Methods Muslims Use To Attack Christianity ~ Part 1 of 7

Christians do not always know everything about everyone else’s religion. Christians will spend time reading the Bible, going to services

We are all God's children. There is only One Creator of this world, and you and me.

We are all God’s children. There is only One Creator of this world, and you and me. There are not different worlds for the different belief systems.

or Christian meetings and studies, and in some case expand their studies to include a variety of other spiritual practices. But as a rule, Christians do not know everything there is to know about the religion of Islam. On the other hand, Muslims do not fully understand Christianity, and will often use any or all of seven methods to try to proselytize those willing to listen to them. These methods include: 1) Casting doubt on the validity and power of the Bible, 2) Attempting to set Paul against Jesus, 3) Misrepresenting Christian doctrine, 4) Misrepresenting various Scripture passages, 5) Failing to differentiate between the Protestant and Catholic doctrines, 6) Claiming their thinking is correct and Christian thinking is incorrect, 7) Changing topics when they are challenged. Today’s post is the first in a seven part series on this topic. There are many faiths that attack Christianity. I am pointing out tactics used by Muslims because that is the most concentrated group which is attacking Christianity at this time, except for perhaps the atheists. But on any attacks against Christians to either discredit them, or the Christian Bible, the philosophy is the same.

1. Attacking the validity of the Bible.
At the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, it was God’s sovereignty, God’s Word, that was challenged. This is the same challenge today, when the Bible’s credibility, is challenged by Muslims, or anyone else. The tactics and deception about God’s Word are the same. In particular, Muslims will state that the Bible has numerous contradictions. To the Christian who is not fully mature in his own faith, it is easier for Muslims to win arguments and confound Christians. Usually, the lack of understanding occurs when Muslims lack understanding of biblical theology and context, in an effort to undermine the strength and integrity of God’s Word. Muslims attempt to refute the Bible saying it is full of contradictions, but cannot quite put their finger on the contradiction. Do not be afraid to do the research. It is better to get back to him with a real Christian answer rather than allow him to make unsubstantiated statements. Muslims have also been known to criticize the lack of original manuscripts, while they say they have all original manuscripts. However, they use their own material to confirm their statements, and do not confirm by outside sources.

Just so Christians know, the New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures, is translated from original scriptures and codices that they were first written in, not from translations of translations. There are people who have learned the original Sanskrit, Hebrew and Aramaic languages. It is possible to understand the original intent. Even so, the slightest variations of intent in God’s Word, does not render completely different meanings. So do your homework, and in turn, help your Muslim friend to understand the full and alive Word of God in the Bible.

“The word of our God endures forever.” Isaiah 40:8

However, Muslims still will compare the Bible to the Koran and state that the Koran is the guaranteed, preserved, direct word of Allah given by the angel Gabriel to Muhammad. Of course, what they fail to mention is:

– The Bible documents are well attested as being reliable and accurate. In fact, we have around 24,000 ancient manuscripts of the New Testament. So much so, that no major area of Christian doctrine is affected by possible variations among manuscripts.

– Regarding the Koran, Muhammad couldn’t read or write; so he recited the Koran to people who then wrote it down. There is no evidence at all that the Koran was written down in its entirety in Muhammad’s lifetime and compiled as a unit. So how could he have verified its truth?

– Shortly after Muhammad’s death, the Muslim Uthman ordered all sets of the Koran manuscripts to be destroyed except the codex of Zaid. Why? Is it because Zaid’s copy was better? If so, how do we know? Did differences in the copies arise so quickly that discrepancies were evident, and Uthman recognized the need for a standardized copy lest Islam suffer division? It raises doubt on the Koran’s supposed incorruptibility.

Muslims claim that Allah said the Koran would be preserved. But, the mere claim is not enough. It is using the Koran to substantiate the Koran which is circular reasoning.

Muslims also claim that the Bible is false because it contradicts the Koran (Qur’an). This is simply begging the question. That means that one assumes the validity of the thing that he is trying to prove. The Muslim assumes the validity of the Qur’an; and because it contradicts the Bible, the Bible is wrong in their mistaken reasoning. The Christian can just as easily state that the Koran is wrong because it contradicts the Bible. But the Muslims would not accept that. Using their same argument, we cannot accept their argument either.

This information is courtesy of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, CARM, and is helpful in shining a light on this subject, in an article written by Matt Slick. Tomorrow I will continue this series.

Setting Noble and Ideal Goals ~ Personal and Global ~ Social Character Development ~ Help For Palestine And Egypt

The last few posts have dealt with social character development, and in some cases the lack of it. Whether we are deciding to set some goals forArab and Israeli ourselves, or you find ourselves in a group needing to find a new direction for something that is not working, breaking out of the suffocating mold of expectations, dysfunctional habits, and going against the tide of “the reality” is the only way to make it happen. This works for personal goals from bad habits, to countries at war with each other, like Israel and Palestine. Breaking out of dysfunctional norms, is the only way to make progress.

How often do we find ourselves doing things out of habit?

Do we do things only looking at one side of the issue?

Do we do what we think is expected of us?

Do we try to please other people as the reason we do the things we do?

Does the group we are in demand we only consider one side of the issue?

Does the group make the decision rather than us making our own decisions?

Are there negative consequences to be paid if we do not go along?

Is social blackmail motivating us?

Are we a victim of emotional blackmail?

Are we a victim of physical blackmail?

Are we victim of spiritual blackmail?

Are we stuck thinking that the “reality” has been the “reality” for such a long time, that no change is possible?

Do we understanding that all change starts with a concept of possibility?

Are we aware that at first, changing old habits of dysfunction, takes at least 21 days before the “old reality” even has a glimmer of hope to transform into a “new reality?’

Do we understand that we can change ANYTHING we put our mind to?

Do we know that even if we cannot at first change the temporary physical reality of the situation, that all physical realities start by thinking a new thought?

Do we know that within ourselves, we first have to address our will to make a situation better, before a better situation has any hope of reality?

Do we know that as long as we make, “the other guy” the problem, we cannot fix what is broken in us?

Are we aware that if we keep making the same decisions, we will keep getting the same outcome?

Do we know it is more painful to stay in a dysfunctional situation, than going through the pain to change it?

Do we know that carrying grudges hurts us, not the “other guy?”

Do we know that not forgiving someone, cripples us?

Are we aware that, to do his will, God does not need us to fight his battles, or kill the creation he created, especially is crowning creation, human beings?

Do we know that God loves and forgives each and every one of us on the planet, no matter what we have done, if we are truly sorry?

Do we know that God is Love?

Do you know we, everyone on the planet, in every country, are created by the author of Love?

Do we know we can have a full spiritual life, without killing any person?

Hopefully these points to ponder can help us get unstuck, and help us on the road to recovery. I have been writing about the ideal of peace in recent blogs. War torn countries, who keep doing the same things they have done for centuries, will continue to get the same result they have had for centuries. Countries who have spent generations drenched in propaganda and war cannot be at war one day, then immediately experience a lasting peace the next. That is the “reality” they say. But if we never allow the ideal of peace as even a consideration, we will never know what peace, in this particular situation, might have been possible.

War Is A Refusal To Evolve ~ The Best Way For Bombs To Stop Killing Children Is For Adults To Stop Acting Like Children

War is an immature response to social character development. War is a short-circuit in the character building of society. Simply put, war is a the-kundalini-of-the-earth-has-moved-from-atlantis-to-tibet-and-now-to-chiliperu-in-the-andes-mountainsrefusal to evolve. The best way for bombs to stop killing children is for adults to stop acting like children.

No one is going to like this answer. Rather than look inward to see if there are any grains of truth to these statements, some will point accusing fingers (both sides mind you), at lack of understanding, lack of knowing history, lack of religion; or too much understanding (on one side or the other), knowing too much history (or favoritism), and oddly enough, too much religion.

This post includes all war torn parts of our Earth, not just in Gaza, Palestine and Israel. In the last 24 hours, a Malaysia airliner was shot down by a surface to air missile, killing all 298 passengers from the Netherlands, over Ukraine.

Murder is not a communication skill.

People will not support your cause because you kill some people.

War atrocities that hit home, where ever your home is not only hit closest to your heart, but those with a conscience. War causes pain, clouds the thinking, generates debilitating fear, and finds demons behind every bomb, no matter what side of the issue we find ourselves on. The considerations in today’s post is out of genuine love for all people of Earth, not just for some cultures, races and religions, and not an affront to other cultures, races and religions. There is only one world we presently all live on. Unless NASA informs us that other planets in our galaxy can support human life, this is it folks.

We humans will do just about anything “not to be wrong,” even go to war, which inevitably kills our own children. We get a kind of selective amnesia, one that defies all common sense. We think that we can do one way killing/murder, which is OK in a warped mind, because we think we have a valid point, and “that” will teach “them” a lesson. Every war has these thoughts in the mix.

Then there is retaliation. I have seen sports games where the first foul was not called, only the second, retaliatory action is penalized. But if the second foul is a penalty, isn’t the first? And then, there is retaliation for retaliation, which of course, spirals into an endless war, which we blame “the other guy” for. So, let’s kill “them” first? Does that make any sense at all? What kind of people have we reduced ourselves to? This is caveman mentality, and every country at one time or another has fallen victim to it. Look at the track record. War kills people. War kills men/fathers. War kills women/mothers. War kills children. War kills life. Is this what we really want for our children, our families, our future?

Let’s grow up. As a society of intelligent human beings, our society is suffering from a short-circuit in social character development. We are stuck at two years old, with temper tantrums and all, only these are not just sick, they are deadly. And we have adult addictions to war, to the drama, to the need to be right at all costs – even death, and perhaps the most common of all addictions, the addiction to the adrenalin rush. All addictions can be healed, but we must address them.

There is another way. Peaceful conflict resolution is possible. Peace talks do not always have to crumble into, “OK, then let’s go to war.” My first suggestion, is that those who declare war, first of all, need to be the first to go. This is not a game. Even if someone did not come from a religious standpoint, stopping war on all sides would stop killing children on all sides, right?

Everyone involved in every war in the world today, and everyone involved in every war that has ever been, everyone who has ever been born, and everyone who ever will be born, we all come from the same origin. We all come from the same Creator loving God.

We will always be tempted not to do our best. There is that matter of the fallen angels and the devil. But our Creator God of All life, is also there, offering peace, love that knows no bounds, forgiveness for each and every one of us. Our society will benefit from more decisions based on peace, love and forgiveness, than it ever will on decisions based on hate, fear, war and retaliation.

The Solution To World Distress Does Not Come From People Nor Governments

Peace PrayerPray.

Pray for peace.

Pray for peace within yourself.

Pray for peace within your family.

Pray for peace within your circle of friends.

Pray for peace within your neighborhood.

Pray for peace within your state.

Pray for peace within your country.

Pray for peace within your continent.

Pray for peace within all countries, individually and collectively.

Pray for peace for the world.

Pray for peace in the air.

Pray for peace in the waters, lakes, streams and oceans of the earth.

Pray for peace in the valleys of the earth.

Pray for peace upon the flat land of the earth.

Pray for peace on the mountain tops of the earth.

Pray for peace for all men, women and children, who come from the earth.

Pray for peace for all thoughts that come to the minds of all human beings.

Pray for peace for all words that are spoken by the mouths of men, women and children.

Pray for peace for all actions that are acted upon at this time in this world.

Pray for peace for all hopes and dreams at this moment in history.

Pray for you and me, as we are all making up this history in this exact moment.

Pray for peace for all God of Heaven’s children, women and men, that when the Kingdom of God comes, it will find us at the work that matters most:

Cultivating Peace, Love Without Conditions, Divine Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion, Fortitude, Dignity, Honor, Respect.

These qualities are attributes of the Kingdom of God, which we can all live, right her, right now.

Solution For Gaza, Middle East, Africa, Mexican/USA Border And All Other Troubled Areas In The World

There is a remedy for Gaza, the Middle East, Africa, Mexican/USA border conflicts and wars, including all other troubled areas in thedove over the earth world. It is a solution that will work 100 percent of the time, unless it is not done. The struggle to implement the solution appears to be a struggle more of the will to do it, rather than the ability to do it. It is a simple remedy. It costs nothing. It is not an oppressive solution. This solution does not favor one nationality over another, nor one religion over another. It is a solution that is guaranteed to work. What is it?

Just for a moment, in the privacy of your own mind, consider the following words, and see for yourself if there is any part of this solution where you can make a life-saving influence, or a life-saving change of heart; healing for the betterment of yourself, your home, your family and friends, your society, and the world. If this method is followed, retaliation will stop, and future conflicts and wars will stop. Peace will abound.

“But I say to you who are listening: Continue to love your enemies, to do good to those hating you, to bless those cursing you, to pray for those who are insulting you. To him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer the other also; and from him who takes away your outer garment, do not withhold the inner garment either. Give to everyone asking you, and from the one taking your things away, do not ask them back.

“Also, just as you want men to do to you, do the same way to them.

“If you love those loving you, of what credit is it to you? For even the sinners love those loving them. And if you do good to those doing good to you, of what credit is it to you? Even the sinners do the same. Also, if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, of what credit is it to you? Even sinners lend to sinners so that they may get back as much. On the contrary, continue to love your enemies and to do good and to lend without hoping for anything back; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind toward the unthankful and wicked. Continue being merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

“Moreover, stop judging, and you will by no means be judged; and stop condemning, and you will by no means be condemned. Keep on forgiving, and you will be forgiven. Practice giving, and people will give to you. They will pour into your laps a fine measure, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing. For with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you in return.”

Then he also told them an illustration: “A blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he? Both will fall into a pit, will they not? A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly instructed will be like his teacher. Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye but do not notice the rafter in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, allow me to remove the straw that is in your eye,’ while you yourself do not see the rafter in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the rafter from your own eye, and then you will see clearly how to remove the straw that is in your brother’s eye.” Luke 6:27-42

A Sign Of Things To Come In Gaza, Nigeria, South Africa And Everywhere

Left to temptations beyond our self-control, we humans do not always make the best decisions. We attempt to justify our actions as if

The way to peace is not war. God is love, not death.

The way to peace is not war. God is love, not death.

our point of view, religious or otherwise, lends credence to our thoughts, words and actions. Bombs drop in the Gaza strip killing men, women and children. A female group of students gets abducted by militants in Nigeria. Racism proudly rears its ugly head in every country in the world. Ethnic cleansing and prejudices kill, as if there is any real justification for the killing. Those who do not know better blame God, as if God is the present ruler of the world. He is not. Or they blame the president, or some worldly government, as if that is the source of all the trouble in the world, and the source of all the solution in the world. Let us not forget that the evil one, our adversary, got kicked out of Heaven, and got send down to Earth. Remember the fall of man (all humans)? There is more to it than the dusting off of a fairy tale or myth. The reality is, this is why Jesus came to Earth. This is a matter of history, and a matter of faith. Jesus came as a sign of things to come, of a better way to live, and as a way of healing for every man, women and child, and the Earth as well. There is hope.

Jesus came foreshadowing all of the loving blessings in his kingly rule, when he walked on the Earth. The message Jesus proclaimed the most, was about the coming of the Kingdom of God to Heaven and Earth, the New Heaven and the New Earth. When he came over 2014 years ago, he healed the sick. He calmed the storms. It was not out of a showy display of ego that he healed the sick, raised the dead, or calmed nature and violent storms. Rather, it was out of genuine love, empathy and caring for each individual, moved by compassion that Jesus prayed each and every time, to our Heavenly Father of us all, and healed the people.

Jesus did not teach any of us to fight. No, Jesus taught us to do good, and to turn the other cheek, and to forgive one another. The divisions among people and nations are man-made. We are all more alike than the difference we profess. Think of the reality of this statement. We are all made in the image and likeness of God. We all have free will. God does not want puppets to follow him.

Death, war, violence, greed and every other negative reality is introduced by Satan, not by God. We do have free will. We do have a choice of how we live our lives. We can fight our own egos and inner temptations, and chose life over death. Paradise was lost to us when Satan challenged God’s sovereignty, tempting us that we did not really have to obey God. Notice that Satan uses the same old tricks. Pride got the best of us then, and continues to do so. “Who is God to tell us what to do?” some ask.

Jesus has promised to return to Earth, before we are demolished by our own undoing in Gaza, in the Middle East, in Nigeria, in South Africa, in every place on this planet. Jesus never said the answer was kidnapping, murder or killing. God himself gave humankind the 10 Commandments, which Jesus simplified into the Golden Rule: Treat other people the way you would like to be treated. Love God first above all things, and love everyone as you love yourself.

This is going to be one awesome rebuilding process, when Jesus returns. Imagine the healing process, on a global scale: the rainforests, the ozone layer, the soil will heal and get back its lost nutrients. People’s understanding will be healed by the revelation of truth. We will have genuine love and caring for one another, and the lion and the lamb will graze together.

War, death, and violence will have no place in the Kingdom of God.

Human Liberation: Liberate Your Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, Politics, Religion, Education, Thinking, Manifesting, Words, Actions, Dreams, Reality

What is liberation? What is Will? Everyone is born with an unencumbered gift of Will. It is God given. No one person has the right to usurp anyone else’s free will. God gives each person free will and liberation at birth. People do not have the right to take away what God has given each individual on the planet.

Some might think of this as our gut instinct, our intuition, that inner knowing of what needs to be done by us. It is important to recognize that what “needs to be done by us,” is not determined by outside influence, manipulation or force. As human beings we live in communities, neighborhoods, with families and friends. But the use of the word Will here means pure and individual intent of the person, and each person’s Will as the unencumbered gift as it is originally given to us, not as something to be used and abused by others in a maligned attempt to manipulate our own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, words and actions.

How free are people in free countries?

Human liberation begins by liberating your Will in order for your Spirit to be free, and for you to be a fully realized human being.

Are you free or fearful? Do ideologies hold you bound? Does a church or educational system denounce free thought, discovery and personal, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and awareness?

Do you bind your mind to political concepts?

Are you free to express your conscience?

Are you trapped by only one way to think, act, learn, vote, dream, move, sing, dance, feel, be?

Do you live your life, or do other things, schedules, routines, expectations live you?

Are you at the mercy of others’ whims?

Do you respect the freedom of others?

Is your voice liberated?

Do you allow your mind to think new thoughts?

Are you stuck?

Do you suppress your creativity?

Is your Will liberated?

Do you suppress your Will?

Have you been brainwashed to think that to be a good person, you must starve the Will to grow your Spirit?

Is your Will screaming for attention?

How do you honor your Will?

Do you ever compromise your Will?

Do you use Will-power for or against yourself?

Do you Will to learn more?

Do you Will to have more experiences in this life?

Do you Will to integrate your Spirit with your Physical self?

Is your social life integrated?

Is your work liberating?

Is your self-esteem liberated?

Are you in full control of your liberated body?

Are you liberated from the cravings, desires, lusts, and ego of your emotional body?

Have you liberated all of the denials in your life?

Have you integrated everything that has ever happened to you in an empathetic, understanding, forgiving and loving heart?

Have you acknowledged and liberated all the contradictions in your life?

Are you free to think your deepest thoughts?

Are you free to honor your truth?

Are you free to choose your own religion, not just the one that was handed down to you by someone else?

Are you free to choose your own church, or none at all?

Are you free to worship, pray, meditate where and when and how you wish?

Are you free to discuss politics, religion, current affairs, global affairs, and galactic and cosmic affairs?

Do you teach fear to others?

Do you manipulate others to get them to do what you want them to do?

Can you acknowledge your own mistakes without retaliation and drama?

Are you liberated from the drama in your life?

Are you free to act as you please?

Are you free to speak your mind?

Are you free to read what you want?

Are you free to read what you want without someone else’s interpretation?

Are you free to manifest your dreams?

Are you free to explore all the opportunities that present themselves in your life?

Are you liberated from others’ expectations?

Your Will is part of your extended anatomy, part of your personhood, and what makes you unique. Your Will is part of your own energy system. When you suppress your Will, you suppress a talent that was given to you for you to use by the good God above, and no one else. You do not need someone else’s permission to use your own Will. Your Will must be expressed in the way it wishes to express itself or part of you dies a premature death. A suppressed Will can and must be resurrected to become a fully realized, liberated and mature human being. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe, you are called to liberate your Will before you can fully integrate and become whole.