My fiction novel is now available for purchase. I hope you enjoy it. Angel Christmas

Brie is the thirteen year old protagonist of this fiction novel, at a time when a young, strong, female character is so needed in the world. She deals with individuality and relationships, and comes to realize there is only one race of people, the human race. She time travels to  the birth of Jesus in a stable and hears the choirs of angels sing. She learns with her cousin Abby, Grammy Rose, and Aunt Cher, about taking care of sheep,  and how to dye and spin the wool on the high walking wheel.

In other chapters, Brie meets Noah and his family, gets captured by a Nephilim, becomes a slave in the fall of the Temple in Jerusalem in 607 BCE, sails the Mediterranean Sea with Dodanim of Noah’s lineage to visit the Sanctuary of the Great God’s of the Greek Pantheon, helps save the day during the Roman wheat shortage, hears Jesus first hand give the Sermon on the Mount, and meets Apostles Paul and Timothy on the island of Samothrace.

While Brie and part of her family time travel, her remaining family is attending Old Sturbridge Village’s 70th Anniversary in 2016, featuring the Christmas By Candlelight annual celebration.  Brie’s mother, Sarah, her brother Greg and her cousin Abe, who is Abby’s twin, enjoy  a fascinating journey through the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, win_20160722_193726Charles Darwin,  Charles Dickens, Panic of 1837, an introduction to the Rev. Adin Ballou, angels and Santa Claus; all presented in the many historic buildings that make up the Village.

The snow filled evening is complete with a Christmas turkey dinner, horse drawn sleigh and carriage rides, a moving wall, a hidden library, a ring of antique keys, antique locked books and adventures with Bactrian camels, wolves, to allow a family to learn little known historical connections between Noah’s sons, and the Babylonian, Mede-Persian, Greek and Roman Empires.

This book is inspired by a set of large keys handed down to me from my grandfather, F. Louis Tetreault. I am sure these keys went to the farm on Blackstone Street, Mendon, Massachusetts, either to the barn, locked chests, equipment, or to the house both he and my grandmother, Maria (Benoit) Tetreault lived in. My mother is number thirteen of fourteen children. Mom, aunts, uncles and cousins, I love you all. I am so glad my Canadian French grandparents had so many children, or else I would not be here, or have had so many cousins to make my childhood so happy.

Or the keys might have belonged to my grandparents’ Vermont cottage or the shed on Sheldon Hill Road, with the Wardsboro Brook directly behind it, where my sister, cousins and I would brave the icy waters flowing into our tiny, dammed up swimming spot. When I was young, I would often spend weeks and months living with them in their home away from home, while my mother, as a single parent, worked full time painting radon on watch hands so they would glow in the dark. Both my beloved grandparents have since passed away, and were very dear to me. I treasured them and everything about them, even these keys.

The book’s timely publication covers the April 20, 2016 announcement by the United States Treasury planning to put Harriet Tubman’s picture on the front of the $20 bill, moving President Andrew Jackson to the back in the year 2020. Fascinating information between President Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin is also included in this work of fiction. The names of Old Sturbridge Village including all of the buildings at this location, and the Christmas by Candlelight celebration are real. However, I have never attended the Christmas by Candlelight celebration, and the adventures in this book are pure exciting fiction.

Also real names in this area are: Thai Place, Annie’s Country Kitchen, The Bird Store and More, Brimfield Antique Center, Southwick’s Zoo, McLean Hospital, Harrington Hospital, B.T.’s Smokehouse, and the Sturbridge Tourist Center.


It is available in softcover for $13.99, and in 3-4 weeks as an  eBook for $3.99.

Trickle Down Economics

When critical mass in any energy form is reached, the ebb and flow of what had been working switches to the other side. It is a natural occurrence when too much energy pushes from the

Critical mass switches “Trickle Down Economics” to “Trickle Up Economics.”

impetus that has been building. This is happening particularly in USA economics, and the world economic stage as well. Trickle down economics is supposed to work because if the wealthy of the land get wealthier, it is assumed that they will share the benefit based on this premise. In this country, what has been happening is that the middle class has been bailing out the higher class of the wealthy with no reciprocation, except for their outstretched wealthy hand begging for more, more, more. This is Trickle Up Economics. It is an automatic response.

This is because the basic principle of trickle down economics is based on inequity. It does not work. It works in theory, but it has never worked in the history of this country. Now we are past the point of critical mass. The poor and those people barely getting by in the middle class have lost faith with the high class wealthiest among us, because they have had their faith broken by the extreme inequity, with no return for their dollars.

The infinity loop is pictured as a figure 8 lying on its side. You might think of this as the CC Loop, centrifugal forces on one side and centripetal forces on the other, or the yin/yang principle, a child’s see saw, or any energy balancing system based on give and take, ebb and flow, where there is a natural rhythm. When the pressure of either side is too great, there is an automatic switch to the other side. This is where we are now in the economy.

The switch to Trickle Up Economics began with the bail outs for the rich and wealthy. This article is not saying the bail outs should not have happened. I believe it was crucial to bail out the auto industry, for example. What I am saying here, energetically speaking, is that we are past the point of balance and equity on many levels. Corporations are making record profits, yet are laying off their workers and making the workers who are left to do two, three, four or more times the jobs. Quality suffers in the process, just look at the newspaper industry. It became more expedient to put a product out first despite errors, even online.

We are now operating on the basis of Trickle Up Economics. How is it working for you? Evidently the wealthiest rich apparently have no problem duping the poor among us into thinking that giving tax breaks to the wealthy corporations will somehow magically help them, when it has never helped them before.

Based on the concept that trickle down economics works, which it has never worked, we will begin to see, as we are seeing now where the low and middle classes bail out the rich. This is truly an unjust state of affairs.

Trickle Up Economics works best when there are inequitable tax rates, off shore bank accounts so the rich do not have to pay taxes at all, and little attention paid to bolstering the middle class.

We need to integrate our humanity with our emotional and spiritual selves, which includes living fully in the present moment, with its economic concerns.


The Beatitudes ~ Healing Promises

Seeing the crowds, Jesus went up on the mountain, and when he sat down his disciples came to him. And

Therefore, do not let anyone judge you about what you eat and drink or about the observance of a festival or of the new moon or of a Sabbath. Those things are a shadow of the things to come, but the reality belongs to the Christ. Let no man deprive you of the prize who takes delight in a false humility and a form of worship of the angels, “taking his stand on” the things he has seen. He is actually puffed up without proper cause by his fleshly frame of mind, and he is not holding fast to the head, to the one through whom the whole body is supplied and harmoniously joined together by means of its joints and ligaments and made to grow with the growth that is from God. Colossians 2:16-19

Therefore, do not let anyone judge you about what you eat and drink or about the observance of a festival or of the new moon or of a Sabbath. Those things are a shadow of the things to come, but the reality belongs to the Christ. Let no man deprive you of the prize who takes delight in a false humility and a form of worship of the angels, “taking his stand on” the things he has seen. He is actually puffed up without proper cause by his fleshly frame of mind, and he is not holding fast to the head, to the one through whom the whole body is supplied and harmoniously joined together by means of its joints and ligaments and made to grow with the growth that is from God. Colossians 2:16-19

he opened his mouth and taught them, saying:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs kingdom of heaven.”

Jesus reaches into our hearts, to comfort us, to strengthen us, to encourage us, and to inform us of the days to come in the Kingdom of God. Today, this world, is not all that there is. We know this, but from time to time we forget.


Psalm 145:8-19 in the Old Testament also reflects on the glory and majesty of God affecting past, present and future:

“The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made.


All thy works shall give thanks to Thee, O Lord ,

And all thy saints shall bless Thee!

They shall speak of the glory of thy Kingdom,

And tell of thy power,

To make known to the sons of men thy mighty deeds,

And the glorious splendor of thy kingdom.

Thy Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom,

And thy dominion endures throughout all generations.


The Lord is faithful in all his words,

And gracious in all his deeds.

The Lord upholds all who are falling,

And raises up all who are bowed down.


The eyes of all look to Thee,

And Thou gives them food in due season.

Thou open thy hand,

Thou  satisfies the desire of every living thing.


The Lord is just in all his ways,

And kind in all his doings.

The Lord is near to all who call upon him,

To all who call upon him in truth.


He fulfills the desire of all who fear him,

He also hears their cry, and saves them.”


Generations, from Old Testament to New Testament, repeatedly tell us of the glories of God’s Kingdom to come. Jesus taught us how we are to treat one another when he taught us how to pray:

“Our Father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed by thy name.

Thy Kingdom come,

Thy will be done.

On Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;

And forgive us our debts,

As we also have forgiven our debtors;

And lead us not into temptation.

But deliver us from evil.

For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”


Now is the time to look into our own hearts, and allow the breath of God’s Holy Spirit to heal us, and all whose lives we touch. These are promises from God, reminding us that God’s Kingdom not only affects today here on earth, but in his Kingdom to come, for all eternity.

Bless You All


Thoughts Matter ~ Words Matter ~ Actions Matter ~ You Matter

To heal the outside of us, we need to heal the inside of us.

To heal the outside of us, we need to heal the inside of us.

Why are we shooting each other? Have shootings become a communication skill?  What is stopping us from listening, truly listening to the plight of others? Yes, it is a complex problem, but it is not impossible to solve. The question is, do we really want to solve this problem?

We have the tools to fix this. These tools come from within us. These tools do not cost us anything, except for maybe our pride and our ego. It is critical to let go of the crutch of our justifications, and the iron fist of failure.

It is possible to mend our country, and the world, if only we want to. This is the start of the solution to mend any division between individual people, or groups of people.

Follow the energy. Some people interpret this as, follow the money, or follow the power. But money and power are merely forms of energy. A snowball rolling down a snow laden hill will continue to get bigger until the momentum of energy changes. You and I are the beginning of this change, in understanding the problems we face in our cities.

It begins with you and me, no matter who you are, you matter. No mater how old or young you are, you matter. Black lives matter. And yes, all lives matter. But in understanding  that all lives matter, we come to realize that white lives have always mattered. Black lives have not always mattered. No matter if you are police, your lives matter. No matter if you are innocent citizens, your lives matter.

We can be positive and healing change. How? It begins with our thoughts. Before healing ideas can take hold outside of us, healing ideas must take root inside of us. Before our words can come up with creative and positive solutions, we must heal our thoughts of separation, from each other and from God. Before we can heal our actions, we must heal our words. Why is this important? It is important because you matter.

It is not the other guy’s fault. It is not just a problem for adults. It is not just a problem for our country’s youth. It is not just a problem for black people. It is not just a problem for white people, or any other group of human beings we can target and isolate as different from ourselves, no matter what our race, color, creed, gender, weight, height, hair color, eye color, or any other difference is.

In a world damaged by tunnel vision, warped attitudes, crippled thinking, outrageous actions, fears,  hate-based actions, and the need to be right whether we are right or not;  it is a time to examine ourselves closely to see if our thoughts, words and actions are manifesting the integrity necessary to listen, in order to heal the God-given right to life of all people, especially those most oppressed among us.

There is only one race, the human race.



“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” by The Justice Collective’s ~ Neil Diamond

The world needs to hear this remake of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” at this time. First is Neil Diamond’s version, then check out The Justice Collective release of this song at the end of this article. The Justice Collective version came out for last Christmas. Once you click on their link, please arrow down to the video and audio box with the women singing. Click on this song for a beautiful treat. Sorry that it begins with a short ad. You will need to click it off when it is done so it does not continue with ads at the end.

The road is long
with many a winding turn
that leads us to who knows where,
who know where.
But I’m strong,
strong enough to carry him.
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
So on we go.

His welfare is of my concern.
No burden is he to bear,
we’ll get there.
For I know
he would not encumber me.
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

If I’m laden at all,
I’m laden with sadness
that everyone’s heart
isn’t filled with the gladness
of love for one another.

It’s a long, long road
from which there is no return.
While we’re on the way to there,
why not share?
And the load
doesn’t weigh me down at all.
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

He’s my brother.
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…

“The Justice Collective released their tribute single ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ in remembrance of the tragic disaster at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield.

This song was first written by Bob Russell. Little did he know it would be his last song. It was written to commemorate the Boy’s Town stamp, which beneath the picture read, “He ain’t heavy Father, he’s my brother.” Father Edward J. Flanagan was the founder of Boy’s Town.

Father Edward J. Flanagan is the founder and visionary for what’s known today as Boys Town. He had a dream that every child could be a productive citizen if given love, a home, an education and a trade. He accepted boys of every race, color and creed. Father Flanagan firmly believed, “There are no bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking.”

Father Flanagan was born on July 13, 1886, in County Roscommon, Ireland. In 1904, he set sail for the United States. Following his ordination in 1912, Father Flanagan was assigned to the Diocese of Omaha. His first parish assignment was Saint Patrick’s in O’Neill, Nebraska. In March 1913, he was appointed Assistant Pastor to Saint Patrick Catholic Church in Omaha.

On December 12, 1917, Father Flanagan opened his first Boys’ Home in a run-down Victorian mansion in downtown Omaha. In 1921, the Boys’ Home moved to Overlook Farm, its present location near 139th and West Dodge Road. Father Flanagan and Boys Town became internationally known with the help of the 1938 movie, “Boys Town.” He became an acknowledged expert in the field of child care, and toured the United States discussing his views on juvenile delinquency.

The federal government called on Father Flanagan to help children both nationally and internationally. After World War II, President Truman asked him to travel to Asia and Europe to attend discussions about children left orphaned and displaced by the war. During a tour of Europe, he fell ill and died of a heart attack in Berlin, Germany, on May 15, 1948. Funeral services for Father Flanagan were held in the Dowd Memorial Catholic Chapel, located at the heart of his beloved Boys Town. Today, the church is the site of his final resting place.” See

“…The work will continue, you see, whether I am there or not, because it is God’s work, not mine.” – Father Flanagan

Go to: to check out more about Boys Town.

Wherever you are in the world, this is for you.


Spiritual Awareness

This is my final essay for the  Doctor of Spiritual Awareness course in the Universal Life Church Seminary

Re-member who you are.

Re-member who you are.

for the Chaplaincy program I am in. There are six more courses, and 12 more service hours ministering at the local hospital to go. It is amazing the need all human beings have when we are hurt, scared, or are facing the end of our lives, for interactions with others who can offer peace, comfort, an inspirational word, scripture or a prayer. Chaplains are also used in colleges, police and fire departments. Enlightenment Ministries of the ULC is my online ministry. Visiting the sick is one of the things that Jesus told us to do, and helps me to minister to people here in my community.

I AM shocked at the most beautiful, amazing spiritual gift this study, especially this last chapter is for me. First, I lit a white candle in the newly set up alter in my home. This became an intense interaction with these Ascended Masters. I have worked with them before, and taught about them before. But this was different.

Previously, I went back, so to speak, to study fundamental Christianity and the Bible for three years, so as not to miss a single thing. But in the process of experiencing that, I discovered you cannot simultaneously experience two opposites, fear and freedom; lie and truth; self-inflicted bondage and God-given freedom.

This final lesson serves me as a re-awakening, a “re-membering,” reconnecting me once again to all God’s gifts, including the Ascended Masters, here to guide us along the way, if only we would make ourselves available to them. Then again, some of don’t need to do that. They are already there.

But for those like me, who apparently enjoy a scenic detour now and then, this last lesson, done in prayer, realigned me with my I AM Presence, activated so many years before. My divine channel, my antahkarana channel, connected me from my Christed self, my twelfth chakra, to the divine Christ.

I think of the rainbow, the promise of God, and these Ascended Masters who use the energies of the particular colors, while, to my mind’s eye, also take on the shimmering, iridescent qualities of the christed golden – white light of each of our Christ selves. Some of us are activated, some are not. But for those of us who are, this christed connection with Love and Light interconnects us too, a beautiful thought.

This is what I appreciated from each of these beautiful Ascended Masters:

El Morya – works with the blue ray – He had a strong devotion to God, while he was on earth and taught this, synthesizing the ancient spiritual truths of the East with the traditions of the West. He continues to teach anyone who has an open heart and who is willing to connect. El Morya’s most important message is about the use of our free will, and align it with God’s will. This divine will is a powerful stream of love. He reminds us that God’s only desire for us is that we reunite with the essence of who we really are.

Lanto – works with the yellow ray – Lanto helps us to create abundance in all areas of our life, fine-tune our ability to manifest, speak eloquently, release beliefs that no longer serve us, and deepen our understanding of our true nature. Lanto teaches wisdom, understanding, and not just judgment, but the drawbacks of judgment. I especially like that Lanto assists us in attaining enlightenment, and how to connect to Holy Spirit’s gifts of wisdom and knowledge, tapping into discernment so we can make choices that are beneficial to all who are involved. The knowledge he shares can open us to our basic self-worth, and innate wisdom. He reminds us that this process is not a contest. Moment to moment, we have the opportunity to practice the loving presence of spirit, or fall deeper into the illusion of separation. Lanto helps us to see that we are human beings as gods who are re-membering our divinity, all the while emphasizing love, joy and laughter.

Paul the Venetian – works with the pink ray – I really appreciated remembering him, since my book is now at the publishers, and my paintings decorate my house, knowing he helps to enhance creativity, in connecting to divine love and true compassion. Art is his medium. H promotes beauty as a powerful agent of change in a person’s life. In his life he taught how divine love is really love in action.

Serapis Bey – works with the white (some say golden or yellow glow) to bring balance and harmony into our lives. His assistance helps to make tasks east, overcome procrastination, and heighten creativity. Because he works with the kundalini energy stored at the base of our spine3s, he is also known to enhance our sex lives. Because awakening the kundalini is not always an easy process, Serapis Bey can help with balancing and harmonizing these energies. Some of his gifts to share with us are discipline, purity, joy, hope, excellence which help to train us to work miracles.

Hilarion – works with the green ray. The green ray is a ray of truth, science, vision, healing and prosperity. I hear he is also great for helping with computer troubles, writing music, and connecting with our inner truths, as well as teaching spiritual truths. It is said he was a priest at the Temple of Truth in Atlantis, and also worked with the Oracle of Delphi. He helps us with discerning between truth and illusion. Hilarion assists us to prepare to fully receive the Holy Spirit and to manifest our God-given gifts of healing. His greatest gift is to help us open our heart while quieting our doubt-filled minds.

Lady Nada – works with the purple/gold ray – some use a deep red ray – or a rose scented candle – Rose is the symbol of enlightenment. I find it interesting that she presides over the etheric plane temple at Lake Titicaca, Peru. The earth is changing, as we are. She assists us to integrate these male and female energies. She is known to help us develop our true mastery, protects children, and brings justice into life’s more challenging events, like the earth changes mention above. Her message is one of peace, brotherhood, devotion, humility, selfless service, and wisdom, born of love. She reminds us that we are all a ray of pure, unconditional love. We are not purely our personality, nor only our body. We are that AND also a spiritual entity, a spark of divine love. She will help us to see truth, and reconnect us with the essence of who we really are. She teaches that separateness is not reality; it is the illusion created by our beliefs. I can benefit by working with her more.

Germain – works with the violet ray of transmutation – Germain helps us to expand our ability to experience unconditional love, use the gift of prophecy, make freedom a reality in our life, and deepen our connection to our divinity. He is the sponsor of the United States of America, and he hierarch of the Age of Aquarius. This speaks to me, as an Aquarius (I know, ego). He bears the violet flame of transmutation for world change, also for changing negative into positive, which I think is so important for earth ascension also.

Maha Chohan – (some say Maha Cohan) – the head, or hierarch of all the chochans of the seven rays – representative of the Holy Spirit – often works with crystals – known to be the Keeper of the Flame – when we call upon Maha Chochan we can imagine ourselves being enfolded by the wings of a great, white dove, as in Holy Spirit. Opening our heart, deepening the connection to our inner selves and our spirit, resolve childhood issues, and find a career that will make our heart sing. Maha Chohan is the Spirit that gives life to everything. He is with us at the beginning of our life, and is with us at the end of our life. He works closely with the angelic realms, bringing comfort and strength. When we open our heart to him, we can feel the pulsating presence of spirit, and begin to align with the heart of God.

There is a lot of food for prayer and meditation here. I know there is One God, for our one world. There are not many worlds for our many differing beliefs. We get so caught up with semantics sometimes. To me, this is another way to look at how the many aspects of God manifest. Is it better to say “Holy Spirit,” or “Maha Chochan?” or “God,” or “Maha Chochan?” Good lesson here.