Our rain forests are the lungs of the planet. There are ordinary things we ordinary people can do that do not require the deforestation of the rain forests. Shade grown, organic and fair trade coffees grow in the rain forests, under the lush, tropical canopy is one easy way to take a stand to save our rain forests.

Rain forests protect the habitat of migratory song birds we all love to see and hear ushering springtime in. The migratory birds also eliminate the need for chemical pesticides since these birds eat the insects that would otherwise make meals of the coffee trees below. Shade grown trees draw birds, birds that act as a natural pesticide protecting the coffee trees.

The Thanksgiving Coffee is the 2017 Roaster of the Year. This company plays a major role in saving the rain forests of the world, as well as working with small, amazing family farmers and cooperatives around the world each of which is an expression of unique soils, varieties and climates.

Other coffee growers strip rain forests to plant coffee trees without the live giving benefits of the rain forests. Destroying rainforests for short-term profits depletes oxygen in our air, and contributes to global warming. What is equally alarming is the

“We thank you for the purchase of our coffee. The price you pay enables us to send our children to school.” – Mrs. Florence Namaja Wabire

displacement or genocide of the indigenous people who live in the rain forests. Before the rain forests can be harvested, the indigenous people must be removed. The National Academy of Sciences reports that over 50 million acres if rain forests are seriously degraded a year, which is 10 acres a minute. Unless this destruction stops, rain forests will disappear in the next century. The social, ecological, economic, and political remifications will irreversibly damage the health of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

There are simple things you and I can do if this seems like an important issue to us, such as purchasing rain forest fair trade, shade grown coffees, and Rain Forest Crunch, which is a delicious peanut brittle. Markets are being created to sell rain forest products without destruction of the rain forests. Songbird Coffees from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company grow trees with dual purposes; to grow shade trees for the songbird above, while coffee beans are planted beneath them. They are also fair trade.

Life is busy and not everyone is aware of these startling statistics. Tropical rain forests are the Earth’s oldest, most productive, most diverse ecosystems. They cover less than 2 percent of the globe, yet support nearly half of all species, as many as 25 million kinds of plants and animals. Some 2,000 forest tribes and 200 million people live in the rain forests. Since 1900, one tribe has disappeared from Brazil each year and 90 out of 270 groups are gone.

The rate of cultural extinction is much greater than the rate of environmental degradation.

While we may not all be able to personally go to a rainforest and stop its demise, we can all personally and responsibly buy tropical rainforest, fair trade products that do not strip the land of the rain forests or its people. The Thanksgiving Coffee Company is an artisan roaster company in northern California. They buy from small rain forest farms and cooperatives they call partners, around the world. It is a family run company that is built upon sustainability.

Thanksgiving Coffee Company has their project supporting climate change adaptation in Uganda.

Farmers Eias Hasalube and Hakin Aziz beneath the canopy of Mr. Aziz’s restored coffee farm.

They state on their blog, “We are happy to announce that our partners at the Peace Kawomera Cooperative have just received notice that their climate change adaptation has been approved by the Dutch NGO Progreso!”

Peace Kawomera is a coffee farmer cooperative grown on one of the slope of Mt. Elgon in eastern Urganda, near the city of Mbale. It started in 2004 selling mainly coffee to the USA Thanksgiving Company. Thanksgiving Coffee Company has won the 2012 Sustainability Award for the work in Rwanda, being recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

If saving rain forests seems like a good idea to you, and especially if you like to drink coffee, or eat Rain Forest Crunch, contact the Thanksgiving Coffee Company

Nathan Watadena points to land that is targeted for reforestation and restoration.

for mail order at 800-648-6491, or wholesale at 800-462-1999. Their address is 19100 South Harbor Drive, Fort Bragg, CA  95437. Their website is




When making decisions about next steps to take, there are many valid considerations toSee the source image ponder, but fear ought never be one of them. Fear should never tie us into knots. Whether it is in our personal lives, or civic, educational, financial, moral or even political futures to be weighed, decisions need to be made from a basis of intelligent information, goals to be attained, moving towards where we want to go. Decisions focusing on what we do not want, moving in a direction we do not want to go, or fear of something happening is the worst foundation of any decision.

Solid foundations to base any decision on include desires made from the highest goals with the most love of all people, support of life for all people, fairness and integrity of all people, for the up-building of all people.

See the source imageMaking decisions in life can seem so confusing, as if there are so many possible sides to consider. There is a way to streamline the thinking process and step off the merry-go-round of “spin.” Governments do this. People do this. Both usually have their own agendas. “Spin” does not help you. You know what your goal is. Focus on your goal.

First, stop thinking of all the fear-based thoughts surrounding the issue. Focusing on what you do not want keeps you focusing on what you don’t want.

Second, list all of the positive benefits leading to your end goal. Write down as many as come to your mind without dismissing any positive benefit.

Third, do not allow any influences to give you negative input in the guise of “looking at both side.” You can kindly inform them that they can make their decisions that way if they wish, but this is your decision. Do not listen to anyone who tries to instill fear.

Fourth, map out the steps you need to take to accomplish your goal unhindered by negative thoughts or negative people.

These steps might seem like common sense, but so often we give away our own personal power to someone or something else. All too often we cave in to fear, fear of this happening, fear of counter-attack, fear of loss of popularity, fear of judgment, fear of failure, or even fear of success, fear, fear, fear. The list goes on.

Imagine a country who only wanted the best for all people with no fear; to be a haven for war-torn countries with no fear; to have the means and opportunity to feed the poor and shelter the homeless with no fear; to build and repair roads and bridges with no fear; generate more technologies and innovation for the health of the future in all countries with no fear.

Imagine a person, who despite past failure, gets up and tries yet again to realize a dream fulfilled, based on their hopes and life-giving qualities, until their goal comes to a life of its own.

Imagine a world with a goal of peace, mutual cooperation with multiple benefits to all citizens in all countries.

We are living in a time where we have a host of positive plausible possibilities, in our personal lives, in our communities, in our states and in our countries. We need to tip the scales of thinking good, saying good, being good, and doing good.

Evil only takes root when enough good people do nothing.


Here’s  my own version of a healthy, weightloss recipe, turkey and vegetable stuffing that tastes like stuffing, without any bread!

Healthy turkey dinner with no bread stuffing!

What do you do if you are cutting back on white processed foods, like flour and processed sugar, and you still want to cook a turkey dinner? I’ve tried. It’s just not the same without the bread or cornbread stuffing, until now.

I recommend an organic, free range turkey and organic vegetables. Throw away the high cholesterol turkey organ meats.

Saute one large onion, two large stalks of celery, 4 large or 6 small carrots (not baby carrots), and one large parsnip in 2 tablespoons of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter,” or “Earth Balance” butter substitute, add more if vegetables stick. Season with 1 tsp black pepper and 1 tsp salt, and 2 tsp poultry seasoning. I used herbs from our herb garden: 4 large leaves of sage, 4 tall stems of creeping thyme, and several Rosemary leaves, chopped. Fresh herbs are very fragrant and I think, smell and taste better, but dried herbs will also do. This tastes amazing like the flavor of stuffing, without the bread.

Cut another large onion in quarters and place in the large cavity of the turkey. Add a large spring of sage, several springs of thyme and rosemary in the cavity.

Spread “Earth Balance Butter” on the outside of the turkey, and under the skin if you can. Season the ouside of the turkey with pepper and salt. I also used fresh cut up herbs of sage, thyme and rosemary on top of the outside of the turkey.

This is my own recipe, which I found to be surprizingly good as a substitute for those of us trying to make stuffing without bread and fatty meats.

Happy cooking.



The dignity of the human race is universal. It knows no boundary to any country, or ocean, north pole or south pole, or equator. The human race in every country has equal amounts of dignity. The northern countries do not have more dignity than the countries south of the equator. There is not more dignity for the human race in the countries east of the prime meredian, than for the human race who happened to settle in the countries to the west of the prime meridian. There are no borders on dignity.

The dignity of the human race encompasses all nationalities, and favors none of them. All nationalities have the same measure of dignity, and no nationality is excluded from the human race allottment of it. Dignity of the human race circles tall human beings, short human beings; human beings with red, brown, black, blonde, grey, white and blue or streaked hair; human beings with freckles, moles, dimples, bumps and bruises, or any other stereotype human beings are catergorized in.

The dignity of the human race is blind to economic, or any other kind of status. Financially poor human beings of planet Earth have the exact same amount of dignity as human beings who find themselves richer in terms of financial wealth. Human beings who have more buttons, or beads, or animals, or cars, or flowers, or boxes, or shoes, or clothes, or vacations, or food, or houses, or boats, or motorcycles, or anything else they can think of, have just as much dignity as those who do not.

The dignity of the human race crosses gender. The entire human race, which includes all human beings, not just some human beings, have equal amounts of dignity, regardless of being male or female, or any kind of division they can imagine.

Dignity of human beings everywhere does not come from other human beings. There is nothing a human being can do to earn dignity, nor pretend not to have it. Dignity for all human beings is a Divine gift, freely given, without conditions or reservations, and above all, is beyond human judgement. Human beings are not in charge of who gets dignity and who does not. Human beings are not in control of the Divine Creator, who created all human beings, with dignity in equal measure.

Over the centuries, some human beings have fortified, bolstered, promoted, and taught the dignity of human beings across the entire planet; while other human beings have misused their egos, their insane egos, to attempt to squash, step on, undermine, eliminate, mask or rob the dignity of all human beings given them by their Creator.

The dignity of the human being is not in the hands of the human beings with the most power or fear tactics over certain groups of human beings, for example at work, socially, civically, environmentally, politically, or even in their own families. The dignity of the human being is in the hand of each individual human being. It is God given.


Are You Safe In Your Relationships? How To Protect Yourself Against Emotional Blackmail, Bullying Threats And Violence In Your Personal And Social Circles ~ Recognizing Personality Disorders ~ When And When NOT To Use Tolerance

Rule #1:   MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAFE.        National Domestic Violence Hotline             800-799-7233

Rule #2:   MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAFE.       National Domestic Violence TTY Hotline     800-787-3224

Rule #3:   MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAFE.       National Domestic Violence Deaf Hotline   206-518-9361 (Video Phone ONLY for Deaf Callers)

The Hotline provides referrals to agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Persons can also contact the Hotline through an email request from the Hotline website:

colored kitty
There is nothing you ever did that deserves you being abused, violated nor bullied.


Do you feel safe? Do you feel safe in all your relationships? Do you feel safe in your home? Do you feel safe in your school? Do you feel safe at your employment? Do you feel safe in your social circles, friendships, neighborhoods, affiliations, clubs, including social media? Do you feel safe when you are alone?

Do you feel unsafe in some situations? Do you feel unsafe around certain people? Do you feel threatened or intimidated by anyone legally, physically, emotionally, financially, politically, morally, or even religiously and/or spiritually?

It is most important to feel safe in your own skin, safe in your own mind, and safe in your own soul.

Much has been written about promoting tolerance, getting along, defusing situations, and compromising for the greater good that can be experienced in this beautiful and amazing life. But those of us who have more tender mental constitutions, and weaker willed individuals can be bullied beyond belief by strong personalities, louder and more demonstrative characters, bowling over any and all attempts that might possibly arrive at a healed and more whole relationship.

These are lessons school children learn, how to get along. But sometimes we carry this attempt at normal too far, but trying to apply tolerance and compromise to abusive and dysfunctional relationships, when we really should be running for the hills.

Your feelings and emotions are your accurate, internal measure of what you should do next. Emotional abuse feels bad, makes you nauseous, gives you anxiety attacks, with a generalized feeling of malaise, depression and low energy. The intensity of your feelings and emotions is a signal that things need to change if you are going to re-gain your mental, physical and spiritual health.

There is never any reason to tolerate physical, mental/emotional abuse, or bullying as a normal behavior. This seems like it is common sense, but it is not that easy to the person who is being physically abused, emotionally blackmailed, and threatened by law suits or any other kind of manipulation and/or blackmail. The longer bullies bully their victim, the more debilitating fear cripples the victim. Domestic violence and abuse of any kind, which bullying is a part, is never OK under any circumstance in civil society.

Freedom comes when you gather your courage, and STAND UP. Stand up for yourself, speak out to someone you can trust. Do not remain silent. Silence is not golden. Silence is deadly, literally. Bullies do not go away. Bullies get stronger the longer they stay at it. The longer bullies stay bullies, the more brazen they get, and  the more their bullying tactics escalate.

An important point to make here is to realize that people with destructive personality disorders most often look just the same as you and me. Mass murderers do not look like mass murderers. They look like regular people, for the most part. Abusive partners also dress in expensive clothing, can be financially successful, and have no tell-tale marks that make them stand out from no-abusive partners. They might even appear to have wide circles of “friends” around them, but the truth is, these are usually superficial trophies. Do not be intimated by any of this. This presentation of how bullies portray themselves is a facade. However, the vengeance the bully feels is very real, and must be dealt with, not ignored.

The question is how to stand up and deal with bullies, emotional blackmail, and threats of mental, emotional and physical abuse. Again, go by how you feel. You need to get to a safe place on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. If you feel unsafe addressing these problems yourself, seek immediate help from a counselor, police and/or fire personnel or a shelter. Do not wait. Your health and well-being depend on getting help for yourself and the innocent ones around you.

Abusers need psychological help. Bullies need psychological help. Abuse and bullying is a sickness not a positive psychological trait to teach our children or anyone else, or let people off the hook thinking they will get better on their own. This type of behavior is a type of addiction. There is never a time to tolerate abuse.

Manipulating behaviors tend to show up ever so subtly in the earlier days of the relationship, but can also manifest later in the relationship if stressors change. Pay attention. Pay attention to how you feel when certain things happen. You might even keep a journal of your feelings, if you feel safe to do so.

The important thing to know is there is no tolerance for abusive behaviors. Verbal abuse can be even more detrimental to the health and well-being of children, spouses, and everyone living or working under the same roof.

Sometimes abusive behaviors manifest over time, after the relationship is well-established. The person being abused knows that even the abusing person has a good side from time to time, and at the good times, has earned their love. The person being abused wonders if they have done or said something to trigger the abuse. Most often the person receiving the abuse is told it is their fault that the abuser is abusing. Know this is not true.

Everyone is in charge of their own feelings, emotions and actions. There is no way you are ever in charge of the abuser’s feelings, emotions or actions no matter what has happened.

You count.

You matter.

You are a gift from God.

You are beautiful, and I am so very glad you are here.



sun rays
You are made in the image and likeness of God, through the breath of Divine Love and Light of Holy Spirit BEFORE you choose any particular religion, cause, politics, diet, exercise or job. You are the temple of God here on earth..

A Goddess Gaia Meditation ~

Welcome. Walk with me through this meditation as I guide you into perceptions and understandings we all have in common. Think of when you were first created. I shared properties with you to give you strength and make you whole: magnesium, copper, nickel, gold, potassium, iron, beta-carotene, acerbic acid, acerola fruit extract, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin, calcium, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, riboflavin, corn dextrin, cellulose, thiamin, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, d-calcium pantothenate, iodine, zinc, selenium, chromium, choline, inositol, and most lately, co Q10 among other things in your daily vitamins. You’re welcome.

Yes, you are made partly of me, which is why some of you refer to me as Mother Earth. We are more connected than you know.

We both have breath. You have the breath given to you by our Divine Spirit. I breathe through the four winds. I share with you the gift of the trees, transmuting your out breaths of carbon dioxide, use that to my benefit, and release back to you pure oxygen for your benefit. We share this wonderful, life-giving synergy necessary for the both of us to live.

You have your physical body and your aura. I have my physical body and my aura. Deep within my molten iron core my electromagnetic field is generated, affecting all of your compasses on earth and affecting aircraft tens of thousands of feet above my in my aura.

I have a never ending source of refreshing water for you in my streams, lakes, rivers and oceans on my body. The water cycle that takes place in my aura continues to assist you in clouds, gentle rain showers, and at times when my chi is out of balance, in torrential downpours and floods. We need to remain in balance my friends, for the most optimal health of both of us.

Do not ever be afraid. First let me stop there and let me repeat. Do not ever be afraid. But now to continue, do not ever be afraid to allow me to transmute negative energies for you. That is part of my job for you. I can transmute any and all negativity for you. I AM enough. I Am that I Am, also made living and thriving in Divine Love and Divine Light, born of Holy Spirit, God’s active force. This is all part of the ascension process. No this is not a burden. I filter the negative and discordant energies that you send down to the earth through my many layers of crystalline earth, soil, rock, heat and cold. I transmute the negative thoughts, emotions, moods, feelings, attachments that no longer serve you, words and actions when you relate them to me through your meditations, prayers and healing sessions with each other.

Let me say a word more about this transmuting job of mine. How to say this so you will understand? I say what I am about to say in pure love, love without conditions, love without judgments. This brings me to the point exactly. I Am not in need of saving. I Am not afraid. I have been home to humans and fallen angels and their Nephilim children for a time and have been through many ice ages that Mother-Father God, our Source, saw fit to destroy, for your greater good. I have created your beautiful mountains through the otherwise destructive forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. Let me repeat. I AM not in need of saving. I have withstood the horrors of atomic and nuclear weapons upon my surface and in my aura. You see first hand how when the pollution careless humans trash my body with, that I do recover just fine when homeostasis returns to me through the actions of loving, caring and nurturing humans. For this I thank you very much.

However, I do not wish to see you waste your energy needlessly in stopping the things that ought to be stopped. You would greatly further your cause if you focus on continuing to grow your love without conditions and your love without judgments. Work on dropping judgments. Even Jesus tells you in your Bibles in Matthew 7:1, “Stop judging!” You will see if you work in this way, you will make easier and further progress.

You are crystalline in nature. I AM crystalline in nature. You body is crystalline in nature because water is crystalline in nature and you are made up of water. So is your blood. Put a drop of your blood under a microscope and you will see the crystal shapes, yes, the geometric shapes of the crystals of which they are made, even your flesh. Just look at your skin under a magnifying glass. There is no escaping this fact.

You can be programmed. I can be programmed. The crystals within both of us can be programmed. You have done a wonderful job for the betterment of humankind using crystals in your technologies like microwave ovens (although I might caution a word of using them to heat or cook your food as they distort the molecular structure of the foods you ingest), your electric car starters, your computers, laptops and cell phones, etc.

You think you cannot be programmed? There are numerous religions, causes, politics, diets, exercises, and jobs, just to name a few, who use programming techniques. Become aware of systems that use repetition to reinforce their unholy agendas. They feed on you first giving your personal power over to them, as in the erroneous thinking that only they have the right and only way to truth, or saving, or what needs to be done on my body, planet Earth.  Some of these “programs” actually use brainwashing techniques which many people are unaware of because it starts out so subtle, making some semblance of truth, or made up with only a sliver of truth in it.

If you ever feel confused about this programming you may have inadvertently fallen into, or even if you succumbed to the programming of others with your full knowledge and consent, then discover they really do not deliver what they promise, or you wake up one day to the fact that there is no distance between you and your God and that you do not need a third party, no matter who or what it is to roadblock you; just come out in nature wherever you can and release what no longer serves you. You can add your tears to my waters. You can forgive yourself in my nurturing presence and I will transmute  self delusion into self empowerment.

I can assist you in raising you from the lower vibrations of failure, self-doubt, lack of self-esteem to the radiant self the Divine Love and Light gave you by virtue of your God-given spirit, your very own God particle. How do I do this?

My gift to you are the crystals that grow beneath my surface, and in some case can be found on my surface. All of life has vibrational energies in them. Even your chemical medicines are imitations of the remedies of the nature that I lovingly provide. You will gravitate to the ones you need.

Cleanse them from the trauma of their creation within the earth and from the processes they go through before they come to you. Raise them to the highest vibration of Divine Love and Light possible. Then you program them for your use. If you do not know how to do this, find a therapist who can do this for you, or take a crystal class so you can do this yourself.

We are in this together. No victims here, not me and certainly not you. It all begins with an awareness. Notice your feelings. Feelings are not right or wrong. They just are. Feelings are the way to know if you are on the right path or not. If questions persist in the path you have chosen and it becomes the path you no longer wish to take, it is all up to you to go in the direction you wish to go. You have free will. No one can take it from you unless you give your free will away to someone or something. If you do, you always can use your very own free will that the good God above gave you, reclaim it, and begin again.

I hope this helps.

Much Divine Love and Light,

Goddess Gaia







Waking up to the active force of Divine Love and Light within each one of us sometimes


grows slowly, at other times we make leaps and bounds of realizations of that fact, while others of us are simply born with this amazing knowledge. Still some of us rather live in denial that we are living, breathing aspects of the Light and Love of Mother-Father God, the Source of All.

The words “active force” are synonymous with “Holy Spirit,” the living, creative energy of Source. God cannot be dissected. This is the very force that animates us. The Bible tells us that we came to life when God breathed life into us. When this animation leaves us, our spirits leave us, we cease to be in bodily form. This much we know.

Even those of us who know we have the spark of God alive and well inside of us, sometimes get a bit of amnesia, and seek for some guru, some religion or church, or some teacher of spirituality outside of our very selves.

Think of the word “guru.” Spell it out slowly; “Gee You Are You.” Surprise!

Notice the words that are a subtitle to this blog, “STEP INTO YOUR POWER. STEP INTO YOU MASTERY.”

The answers we seek are not outside of ourselves. We know the truth when we hear it. Those of us who have tried finding the truth outside of us know this to be true. Reading earlier posts in this blog will explain how we were not created in sin, nor was the stain of original sin ours. That was the sin of the angels. We were created perfect, infused with the Light and Love of Mother-Father God, our very own God particle.

We all have the God-given gift of free will, no matter what country we live in. Some of us live in countries that do not promote free will. It does not mean that God did not give everyone the gift of free will just because someone or some country robs them of it.

We can use our free will to become aware of the Light and Love of God that is planted, as a seed of life within us at our birth, by means of prayer and meditation. We pray, not as a needy beggar, nor meditate as a spiritually blocked or fearful individual. It begins by making a decision to change our approach.

Rather, we use our God-given free will to unite with our Source in quiet reflection. What are we reflecting? We are reflecting the Light and Love of our God. We can’t help but notice that with this reflection, this prayer, this meditation, that the Flame of Love grows to such a degree that the Light within us equally grows. We can shine so brightly that others can see the transformation that takes place in our hearts and minds, demonstrated in our attitudes, thoughts, words and actions. There is a lightness to Light and Love that permeates our entire four-body system: our mind, body, spirit and aura that reaches all the way back to Source. We are not separate. We are One with each other. We are One with Source. We are One.

We begin to radiate with the Light and Love of which we are made of.