Map of World Languages

This map was created by Alberto Lucas for the South China Morning Post. This simple infographic is the photo story of Cathy Brown, published on August 13, 2016.

You Can Become A Universal Life Church Minister

Anyone who feels called can be a legally ordained minister.

Anyone who feels called can be a legally ordained minister.

Anyone who feels called can be a legally ordained minister.

Have you ever felt that you are called to be a valid ordained minister, either online, or with a physical church building?

Ordination is not just for a privileged few.

Have you ever been church hopping, or feel left out in your own church?

Is your current church, or spiritual routine not feeding your soul?

Have you aligned yourself to a religious institution of any kind, only to find you do not honestly believe all the tenants of that particular faith?

Are you accepted in the religious or spiritual congregation full of love and non-judgment?

I am trained in an Inter-Faith appreciation for everyone’s personal free will in matters of their own belief system. While I have studied all religions extensively, I chose to be  a Christian minister, because I believe, and have a great appreciation for Mother/Father God, the Son Jesus Christ and God’s Holy Spirit.

My Christian ministry uses all the scriptures, not just the ones men wanted you to know and read. The books that were tossed out at the Council of Constantinople in 381 AD, are just as big as the current traditional Bible. Jesus says more, teaches more than the present Bible lets you know. I think it is of major importance for intelligent humans to know this. Book banning and censorship usurps our God-given free will. That is my impetus. It is different for everyone.

But anyone becoming a Universal Life Church minister can be true to who they are and what they believe, regardless of race, gender, belief system, or anything else that separates humankind.

My advise is to bring this to prayer. God is closer to you than your next breath, in my book.

Become ordained quickly and easily, and begin your own ministry! As a legally ordained minister, you will

be able to perform weddings, funerals, baptisms and other functions of the clergy.

In existence since 1959, the Universal Life Church is headquartered in Modesto, California, and has congregations around the world. The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church. ULC ministers come from all walks of life and spiritual traditions. Our common thread is our adherence to the universal doctrine of religious freedom:

“Do only that which is right”

Every person has the natural right (and the responsibility) to peacefully determine what is right. We are advocates of religious freedom.

The Universal Life Church wants you to pursue your spiritual beliefs without interference from any outside agency, including government or church authority.

You may become a legally ordained minister for life, without cost, and without question of faith.


Sex ~ Paying For Sex ~ Bartering Sex For Payment ~ Human Trafficking ~ Men,Women And Children Are Not Barganing Chips


jars of human_traffickingPaying for sex,  bartering sex for payment, and human trafficking on a larger scale is beneath the human dignity that Godpie of human-trafficking-statistics created us for. In every culture, in every country, regardless of race, color, creed, and gender; reducing men, women and children to a means of making other people money, or paying debts, or payment for food or material goods, or even as means of payment for sex for human pleasure, is a misunderstanding of the full potential and dharma of every human being. There is a reason every person is born on this earth. It is not for other people’s financial gain, or the misuse of sex.

Each and every person has the God-given right to the privacy of their own body, and to live their own life, without threat, harm, manipulation, bribery, or any other means of usurping their own personal power.

Map of trafficking of females globally.

Map of trafficking of females globally.

human trafficking 2People do not own people. People are not for sale, not even for five minutes. Any and all practices of buying and selling people in any form goes against the Creator God himself.Polaris-Project-Human-Trafficking-Statistics[1]

Human trafficking statistics by country.

Human trafficking statistics by country.

Some cultures practice various forms of caste systems, in order to keep certain people down, while elevating others. However, this practice goes against the God-given human dignity of all people, in every country, in every situation and circumstance. We even see financial forms of caste systems in all countries. How does your country take care of its poor?

Sometimes people like to say one thing, but do another. In some shady practices, someone might say they want to go and get a massage. Therapeutic massage is extremely beneficial for healing stress, and for the recovery of sore muscles. But in less than reputable parlors, “happy endings,” those sexual favors that do come with a price, take place worldwide. What is the problem?


Human dignity that each and every human being is born with, which comes directly from God, and no other human being, cannot honorably be taken away by any other human being, without being in direct violation of the Creator himself. Some may attempt to justify their actions by erroneously thinking that it is a “win-win” for all involved, someone gets paid for a service, and someone gets that service. However, people are not things to be used, nor to be bought and sold. The conscience knows.

Please join me in praying for people caught in these less than human roles, that they might be helped and regain their dignity as God intended for them to have.


Nature Does Not Hurry, Yet Everything Is Accomplished ~ Lao Tzu ~ Repost 3

kicking and screamingDo you ever find yourself rushing around until life’s no fun?

Is your to-do-list longer than the distance from here to the moon?

Will you turn into a purple pumpkin if you do not get it all done?

How is your blood pressure?

Having any physical side effects to stress yet?

Are you balding?

Is your hair thinking, falling out or breaking?

Are your food allergies getting worse?

Is your speech coming out faster than a sonic jet?

Texting, eating, drinking, on the cell phone while driving, see the problem?

Are you addicted to activity?

Where’s the balance?


You are in control of you, not your schedule.

You are in control of you, not other people.

You are in control of you, not the situation.

If the merry-go-round of life is going too fast for you, stop and simplify. Find your balance point. It is literally a matter of life and death. The fastest way to age is to live a life of prolonged, severe stress. Stress brings on major, serious illness and death.

Everyone can push extra hard in life, for a short while, to help someone out, to rise to the occasion, or if the job demands a short but strenuous burst of energy from you. But your employer does not own the rights to your life. You do.

But no one can sustain  stress. The body breaks down. Your emotional self breaks down. It is not what nature intended for you on the day you were born. At first you may not associate various ailments and symptoms as stress related. Stress is not a natural state for us. Stress is not good for us, no matter how used to it we are.

How do we break out of this extremely addictive, self-destructive habit of racing through life, like a chicken with its head cut off? Like changing any other habit, it is going to take 21 days to try on new habits of relaxation techniques, slow breathing exercises, body stretching like yoga, and even aerobic activity, like walking, jogging, bike riding or swimming. You know what works for you. Give yourself breaks, that is life saving.

purityTake a moment to watch how nature works. Roses do not rush to bloom. They take their time. They open and unfold slowly, all in good time. Savor each moment in this life. You are here for a reason. If you fly through your life too fast, you will miss so much. We all have 24 hours in a day. How you spend it really is up to you.

It is a mistake to give everything on your agenda the same emergency intensity, as if completing each task is equivalent to putting out a fire. You are a human being, not a machine. We all know this. It is good to be reminded from time to time, not to take ourself so seriously. When you’re stressed, the first thing to go is your sense of humor. That’s a clue.

Lao Tzu once said,  “Nature Does Not Hurry, Yet Everything Is Accomplished.” We are part of nature.


We Are The Temple of the Living God

“We are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will live in them and move among them, and I will be

The Kingdom of God is within you.

The Kingdom of God is within you.

their God, and they shall be my people.” 2 Corinthians 6:16

This means the living God is within, and without us. This living God animates everything, and is in everything, even us.

Jesus taught this and so did the most prolific write of the New Testament, Paul. There are many writings in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, which were removed from today’s Bible, that also expound even more on this fact. Nag Hammadi Scriptures were also considered inspired writings, until 300 years after they were written, and were removed at the Council of Constantinople in 381 AD. Then these Scriptures, and others like them describing more details about how Creation really came to be, what really happened to us, how more angels are involved, and who these angels really are, got cut out of today’s Bible.

This is unfortunate, as if information and education is a bad thing, as if we need to be spoon fed slanted bites of information, as if we cannot handle the truth.

No matter we believe about God or Creation, we deserve to know the truth, not just what a particular group with an agenda wants us to know. The words of Jesus and God have been maligned for thousands of years. Censorship is not a good thing when deciding what to believe. Censorship makes us  puppets in someone else’s game.

It matters to us individually, and it matters to the world. We would not be in the condition we are in if all of Jesus words were “allowed” to be read. Now is the time to find the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, if you have not already done so, and read them. They are compiled in a book as big as the Bible. That is how many writings have been omitted.

But we need to be ready to read and understand more than what we know now, more than what religious leaders in 381 AD wanted us to know. We need to ask for Holy Spirit to guide us as we read these revealing words. They are different. More beings are involved, some with impure motives. We have a right to know this.

There are also more, many more words Jesus told everyone in his day. Why wouldn’t we want to read them? The people who say not to read the Nag Hammadi Scriptures have an unholy agenda I encourage everyone not to fall for. Each of us is in charge of our own eternal destiny. Yes, we are destined for more, in union with God. No person or group of people is in charge of our eternal soul and spirit.

There is more to Creation, not less.


“Him I Have So Long Desired” – Sunday Meditation

This beautiful prayer makes a meditative pause in the breath of this Sunday. Find a few quiet moments outJesus Light of the busy day to rejuvenate your mind, soul and spirit. Drink from the well that never will run dry.

This prayer was first published as “Ad Quem diu Suspiravi,” from the Latin of Alexander LeopoldFranz Emmerich, Prince of Hohenlohe, Bishop of Sardica. It was translated by the Rev. John F. Duston, S.J.


“He for Whom my heart was sighing

       Jesus, now at last is mine.

I possess him and embrace Him

        Sharing in His life divine.


So, my soul, with all thy powers,

        Let thy hymn of triumph ring

And with holy exultation,

        Greet the coming of thy King.


Sad was I. distressed and lonely;

        Joyless was the path I trod;

He, above all else the dearest,

        Was not near me – He, my God.


Ah! but then  He came and entered

        In the dwelling of my soul

And the deepest consolation

        Held me in its sweet control.


Strong the sun, dispersing shadows

        Lowering over the darkened earth;

Gently strong, the falling raindrops

        Bringing wilted flowers rebirth.


Stronger still, the Master Lover

        Dissipates my human fears;

Gone all sorrows; gone all anguish;

        And the light of hope appears.


Now, the day in beauty dawning,

        Now each hour till night from morn,

Breathes its happy benediction,

        Jesus in my heart is born.


He who has Thee wants for nothing;

        Thy possession, joy supreme,

Font of life with all its riches,

        Happiness and peace serene.


Shall I not then, sing Thy praises,

         King of kings and Lord of Lords,

If within my heart, I ponder

        All the gifts Thy love accords?


As I hasten to unfold Thee

        In my arms – myself alone –

Thou art rushing, gently, loving,

To enfold me in Thine own.


Let me count Thy gifts, dear Jesus:

        Out from dark eternity,

Thou hast fashioned me from nothing –

        Nothing and obscurity.


Thou hast given of Thy nature –

        Human me, a thing divine!

Sharing, through Thy loving kindness,

        Treasures that are truly Thine.


On a wind-swept hill, deserted,

        In a stable, Thou were born.

And Thy death – ah, what a contrast!

        Love divine, and human scorn!


These were gifts, but all above them.

        Every day, You come to me,

All forgiven; all forgotten,

        Smiling, gracious, lovingly.


O the rapture, dearest Jesus,

        That Thy thrilling presence brings!

Take me in complete possession,

        Son of God and King of kings.


Love of self – the weed most killing –

        Root it out and in its place,

Plant Thy Love; make me adore Thee;

        Make me love Thee by Thy grace.


Take whatever in me hurts Thee,

        So that You and I may be

Joined in everlasting friendship

        Now and in eternity


When the sun in glory rises,

        When at night, it sinks to rest,

Stay with me, my dearest Jesus,

        Loved, by Thou my loving Guest.


Let not life with all its falseness,

        Let not Death’s relentless power,

Let no force, however potent,

        Break the union of this hour.


Till my dying breath I’ll love Thee;

        In my heart, I’ll praise Thy name

Till my human voice in heaven,

        Joins angelic hosts’ acclaim.


Then, I’ll gaze on Thee in rapture;

        See Thee as Thou truly art;

I shall love Thee – love Thee Always –

        Soul to soul and Heart to heart.


Release Negativity and Fear ~ Reclaim Personal Power

Spiritual psychology inspires us to learn through wisdom. Some of us learn better than others, while others

My chi has a headache and it's all her fault!

My chi has a headache and it’s all her fault!

choose to take the scenic route of experience. Eventually we learn, even if it is via the hard way. Discussions about negativity and fear always have to do with our personal power. It is in the misuse of personal power where negativity and fear are born.

We do not stop losing our personal power by refusing to recognize our fear, by anesthetizing ourselves to what we feel. Denying we have given away our power keeps our dysfunction going in repetitive cycles.

Without realizing it, we can turn to using psychological crutches that cripple us emotionally and spiritually. We freely give it away. How do we give away our personal power?

We give away our personal power every time we lose power to rage against an injustice, when you are threatened by another person or people, or distance ourselves from others our of resentment or bitterness or a sense of disappointment, unworthiness or superiority. We even give away our personal power when we long for something or someone, like through grieving and envy. Beneath all these emotions is fear, fear, fear.

Perhaps the biggest drain on personal power escaping from us is through the act of complaining, trying to make someone else responsible for our own actions, and setting up expectations that someone else should fix the problems we find ourselves in. Examining our motives will shed a light on our real intentions.

We also lose personal power through the emotion of regret where we cling to negativity. Regret keeps us stuck in yesterday, spreads the blanket of gloom and doom over our present, and forecasts dark days ahead things that usually never even happen. How many times have we anxiously worried about situations that never happened? It is such a colossal waste of time and energy.

Love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness are the marks of a truly empowered person. Authentic humility is such an attractive quality, a fulcrum spiritual gem that balances the heart, mind and soul with peace that knows no bounds.

It is not about bully strength seeking to manipulate others. Manipulators drain their own energies, misguidedly thinking they have power. Notice the bouts of exhaustion followed by this tactical approach. Both the manipulator and the manipulated suffer.

The answer lies not in denying our emotions, but in facing our self destructing habits. Once recognized, it is only then that we can take responsibility for our selves, and begin the road to recovery. The first step is to forgive ourselves and others. Hanging on to bitterness is a psychological trip that will keep us in the past on an endless loop of energy loss. After forgiving, oh yes we CAN forgive, we can move on to infusing genuine Love, compassion, and empathy into the void fear and its well of negativity left behind. The more we are filled with Love, and remain in this Love, the more we are graced by God, gifted by Holy Spirit, through the model of all LOVE, Jesus Christ.

This is the road to spiritual health.