Earth’s Kundalini ~ The Serpent of Light ~ From Atlantis ToTibet To Chile/Peru ~ From Atlantis To The Himalayan Mountains To The Andes Mountains

We have only just begun our journey into the New Age of Aquarius. Energy is shifting. Weather patterns are shifting. There is more to the effects of our home planet Earth making its

The kundalini of the Earth has moved from Atlantis to Tibet, and now to Chili/Peru in the Andes Mountains. JJ Hurtek in “The Book of Knowledge The Keys of Enoch,” says it will then settle over the USA, as the new Atlantis.

massive switch from moving away from the center of the galaxy, to moving toward the center of the galaxy as it did on 12/12/12. This switch has displaced the Earth’s Kundalini from Atlantis, to Tibet and the Himalayan Mountains, and now to Chili and Peru in the Andes Mountains, then onto the USA. Focus on the light of truth now, especially Biblical truth that explains these last days. Do not give your personal power away. We need to step up to our responsibility in this life. Life is not stagnant. You and I matter. Matters of faith matter. Jesus came to earth to tell us what to expect. The earth matters, and will revert back to is once Paradise conditions, in time, as promised. For the next 2,160 years, the axis of the Earth will be moving through the constellation of Aquarius, processing in the exact order of creation as created by the Creator.

Notice the precise order of our history. Plato named Earth’s lost continent Atlantis, and spoke elegantly about its culture and beauty. Many modern-day archeologists consider Atlantis only a legend. But in metaphysical circles, the spiritual center of the world, the place where the Earth’s kundalini resided deep in the Earth back then, was in Atlantis.

Scientists have recorded that three great pieces of an asteroid struck the Atlantic Ocean about 16,000 years ago. It is surmised at that time, to preserve the healing arts, crystal energy and higher enlightenment knowledge, that the inner priesthood of the ancient continent Atlantis, the Nakkal Brotherhood, took their knowledge to the Himalayan Mountains and settled in Tibet. Notice the wealth of not only spiritual knowledge that came from that area, but also where the birth of the natural healing system of Reiki began. Modern day Reiki has its roots not only in Mount Kuriyama, Japan, where Dr. Usui re-discovers the ancient symbols. Four of the symbols he receives through meditation, are Atlantean healing symbols. Dr. Usui did not make them up himself. He is given these healing tools by divine intervention. These four original symbols were found documented in the Buddhist Temples in the Himalayan Mountains.

But time, at least here on Earth, does not stand still. So we witness another age going by. It appears each time the Earth goes through an energetic shift, and a magnetic shift, so too does the Earth’s kundalini shift. The pulse, heartbeat and vibration of the Earth’s kundalini, rises with each shift. Now it is said that the kundalini of the Earth has relocated to Chili and Peru in the Andes Mountains. Notice how much humanity has turned their attention to the Mayan calendar, the Mayan prophesies, new prophesies, and even Biblical prophecies.

Notice too, the Earth’s kundalini, this “Serpent of Light,” has touched many countries, and people,  along its journey through Canada, the United States, Central America and then into South America. The Andes Mountain region is to become our new Himalayan Mountains. Chili and Peru are to be the new Tibet, according to author Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book. “Serpent of Light Beyond 2012.” Also check out his previous works, “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume I and Volume II.

Now this is the important part; also pay very close attention to the prophecies of the Bible in the Book of Matthew, chapter 24-25, and the Book of Revelation. The Mayan Prophecies to not supersede the Biblical Prophecies. The Biblical Prophecies supersede the Mayan and all other prophecies.

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3 thoughts on “Earth’s Kundalini ~ The Serpent of Light ~ From Atlantis ToTibet To Chile/Peru ~ From Atlantis To The Himalayan Mountains To The Andes Mountains

  1. Age of Aquarius starts roughly around 2600 ad. Do some homework on gyroscopic procession before stating certainties about astronomy or astrology. It’s claims like this that lead the gullible believing in end of the world prophicies, worked out well for 2012 didn’t it?

    • You are correct. Thank you for your comments. In my previous posts about the coming Age of Aquarius, I was more explicit on explaining the how the ages work, from one to another, and the great amount of time leaving one age and entering another. Since I had already done this work, I did not repeat it in this article, and only said “We have only just begun our journey into the New Age of Aquarius.” Realy, we are at the beginning concept, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, since an Age is over 26,000 years, what is 600 more, as you point out. I find most people listened to their inner guidance, and did not over-react, just like they did not over-react to the Year 2,000 millennium fears. All Is One.

  2. I would also like to comment that it is not only the “gullible” that believe in end of world prophecies. One hundred percent of the Bibles prophecies have come true, except for its last prophesy, that Armageddon will happen, then the Kingdom of God comes to earth, forever. Jesus, the single most influential man who ever graced this planet, said that he will return. I expect he will.

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