Why Did Jesus Bother Coming To Earth?

Jesus came to correct the lie of the ages. The greatest truth that Jesus Christ defends is God, his heavenly Father’s universal sovereignty. Since

Paradise on earth picture courtesy of the jw.org website

Paradise on earth picture courtesy of the jw.org website

the first lie perpetuated upon the once perfect paradise earth caused the first sin, God our Almighty Creator has had his sovereignty challenged. “No, you won’t get caste out of the garden if you eat that fruit. You will be as smart as God.” “No, you do not have to choose good over evil. Do what you want. It is all the same.” “No, there really is no devil, or evil. There is no heaven. You are God” “The devil is a fairytale.” “All is One. All religions are equal and the same.”

Jesus is a man on a mission. There has been an ongoing battle against God’s rulership since the beginning of man and woman on this planet. Yes, we do amazing and beautiful things, and the complete opposite on any given day, given our mood and motive. Jesus is single task oriented, completely obedient to his heavenly Father, even to a torturous death. His mission remains constant. He taught about the coming Kingdom of God to earth. What will that be like?

All countries in the world will face Jesus Christ and his heavenly forces in the final battle against God’s rulership, which battle is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.

“And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon.” Revelation 16:16

“They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and they perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” Revelation 16:14

“His eyes (Jesus’ eyes) are a fiery flame, and on his head are many diadems. He has a name written that no one knows but he himself, and he is clothed with an outer garment stained with blood, and he is called by the name The Word of God. Also, the armies in heaven were following him on white horses, and they were clothed in white, clean, fine linen. And out of his mouth protrudes a sharp, long sword with which to strike the nations, and he will shepherd them with a rod of iron. Moreover, he treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his outer garment, yes, on his thigh, he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.” Revelation 19:12-16


Jesus and his heavenly armies will strike down all forms of false governments, false religions, false gods, and all divisions not created by God the Almighty Creator of all. At the same time, Jesus will shepherd the faithful, those of us who stood the test of time, in the face of negative peer pressure, worldly ambition and greed. Your and my test is our loving, forgiving faithfulness to God our Father and Jesus, his first born Son; and to each other with no separation.

But before we pat ourselves on the backs prematurely, we need to take a closer look to align ourselves with what our Heavenly Father is asking of us.

Not all governments who proclaim they are just, are just.

Not all religions who profess to be the one true religion, are.

Not all false gods are the One True God.

If your country’s practice is to murder and kill your own, or humans of any nation, you will not be among those chosen for eternal life treasuring all human life which is made in the image and likeness of the One True God. The God who made your and my hearts, reads our hearts.

Obedience to God’s authority includes things like having no idols in our worship or in our lives, calling no man father (in religions) except our Heavenly Father, forgiving one another, turning the other cheek, not going to war (and not justifying why we do), not pitting one side against another, loving one another with the human dignity regarding the entire human race, not just men, but women too; not just one race, but all races; not just one religion or nationality, but all people everywhere without division.

Are we the Almighty Creator God’s obedient children, or are we disobedient, and proud of it?

Are our lives a mirror of compassion and love beyond all human understanding, like our Heavenly Creator, the God of All, who sent Jesus to redeem us once we had been cut off from God, by our own sin? Jesus came to show us how to love. Jesus came to show us the way, of forgiveness, mercy, prayer and how to live. We have a short window of a grace period, of God’s undeserved kindness, left before Jesus comes back to earth, in order for you, me and every nation and human ruler to submit to God’s rulership over all creation. We either deny God, or profess God through our thoughts, words and actions. There is no other option.

“In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite.” Daniel 2:44.

This inspired prophecy occurred over 2,500 years ago by the prophet Daniel, warning about the absolute outcome for all human governments today. And it specifies that unlike our human governments since the beginning of time, God’s Kingdom to come will have no end, ever.

Man-made national boundaries and prejudices will no longer exist.

“I saw heaven opened, and look! a white horse. And the one seated on it is called Faithful and True, and he judges and carries on war in righteousness.” Revelation 19:11

Armageddon is the coming of God’s heavenly Kingdom of God to earth. Armageddon is not one country against another country in today’s world, nor about who controls Jerusalem, nor about who has control over women, gold, oil, or any other creation of God.

Jesus told us that God’s Kingdom will supercede all other governments, rulers, presidents, Kings and Queens. This is Armageddon. God wins this one. Imagine a world with no political, social, financial or any other kind of border. Imagine the beautiful interaction of humans actually loving each other with genuine kindness.

This is where paradise is restored to earth.

The Lord’s Evening Meal ~ A New Covenant Between God and Man ~ A Meditation

This is the week of the Passover celebration, which Jesus asked us all to change, from the yearly Passover celebration, to a yearly commemoration

Jesus changes the yearly Passover celebration to the yearly Lord's Evening Meal. Picture courtesy of jw.org,  Online Library, The Watchtower, December 15, 2013 edition.

Jesus changes the yearly Passover celebration to the yearly Lord’s Evening Meal. Picture courtesy of jw.org, Online Library, The Watchtower, December 15, 2013 edition.

of his last evening meal. A new covenant was being made between God and Man, through Jesus Christ. We had all been living estranged from God since the fall of our first parents. Now a perpetual, life saving remedy was replacing a never ending separation between the Creator and his creation. Prior to the Lord Jesus evening meal, all mankind had through the misuse of each and every one of our free will, had no promise of everlasting life after death, a total separation of mind, body and spirit.

“That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned.” Romans 5:12

The punishment for everyone in the human race for the first human’s sin, is death; not hell, not purgatory or anything else we dream up. “For the one who has died has been acquitted from his sin.” Romans 6:7

Through the intense and personal love of God for you and for me, God set in place a means though which we can now obtain eternal life. God’s love for us is so pure and eternal, that he allowed his first born of all creation to die a torturous death, in order than we might live forever with him in his Kingdom to come. How was this covenant instituted?

“Also, he took a loaf, gave thanks, broke it, and gave it to them, saying: “This means my body, which is to be given in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” Also, he did the same with the cup after they had the evening meal, saying: “This cup means the new covenant by virtue of my blood, which is to be poured out in your behalf.” Luke 22:19-20

Then comes the entire Gospel message in one verse: “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

The Bible compares Adam and Jesus, as Adam being the first Adam, and Jesus being the second, or in some cases mentioned as the last Adam. “For just as through the disobedience of the one man many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one person many will be made righteous.” Romans 5:19

“But we do see Jesus, who was made a little lower than angels, now crowned with glory and honor for having suffered death, so that by God’s undeserved kindness he might taste death for everyone.” Hebrews 2:9

“Then I saw, and look! the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who have his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads.” Revelation 14:1. This revelation given by Jesus to John, tells us that God’s Kingdom will be administered by Jesus as King, and a specified number who rule from heaven with him.

What about the rest of us faithful ones who are not part of the 144,000 heavenly government? “Happy are the mild-tempered, since they will inherit the earth,” said Jesus in his sermon on the mount. Matthew 5:5. Jesus was quoting from Psalm 37:9, “For evil men will be done away with, but those hoping in Jehovah will possess the earth.”

How long do we keep celebrating the Lord’s Evening Meal? “For whenever you eat this loaf and drink this cup, you keep proclaiming the death of the Lord, until he comes.” 1 Corinthians 11:26

Again we are told that Jesus is coming back to earth. Happy are we to be faithfully awaiting his return, which is said to “come like a thief in the night.”

Are You An Empath, Cllairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant? Repost

"Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; if you ask anything in my name, I will do it," said Jesus. John 14:14

“Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; if you ask anything in my name, I will do it,” said Jesus. John 14:14

Are you an empath, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant? Do you feel bad around some people, situations or things, or good around others? How can you tell if you are just having a bad day? What do you do about it anyway? There are grounding techniques that prevent you from taking on others’ ill humor, and various aches and pains that you did not have prior to being with them. These grounding techniques are not nothing. They are not just in your imagination, just like prayer and meditation is not just in your imagination.

God the Father of All, is truly the Father of All, Jehovah God. When we pray or meditate, we do not pray to some nameless “source,” nor do we pray to a host of false idols. We actually, and in reality, plug into God, who hears each and every one of our prayers. Our God personally knows each of us by name. When we align ourselves with the way our Father in Heaven told us to live, God protects us with his promised eternal life. Yes, Our God is an empath, clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. We pray to God, whose name is Jehovah, the one and only God of all, who created all, who intimately knows all. He shares his creative power with us.

Jesus is the first-born of all creation, including the angels so many today are fascinated with. The angels, and you and me, were created by God working in conjunction with Jesus, as in all other creation. Jesus prayed, connecting to the Father of All, grounding God’s energy in and through himself, and was not only interested in healing broken minds and bodies. Jesus’ mission was not superficial, nor egotistical, nor self-serving. Healing was a side effect of the deeper mission of Jesus, which was announcing the Kingdom of God coming to earth.

Jesus also was an empath, was clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant, but this was not a feather in his cap as so many today cling to personally. Jesus prayed and meditated continually. Jesus always surrendered his will to his father, God in heaven. Jesus did not claim equality with God, again as so many energy healers do today.

Yes, there are times we have empathy for others. We know how they are feeling. But the God of All, who created you, me and the stars above, also instructed us not to practice spiritism, fortune telling or any other false form pretending to be God’s divine hand. Jesus instructed all of us to avoid these practices of false gods, and false religions.

The first sin of Satan is a sin of pride. The remedy for this sin is to seek God’s forgiveness, and turn to our loving, heavenly Creator, who is waiting and willing to save us, and reward us with everlasting life.

Financial Health

Many of us gravitate to mind, body, spirit, or even spirituality inspiration, but shy away from financial health articles. Total health for us

Federal taxes still near historic lows, all but the wealthiest 1%

Federal taxes still near historic lows, all but the wealthiest 1%

covers all areas of our being, including our finances. In order to address them with our eyes open, it is good to seed what is really going on. Perhaps we are very grounded with our finances and have a good working plan. Some of us live in denial, while others of us get into, or put off by politics which is closely related to finances. It is good to take a closer look in order to make educated decisions, in this case, about our financial health. This particular article concerns the USA, however, every person in every country can benefit from similar financial observations.

“Your taxes are really low” is today’s article by Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post that is worth sharing.

“Taxed enough already? Hardly. According to the Congressional Budget Office, your effective federal tax rates are near historic lows.

“One of the great ironies of the rise of the tea party movement was that it coincided with the lowest total tax burdens seen in at least 30 years. The chart above plots effective federal tax rates since 1979 by income group. The key word here is “effective” — these are the tax rates people actually pay after factoring in things like the mortgage interest deduction, the child tax credit and the myriad other deductions and credits written into the U.S. tax code. Values for 2011 and 2012 aren’t yet available, but the CBO does provide projections for 2013 tax filings, which I’ve plotted, as well.

“Overall the trend is downward. The average filer saw her effective tax rate drop from 22 percent in 1979 to 18.1 percent in 2010. Rates on the bottom 20 percent of tax filers went from 7.5 percent to 1.5 percent, while the top 20 percent of earners saw a more modest decrease, from 27.1 to 24.0 percent over the same period.

“The effect of crisis-era policy is clearly visible in the sharp drop in rates from 2007 to 2008, mostly from tax provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Tax rates hit rock bottom in 2009, right as the tea party movement was gaining steam.

“The tea party movement has lost some momentum since then, but many Republicans have not lost any of their tax-cutting fervor. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, passed Thursday in the House, contains $5 trillion in tax cuts, including simplifying the tax bracket structure from seven tiers to two — a 10 percent bracket and 25 percent bracket.

“The Ryan budget has zero chance of passing the Senate. And, in fact, tax rates are likely to go up in the coming years, as many of the crisis-era ARRA tax cuts expire. But even with the increases taking effect this year, as charted in the CBO projections above, rates are still near historic lows for all but the top 1 percent of wage earners.”

So when people tell you they do not want their takes to increase, now you know they have not, and will not, unless you are in the top one percent of the wealthiest Americans among us; in which case, that would only be fair.

Walmart ~ The Food Stamp And Public Assistance Connection

Walmart is only one of many major corporations, and Utah is only one of many states in the USA (and the world), obviously. Can you imagine if we all operated with less greed and more good will?