rivals. Politicians would announce political alliances at the games, and in times of war, priests would offer sacrifices to the gods for victory. The games were also used to help spread Hellenistic culture throughout the Mediterranean. The Olympics also featured religious celebrations. The statue of Zeus at Olympia was counted as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Sculptors and poets would congregate each Olympiad to display their works of art to would-be patrons.

“The ancient Olympics had fewer events than the modern games, and only freeborn Greek men were allowed to participate, although there were victorious women chariot owners. As long as they met the entrance criteria, athletes from any Greek city-state and kingdom were allowed to participate. The games were always held at Olympia rather than moving between different locations as is the practice with the modern Olympic Games. Victors at the Olympics were honored, and their feats chronicled for future generations.” Wikipedia

Events at the Olympics
OlympiadYearEvent first introduced
1st776 BCStade
14th724 BCDiaulos
15th720 BCLong distance race (Dolichos)
18th708 BCPentathlon, wrestling
23rd688 BCBoxing (pygmachia)
25th680 BCFour horse chariot race (tethrippon)
33rd648 BCHorse race (keles), pankration
37th632 BCBoys’ stade and wrestling
38th628 BCBoys’ pentathlon (Discontinued same year)
41st616 BCBoys’ boxing
65th520 BCHoplite race (hoplitodromos)
70th500 BCMule-cart race (apene)
71st496 BCMare horse race (calpe)
84th444 BCMule-cart race (apene) and Mare horse race (calpe) both discontinued
93rd408 BCTwo-horse chariot race (synoris)
96th396 BCCompetition for heralds and trumpeters
99th384 BCTethrippon for horse over one year
128th266 BCChariot for horse over one year
131st256 BCRace for horses older than one year
145th200 BCPankration for boys
Original Olympics Competitions – graph by Wikipedia

With time came the inclusion of participation of every country, regardless of race, gender, age, and belief system. Priests are no longer sacrificing live victims to some ancient god. More sports are included as their popularity increases. It is an all-round wonderful example of the things that could be in place of debilitating partisanship, proven dysfunctional tradition, and egocentric rule.

Let us all change our focus and energy into what does work in this life, rather than focusing on what does not work in a self-sabotaging move that has proven to never work.


Repairing Relationships ~ Communication Skills

Yelling solves nothing. But it is important to listen to the words being said.

Have you ever been in a heated argument, constantly screaming over the other person, so insistent on being heard that you do not hear what the other person was saying in the first place, without changing the subject to something that hurt you in the past, which never really addresses the original subject?

Holistic counseling is the course of action to take if current words keep sending you back to past hurts. Unresolved issues will keep surfacing when certain buttons are pushed in your emotional self unless these ties to dysfunction are cut and sealed, allowing your emotional self to heal and move on. It is a life lesson that will keep repeating until it is finally addressed.

Words pack a powerful punch. Once said, words cannot be taken back. We can apologize for the things we say, but once they fly out of the mouth, words said take on a life of their own. Self-justification matters little when words reflect deep-seated hostility, masked as boundaries.

What helps to defuse arguments?


Listen to what has been said, as opposed to yelling and throwing an emotional fit, hijacking the limelight, and introducing drama over how the hurtful statement was delivered. This is a deflection method sure to not address the original subject.

Communication skills involve listening to the other person without interrupting. This can be hard to hear when everything the other person says triggers deep-seated emotional issues in yourself. Still, listening without interrupting is the key.

Communicating also does not need loud and angry voices to get the point across. If screaming at each other has been the model you have been using, you will not get to the point of understanding, nor solving communication issues. No one wants to be the one whose voice has been silenced constantly by others constantly interrupting. No wonder another person feels frustrated to the point that the only way to get the message out is to finally erupt.

Volcanos erupt after enough pressure is applied. This happens in broken-down communication, where only one side gets to talk. This also happens most often with fast talkers who do not have the patience to wait to hear what the other person has to say. This is not kind nor fair.

Insisting that “I did nothing wrong,” does not solve an argument. It is a way to break a relationship. Those words solve nothing. In any argument, both sides need to apologize, not just one. That is the height of tripping on your own ego to think that if only the other person listened to you completely, the problem would be solved. This invalidates the other person’s existence, feelings, and point of view, which might be different from your own.

Repairing relationships is possible. But it requires calm and placing yourself in the other person’s shoes to actually hear what is being said. Interrupting, yelling and screaming have a way of stopping listening. Listen with a calm focus on attempting to understand the others point of view, not constantly going back to your point of view. It helps to repeat what the other person is say as a way to show you do understand what is being said.

No one likes to be wrong. But sometimes we are wrong. The ego does not like this part and will encourage you to fight back with fighting or lengthy words. This does nothing but go back down the rabbit hole of dysfunction again.

Relationship healing is possible. It happens when both sides listen completely to what the other side has to say. When one side has completed what they want to say, that side stops talking. Next, the other side has the same opportunity to speak, uninterrupted. Interrupting someone when they are speaking means you are not listening. Make sure not to interrupt each other. Set time limits to speak if necessary, anything in order that each side is not interrupted.

Just know, healing communication is possible.




Whatever words follow the statement “I AM …” are directions energy follows to create reality. It does not matter if in the present moment the opposite appears to be true. Notice I said “appears” to be true. Every individual is the master of their own life, their own moods and feelings, and their own decisions. I AM statements are the path to follow to affirm when you are right on course with your life, or if change is more advisable. Use time to your benefit. Things do not manifest overnight, although sometimes they do.

Feelings are the power behind I AM statements. When powered by feelings, I AM statements manifest in combination with strong desire, planning, arranging the possibilities, acknowledging when change needs to happen, and using adaptability and flexibility.

Have you ever called in sick to work, telling the boss, “I AM sick, when you are not?” That is simply a direct line to getting sick.

Do you need to be successful at work? Then your mantra each and every day, several times a day, ought to be “I AM successful.” Add the direction you wish to go at the end of the I AM statement. It is important to think in ways that makes your success possible. Be pro-active. Do not wait one more moment. See it happening in your minds’ eye. Have hope, drive, and initiative.

I AM statements need positive desires for positive outcomes. Pay attention to your moods. Whether you realize it or not, you choose your moods, they do not choose you. You can change them anytime you want to. The question is, do you want to? That is another matter altogether.

It is not possible to get a positive outcome when negative thoughts, words, and actions are what your past behaviors fed upon. Change is possible. Begin, or begin again with I AM statements.

Individuals, governments, and all other groups of people can benefit from applying the Universal Law of Universal Order of I AM statements. This is cause and effect unfolding before your eyes.

Do you need a career change? Plan for your future. Take a course. Try something new. Meet new people. Inform others of the direction you wish to go. Work with what is possible and watch for the open doors. If you are not looking, you might miss them.

This is something I learned at the DoveStar Institute of Holistic Health and Technology, the metaphysical school I attended 23 years ago. It is how I help to start a brand new newspaper, which was up against an intrenched daily newspaper, by selling ads and writing feature articles. Today this newspaper, The Laconia Daily Sun, is still in operation. The other newspaper is now out of business. Using I AM statements is also how I started my own business, The Massage Clinic, an hour outside New York City. There were 15 existing similar successful businesses in the area. But I only saw positive paths forward and helped 8,000 people by appointments in eight years.

The power of positive thinking works. Never give up. You’ve got this.


The Stench Of Arrogance ~25 Keys To Recover From Arrogance Addiction

Arrogance creeps in on the back of unbounded pride. Arrogance can never be wrong. It tries to always prove it is right. If it cannot find the path in conversation to prove that it is right when it is not, Arrogance will change the subject to something else of greater drama that centers upon the self. It is a deflection method attempting to hold the reigns of ego tight. Expect a huge amount of dramatic flare when this happens. Sound familiar?

This situation is more obvious with narcissistic behavior. Yet even the nicest, most educated, and wealthiest among us trips on the tongue of the ego from time to time. We have made great strides in our efforts in life that have earned us great success personally, academically, and in some cases, financially. On its own, worldly success can be a noble goal. But when it is combined with unbridled ego, which twists realities to such that they can never be wrong, then the ego carries the self into Arrogance, a very unbecoming trait.

It is possible to recover from the addiction of Arrogance. It is a form of mental illness when left unattended. Arrogance sets the stage for a faux reality where it becomes the star of an altered reality show in real life. If Arrogance had a smell, it would be a stench. After a while, the one wearing Arrogance as a sort of badge of honor, will notice its effect on others, that is, if Arrogance has completely overtaken the personality.

Becoming aware of Arrogance motivating every thought, word, and action is the beginning first steps on the road to recovery. Arrogance tells on itself. In its ego, Arrogance feels the need to shine a light on its unbecoming behavior, as a prideful accomplishment.

Arrogance not corrected eventually erupts, sooner or later, into a major dramatic self-implosion of ego, usually based on past successful dramas stored in the mental memory of the DNA. The familiar Arrogant mental, well-worn pathway reverts back to similar old triggers and justifications, as a means to prove it is right in its deflection trick to not be corrected in the current drama.

Are there things to watch out for as we go through this school of life in order that our lives do not become addicted, Arrogant, narcissistic experiences?

25 Keys to recovering from Arrogance:

  1. Notice how you interact with others of all stations in life.
  2. Notice the attitudes you feel, without judgment against yourself.
  3. Notice the attitudes you project, like rolling your eyes when others speak.
  4. Notice if you treat others with the same dignity with which you wish to be treated without justification.
  5. Notice if you go off topic.
  6. Notice what triggers you into other topics.
  7. Notice your response if or when someone corrects you.
  8. Notice if your Arrogant responses affect the reputations of others.
  9. Notice if Arrogance drives you outside for all the world to see and hear.
  10. Notice if you can ever go back to the original topic which began as a correction, and deal with the hurt of another your thoughts, words, and actions caused, without transgressing back into the Arrogant paradigm you set up for yourself.
  11. Notice if you are a self-made victim stealing the limelight.
  12. Notice if your intentions to heal the Arrogance addiction are from a genuine motivation to heal, as opposed to placing you into better standings with others, or other self-serving situations.
  13. Notice if you use manipulation techniques for a desired outcome.
  14. Notice if you use guilt for a desired outcome.
  15. Notice if you use obligation for a desired outcome.
  16. Notice if you use fear or threats for a desired outcome.
  17. Notice what motivates you.
  18. Notice if you have any hidden agendas.
  19. Notice how you communicate.
  20. Notice how much you talk.
  21. Notice how loud you talk.
  22. Notice how much you interrupt others, suppressing their voice.
  23. Notice if you need to control people.
  24. Notice if you need to control everything.
  25. Notice if you can wake up humility and apologize to others for your own mistakes.

All of us make mistakes or we would not be human. Not one of us is perfect. It is better to own up to our mistakes and consciously work on them, than to pretend we did nothing wrong and that the problem always lies with the other guy. The truth is, both sides need to apologize for their part in the drama, for changing the subject, and/or for an emotional delivery of the topic. If the original point of conversation is not addressed, everything else is simply deflected drama.

What is required to recover from Arrogance addiction is humility. Healing from Arrogance requires a contrite heart, something that may feel odd and unfamiliar at first, depending upon how long Arrogance has sunk its roots deep into the justification of the individual. It also requires a pensive and honest examination as to why the constant mantra, “I did nothing wrong,” is so common.

Contrition is the soothing balm healing the deep rooted scars Arrogance leaves behind. Rather than the stench of Arrogance, humility and honesty leave a beautiful fragrance, softening the heart, mind, and voice, healing relationships and situations. Humility is freeing to mind, body, and spirit.

Love conquers all.


The Danger of Multi-Personality Disorders Using Plural Pronouns for an Individual Gender Fluid Identity

Michael Karson, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Denver, wrote an article in Psychology Today, explaining how everyone is gender fluid. This is not the same thing as a multi-personality. But the pronouns being touted as the “right” pronouns to use today when referring to anyone who is gender fluid, including themselves, can introduce multiple personality disorders.

Every single human being, male, female, and otherwise, first experiences growing into their hormones between the ages 13-25, which can confound this issue. In addition, every human being walking on the face of the Earth has a masculine and a feminine side. Gender fluid flows throughout all of life. Some of us are more aware of this sense of self than others.

There is no judgment here. Each of us is who we are. This is not something to change, be concerned, or make a big deal about. Every single person has an individual identity and personality. Each of us also has our own blood type. We do not feel the necessity to try to change our blood type do we?

Traditionally the terms “he” or “she” have been used when referring to the sex the child was born with. But what do you call someone when some days the individual feels like “he,” and other times like “she”?

It’s not like joining a club, a single person being a member of many others. With a club, it would be common to use the words “they” and “them” when referring to the group of two to hundreds of members. Being gender fluid is not the same thing, obviously. There are not two to hundreds of different people living within the single individual. This would be the definition of a multi-personality mental disorder. Should any individual feel that there are more than one person living inside them, that person ought to seek professional holistic health counseling, not popular, think-tank thought, which attempts to rationalize this dysfunctional solution to a complicated language entomology.

I have spoken with all ages groups about these pronouns. It is common that the gender fluid individuals I spoke with changed their names to other variations of their names to make them as gender fluid as they personally are.

So far, so good. The problem arises when choosing a plural pronoun, such as “they” or “them” when referring to an individual person. This can confuse the issue, as mentioned, leading to a multiple personality disorder. While it may be becoming popular, that does not make it a good choice for mental health of the individual, to refer to the individual as “they,” or “them.” That can be the start of multiple personality disorder, which already mentioned, cannot be overstated.

Gender fluid individuals are seeking terms void of male and female connotations, such as “they” or “them,” to avoid the “he” or “she” pronouns. It does not matter if the individual prefers to be called “they” or “them.” It is not our pride we are trying to stroke here. Let’s not choose mental illness as one of the choices. An easy solution to this proper pronoun dilemma is to simply use their name, and the word “you.”

Discovering we all have a male and a female side can make labeling human beings difficult when referring to our selves, or others. Sometimes on any given day we may feel more masculine, other days more feminine. Sometimes we gravitate to be more one gender than the other, yet there is always a male and female side in every human being.

Again, a red flag to watch out for is if an individual voices that they feel they are two different people. If this occurs, seek holistic counseling from a certified holistic health counselor immediately. It helps for the integration of the individual personality to acknowledge their male and female side, which is common to everyone. One is not better than the other, just as men are not better than women, nor are women better than men.

Individual personalities take a more defined shape when they go through puberty. That is when hormones wreak havoc on all maturing human beings. It is a confusing time, which is to be expected. It is not unique to one person. It happens to all maturing human beings. I say this with empathy and compassion for all adolescent youth. It is easier if what will happen is fully understood.

Karson is the author of the blog, Feeling Our Way. I am including his entire post rather than reinterpreting his words. This will help everyone who is using new terms to familiar human experience. It was published by Psychology Today in the June 2019 edition.

God Bless Everyone Everywhere


Spreading gossip about others harms reputations, diminishing others as a way of building up offender’s egos.

What do you talk about? There are a wide variety of topics to discuss. There is drama to portray. It is good to pause for a moment and reflect on the use of words. Words once said cannot be taken back. We can wish we did not say certain things. We can make amends for hurtful words said. But we cannot take back the words we wish we did not say.

Do we use words to build up, or tear down? There are many times we find ourselves in lulls at home, at work, or with friends. We have many opportunities to affirm the goodness in life. When we are with our friends, what are the topics we choose to discuss? Do we talk about our family members to our friends? Do we talk about our friends with our family members? Discussing the lives of others can be uplifting if we are talking in a positive way of the good things others have thought, said, or done. The harm to reputations only comes in if we talk about things in a negative or condescending way behind the backs of the others we are talking about. Before we talk about others in any way, we might try to remember not to say anything we would not say in their presence.

How much time do you spend talking about others? It can be easy to slide down the slippery slope of gossip once in a while. Yet once a foundation of gossip has been laid down in any group, there can be a tendency to jump to conclusions, or character assassinate those being talked about. It takes a long time to build up our good reputations. It takes no time at all to destroy another’s reputation. We ought to take care of the reputations we juggle in our mouths.

Businessman and businesswoman walking and sharing office rumors, which is spreading gossip.

Who do you talk about? Sometimes the people in our lives can seem to be easy targets of our unkind words. Unless we are talking with our counselor, we might want to filter our conversations through our empathetic and compassionate souls. It is a destructive and devastating habit to get into to complain about those around you in a warped attempt to build up the self.

With whom do you talk about others? Coworkers, gym buddies, clubs, and family and friend circles are among the endless groups of people we can rob the reputations of others without their knowing. We have no right to tarnish the reputation of others, just as others have no right to tarnish our reputation.

Women are not the only ones who gossip.

Do you talk about the people you have talked to about others, after you leave them? Everyone should be forewarned. If you ever experience spending time with anyone who gossips about others, be well-warned that as soon as you leave, you will be the next one on the gossip chop block. You might think you will fair well, but not everyone may agree.

How common is gossiping about others in your daily life? Not everyone gossips, especially if you have been a victim of cyber, business, social, or personal gossip. It is not necessary to experience the embarrassing and often crippling effects of gossip first-hand in order to recognize the need to stop the gossip stream. Gossip can be addicting. It takes strength of character to stand up in defense of integrity and honor of the reputations of others. Assault on the dignity of others ought to be beneath all of us.


Clinging To The Past ~How To Stop Repeating Hurtful Patterns


Does one argument serve as a blast from the past? Do negative patterns keep repeating? The whirlpool of dysfunction spins with every ounce of energy that feeds it. How do we keep past negative energies from ruining our present days?

It is important to heal past hurts, not just “forget” them and move on. Without healing from past hurts, there is no moving on. Forgetting is not a healing method.

Whether or not any individual heals is totally up to that person. This is not the time for the blame game, with such thoughts as, “If you had not done this … I would not have done that…” or “It’s all your fault.” It is no one’s fault but our own for the way we choose to feel at any given moment. It is not up to the other person to make us feel better. In a perfect world, apologies are beneficial and healing, but healing can still take place if the other person has yet to find the words, or has left this world.

There are things individuals can do to heal. Holistic counseling sessions can help. Healing the heart is a decision the hurting individual makes, regardless if the person is in counseling or not. Anxiety medications may help in crisis situations where run-away panic attacks try to run the show. Even if this is the path chosen with counseling and/or medication, there still comes a time when a decision needs to be made to heal the broken heart full of broken dreams.

Did I just say it is the hurt person’s responsibility to feel better?


Taking personal responsibility for the way we feel is liberating. Decide on the necessary borders for emotional health. Take stock of your emotional self, a pure gift of free will.

Each one of us thinks our own thoughts. Our thoughts to not think us. There are no victims here. If we do not like the thoughts that repeat over and over like a broken record, then it is up to us to change what we are thinking about.

A few years back I attended a western medicine, one-day seminar on the psychology and method for improving depression and negative self-perception. The answer the lecturer presented was to do absolutely nothing. Doing nothing was the solution in her opinion. That answer infuriated me. Yes, it is true that if you do nothing but sit in your misery and depression, sooner or later, in a day, weeks, or a year later, the sun will eventually shine on those cloudy days.

How irresponsible it is for the medical community to suggest such a remedy when holistic counseling has a proven track record for assisting people in changing their moods and positive self-perception one hundred percent of the time, unless the directions given are not followed. Holistic health counseling is a drugless therapy that works.

In the case of healing past hurts, the question is, why are past hurts affecting your present life?

The only way real-time-triggers alert the emotional body is if the past hurts have not yet been healed, sometimes decades later. It is one thing to recognize the painful and familiar feeling of fear, regressing us back into childhood when we were not fully aware of our human potential. It is quite another thing to decide to stay stuck in the debilitating minutiae for a lifetime of regret.

Notice if dysfunctional issues and patterns keep repeating in life. This is a tell-tale sign you are bound by Karmic ties which will send you back in the countless cycles of life according to the laws of reincarnation, until you finally address these and other issues. You have free will, meaning nothing is forced upon you.

The only thing that not forgiving and not loving does for you is to guarantee yet another life cycle. It is humanly possible to achieve Ascension in one lifetime, but you must work at it. Cutting Karmic ties is all about remaining Karma free, creating a clear path for your own personal Ascension. All of the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Workshops I teach and listed to the right side of this blog, can cut these Karmic ties. It is an important thing to think about.

If past hurts continue to appear as ghosts haunting current realities, they must be faced and dealt with. What helps in cases like these is to know that we are not still victims of past hurts, unless we choose to be.

It is not necessary to face the fears of our dysfunctional pasts with the same level of fright, drama, and chaos that surrounded us in our yester-years. If time and space buffer our past from our present, we might have a better sense of clarity about the subject and triggers that are manifesting. However, if we have not dealt with how we will handle these same triggers when they surface in the future, with the repeated merry-go-round of fright, drama, and chaos, history will keep repeating itself.

The remedy for gaining self-control of our renegade feelings rooted in the past, is FORGIVENESS and LOVE. Now is the time to finally realize, in peace, grace, and integrity, that it is a conscious decision to envelope your younger self in total forgiveness and love. Perhaps you were just a child when emotional traumas were part of your world.

When forgiveness and love are extended to the other individual, the person who inflicted the hurt, healing can finally begin. This is helpful even if this person has passed on. Thoughts and words have a life of their own. Once thought or spoken, they travel through time and space, reaching their intended destination. Forgiving the person who inflicted trauma also has a mirror effect that benefits you.

Forgiving and loving someone of a transgression which inflicted emotional harm, is not the same thing as condoning what happened. Relationship traumas harm both parties.

Not forgiving the other person for the emotional harm they inflicted, even if it was years ago, does not hurt the offending person. Rather, not forgiving the other person for the emotional harm they inflicted, only serves to further harm the unhealed person. The emotional hurt simply does not go away with time.

Emotional blackmail is not a productive solution. Withholding love and/or forgiveness harms both parties. Emotional blackmail breaks relationships. Emotional blackmail is based up manipulation, fear, obligation, and guilt as tools of emotional health destruction. This is the way others attempt to “handle” their emotional victim. No one regardless of age wants to be “handled.” It is healthier to walk away in this case, until the emotional blackmailer seeks holistic health counseling in order to heal and transform into the better person they can be.

Emotional hurts must be addressed, but it is a matter of personal decisions. The building block necessary to heal and move on emotionally is to determine how you will emotionally handle similar situations if and when they come up in the future. It is interesting to note how many times life situations arise again and again, until we grasp this point. Life is a school of learning these important life lessons.

This is not a matter of fault finding. If you finally determine whose fault something is, it is still necessary to move on, or the emotional pattern of giving in to dysfunction emotionally or mentally keeps repeating itself. Assigning blame is not a healing method.

What is?

LOVE and FORGIVENESS are the only answers; love and forgiveness of self past and present, regardless of age or time gone by. Love and forgiveness is also the blanket with which to cover the offending person or situation. Again, love and forgiveness are not condoning past emotionally dysfunctional hurts. Love is the soothing balm that sinks into the layer of forgiveness, healing emotional wounds.



We have spent most of our lives forming sharp opinions and cutting edge judgments like the sharpening of ice skating blades for precision skating.

It is the opinions and judgments that tear down, compared to those that build up, which make humanity backtrack in social integrity and maturity. Nothing ever stays the same. Change is always in flux.

What distinguishes advancement in human endeavors rather than reverting back into old and dysfunctional patterns?

Empathy, care and concern of others included in the mix of our decision making, is the pinnacle point that must be addressed. By not taking in the cause and effect of our thoughts, words, and actions upon others, we begin the regression back into the animal kingdom from which we came.

Advances in technology, medicine and the sciences will matter little if we use them for the destruction of ourselves and the planet.

Even Jesus said in Matthew 7:1, “Stop judging!”

Still, we all have free will, to usurp the rights of others, or to have empathy for others. The choice is ours.


Freedom and Liberty ~ Democracy at the Helm

Close-up shot of the Liberty Bell with Independence Hall in the background at dusk. Located in downtown Philadelphia, this monument to liberty continues to draw crowds on a daily basis.

Everyone everywhere in the world is born free, with all the liberty every other human being has. I am not talking about the political pundits who rob individuals right to freedom and liberty. No, all human beings, regardless of what country you live in, color of your skin, sexual orientation, age, or every other different human beings egotistically come up with in order to place themselves in better standing, are less human than anyone else, no matter who they are.

Democracy is the manifestation of humanity working together for the common good. Yes, there are times greed blinds the eyes of the caretakers of our governments for their own self service, but this is not the majority of people under their wings.

In every country humanity strives for equality. Oppression only lasts so long. Peacefully working together is the logical answer to equality for all people. There is no need for war when all humanity makes decisions for lasting peace.

Teaching our young people the values of freedom, liberty, and democracy at a very young age is a better foundation for the advancement of humanity than bitterness, untruths, and out-right lies.

Have a safe and healthy week as the United States relishes freedom, liberty, and democracy. Yes, there will always be struggles in quelling the dividing and diminishing aims of nationalism, which seeks to place country against country. Still, the promotion of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is worth working together for peace and harmony at home and across the globe.

God Bless Everyone Everywhere