Enthusiasm ~ A Strong Mental Attitude Heals

pmaEnthusiasm is power. Enthusiasm is inspiration. Enthusiasm concentrates and feeds the powers of the mind, and gives them wings of action. Enthusiasm is the magic emotion that transforms negative into positive emotions. Enthusiasm heals.

Enthusiasm is one of the greatest assets every member of the human race has at her or his fingertips. The effects of enthusiasm are stronger than money, power and influence.

Enthusiasm tramples over prejudice and opposition, spurns inaction, is the offspring of motive, and is faith in action.

Enthusiasm lifts the mind and heart, allowing Light and Love to overflow where formerly stagnant negativity dewlt.

Enthusiasm is dynamic, a burning desire, and a force to be reckoned with.

Enthusiasm steps up the vibrations of thought and alerts the imagination.

Enthusiasm takes the drudgery out of labor.

Enthusiasm gives a pleasing, convincing color to the tone of voice, adds attractiveness to your personality, inspires self-confidence, and aids in the maintenance of sound health.

Enthusiasm is a radiation of our spirit and it’s twin, our will, and is closely related to Infinite Intelligence.

Enthusiasm is the action factor of thought.

Enthusiasm does not mix with fear, envy, greed, jealousy, doubt, revenge, hatred, intolerance and procrastination.

Enthusiasm thrives only on positive thoughts and actions.

Enthusiasm inspires personal initiative, dispels physical fatigue, and overcomes laziness.

Enthusiasm, will power and persistance are triplets that give us sustained action with a minimum loss of physical energy.

Enthusiasm is positive mental attitute in action.

Enthusiasm is related to every faculty of the mind, and is the action-producing factor.

Enthusiasm arouses the subconscious mind to greater activity, inspiring it to project itself deeply into the reservoirs of Infinite Intelligence, where the answers to all human problems exist.

These excepts are taken from “Science Of Success,” by Napoleon Hill.

Our Living Hologram ~ The Glowing Footprints Of Our Lives

Each one of us very personally makes daily choices, leaving the footprints of our lives, as the testament of our lives, like a glowing th (2)hologram that extends beyond our human lives. Our actions speak louder than words. Have we ever thought of our lives in this way?

Imagine a living, pulsating recording of our lives. We do not need to justify our reasons as to why we did the things we did in our lives. It will be apparent. Our lives will tell on us. We will not have to say a word.

Now imagine this, every time we made a judgment about another person, that hologram, the footprint of their lives, will also be made apparent. We will get a glimpse into what really happened, not just what we thought happened. We will get to see the deeper levels of struggle and strife, what was at the core of these decisions, and what made all people “tick.”

What about our spoken words? Whatever we have said cannot be unsaid if we later change our minds or opinions. Words are part of the tapestry of infinity. They ripple out from us, becoming our own personal audible hologram. Are you nervous yet?

Today, as in the old days, we see human nature and spiritual nature in an eternal life and death tug of war, as if our frail human nature has any hope of winning over spiritual nature, and God’s glorious Kingdom to come. Yet, then as now, both individually and in all groups of people everywhere, this tug of war invisibly persists. Attractive deceptions allure as if to tempt us away from God’s divine message of his Kingdom coming. We get distracted by our very human experience. Yet, we know there is more the True, One God of all is trying to teach us. What amazing love our Father in Heaven has for us, to even care that we learn what he is trying to teach us. But life distracts us into thinking erroneously that now is forever.

Our Soul clothes our Spirit, our God particle, which is eternal.

Our Soul clothes our Spirit, our God particle, which is eternal.

“Now the works of the flesh are plainly seen, and they are sexual immorality, uncleanness, brazen conduct, idolatry, spiritism, hostility, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, dissentions, divisions, sects, envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and things like these. I am forewarning you about these things, the same way I already warned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit God’s Kingdom.” Galatians 5:19-21.


These things are not limited to one country, one religion, or one race of people. Some of these things have become so ingrained in our cultures that in these modern days, they are not seen as things to be avoided, they are seen as attractive and fun. People may say they believe in God, but live in a way that does not manifest belief in God in any thought, word or action. Others say they do not believe in idols, yet their thoughts, words and actions reveal the false gods of other gods, and idols of money, greed, materialism, and a host of addictions, which say otherwise. Spiritism has become a fun pastime and curious fascination with beliefs that Jesus did not teach, such as the soul living beyond death, past lives, and speaking to the dead. Jesus spoke against anger, yet we live in a world where there seems to be an unquenchable thirst for blood and war, which is way past the point of anger Jesus taught against. However, Jesus taught us that those who practice such things will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

What is the remedy?

It is not that we do not know what to do. On the surface it seems obvious how to cure social ills. More to the point, it is our hearts that needs a transformation. The heart seeks a reason to change, or it does not make sense to the heart. The heart asks “Why?” Our humanity has been so slow to understand, even when trying to understand. Religious groups have splintered over divisions, and broken down into sects. Yet our Creator Father God is calling us back to the Bible, to read the words so we can begin again, and to follow Jesus more closely. What does the Bible actually say, not what our traditions say it says, but what does the Bible actually teach?

The truth of Armageddon is that we will either be on God’s side when God’s Kingdom comes to earth, or we will not be on God’s side, living in a way that is totally void of any semblance of God or anything Jesus taught. The hologram of our life is our free will choice to make, with every free will step we take.

What Do You Teach Your Children About God?

Do you teach your children about God? There seems to be a popular trend today, for parents to not teach anything to their childrenpraying girl about God, so as not to indoctrinate them, and thereby letting them choose their own religion when they grow up. Would parents also not teach their children science, or mathematics and languages or any other subject so as not to interfere with their child’s natural curiosities and understandings? Of course not.

People are made up of mind, body and spirit. All three are equal legs of a tripod to a whole and balanced human being. If one of these legs is missing, the entire human being is skewed in viewpoint, tilted by lack of knowledge or support. If you think of a tripod, which is supposed to stand with three legs, but only has two legs to stand on, with the structure requiring the third legs, it would topple and fall. This is exactly what we are setting our children up for by not teaching about God.

Everyone has his or her own path to God. It is a personal journey. Without God in our lives, some people go all or most of their lives in materialistic, competitive, ambition driven pursuits, seeking the elusive “thing” that makes sense of their lives. Our hearts are restless until they rest in God. It is a natural quest, with seeds planted in our soul, since we DO HAVE A SOUL, which by the way, is God given.

Why would we not teach our children about God? How is our faith as parents? Have we personally ever had a live and vibrant faith and relationship with our Divine Creator? I believe this is one of our primary responsibilities as parents, in the education of our children. While secular knowledge is important in the world of today to get a good job, it is even more important to tell our children how and why they got here in the first place.

What is the meaning to life? Is it only to earn the dollar? Is it only to go on trip, after trip, after trip? Is life only meant to be lived for vacation to vacation? Is the real meaning of life to live a life so full of activity that the mere thought of it is exhausting? We need to help our children at an early age, to discern these things. If we do not tell them, they will naturally seek out others who will tell them what they want to know.

What can fill the void of not speaking to our children about God? We leave our children ripe for curiosities about cults, and strange religions that do not have our children’s best interests in mind. Many cults prey on the young minds. These cults and strange religions can brainwash young minds who have not been trained not only about nothing about God, in some cases, but also the dangers and traps these cults employ.

It would be healthy to move past our own fears, obtain answers about our own beliefs, and share them with our children, at a very young age, so they can grow up in age and wisdom.

Kundalini Of The Earth, Us, And The New Age

The kundalini of the earth, and supposedly also within us, is a New Age deception that draws many people away from truth, and the-kundalini-of-the-earth-has-moved-from-atlantis-to-tibet-and-now-to-chiliperu-in-the-andes-mountainsaccurate knowledge. This is part of the great apostasy of our time. It is not that I am unenlightened.  I used to teach this information. I used to do Yoga with the best of them for over 20 years. I took Yoga teacher training classes, all ending with Eastern mysticism meditation, often including floating around the room, looking down at your body and the ever popular astral traveling around the globe. I have taken and taught Master Teacher energy work classes in several modalities for over 12 years. If there is one thing I know, it is this New Age mind trip with gurus on every street corner, in every city.

The lost among us are searching high and low, and along the way, falling for self deception in fanciful New Age trappings, often at the extreme expense of money, time, travel and our very souls. Even as a Master Teacher, I was still searching. It was only after following this supposedly enlightened spiritual path, that I found myself still wanting, and hungering for real knowledge and accurate truth.

I found practicing, teaching and writing about kundalini, the kundalini of the earth, the kundalini within ourselves, and other New Age teachings, are hauntingly reflective of the false religions of the Old Ways and the Babylonian days. Simply check them out. No, there is nothing “New” about this “New Age.” That too is another deception. Satan is not very creative here. His tricks that trip us up are limited, but effective if we are not paying close attention.

Don’t forget, when the war in Heaven was fought, and Satan lost, he was sent down to earth with one-third of all the fallen angels with him. Lucky us. We need to be more aware.

Another sign was seen in heaven. Look! A great fiery-colored dragon, with seven heads and ten horns and on its heads seven diadems; and its tail drags a third of the stars of heaven (the fallen angels), and it hurled them down to the earth.” Revelation 12:3,4

We can fall into unconscious reprogramming of ourselves, which is usually a good hearted attempt to fill the void left by previous searches through the world’s false religions, a quest that always fails to satisfy. Sometimes we trade the truth for a lie, but do not realize it until after we have fallen very far away. Our hearts are restless until the rest in God.

It is one thing to say the earth has energy in the weather, volcanoes and earthquakes, the oceans and in farmlands which produce our foods. It is quite another thing to talk about “Mother Earth,” as if the earth is the founder of our feast. It is not.

The earth, like you and me, is a creation of God. Neither the earth, nor you, nor I, am the creator of everything we see in creation. This is where the deception comes in. This is the lie. The earth did not create itself. The earth did not create its own kundalini, nor did we. God our Father in Heaven is the creator of everything.

We might be able to accurately say you and I are the “creators of our reality,” in that if I decide to be in a bad mood all day, then I will create this reality in my day. But neither you nor I created the day we are living, nor the air we breathe.

Technically, we can manipulate energy in all things from medicine to technology, but we are not the creators of pure energy. Even the scientists at CERN working on the super collided trying to simulate the “God particle” cannot.

The fascination with the earth’s kundalini, earth’s energy, is being discussed today across the globe. Some say it is over here. Others say it is over there. The popular thinking of today says the kundalini of the earth moved from Atlantis (see Plato’s history’s, all of which are factual and for some strange reason some believe Atlantis to be a myth), to Tibet in the 1800’s,  to the mountains of Chile and Peru (as in the 12/21/12 end of the Mayan long calendar interest), then onto what is being called “under the dove,” in the United States of America. But is this truth? Is this accurate? Does it matter? Why?

Those with eyes to see can also acknowledge that “the earth is wearing out like a garment.” Isaiah 51″6

“Lift up your eyes to the heavens, look at the earth beneath; the heavens will vanish like smoke, the earth will wear out like a garment and its inhabitants die like flies. But my salvation will last forever, my righteousness will never fail.” Isaiah 51:6 New International Version

We are made of the stuff of the earth. The chemical composition of our bodies includes not only flesh and blood, but also numerous minerals including calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, FROM THE EARTH. Not only are we made of these, but as we live each day, the minerals in our body get depleted and we either need to eat better, or take these supplements from the earth to keep our energy and health at an optimum. The earth has energy, and so do we. It is God given.

Sometimes we look to modern, new age philosophies that tickle our ears and brains, when what will really help us is the truth. This brings us back to the firm foundation of God. The Bible tells us not the re-packaged Babylonian lies of kundalini and the resurgence of the Old Ways, but the firm foundation and cornerstone of Jesus Christ.

Who Is Michael The Archangel Really?

jesus“Some early Protestant scholars identified Michael with the pre-incarnate Christ, basing theirst-michael-fighting-satan view, partly on the juxtaposition of the “child” and the archangel in Revelation 12, and partly on the attributes ascribed to him in Daniel. Similarly in 1751 Anglican bishop Robert Clayton held that Michael was the Logos,” according to Wikipedia*. They are not alone. Check this out.

“Seventh-day Adventists believe that Michael is another name for the Heavenly Christ, and another name for the Word-of-God (as in John 1) before he became incarnate as Jesus. “Archangel” (meaning “Chief of the Angels”) was the leadership position held by the Word-of-God as Michael while among the angels. According to Adventist theology, Michael was considered the “eternal Word”, and not a created being or created angel, and the one by whom all things were created. The Word was then born incarnate as Jesus. Seventh-day Adventists believe the name “Michael” is significant in showing who it is, just as “Immanuel” (which means “God with us”) is about who Jesus is. They believe that name “Michael” as the “Archangel” or “chief or head of the angels,” he led the angels and thus the statement in Revelation 12:7-9 identifies Jesus as Michael.”*

“Jehovah’s Witnesses also believe Michael to be another name for Jesus Christ in heaven, in his pre-human and post-resurrection existence. They assert that, because a definite article is used at Jude 9 when referring to “Michael the Archangel”, Michael is the only archangel. They consider Michael to be synonymous with Jesus, described at 1 Thessalonians 4:16 as descending “with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet.”*

They believe the prominent roles assigned to Michael at Daniel 12:1 and Revelation 12:7, 19:14, 16, are identical to Jesus’ roles, which are the one chosen to lead God’s people and as the one who “stands up”, identifying them as the same spirit being. Because they identify Michael with Jesus, he is therefore considered the first and greatest of all God’s heavenly sons, God’s chief messenger, who takes the lead in vindicating God’s sovereignty, sanctifying his name, fighting the wicked forces of Satan and protecting God’s covenant people on earth. Jehovah’s Witnesses also identify Michael with the “Angel of the Lord” who led the Israelites in the wilderness,” continues Wikipedia.

Now, why would thinking people think this, really?

The 1814 page popular book of our times, “The Urantia Book,” published by Uversa Press concurs. Michael is Jesus the Christ they say. This sounds like strange doctrine coming from a former Catholic background. Stay with me here as I explore how these people arrive at this conclusion.

“The spirit creature called Michael is not mentioned often in the Bible. However, when he is referred to, he is in action. In the book of Daniel, Michael is battling wicked angels; in the letter of Jude, he is disputing with Satan; and in Revelation, he is waging war with the Devil and his demons. By defending Jehovah’s (God’s) enemies, Michael lives up to the meaning of his name – “Who Is Like God?” But who is Michael?

“At times, individuals are known by more than one name. For example, the patriarch Jacob is also known as Israel, and the apostle Peter, as Simon. (Genesis 49:1, 2; Matthew 10:2). Likewise, the Bible indicates that Michael is another name for Jesus Christ, before and after his life on earth. Let us consider Scriptural reasons for drawing to that conclusion.

Archangel. God’s Word refers to Michael “the archangel.” (Jude 9) This term means “chief angel.” Notice that Michael is called the archangel. This suggests that there is only one such angel. In fact, the term “archangel” occurs once in the Bible only in the singular, never in the plural.”*

Well, for sure I thought I had it now. I remembered angel Gabriel in the book of Tobit, in the Catholic Bible, which includes more books as inspired books. Well, guess what? I was wrong. My Catholic Bible only refers to Gabriel as “angel,” not archangel.

“Moreover, Jesus is linked with the office of archangel. Regarding the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 states: “The Lord himself will descend from heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel’s voice.” Thus the voice of Jesus is described as being that of an archangel. This scripture therefore suggests that Jesus himself is the archangel Michael.

Army Leader. The Bible states that “Michael and his angels battled with the dragon … and its angels.” (Revelation 12:7) Thus, Michael is the Leader of an army of faithful angels. Revelation also describes Jesus as the Leader of an army of faithful angels. (Revelation 19:14-16) And the apostle Paul specifically mentions “the Lord Jesus” and “his powerful angels.” (2 Thessolonians 1:7; Matthew 13:41) Since God’s Word nowhere indicates that there are two armies of faithful angels in heaven – one headed by Michael and one headed by Jesus – it is logical to conclude that Michael is none other than Jesus Christ in his heavenly role.” taken from the book, “What Does The Bible Really Teach?”

At the battle of St. Michael over Satan in heaven, Satan gets sent down to Earth with his minions, to tempt people away from God. (Revelation 12:9) This is a real life spiritual drama unfolding right before our very eyes. Up until this event, Satan had been free to go between heaven and earth. Jesus as Christ the Messiah comes to earth as a babe, in the redemption story we are all familiar with, prior to Satan being cast out of heaven for good. But now considering this event of Satan getting evicted out of heaven, guess where the Bible says he got sent down to. You guess it, earth! It is no small wonder why earth and the people of earth’s trials and tribulations have increased, especially since 1914, but that is another story for another time.

Have You Been Drawn Into Apostasy By The Veil Of Deception?

The definition of apostasy is: abandoning or deserting the worship and service of God, actually a rebellion against Jehovah God.

"These will battle with the Lamb, but because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them.  Also, those with him who are called and chosen and faithful will do so.”  Revelation 17:14

“These will battle with the Lamb, but because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them. Also, those with him who are called and chosen and faithful will do so.” Revelation 17:14  For more accurate information, check out jw.org, and the book, “Reasoning From The Scriptures,” published by the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society of Penn.

Some apostates profess to know and serve God but reject teachings or requirements set out in his Word. Others claim to believe the Bible but reject Jehovahs organization. Do we do this?

So many of us start out with good intentions. It is rare for people to choose what is really bad for themselves consciously and intentionally. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves under a veil of deception. Often when we want something to be a certain way, we can even willingly deceive ourselves. This deception, either from ourselves or others, blinds us to the truth, the real truth we are really aching to find. The clue to knowing we are on the wrong path is to pay attention to how we feel, that feeling that something is not quite right.

Many of us have left one church or another based on these very feelings. Sermons leave us wanting more. We want to see the lived and moral experience of spiritual leadership and within the congregations. Sometimes we throw the baby out with the bath water, and give up on religion altogether. Some of us refuse to learn about Jesus at all. But this is not the answer.

In our earnest effort to find truth, we can be tempted to turn back to the Old Ways, revive the pagan and intriguing Babylonian belief systems with the lies of immortality and nature gods of yesteryear, as if Truth may be found there, even if it is fragments of truth, or twisted truth. Or we may be tempted to trade religion for science and technology and modern day advancement, as if that is what feeds the soul. It does not.

What does the Bible say about apostasy? Let’s see if any of these scriptures stir our hearts:

The inspired utterance says definitely that in later periods of time some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired utterances and teachings of demons.” 1 Timothy 4:1

Let no one seduce you in any manner, because [the day of Jehovah] will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3

One of the identifying marks of apostates is that they seek to make others their followers. This often occurs with a mistaken intention of “helping” others, both on the part of the New Age leader, and the follower. Check out these scriptures:

From among you yourselves men will rise and speak twisted things to draw away the disciples after themselves.” Acts 20:30

There will also be false teachers among you. These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them . . . Also, with covetousness they will exploit you with counterfeit words.” 2 Peter 2:1, 3

Many of us profess to believe in Jesus Christ, but treat lightly the preaching and teaching work he assigned to his followers. Consider this:

Why, then, do you call me Lord! Lord! but do not do the things I say?” Luke 6:46

Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them . . . teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19, 20

This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14

Others of us claim to serve God but reject his representatives, his modern day visible organization. Here are some scriptures on this matter:

These men, too, indulging in dreams, are defiling the flesh and disregarding lordship and speaking abusively of glorious ones. Too bad for them, because they . . . have perished in the rebellious talk of Korah!” Jude 8, 11

 Korah . . . proceeded to get up, together with . . . two hundred and fifty men of the sons of Israel, chieftains of the assembly . . . So they congregated themselves against Moses and Aaron and said to them: That is enough of you, because the whole assembly are all of them holy and Jehovah is in their midst. Why, then, should you lift yourselves up above the congregation of Jehovah?’ . . . [Moses said:] You and all your assembly who are gathering together are against Jehovah. As for Aaron, what is he that you men should murmur against him? When Korah got all the assembly together against them at the entrance of the tent of meeting, then Jehovahs glory appeared to all the assembly. Jehovah now spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying: Separate yourselves from the midst of this assembly, that I may exterminate them in an instant.’” Numbers 16:1-3, 19-21

We can find ourselves not only abandoning the true faith, but also tempting others away from the truth, even using public critics and ridicule and other methods to draw them under the veil of deception that we ourselves have fallen victim to. We do not realize that our efforts to apostasy are devoted to tearing down, not building up the Kingdom of God.

Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? . . . But if ever that evil slave should say in his heart, My master is delaying, and should start to beat his fellow slaves and should eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards, the master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect and in an hour that he does not know, and will punish him with the greatest severity and will assign him his part with the hypocrites.” Matthew 24:45-51

Shun empty speeches that violate what is holy; for they will advance to more and more ungodliness, and their word will spread like gangrene. Hymenaeus and Philetus are of that number. These very men have deviated from the truth, saying that the resurrection has already occurred; and they are subverting the faith of some.” 2 Timothy 2:16-18

It would be a paradox for us faithful Christians to welcome apostates, like we do with inter-faith religions, thinking all religions are the same. Jesus did not tell the Israelites, nor the Gentiles, to keep on with their own beliefs. Rather, he taught about the new way, and what it takes to live in this new way, about the Kingdom of God, and how to go about preaching and teaching until the Kingdom is finally here.

 “Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? Further, what harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer share in common with an unbeliever? And what agreement does God’s temple have with idols? For we are a temple of a living God; just as God said: “I will reside among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.” “‘Therefore, get out from among them, and separate yourselves,’ says Jehovah, ‘and quit touching the unclean thing’”; “‘and I will take you in. And I will become a father to you, and you will become sons and daughters to me,’ says Jehovah, the Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:14-18

 I exhort you, brothers, to keep your eye on those who cause divisions and occasions for stumbling contrary to the teaching that you have learned, and avoid them. . . . By smooth talk and complimentary speech they seduce the hearts of guileless ones.” Romans 16:17, 18

We might ask ourselves, would any serious harm come from satisfying ones curiosity about the thinking of apostates?

By his mouth the one who is an apostate brings his fellowman to ruin.” Proverbs 11:9

 The senseless one himself will speak mere senselessness, and his very heart will work at what is hurtful, to work at apostasy and to speak against Jehovah what is wayward, to cause the soul of the hungry one to go empty, and he causes even the thirsty one to go without drink itself.”  Isaiah 32:6  (Compare Isaiah 65:13, 14)

How serious is apostasy?

 These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves.” 2 Peter 2:1

 Before him [God] no apostate will come in.” Job 13″16

It is impossible as regards those who have once for all been enlightened, and who have tasted the heavenly free gift, and who have become partakers of holy spirit, and who have tasted the fine word of God and powers of the coming system of things, but who have fallen away ["if they then commit apostasy," RS], to revive them again to repentance, because they impale the Son of God afresh for themselves and expose him to public shame.” Hebrews 6:4-6

Now is a good time to realign ourselves to Truth, and avoid apostasy.

Why God’s Kingdom To Come Is A Real Government

As we go through life, figuring out what we believe and why, we come to the point of Jesus, and make decisions based on the

Jesus teaching about keeping God's name holy, and about the coming of the Kingdom of God, which he taught about more than 100 times mentioned in the New Testament. Jesus taught about the coming Kingdom of God more than any other message.

Jesus teaching about keeping God’s name holy, and about the coming of the Kingdom of God, which he taught about more than 100 times mentioned in the New Testament. Jesus taught about the coming Kingdom of God more than any other message.

information we have at the time. Perhaps life has hurt us in some way, leaving us with a fair amount of justification on our part, either to become a believer or a ridiculer. Or maybe we have become heavily invested in our political opinions as to the best way to run our local, state and national governments, with our voiced opinions and our money on the line. Or we may have had no religious training at all, coming to the conclusion that it is all a fanciful and archaic myth for modern day ghost busters to deal with. Yet a deeper investigation reveals Bible sources speaking about the Kingdom of God as a government that will come to earth, doing away with all earthly governments. It will not only replace all earthly governments, but will be God’s government, with God eternally reigning from heaven, and with Jesus as king, coming to earth. All other Bible prophecy has come to pass, exactly as it was foretold, 100 percent of the time. This last prophecy is a prophecy for our time. What’s this all about? Can the earth continue in the state that it is in and be refreshed enough to live forever?

Today producers have made blockbuster movies one after the other regarding these end times. The increasing violence in every society in the world; and tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquakes in places they never were before, coupled with our depleting ozone layer and man-made pollution, all point to the day when we will need to be saved from ourselves. It seems that in all our brilliance, education, religion and politics, we cannot seem to play well with others in the sandbox of our earthly home. Jesus came to show and tell us how to live, but did we listen and practice love and forgiveness that he taught?

At times we get in the way of ourselves, trip on our egos, and denounce sin and Satan as much as we denounce God. Even for those of us who aren’t sure what to believe, it is good to increase our education on this point. No matter what we believe, more education is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. What does the Bible really say?

“For a child has been born to us, 

A son has been given to us;

And the rulership will rest on his shoulder.

His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

 To the increase of his rulership

And to peace, there will be no end,

On the throne of David and on his kingdom

In order to establish it firmly and to sustain it

Through justice and righteousness,

From now on and forever.

The zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this.” Isaiah 9:6,7

What will God’s Kingdom accomplish? This kingdom to come answers the two questions initially brought on by Satan at the fall of humankind. God’s name, Jehovah, will be sanctified. Also God’s sovereignty will be upheld.

Notice that Satan does not question God as sovereign ruler in that fateful day in the Garden of Eden. No, Satan called into question God’s right to rule as sovereign. Satan has tempted us through our egos ever since. How often have we thought, “Who is God to tell me what to do and how to live?”

Jesus teaches us through what we know as the Lord’s Prayer, to sanctify God’s name, to make God’s name, Jehovah, holy. Jesus said,  “You must pray, then, this way:

“‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth. Give us today our bread for this day; and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the wicked one.’ ” Matthew 6:9-13

It is only by going through our earthly time, a drop in God’s infinity, that God demonstrates to us, the ones with the questions, the lived out answer to our questions. Does God, the Creator of the universes and galaxies and the entire cosmos, have the right to rule over the creation he has created? How have we done ruling over ourselves? Is the world a better place now then when we were first in a perfect paradise earth?

“In the days of those kings (today’s earthly governments) the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever, just as you saw that out of the mountain a stone was cut not by hands (King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream), and that it crushed the iron, the copper, the clay, the silver, and the gold (see yesterday’s photo in this blog). The Grand God has made known to the king what will happen in the future. The dream is true, and its interpretation is trustworthy.” Daniel 2:44, 45

It is just a matter of time.