Prejudice Or Xenophobia? ~ In The United States Of American And The World ~ Repost October 13, 2012

How many people in the United States of America want to get a biracial/black man out of the presidency at any and all costs? Earlier (today) MSNBC aired a segment on

This is what the United States really looks like, United Humanity, not only white Americans.

apparant racial prejudice in the 2012 presidential race, commenting it has been said by some to get the “white” back in the Whitehouse. A 2009 Gallup Poll shows that 89 percent of the members of the Republican party were white, and recent research raises that number to as high as 92 percent. Voter Photo Identification Cards target limiting blacks and minorities, making it difficult to cast their votes, and in the case of 93 year old Vivian Applewhite, a Mississippi black woman who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for this very right, now will make it impossible for her to vote, due to lost adoption papers from a Mississippi adopttion agency. Is racial prejudice approaching xenophobia in this country?

Then there are “those people” who do not look just like us white folks in this country, crossing our borders, the border to the south I mean. The way Americans are treating Mexicans these days, or any other Central or South American, African, Middle Eastern or any other world traveler to our great land, makes me wonder if only white Americans are human beings, and everyone else on the planet is of the much “lesser” caste, in line with how white men treated Native Americans, our predecessors.

The New Yorker (recently) stated that there is a tendancy to see President Barak Obama as an extension of black achievement, but that having him as president is not a barometer of changing white attitudes. It also stated that the 2008 election wasn’t the star spangled “Kumbaya” it was billed to be.

Voters in the United States need to cast votes based on whether or not they totally want to decimate Medicare, do away with Pell Grants for our college students, and important issues facing all, young and old alike, not on the underlying apparant fear of a non-white president.

Xenophobia is a severe aversion to foreigners, strangers, their politics and cultures; any fear related to individuals and groups perceived as being different from the person with the phobia. This is a psychological condition, a phobia, and like its counterparts of racism and other forms of prejudice based solely on ethnicity, ancestry or race, has no constructive place in the decision making minds of voters.

The Earth’s Kundalini And Yours ~ Where Your And The Earth’s Chi Comes From – Repost

The kundalini of the Earth has moved from Atlantis to Tibet, and now to Chili Peru in the Andes Mountains.

God promises us that the earth will not pass away, and that we truly will get to live on a Paradise earth. The earthquakes and turmoil have been prophesied, but the energy of destruction is not the end.

We are so fascinated with our beautiful earth giving, living qualities. And why not, we are made of the stuff of the earth, minerals, crystals, vitamins, water and dust. Today we are so fascinated with crystals, and the most authentic vitamins and minerals to supplement our bodies with. The earth is mostly made up of quartz crystals, so why would they, and other minerals like zinc and copper, not be in our bodies? We could get off the subject, taking a curious tangent off topic to delve into the living world of crystals, minerals and vitamins, but again, we would only be talking about the manifestation of creation. Isn’t the One, Only and True Creator God who made us wonderful?


Part of your and my human nature is that we can be so highly distractible, like a puppy chasing a ball, untilblack and blue butterfly a butterfly distracts us. Let’s focus on where the earth’s and our chi and kundalini come from. The division of energies upon the planet are numerous. There are mental, physical, spiritual, financial, political, educational, environmental energies, and the list goes on. Neither the energy, nor the manifestation of the energy is the creator of reality, or our concept of reality.

Where is this energy, this life-giving chi, the awakening of the earth’s and our kundalini coming from? Is it the universe, or the greater universes upon universes? No, even if you believe in the big bang, not even those are the beginning of the creation.

How the intergalactic universe was created, down to the pinnacle point of people being created, still has the same author of life. The creation that abounds all around us has rhythm, pulse, and life force, including chi and kundalini. The Creator works in consistent patterns and principles, and natural laws to apply to every living thing. There is order in the chaos. Even chaos, though seemingly random. Just take a look at chaos theory.

There is the cosmic law of cause and effect that affects the earth (and galaxy and cosmos and intergalactic space), inside and out, rippling out to you and me. There are political tides, and sways in generational thought. Look at hair styles. In the 1960’s there were clean sweeps in hair styles. Then the next generation swings in the complete opposite direction, and we see the immersion of long hair hippies. Nothing is stagnant. This energy effects thought and beliefs as well.

Does it matter that the earth’s kundalini is in Tibet, in South America, or is right under your feet? Does knowing exactly where the earth’s kundalini (transforming energy) is at this exact moment, change who we are as a person? Perhaps knowing we are near end times gives us a mental or spiritual push. Or maybe we are caught up in the earth’s energy signs of undeniable global warming, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, that captures our attention.

Have we ever thought of all the motion involved around the earth, and around us? Sometimes it can feel like are days are spinning out of control, or our emotions are spinning out of control. But just look at the reality of the planet we are living on, spinning day into night, season into season, age into age cycles, all within an ever spinning galaxy in the cosmic dance of life. Even so, also notice the order on all levels.

What does it matter?

You and I are part of the chi,  kundalini, energy connection with the earth and all living things, sparked by God, the Divine Creator, who created it all.

You and I are part of the chi, kundalini, energy connection with the earth and all living things, sparked by God, the Divine Creator, who created it all.

It matters, because you and I are intimately intertwined in this monumental creation. We have our dharma, our calling. What is your mission in life? Have you met your Creator in a real and personal way? Our calling is two fold; us seeking our Creator, and our Creator reaching out and welcoming us to his heart.

Our hearts are restless until they rest in God.

What matters is that we pause to take a moment, to study where you and I are, exploring how the God of All energy,  All chi, the God of All kundalini, the God of All creation itself, is waiting for you to draw closer, so God can draw closer to you.

Daniel’s Vision (4 of 4): Ten Horns

This is the final You tube video explaining the symbolism in Daniel’s vision. Symbolism and parables in the Bible can get lost in translation, or to personal interpretation. But when interpretations are confirmed, both using Old and New Testaments, it is helpful to investigate the information that points to the same answers. In the Book of Revelation, Jesus give John, different visions of the same end times that Daniel’s visions depict, with the same results. This series was posted on four consecutive days.

Daniel’s Vision (3 of 4): The Seven Headed Creature

Have you ever wondered what all the symbolism in Daniel’s vision means? John’s vision in Revelation confirms these symbols. Prophecies occurring hundreds of years ahead of time have come to pass. This You Tube video explains the seven headed creature.

Daniel’s Vision (2 of 4): The Beast

The explanation of Daniel’s Vision of the Beast, as shown in this You Tube video, is helpful. It is good to understand these things, especially since it involves our time today.

Daniel’s Vision (1 of 4): The Image

The next four posts will cover the images in the book of Daniel in the traditional Bible. It is a You Tube video which I hope you enjoy.

Illegal Immigrants ~ Democracy ~ Freedom ~ Dignity Of The Human Race ~ Repost

Here in the United States of America, the Fourth of July is celebrated, marking the day that our forefathers were no longer illegal immigrants coming from another land, a day

An American Fourth of July means taking the oath of citizenship, like Nuria Mohamed from Ethiopia. (Seattle Washington, July 4, 2012) The United States of America is the land of freedom, democracy endowed with certain unalienable rights for all human beings, and the home of the brave who stand up for them.

they paid a dear price for our freedom from another country, enabling us to live in democracy today, and honoring the dignity of human beings that originated from across the sea. It didn’t matter if they came from Mexico, Canada, South America, Africa or any other country in the world. Our forefathers came here from England, and they did not have immigration papers.

What is the difference between most illegal immigrants of today, compared to your grandparents, great-grandparents and other ancestors in your own family tree?


Your and my great grandparents simply had to be over 12 years old, and sign their name. You just had to not be Chinese, because it was thought it would be harder to assimilate into the USA.

Human beings from every country are human beings. Our forefathers sought a better life for their families, just like those in the world today are seeking to better their lives. We need to remember to keep the dignity of all human persons intact as we deal with the now complicated issue of illegal immigration.

The complication in our current immigration laws arises from our sense of entitlement, of wanting to keep people out, of trying to do the impossible, of trying to close our borders. There has to be a humane and organized way to safely allow people to become legal United States citizens that does not make it easier for current illegal immigrants to side-step this issue.

The safety of our country also needs to be protected, and the laws of our land must be followed. Obviously this goes for everyone in this country, legal citizens and illegal aliens. We need national security. In this country, we believe that people are innocent before they are proven guilty.

Why are we more concerned about the Mexican border of the United Sates than the border we share with Canada, or any coastal border? We need to recognize and acknowledge our prejudices in order to heal our nation.

This is a land of democracy. United States citizens value freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to peaceably assemble, and freedom to petition the government among other rights in this great nation.

We need to also champion the fair treatment of illegal immigrants and come up with a better plan for our country, and treat all people with the right to human dignity.